Chapter 351: The Power of Nascent Sword Spirit

 Chapter 351: The Power of Nascent Sword Spirit

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A human figure appeared out of nowhere miles away from the mass graves.

"Let's go check out the mass graves."

Flying all the way into the air, Ye Chen looked around, and soon found the route towards the mass graves. His zhen yuan pushed out and his whole body turned into a light beam, disappearing from where he was standing.

The one-thousand-mile distance had only taken him less than fifteen minutes. When he was less than ten miles from the mass graves, he pushed his soul power and started to scan the area.

"One, two... five Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors. That man had the Floating Mountain Martial School symbol on his clothes, so he should be from there." His soul power was already quite powerful, and the radius of its coverage had increased more and more as his cultivation increased. If it were pushed to go towards only one direction, ten miles distance was a piece of cake for him, within which any smallest thing would be noticed in his head.

"It seems to be a little bit different. A huge amount of surreal power had been accumulated in his body. It should be the power of will which is different form from the sword intent."

He frowned, because he could sense the level of power behind Shen Tujue's will power.

"I had killed Jin Huang. The others might not know about it yet, but this person should have already found it out. For Floating Mountain Martial School, Jin Huang was nothing, but the reputation matters a lot to them. They would not let the person who killed Jin Huang living out there, as it would damage their name drastically if it got out."

Ye Chen did not need to guess. He knew that the chance of him and the Floating Mountain Martial School making up was almost zero.

On the other side of the road...

Blood Sword and Blood Demon were flying at a speed that was neither too slow nor too fast.

"The Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not care about the Blood Evil Stone, so our opponents are people below them." Blood Demon said.

The Blood Sword Artist replied coldly, "We will kill them all."

"Of course! But, I think we should stay away from warriors from rank 6 martial institutions, unless we could kill them without people finding out." Blood Demon was neither confident nor reckless enough to openly challenge the rank 6 martial schools. Actually, not him, even the leader of the Nine Ghost Cult would not dare to do so. But of course, it was all temporary.

Two hours later, the two arrived on the edge of the mass graves.

The Blood Demon took one look before realizing that the White Bone ghost warrior in black robes was there. Back in the day, there were one hundred and eight ghost warriors in the whole Nine Ghost Cult, but were less than thirty percent of them survived, which included the top three most ghost warriors. And, the White Bone ghost warrior was indeed one of them.

"Although the White Bone ghost warrior would not let me have the Blood Evil Stone, but as long as he is here, I think we would have a high chance of getting something." Blood Demon revealed a slight smile as he looked down subconsciously. Suddenly, he noticed Ye Chen miles away on the left, "It is him!"

Blood Sword noticed Ye Chen at the same time as he laughed coldly, "He is looking for death, and this time destiny will not be on his side."


In mid air, the blood mark flashed as Blood Sword flew right towards him.

Blood Demon hesitated, but after giving in some thoughts, he followed the former.

"Blood Sword!"

Taking his longsword out of the scabbard, Blood Sword threw out a sword attack towards Ye Chen from hundred meters away.

Ye Chen had already noticed the faces of Blood Sword and the Blood Demon, who seemed both very calm and cold. It was like looking at two dead men. A dark blue sword light shot out of the sword scabbard.


The air vibrated, as the sword light of the Blood Sword Artist was shattered.


Blood Demon held the red bars in each of his hands as he performed the Major Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art. His bar had been thrown out, sucking out all of the air in front of him and creating a vacuum space.

"That mysterious longsword shape in my soul power should be sword intent. Great! What a good opportunity to try it out."

He held the dark blue longsword in his right hand, which was indeed a thunder element mid-rank great sword. Ye Chen had also named it Thunder Light. The Thunder Light Sword was perfectly matching the Thunder mentality. After he threw an attack, the sword looked no longer like a sword, more like a thunder light which had covered Blood Demon and Blood Sword.


Thunder flashed, as Blood Demon was blown backward in shock. His huge palms holding the bloody red bars were shocked until they were all numb, blood dripping down drop by drop.

Blood Sword was not in any better situation. He could only see the lightning in front of his eyes as that immortal mentality shattered his sword intent and made a huge impact on his protective zhen yuan layer.


His sword intent shattered, and Blood Sword opened his mouth as a bloody arrow shoot out.

"Completed sword intent... No, it is the nascent sword spirit!" Blood Sword Artist could not believe his eyes. Ye Chen's cultivation was only at Mid Astral Reaching Realm. How could his sword intent be so powerful that it was even almost reaching the level of accumulating sword spirit? Everyone knew that the sword spirit was even harder to train the martial spirit itself. A lot of people failed to do so even after reaching Seas of Souls Realm. Accumulating sword spirit was few times harder than training the martial spirit. However, once succeeded, even it was just the nascent sword spirit, the warrior's attacking power would reach a new level.

"Damn, let's back out!"

Blood Sword Artist was both shocked and furious. It hadn't been that long, yet Ye Chen's power had already reached beyond them completely. Remembering the speech Ye Chen had given under the mass graves, endless hatred poured out in his heart. No one could live safe and sound after pissing off Blood Sword. He decided that he would kill his whole family. Otherwise, he knew that he would not be okay with it.

