Chapter 354: Dragon Elephant Power Spell

 Chapter 354: Dragon Elephant Power Spell

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"Let go!"

Why would Ye Chen let Shen Tujue have his winnings for no reason? Seeing that the huge hand made with zhen yuan was about to reach back to its owner, he pointed out his left-hand index finger in the sky without giving it another thought. A blue colored sword qi sliced through the sky; it was indeed the increasingly powerful green lotus sword qi.


The green lotus sword qi had made a cut on that zhen yuan hand, bringing up sparks of zhen yuan. The intense blast wave had shattered the mountains nearby.

"Come back!"

The zhen yuan hand shattered, and that baby-fist-sized blood evil stone drew a bloody line, eventually landing on Ye Chen's hand.

"Such an intense evil qi." Once touching the stone, a tiny beam of evil qi made its way into Ye Chen's mind. The evilness pounded inside his head again and again. Luckily, his sword intent was something special. It was able to maintain Ye Chen's sanity and calmness while letting the evil qi travel wherever it liked to.

All of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors were shocked. Shen Tujue was the head core master of the Floating Mountain Martial School, one of the rare Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors of the whole South Rudra Region, holding millions of peoples' lives in his hand. With his one word, his people would be able to ruin a rank 7 martial school. No one under the Seas of Souls Realm would have the power to threaten him. And right now, Ye Chen somehow dared to fight against Shen Tujue, knowing that the latter was completely different from White Bone ghost warrior, who was a loner.

"The first genius of the South Rudra Region is indeed brave!"

"With such bravery, if he makes it out alive today, he would be able to be someone in the future for sure."

Right then and there was the first time for a lot of the powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors to see Ye Chen. They all could not help but admire his bravery and attitude towards life.

Shen Tujue's face was red and black at the same time as he said with a low voice, "You little giblet, don't you dare think that you have the power of an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior and would be able to survive against me. Right now, I will have you know what it feels to be an ant."

Once he finished talking, his body shook, and the air started to vibrate as a fist attack was thrown out in the direction of Ye Chen.


This fist contained an extremely heavy power of a martial perspective of mud. Along with the enhancement of martial spirit, the air broke down layer by layer as it spread out at a drastic speed and arrived right in front of Ye Chen.

Floating in the air, Ye Chen was indeed not afraid at all. He shook his wrist, and a sword light shot out. Vaguely, people were able to see some green lotuses carved on each sword light.


The earth broke open as Ye Chen and Shen Tujue both backed out for dozens of steps, the powerful blasting wave continuously pressuring their bodies.

"Such a powerful mentality, it is like a river." It was the first time that Ye Chen had felt the power of mentality from a warrior. It was different from the highly condensed sword intent. Although the martial warrior's mentality was united into one entity, its radius was extremely wide and intimating.

And, because of exactly that reason, although Ye Chen could not win in terms of the total extent of mentality, he would be able to compete against his attacking power.


Shen Tujue's eye brown flicked once. Five years ago, he had gotten a Blood Evil Stone. Therefore, his martial spirit's level was way higher than warriors at the same level. Although the martial spirit was not as focused as the sword spirit, but with his cultivation, he thought he would be able to win against Ye Chen for sure.

"Interesting! If you could handle the next attack, I will let you die easily and only kill half of the people you care about." Shen Tujue took a sharp breath, then pushed both of his hands up as a horrifying power was raised. The whole area within half mile radius started to shake lightly, and the air seemed to have bent a little as well.

Seeing the changes on Shen Tujue's body, Chi Jinyan, the core master from the Fire Spirit Martial School, was a bit confused. He knew that Shen Tujue was able to throw out a special attack, but he was not sure why was it necessary, since all Ye Chen had was sword intent and sword arts, nothing special.

"Dragon Elephant Power Spell!"

As Shen Tujue's voice was heard, a dragon roar and elephant groan which inaudible to normal mortals started ringing in the air. Meanwhile, Shen Tujue's aura started to increase drastically. It was as if he were the center of this area, the king of this area.


Reaching out his right hand, Shen Tujue started to increase the power that had been poured out through his arms. A thousand-meters-tall mountain had been taken out of its base and thrown towards Ye Chen.

That mountain was flying at almost the speed of sound, a scene that was absolutely horrifying. In the air, thunder and lightning continuingly struck about, and the clouds covered the rest of the sky. It was almost like the end of the world, as all of the sounds had been blocked out from within. Nothing was heard, and nothing was sensed; it was like time had stopped.

Mo Yan sneered. As the master of the Sky Flying Devil Martial School, he knew most of the rank 6 martial arts. Shen Tujue's martial art was not an exclusive Floating Mountain Martial School one; it was something special that he found in a rare opportunity. Once this move had been made, his power would increase by ten times automatically. He now possessed the power of a dragon and elephant, and would be able to hold up a mountain easily.

"Shen Tujue was an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior five years ago, just right under Fei Youdao. Right now, his power has increased drastically, and he seems to have reached beyond the latter. There is no way Ye Chen would be able to block it out."

Mo Yan was extremely excited. He could not wait for Ye Chen to turn into a pile of mud.

Dragon Elephant Power Spell? Somehow, Ye Chen had thought of that nameless fist art that he had bought in the Martial City. The beginning of that fist art was also Dragon Elephant.

