Chapter 353: Robbery in Broad Daylight

 Chapter 353: Robbery in Broad Daylight

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"It looks like the White Bone ghost warrior from the Nine Ghost Cult. How come he is here in the Blood Demon Battlefield?"

"There are so many different people here, and it is also the border of the South Rudra Region. It is quite understandable that he dared to appear here in broad daylight."

Once White Bone ghost warrior used his ace attack, that unique bone mentality and white bone cage were just way too eye-catching for people to not notice. It would be hard to miss him. Some warriors had noticed him at once, and the others had realized it once told about him.

"Should we kill him? After killing the White Bone ghost warrior, some of the top 6 ranks 6 martial institutions would give out huge rewards, including a very powerful martial art."

"Are you crazy? Don't you see that those top four Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors have not done anything yet? Without them, the White Bone ghost warrior would have a huge chance to run away, which would be the end of your peaceful life. Even the rank 6 martial schools would not guarantee your safety."

"True! Plus, for those Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors, the Blood Evil Stone is the most important thing. They would attack only after killing all of the beasts. I think I will pass on being the first."

Some of the people who had the thought to kill White Bone had instantly gotten rid of that thought, regretting even thinking about it in the first place.

"It is the White Bone ghost warrior." Shen Tujue squeezed his eyes. Back in the days, White Bone ghost warrior had killed a lot of people from the Floating Mountain Martial School. Normally, he would have attacked immediately. However, the Blood Evil Beasts only appeared once every decade. After this time, he did not know when the next chance for him to get Blood Evil Stone would be. Therefore, the business of killing White Bone could wait. Then, his eyes landed on Ye Chen as he sneered. This boy was indeed a threat. At only twenty years old, he was already an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior. If he were allowed to grow, no one in the South Rudra Region would be able to do anything to kill him. He should be killed as soon as possible.

"Huh, I will let you live a bit longer. Once I attack, then it will be the end of you."

Shen Tujue tightened his fists, throwing out an attack. That rich fist power contained an indestructible martial spirit, killing the Blood Evil Beast in front of him immediately.

Unlike Shen Tujue, the core master of the Heartless Martial School, Fei Youdao had been looking at Ye Chen the whole time, "Strange! Although his sword intent has obviously not reached completion yet, it somehow already shows the signs of forming a sword spirit. No, this sword intent is just like the one in the Natural Moat Gorge, they both contain the immortal mentality. Perhaps, it is indeed the reason that he was able to form martial spirit already?"

Fei Youdao was a bit confused. Without the completion of the sword intent, without enough talent, it should be impossible to form a sword spirit, even if it were just a general shape of it. But somehow, Ye Chen had managed to do so.

"The sword spirit itself was not much different from the other ones, they were all just symbols of having sword art mentality. It was only the Battle Emperor who had created a different sword spirit five hundred years ago, an unbreakable one. Once a sword attack had been thrown out, the powerful sword intent had lasted for five hundred years, which had made him one of the top three sword warriors throughout history. The first two warriors on the list were from the ancient era and the mid ancient era. Being able to be listed along with the two could already show how powerful he really was. Unfortunately, during that battle five hundred years ago, no one knew where Battle Emperor went, or whether he was still alive or had already died." Fei Youdao looked at Ye Chen with burning passion for wanting to know more.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The White Bone cage was forming at such a fast speed, and once formed completely, it started to compress down. The sound of bone being crashed together was heard continually.


Sword light shot out everywhere, and a deep sword mark appeared on that waist-sized bone, bone chips bursting everywhere.

"So tough!"

Ye Chen was very surprised. Although that sword attack he had just thrown out was only a normal attack, with the enhancement of his sword intent, even top Astral Reaching Realm warriors would be heavily wounded. However, the white bones made with zhen yuan had somehow blocked it out.

White Bone ghost warrior laughed, "Give up now! If your cultivation were a little bit higher, maybe you would be able to break through the white bone cage. But, you are only at the Mid Astral Reaching Realm. With the quality of your zhen yuan, you would be able to only have a limited battling power now. But, the gap between cultivations would not be that easy to make up. Peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors have way much more zhen yuan than Mid Astral Reaching Realm after all."

The highs and lows of the cultivation were not just based on the quantity and quality of zhen yuan. There were a lot of differences in the details such as the production of zhen yuan. If a Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior would be able to produce ten units of zhen yuan within a second, then Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior would only be able to produce eight to nine units. White Bone was already at the peak-level Late Astral Reaching Realm. With him pushing to his limit, he would be able to produce a huge amount of zhen yuan and build huge white bone cages. Normal, Mid or even Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors who had been trapped within would not be able to escape for at least one or two hours, unless White Bone decided to stop producing zhen yuan to maintain the cage.

"Not necessarily!"


One of the bones was full of cracks, looking like it was about to break down.

"What?" White Bone ghost warrior almost bit his tongue while his hands unconsciously increased the speed of making spells. The rich zhen yuan went through the handprint and had been put on to the white bone cage in a mysterious way.

The white bone cage became smaller and smaller, and eventually constantly stayed at five meters width and height.

