Chapter 355: Snatching Food From Tigers Den

 Chapter 355: Snatching Food From Tiger's Den

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Ye Chen didn't rush out immediately. He was clear that a quasi evil beast wouldn't be so easy to deal with. If he went out, it wouldn't do him any good whatsoever. This was a battle of persistence.

Burning his True Yuan and swallowing a meridian-mending spirit pill, Ye Chen cooly watched the battle between three men and the beast.

"Damn it!"

Several li's away, Shen Tujue spat out a mouthful of blood and mucus. The strike containing the evil beast's full power had made him suffer a slight injury. This much of injury was nothing to him, but what made him annoyed was that he now had to pick one of the two options due to the appearance of this evil beast- to kill Ye Chen or to seize the blood evil stone. The value of this stone would be three to four times that of its peers. The purity of its evil qi would be much higher, and using it would be much easier. If he missed this opportunity, he wouldn't easily find it again in the future.

"Humph! Count yourself lucky!"

After hesitating for a few moments, Shen Tujue turned around and pounced on the evil beast. Compared to killing Ye Chen, this beast was much more attractive to him.

"Get Lost!"

Employing Dragon Elephant Power to the peak allowed his every moment to possess the power of dragons and elephants. Blasting out a punch, he pushed aside White Robe blade artist, snatching the optimal position for himself.

White Robe blade artist's complexion turned gloomy. Although he wasn't equal to Shen Tujue, who had condensed his martial soul embryo, the disparity between them was quite small. He couldn't be his opponent, but the latter also shouldn't be hoping to do anything to him. What he was apprehensive of was the latter's identity as a great core elder of the Floating Mountain sect.

"Seven Blade Flickers!"

With his eyes radiating a domineering air, White Robe blade artist slashed out at the half formed evil beast and Shen Tujue. Following the slash, seven light beams flickered one after another, dazzling the eyes of those nearby.

"You're courting death!"

The tyrannical martial will had not only amplified Shen Tujue's attacks, it had also augmented his defense. Moreover, White Robe blade artist was still apprehensive in the end. He hadn't concentrated the entire attack on the former's body, only letting it graze past slightly. Therefore, apart from some warping of Sehn Tujue's protective True Yuan, he didn't receive any injury. However, even this much was enough to make him fly into rage, committing this blade artist's name into his must-kill targets.

White Robe blade artist said coldly, "Having learned the blade intent myself, I, Wang Po, have never been afraid of anyone. If you wish to fight, I'll gladly accompany you, Shen Tujue."

"Wang Po, you just wait." Shen Tujue warned.

Although the two were relentless with their words, neither of them had the thought of rushing into battle. If they could obtain the blood evil stone of this half formed evil beast, it would be more meaningful than killing a hundred people.

Ye Chen, who had been attentively watching, pondered to himself. This Shen Tujue seemed to have a lofty status. He was not putting anyone in his eyes except those from six great sects. Whatever he did, he wouldn't allow anyone to oppose. Unfortunately for him, this blade artist was an extreme Astral Reaching realm blade artist. How could he not have his own pride?

'An enemy's enemy is my friend. I can try to get in touch with him.'


Right at this moment, Pei Youdao used his strongest killing move. The longsword in his hands trembled. Cold star dots appeared and shot towards the evil beast's center, where its blood evil stone was located.

With a puff, the cold star pierced through its body. However, the beast's movements were too quick and strange. Its body twisted slightly, causing the cold star to only graze its blood evil stone. If one looked inside the hole, they could see the blood evil stone

Pei Youdao lamented inwardly. Cold Star Sword was the tenth style of the Heartless Sword Arts. Concentrating sword Qi at one point, there was nothing it couldn't pierce through. The only weakness was that the point of attack was too small. If one missed the target, it would be difficult to inflict a severe damage. Of course, if he could train his Cold Star Sword to the highest realm, this sole weakness would also disappear. It could simply explode the opponent's body from inside. Heartless Sword Arts had eleven styles altogether, and every single one of them was more difficult to cultivate than the previous one. The might of the Heartless Sword Arts' tenth style was higher than the combined might of eight styles of a usual top-class earth-ranked nine-styled sword art. Even with genius in sword dao, there was no way he could comprehend the Cold Star Sword all at once. After all, only when he became a core elder was he able to gain the manual of Heartless Sword Arts, and was not training in them from birth.

"Trying to make me cat's paw!"

As Fire Spirit Hall's great core elder Gold Rock saw Pei Youdao almost obtaining the blood evil stone, he immediately lost his calm. He spun the long blade in his hand, whirling blade qi and stabbing it towards the blood evil stone inside the quasi evil beast's body.

"Dragon Elephant Air Strike!"

The blade qi was destroyed by Shen Tujue. He clenched his right hand, shooting out an exceedingly powerful fist energy. The quasi evil beast's body completely cracked, and the blood evil stone became faintly visible. Gold Rock regretted inwardly. However, if their positions had been changed, he would have also done the same. Compared to a blood evil stone, what was even the point of thinking about reputation? Was strength more important or reputation? Therefore, he silently continued on to attack it.

Shen Tujue was about to attack once more when White Robe suddenly issued seven blade strikes at the same point, causing the blood evil stone to explode out.

"It's mine."


"Who dares fight with me?"

The four had gone completely insane. Previously, they still held some reservations, but the situation turned into complete chaos at this moment.

"My chance is here!"