That incoming mountain was way too huge, covering dozens of miles. No matter how fast Ye Chen could run, he would not be able to avoid it. On the contrary, he would also be in the disadvantageous position if he decided to run. Therefore, facing that huge incoming object, there was only one thing he could think of doing...Fight back with all his power.

Shoo! Chin!

Putting back his Blue Wood Sword and taking out the Thunder Light Sword, he pushed his green lotus zhen yuan to its limit. He even pushed his qi and physical power, which he had rarely used, and gathered them all onto his right arm. With a light cracking sound, his right arm had expanded to twice its original size. The powerful muscle had filled up his sleeve as it shone with a jade light.

"Sky Shattering Clouds!"

Used his waist power, all that power followed his spin and reached above his right arm. He held the sword with both of his hands, and using the power of the thunder, he threw an attack towards the mountain.


The sword light was like a lightning bolt as it hit right at the weakest point of the mountain.

Not a single sound was heard, because all of the sound had been shattered. In the sky, countless silent thunderbolts poured down like a rain. The next second, the sky full of shattered rocks was like a fountain, shooting every piece into the air. Each one of them contained a shockingly powerful electrical flow.

"He blocked it?" Mo Yan's smug look froze suddenly.

It was the same for Shen Tujue, who yelled with great anger, "I will see how you can block this one!"


Two mountains had been pulled up from the ground, hurtling towards Ye Chen from both left and right.


"Green Lotus Light!"

Blue Wood Sword had been taken from his scabbard as he threw out an attack with his Thunder Sword with his right hand and used the Blue Wood Sword with his left to block out the attacks. Dozens of green lotuses appeared in the sky vividly. That sharp blue qi flow spread out, creating a tough defense.


The huge mountain on the right broke, while the mountain on the left landed on the green lotuses.

Looking from far away, Ye Chen's body was completely out of sight. Compared to the miles long and wide mountain, the dozen meters high green lotuses and less-than-two-meters-tall Ye Chen seemed extremely tiny. Without thinking of the result, it looked like a mantis trying to block a car.

As he shook his Blue Wood Sword once, the attacking power of the mountain disappeared all of a sudden and started to bounce back.

Shattering the returning mountain, Shen Tujue was just about to throw out another attack when a long narrow blood shadow jumped out at him through the cracks of a huge rock. It was in the shape of a snake, and although its front had already started to form a beast head, there seemed to be two tiny forearms as well.

A half-formed Blood Evil beast!

The fully formed beasts were of course the most powerful ones, but the half-formed ones were indeed also powerful. The normal Blood Evil Beast only had a long body, and judging solely on battling power, any Astral Reaching Realm warrior would be able to win against it.


That beast shot out at high speed, trying to devour Shen Tujue.

"Not good!"

Shen Tujue could tell the power of the beast, which was enough to compete with the most powerful Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior. As for the fully formed beasts, no one under Seas of Souls Realm would be their rightful opponent. Luckily, it was not there. Otherwise, the five to six Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors there would not be able to compete with it.

"Dragon Elephant Armor!"

With both of his hands making different gestures, the air in front of his chest twisted. The dragon roar and elephant scream were heard again as their figures shot out into the sky, trying to block out the beast's attack.


The defensive layer had been shattered immediately. Shen Tujue's face went pale as he was blown backward.

"It is a half-formed Blood Evil Beast!" White Robe Blade Artist increased his breathing speed.

Chi Jinyan chuckled, "The stone in that half-formed beast would be three to four times better than a normal one. If we can get our hands on one, then forming a blade spirit would no longer be impossible. I might even be able to do it all the way. At that time, reaching the Seas of Souls Realm would not be entirely impossible."

The Blood Evil Stone was way too important to the Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Without the stones to purify their minds, and with only their hard work and talent, it would not be enough for one to reach the Seas of Souls Realm. Therefore, the White Robe Blade Artist had his heart set on this Blood Evil Stone.

"Silent Sword!"

Fei Youdao was the first one attack. And, he had already thrown out the top ace attack of his Heartless Sword Art. Once it had been thrown out, the sword light was so condensed that there was not a single sound.


A sword mark appeared on the forehead of the beast.

"Such a powerful defense?"

Fei Youdao frowned. He knew he had to try his best. He burnt his zhen yuan to its limit, before flashing his body once and jumping towards that beast.

"Fei Youdao, it is not your property!"

Another three Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors jumped out as well.

"This is not a simple red colored stone. It has the effect of training mentalities. And, this Blood Evil Demon is even more powerful than the normal ones. Therefore, the effect of the stone inside its body should be even better. I cannot let it slip through in front of me!" Mentality and Sword Spirit were two completely different concepts. Mentality was indeed power, but with it being powerful, it did not guarantee that the warrior would have a powerful sword intent. But, a powerful mentality provide greater potential for the warrior to increase their sword intent, while their training speed would increase drastically as well. Also, Ye Chen knew about the mentality Shen Tujue had, which was just a simple mentality. If the stone ended up in one of their hands, it should be quite easy for them to improve their mentality, since it was not like sword intent which required a much harder process. Therefore, the stone should be able to increase the power of Shen Tujue and the rest of them. Understanding the vital point, Ye Chen started planning, as he decided to take them all down.