Chapter 352: White Bones Cage

 Chapter 352: White Bone's Cage

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"Such swift sword strikes!"

Three sword strikes followed after the first like lightning, each faster and heavier than the previous. By the final strike, Ye Chen's sword aura accumulated to its limit and flooded out like river water through sluice gates, resolutely smashing into White Bones' chest.


Despite the True Yuan armor and a mid-grade treasure armor beneath it, White Bone spurted out a mouthful of blood, as if his chest were punctured.

Blasting out of a hill, White Bones' face was appalled. Could such a fast sword even exist? After the first blow, the next three hit squarely without giving away the slightest opportunity to evade.

"Who is this guy? He actually possesses the power to suppress an extreme Astral Reaching expert without a single opportunity to retaliate, even though he looks so young."

"Looking in his twenties, dressed in blue from top to bottom- he should be Ye Chen if I'm not guessing it wrong."

"Ye Chen? The strongest genius of the millennium on the Hidden Dragon List who opened the Hidden Dragon realm? Then, how could his power increase so much just two years later?"

How vast was the extent of their battle's commotion? It grabbed the attention of all the experts over dozens of kilometers, especially the experts from the six great sects.

"It's him!"

Yan Chihou's eyes narrowed. In his line of sight was Ye Chen; left hand on his sheath, while pointing his sword with his right hand with his glistening eye peering with a cold light. Even before he moved, a sword aura soared and locked onto White Bone Ghost General, who was dozens of kilometers away.

"Why? Why is his progress still faster than mine?"

Yan Chihou couldn't accept it at all. He'd thought that Ye Chen would have at most attained the peak of Astral Reaching realm's initial stage. Even if he were to be more powerful than him, it would have been limited. In these two years, he'd himself improved his cultivation base to the peak of Astral Reaching realm's initial stage, attaining eighty percent blade intent, and also entered the eighth turn realm of Eight Turn Fire Spirit Technique. In Hanging Mountain School, nobody below the late Astral Reaching realm was his match. Who would have imagined that not only had Ye Chen surpassed him in terms of cultivation base, in terms of battle power, he was dozens of folds above, capable of completely suppressing an extreme Astral Reaching expert in battle. One should know that there were merely five Extreme Astral Reaching experts in open throughout the South Rudra region. Adding the hidden ones, the number wouldn't go past ten. He himself had four more levels to cross before reaching this realm, and none of these four levels were easy. That was the reason he felt himself unwilling to accept it, extremely unwilling. Their starting point was the same, so why could Ye Chen become an extreme Astral Reaching expert in a flash?

He must have had a gargantuan fortuitous encounter!

Not finding any other reasoning that could convince himself, Yan Chihou subconsciously attributed Ye Chen's success to luck.

"Sure enough, Si Kongsheng didn't continue to stay in South Rudra and left as soon as he became the king of the young generation. He knew he wouldn't be able to beat Ye Chen. He could only hope for a breakthrough somewhere else, then return and challenge Ye Chen. The king of South Rudra's young generation won't change for five years." Grabbing the hilt of his sword, Li Daoxuan let out a breath as his body began to emit an intense battle intent.


Heartless sect's second core elder sighed. Even though he was a core elder of the Heartless sect, he couldn't help but admit that nobody in the young generation was Ye Chen's match. It had been several centuries since such a situation had occurred. Numerous peak geniuses were being firmly suppressed by an even bigger genius, being completely overshadowed.

Sensing Li Daoxuan's battle intent, he let out a smile. Perhaps, it was a good thing. Back in the day, those who matured alongside Xuan Hou entered Sea of Souls realm at the very least, and in the same way, entered the Life and Death realm at most. An insurmountable mountain in front of the young generation was a life challenge. The cowardly didn't even have the qualifications to even look up to the mountain; only those who were willing to challenge this mountain could surpass their own selves.

Covered in curling ice cold Qi, with skin whiter than snow, black pupils gazed towards Ye Chen like a thousand years old ice cave which showed no fluctuations in the slightest, as if Ye Chen's strength had been long anticipated by her. No astonishment, no movement, a heart clear like a crystal, without the slightest impurity.

"Go on, become more powerful! I will chase after your back."

Standing atop a blood-colored summit, Bing Ling seemed exceptionally cold and clear.


The surface cracked. Mo Yan's entire group was stunned, subconsciously rubbing the hard rock. The rocks had been corroded into dust by Zhen Yuan.

"Mo Yan!" The Second elder warned him.

Mo Yan returned to his senses, "Second elder!"

Second Elder said, "Leading the charge for once doesn't mean he will always be in the lead. Preserve your conscience."

" I know."

Mo Yan had spoken like this, but he was quite sullen inwardly. His original stance was naturally his body stretched up completely taut. How could he not feel uncomfortable? He felt extremely uncomfortable.

How could Second elder not recognize that the former had spoken these words without meaning them. He let out a bitter smile, then looked over at Murong Qingcheng. Before entering the battlefield, she had said that there wasn't even a ten percent chance of success. Could it be that she had met Ye Chen before? After all, who could have expected that Ye Chen would be able to contend against extreme Astral Reaching experts? One should know that she herself was a fierce Astral Reaching realm expert on the battlefield, who was rushing straight to the very peak of Astral Reaching realm.

"Not even a ten percent chance."

In the end, she had underestimated Ye Chen. In fact, she had initially guessed that Ye Chen's battle power should be more or less same as hers, and it was under that condition she had given herself a less than ten percent chance. This was precisely Ye Chen's strong point. Not to mention at a similar battle power, even if he were disadvantaged, he had the ability to turn the situation around. Much less to speak now when his battle power was that of the Extreme Astral Reaching realm.


A summit exploded open, and White Bones rushed out.

"I'll make you pay." The black robe over his body was in tatters. A white aura surged towards the sky, ripping apart red colored clouds.

Amidst the intensely distorting air around Damage sword and flickering sword light, Ye Chen said indifferently, "You think your words have any weight at this point?"

As a sword artist, Ye Chen never lacked confidence. If he couldn't beat those at the same rank as him, what meaning would there be in defeating the weaker? The four sword strikes before were actually nothing profound. There were simply four sword strikes in quick succession. If there had been one less, the sword's might wouldn't have reached the peak. And, had there been one more, it would have been superfluous and the sword aura would have declined after reaching its peak.

"White Bones Cage!"

With a cold shout, White Bone's two hands quickly joined to form a seal. Following the transformations of the seal, the nearby worldly energies abruptly went distraught, radiating out incorporeal ripples in all four directions. Several blood colored mountain peaks crumbled, and cracks started to extend in all four directions.


In the air, countless white bones combined to form an enormous white colored cage, cubic in shape. Every bone was waist thick, and radiated a cold white glow. At the same time, two mentalities spread out, metal mentality along with a kind of unusually tenacious mentality. This mentality was a unique bone mentality that belonged to White Bone. Human bones were not dead matter; they had their own distinctive and powerful slowness. Therefore, once the white bones cage formed, it would only become more and more tenacious and indestructible, trapping Ye Chen within.