Ye Chen's eyes shone. The Zhen Yuan inside his body started to circulate according to Doppelganger Shadow Light technique. The next moment, his figure exploded apart, and countless shadows engulfed the four people within.


Amidst the countless shadows, Ye Chen's figure hurriedly approached the blood evil stone.

"Kid, you're courting death." Gold Rock was also nearby. His eyes turned red as he immediately issued Golden Flame Instant Kill Chop. Compared to Yan Chihuo, the might contained in his move was more than ten times as powerful, and the speed was also several times higher. As soon as he struck, the blade light teleported.

"I have to resist this strike."

Ye Chen, who was thinking of dodging, was barely able to lift his left hand's index finger and point it at the blade light.


His finger was slashed, splattering out streaks of blood. Ye Chen's face changed. Under his guidance, the Thunder Pool Sword warped into a curve, and the sword Qi it shot out made a full circle, bringing back the blood evil stone.


Clearing out shadows in a vast stretch, Shen Tujue rushed over. Seeing Ye Chen's hands, his fury burned to the extreme. Without a single thought, he punched out.

Holding the blood evil crystal in his left hand, Ye Chen forcefully resisted his full power strike.


Spurting out a mouthful of blood, Ye Chen's figure shot out, leaving the battlefield's chaos behind.

"Where will you run?"

Clearing the remaining shadows, Pei Youdao and White Robe blade artist also rushed over, following closely behind Shen Tujue and Gold Rock, turning the situation into four chasing one. As for the beast, it had lost its blood evil crystal, which hugely injured its vitality. It no longer posed any threat.


Ye Chen had only one option. Nobody could resist a combined assault of four extreme Astral Reaching experts.

Employing the Doppelganger Shadow Light technique to the extreme, Ye Chen's body seemed like a strand of smoke, without any substance. Within a few flickers, he had escaped seven to eight li's away.

"Kid, leave blood evil stone behind and I can protect your life."

Pei Youdao's voice came over.

Ye Chen replied, "Treasures only belongs to those who are fated. Nobody can blame anyone."

"Then, don't blame me for being merciless."

Pei Youdao's longsword trembled before he issued a frightening cold star strike.

Its speed far exceeded Ye Chen's. Like a star flickering in the sky, it instantly opened a finger sized hole in Ye Chen's protective True Yuan and penetrated his abdomen."

"So powerful!"

Ye Chen sucked in a cold breath and pressed his injury with his left hand, stopping the blood.

"Seven Blade Flickers!"

After a brief hesitation on his face, White Robe blade artist resolutely struck out.

Ye Chen avoided five blade lights, but the remaining two struck his back. Fortunately, he was wearing a mid rank armor. The blade couldn't possibly break the armor, and thus, allowed him to avoid getting his actual body hit. However, the blade intent contained within the blade light made him spurt three mouthfuls of blood, inflicting injuries that couldn't be considered light.

"Kid, your strength is not bad. You can keep the stone. I, Wang Po, will no longer chase you." Sheathing his longsword, White Robe blade artist stopped chasing.

"Many thanks!"

Ye Chen didn't blame the former for injuring him. After all, he would have done the same.

Shen Tujue narrowed his eyes, etching the grudge against White Robe blade artist in his heart. Striking out a dragon-shaped shockwave with his left hand, he raised his right hand in the air and then swiftly dropped it down. Zhen Yuan condensed into a huge elephant, which fell down from sky, pressing onto Ye Chen, who was escaping ahead.

" Transforming Shadow Explosion!"

Under desperation, Ye Chen again used the Doppelganger Shadow Light technique's best move. His figure turned wavy, and his real body avoided the True Yuan condensed elephant by a hair's breadth. However, the dragon shaped shockwave was much more frightening. The dragon opened its mouth, destroying all the shadows and leaving behind Ye Chen's true body.

"Fire Dragon Chop Instant Kill!"

Grasping the opportunity, Gold Rock issued a dragon shaped blade light, which teleported and whirled against Ye Chen, fiercely brushing past him.

"Haha kid, let's see where you will run now."

After sustaining repeated strikes, Ye Chen's speed had slowed down considerably, and was soon overtaken. Shen Tuejue taunted while attacking him at the same time.

"Ye Chen, you being able to mature to this extent is surely no easy feat. Hand over the evil blood stone to me. I can defend your life. Even Shen Tujue won't be able to kill you." Pei Youdao spoke through True Yuan. In his opinion, Ye Chen, who was at the end of rope, wouldn't possibly decline his good will.

Ye Chen's face was resolute, "Sorry, but if I can't clench the fortune in hand, is there any meaning of such maturation?"

Upon hearing these words, Pei Youdao let out a sigh, and killing intent started to condense in his eyes.


Before his words even sounded, Ye Chen's seven apertures started bleeding due to Shen Tujue's attack. Fierce energy transmitted through the mid rank armor, inflicting grave internal injuries on Ye Chen.

"This can't go on, or I will be beaten to death. It seems like I have no choice but to use that move. It must work!"

Ye Chen knew his own condition better than anybody else. In merely two-three moves, he was about to lose the power to retaliate. Therefore, he must escape their pursuit in a short period of time, and his only hope of doing so lied in the new move he'd created. This move was not yet perfected, and there was a high chance that it would simply fail. Otherwise, he would have used this move long ago. There was no need to wait until this moment.


The protective True Yuan crumbled apart under Ye Chen's command and turned into specks of light which floated around his body. These specks then combined together, forming streaks of sword light which encircled him.


Pointing with the right hand's two fingers, Ye Chen urged the sword light forward.