Chapter 360: Exploit

 Chapter 360: Exploit

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The foggy forbidden place had existed for numerous years. No one under the Seas of Souls Realm had ever walked out of here. Once stuck, the people mostly gave up on trying to leave the place, so they built their family here, generations after generations. After countless years, the population on the island had exceeded millions; it was like another world in here.

On the harbors in the outer part of the island, couple thousand boats were anchored there. The small ones were only dozen meters long, while the bigger ones were more than thousands of meters long. The largest one was like a moving mansion; the guards standing on both sides were all above Mid Clasping Yuan Realm, and there were a dozen Astral Reaching Realm warriors as well. In the middle of the boat, there was a small sensing tower, the sensing ball floating on top flashing intermittently like a star in the sky.

Zhao Yushuang whispered, "This is the grand elders' boats, I heard, a lot of them are quite old now. They are going crazy in finding medicines to extend their life."

"Medicine to increase life span?" Ye Chen was surprised. The grand elders getting too old was not a big deal, since no matter how powerful of an Astral Reaching Realm warrior one was, one could only live for two hundred years, not a single day more. However, he had never heard that there was a life span extending medicine, since there was a limit to every person's life. Those so-called life-extending medicines on the market were not that amazing as it sounded. For example, although a normal person could live up to one hundred years potentially, some people would die earlier than others because of different body conditions. For those who bought the medicine, all it did was merely to ameliorate their health condition, which allowed them to live a little bit longer. But, they would not exceed their limit after all. Meanwhile, for those Astral Reaching Realm warriors, as long as there were not any incidents, they all would be able to live for two hundred years. Therefore, the medicine that could increase their lifespan would be the true ones, as even one day more would already be excellent.

"Yeah, there is this ongoing rumor about the Nine Twist Spirit Reversing Plant, which seems to allow the person to live for nine years more beyond their limit. It also has the power of increasing their soul power. Therefore, there were a lot of powerful people running in here, trying to find it." Zhao Yushuang said slowly.

Hearing her, Ye Chen had finally realized why all those top Astral Reaching Realm warriors and even Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors decided to come here. Of course, there were people who came by accident, but most of them were here for the plant, and were eventually trapped here.

With a light tremor, the boat reached the harbor. After getting off the boat, the group walked towards the city gate.

"One rank three beast pellet and a low rank soul stone per person. Don't try to sneak in... Once caught, you will be killed on the spot." There were a lot of warriors at the gate, the leading one being a Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior with a long silver blade. He scanned the group with his sharp look.

The group moved forward at a fast speed, and soon, it was Zhao Heng and the group's turn.

"I have forty-eight people with me on the boat. Here are forty eight rank 3 beast pellets." Zhao Heng said as he handed over a bag full of beast pellets.

After counting the pellets carefully, he then shouted with a rather loud voice, "Let them in!"

Before entering the city, Zhao Yushuang turned her head to look at Ye Chen.

"Where is your identification tag?" One of the guards asked.

Ye Chen answered, "This is my first time entering the island, I don't have one."

"First timer!" The person who asked the question was not surprised at all as he said to the leading guard, "Captain, it is his first time."

"I see. Let's see what kind of cultivation he has." The Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior walked over with his silver blade. He squeezed his eyes, but then frowned.

"Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior...Seems to be more."

"Astral Reaching Realm warrior...Does not seem like it yet."

"What cultivation are you exactly?" He asked.

Ye Chen had already thought about this question, and said without hesitation: "Early Astral Reaching Realm."

"Alright. Please follow me to the registry, where you can get an identification tag."

The registry was on the empty floor between the first and second level, which was extremely attention-catching.

On entering, the guard asked Ye Chen to wait a little before stepping into the hall. Soon, he walked out and said to Ye Chen: "You can go in there now. Good luck." He then left.

Ye Chen took a deep breath and entered the hall.

There was only one person in the whole hall, sitting in the top seat. He seemed to be in his fifties. His body was skinny, and he had a long face; there was evil light shining from his eyes. Judging from the vibration of his zhen yuan, he was a Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior.

"You are an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior? Don't lie to me." Squeezing his eyes even more, that guy had an extremely dangerous vibe.

Ye Chen was still the same, "Yes, sir. I am indeed at Early Astral Reaching Realm." Currently, his zhen yuan vibration was not even that of an Early Astral Reaching Realm, so there was no flaw in saying that. Plus, the reason he decided to lie about his cultivation was because he did not want any troubles. A higher cultivation for the newbie would mean higher cost of soul stones. If he said he was at Mid Astral Reaching Realm, he knew it would be a lot of mid rank soul stones, since Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors were known for their wealth. But, for an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior, since it was still the beginning of the realm, there would not be much wealth expected.