Putting back his Destruction sword into the scabbard, Ye Chen held the Blue Wood Sword instead. It worked perfectly with the Green Lotus Sword Spell, as they enhanced each other's performance. After throwing out a sword attack, the blue colored light spread out. The creepy, cold, sword light had a huge green lotus on it as it landed on the white bone with extreme force.


That point seemed to be where the flaw of the white bone was, causing the finger-sized crack to spread out at an unbelievable speed.

"You cannot break open the white bone cage. Die now!"

White Bone ghost warrior's ten fingers broke open and blood spilled out as the speed of zhen yuan being produced doubled. Within three breaths, he pressed all of his ten fingers together, causing a small exploding sound to happen as he yelled, "White Bone Body Puncturing Spikes!"

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!...

Countless meters-long bone spikes grew out of the white bone cage. Some of them were long while some of them were short; They were thick or thin; straight like an arrow or bent like blades, or branched out on the tip. They were exploding intensively, shooting tiny bone needles out towards everywhere.

"Green Lotus Qi! Explode!"

Standing there right in the middle of the White Bone Cage, it would be impossible for Ye Chen to block out all of the attacks from all directions. But, he did not panic as he waved his Blue Wood Sword around his body, creating countless green lotuses out of nowhere. The lotuses blossomed, countless beams of sword qi shot out towards all the incoming attacks.

If the thunder storm were already unbearably loud, then the sound of Ye Chen blocking out the bone spikes were even ten times louder. If it were some mortal man, he would have rapid heartbeats and die on the spot with the mere sound alone.

"Green Lotus Accumulation!"

Ye Chen expanded his soul power to five meters and found a huge breaking point immediately as he blocked out some of the bone spikes. This flaw appeared at the same time as the white bone cage. It was the side effect of the changing zhen yuan. Of course, if White Bone did not attack and Ye Chen did not throw out three to four sword attacks, the latter would have still found a way to take down the cage.

After cutting down such a huge bone spike, he stabbed into the white bone as a bright blue light appeared on the tip of his sword. A green lotus blossomed from within and grew rapidly which had broken open the white bone cage by force. Bone chips shot out in all directions, including towards the White Bone ghost warrior in the air.


The blast wave vibrated, and the latter was interrupted during his spells by force. The white bone cage had broken down on its own, turning back into zhen yuan and normal yuan qi while disappearing into the air.

After escaping the critical situation, Ye Chen immediately used his eighth movement of the green lotus sword art without thinking, which was also his most powerful sword attack at the moment.

The sword light shone brightly, and nothing seemed to be able to compare with its specular power.

White Bone ghost warrior, on the contrary, had thought about escaping since Ye Chen was way stronger than he had anticipated. Right now, he had just experienced the horrifying true power of the number one martial genius of the South Rudra Region. If he did not escape now, then he most likely would be wounded badly after a while, and a wounded him would be seen as an easy target for a lot of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors. As the most rewarded wanted man, he had to think about the consequences.

Striking out with an ace attack, he managed to block out the sword light.

"Eh? Not good!"

The sword light had been broken, but it turned into a much bigger and thicker sword attack before attacking down on him again. Without enough time to ready himself, the white bone armor he wore exploded immediately. The remaining power poured right onto his body.

Blood poured out of his mouth like a column, as at least five to five ribs in front of his chest had been broken. One of them had stabbed right through into his internal organs, and with the slightest movement, it could well pierce into his heart.

"Green Lotus Sky!"

The early stage of the attacks from Green Lotus Sword Art was only a process to reach towards the latter, more powerful attacks, and the second part of the eighth movement of Green Lotus Sky was the true essence. The sword light was very bright, like a sky-touching tree that had devoured White Bone ghost warrior within. Looking from the distance, the huge sword light looked indeed like a huge tree, and White Bone was struggling at its root.

Blood splashed out of his body, White Bone shattered the sword light, wanting to break out of the "mountain". But all of a sudden, a blood light flashed once before a tiny blood shadow went through his head. By the time blood shadow had gone all the way through his brain, White Bone had already turned into a dried-up corpse.

A former powerful ghost warrior somehow ended up being killed by a Blood Evil Beast; it was an irony after all.


After letting out a huge breath, Ye Chen relaxed his tensed nerves. White Bone was different from Blood Demon; he was an old-generation Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Even if Ye Chen did not have to fear anyone with his power now, killing White Bone would still be very hard to do.

After Blood Evil Beast killed White Bone, its color became richer and richer, and it somehow decided to run towards Ye Chen. Its body sliced through the air without making a sound.


Right then, Ye Chen was not afraid of the beast at all. He did not back out an inch as he threw out a sword attack.


The sword light sliced through the beast's body. However, the beast's recovery power was way stronger than Blood Demon. Within a brief moment, it had recovered fully. But, Ye Chen had already seen it coming. He used the seventh moment Green Lotus Sky to freeze the body of the beast while countless green lotuses turned into sword qi, killing the beast and turning it into nothingness.


A bloody red stone fell onto the ground.

He knew it was something special, so he made a gesture to attract the stone.

"Little brat, it is not your turn to get the stone. I will take it from here!" A huge burning hand arrived one step quicker, seizing the stone and dragging it back towards him. It was indeed Shen Tujue, who had been waiting for this very moment.