The middle-aged man wanted to pick up something from Ye Chen, but unfortunately, besides the fact that Ye Chen had suffered some kind of injuries, there was nothing else.

"How dare you! How dare you to lie to my face?! You are at Mid Astral Reaching Realm!"

The man slapped the table and yelled.

Ye Chen lowered his head. There was a beam of cold light flashing through his eyes as he bowed and said, "Sir, you are flattering me. Right now, my aura is barely at Early Astral Reaching Realm. How could I have been at Mid Astral Reaching Realm? How about once I have fully recovered, I will come back here and test again? Of course, I will pay the three thousand mid rank soul stones now."

"Huh! I have a lot of things to do, no time to deal with you. How about this? No matter if you are at Mid Astral Reaching Realm or Early stage, just pay half more than the Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors then? That will be four thousand five hundred mid rank soul stones."

Actually, the man did not think he was at Mid Astral Reaching Realm. He just wanted to get a little bit more from Ye Chen, since there were limited soul stones on the island, and the extra one thousand five hundred would be a bonus for him. But of course, he would not dare to take all that for himself, but at least twenty percent of that would be his. He had bosses too after all; otherwise, he would not dare to be this obvious anyways.

"Four thousand five hundred?" Ye Chen hated him in the bottom of his heart for his greed. Of course he would not agree to it at once, as the blackmailing would be endless then, "Doesn't the rule say that I would only need to pay three thousand because I am at Early Astral Reaching Realm? Why do I have to pay extra one thousand and five hundred?"

"The rules are made by people. I ask you to pay, so pay up. Why are you still talking? If you don't pay it, then your body will be hung in front of the city gate tomorrow."

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen said slowly, "Okay, I will pay."

"Good, you made the right decision."

The middle-aged man hugged his arms and looked down at Ye Chen from above.

The latter took out four boxes that were full of one thousand mid rank soul stones each, and a pile of loose mid rank soul stones amounting to five hundred. He put all of them on the ground, "I wonder if I could get the identification tag now?"

"Why are you in a hurry? There are plenty of tags." The man waved his hand and all of the soul stones had been sucked away.

After counting the soul stones, the man nodded, "Yeah, four thousand five hundred mid rank soul stones. You seem to be quite rich."

Ye Chen knew this could not be good. This person had already reached beyond greed; he was indeed a vampire who would not let go without sucking the last drop of blood out of oneself.

"Sir, you are flattering me again. I have taken out four thousand five hundred mid rank soul stones, and the remaining mid rank soul stones would not last me for a month."

"Oh yeah? Should I check your storage ring?"

The middle aged man chuckled.

"Isn't this a bit too much?"

A killing vibe appeared in Ye Chen's mind. Actually, in order to kill the man, all Ye Chen had to do was to throw out a green lotus sword qi. Although his zhen yuan had only recovered by fifty percent, he already had nine green lotus sword qi in his dantian already. Combined with his sword intent, the power would be enough to kill a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior, not to even mention the middle-aged man in front of him.

"Too much? You haven't seen what could be too much. I have to hand in all of the soul stones you have just given me, and I won't get a single one of them. So, you have to give me another three thousand mid rank soul stones. Otherwise, you will never get an identification tag."

The middle-aged man decided whom to rob depending on their cultivation. If Ye Chen were at Late Astral Reaching Realm, then he would ask him to pay five hundred more and not dare to ask for anything more, since he was not sure whether Ye Chen would end up joining the party and eventually make his life miserable. Peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors were way much more powerful than he was after all. What could be scarier was that the warrior could be at top Astral Reaching Realm, which might mean the end for him.

If he were even more unlucky and the warrior was at Extreme Astral Reaching Realm, then he would be dead without a doubt.

As for the unbeatable Astral Reaching Realm warriors, it had not even come across the middle-aged man's mind. In so many years he had been here, besides the three leaders of the island, he had never seen an unbeatable Astral Reaching Realm warrior ever. If one showed up, he or she would be recruited immediately by the leaders.

Ye Chen thought about whether he should scare him a bit, but he decided not to do anything now, since the green lotus sword qi was the last resort of his right now. One used would be one less, and it would take him days to recover. Also, his battling power was way too low. If he revealed his green lotus sword qi in his cultivation right now, it would raise cause some suspicion. If his cultivation were at Late Astral Reaching Realm, then he would have already done it by now, since it would make a lot of sense.

"Sorry, I cannot afford three thousand mid rank soul stones. One thousand tops." Ye Chen was not afraid of storage ring checking, since he had already hidden his mid rank storage ring in the corner of the bottom of his ring now. Without a long time of examining, no one would be able to detect a thing.