"Let's back out!"

Blood Demon was scared. Although he had the title of "demon", but right now, Ye Chen was a being that was even scarier than the demons in his eyes. He knew that he would not be able to rest before killing him. 'I have to run and hide at White Bone's place, then I would be able to gather some people to come and kill him.'

"Where do you think you are going?"

Ye Chen had found out about the escaping routes, so he performed his Sky Shattering Clouds

Paw! Paw! Pop! Pop!

Thunder appeared everywhere, wind blew heavily, and clouds scrambled like the ocean. The peak of the mountains cracked opened, revealing the pitch black insides.

"White Bone bro, save me!" Pushing his zhen yuan to its limit, Blood Demon took a deep breath, sending out zhen yuan voice message towards White Bone, who was miles away.

The latter turned his head confusedly.

"Eh? Someone is chasing after the Blood Demon. It is a young man."

"Blood Demon, come here, I will ensure your safety." White Bone ghost warrior made a noise, not caring much about Ye Chen.

After receiving a reply, Blood Demon relaxed a bit. He said to the Blood Sword, "This boy will not live much longer. No need to worry! You and I should back out to safety for now." Whether Blood Sword lived or died, he did not care at all. But, if he were able to persuade him to join him, then that would be the best, since the top Astral Reaching Realm warriors were quite rare in the whole South Rudra Region. Plus, with Blood Sword Artist's talent, becoming a Seas of Souls Realm warrior in the future would not be impossible.

"Alright!" Blood Sword Artist had guessed what Blood Demon was thinking. He hesitated a little before agreeing. After reaching the level he was at, the biggest hope was to reach Seas of Souls Realm. Being by himself, everything would be limited in a way. The appearance of the Blood Evil Beasts this time offered him the opportunity to improve, maybe even to form sword spirit if he were able to get his hands on some Blood Evil Stones.

"Green Lotus Sky, Green Lotus Accumulation!"

Putting the Thunder Light Sword back into the scabbard, Ye Chen took out the Blue Wood Sword. He waved it in the air, which froze in the next second. It looked like it was a mire, as countless green lotuses appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Blood Sword and the Blood Demon.

"Piss off!"


The two combined their power together and attacked at one spot, breaking open a crack to escape.


But, before they were able to escape from the blasting area, a fist-sized green lotus shoot out towards them, along with the intense sword intent. The green lotus was extremely fast, as it went through Blood Sword's shoulder.

Blood poured out of the back as he yelled with a high pitched voice: "You dare to hurt me? I will kill all of the people you care for in your life."

"You really think you could leave here alive today? Today will be the day you die. Green lotus Qi!"

Ye Chen had sensed the power of his sword intent, so he stopped using his ace attacks. Instead, he performed the basic sword movements of his Green Lotus Sword Arts, forming a huge green lotus in front of him. The lotus expanded, as countless blue-colored sword qi shot out like spikes from a porcupine.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Sword qi poured down like rain and spread out in the area of the surreal space, blocking all of the possible escape routes for the two.

Ting! Ting! Dang! Dang!

Blood Sword Artist and Blood Demon waved their weapons, trying to block out all of that sword qi.



These sword qi beams were not normal ones, as they contained a powerful sword intent. Each attack contained an unbelievably strong power and unbreakable mentality. Blood Sword felt all numbed up in his right arm area - his arm had been cut off by one of the sword qi beams. He was so in pain that his face went pale. Blood Demon had pushed one of his shadows in front of him in order to block out some of the sword qi. But even so, some bloody sword marks still found their way to his body.

"Green Lotus Mountain!"

The sword rain had just passed, as the sword light carved with huge green lotus broke open the surreal space, and a horrifying sword intent spread through the whole region.

"What a powerful sword intent!"

In that critical moment, a meters-long, bony claw blocked before the sword light.


The bone claw was covered with cracks before shattering completely.

"Mentality of gold...It seems to have another special mentality as well... Very strong!" Ye Chen saw the bone claw blocking the sword light and frowned a little.

A black shadow flashed as the White Bone ghost warrior appeared in front of Blood Sword and Blood Demon. He looked at Ye Chen full of interest, "Interesting! So young, and already have accumulated a nascent sword spirit. Unfortunately, the cultivation is still lacking. I have a pellet here, if you swallow it, then I will let you live."

"Shadow Explosion!"

Ye Chen ignored the appearance of the White Bone ghost warrior as his body scattered everywhere. Countless shadows flooded out like a river wave, flooding the three within.

At this instance, a sword light flashed!

The heads of Blood Sword and Blood Demon flew into the sky, both with their eyes were wide open. They were just relieved before falling completely.

The White bone's head reached out, tearing apart a huge shadow. The remaining shadows turned into one unit, which was hundred meters away from White Bone ghost warrior.

His eyes were horrifyingly deep as he looked at the corpses of the two and said creepily, "You missed the chance to live."

A sword flower came out of the Blue Wood Sword as Ye Chen put the sword back into the scabbard and said lightly, "Not with your power."

"You are looking for death."

White bone opened his mouth as both of his hands made a tearing gesture. Dozens of white claw lights broke out into the sky, both heavy but still possessing a sense of lightness.

Taking out the Damage Sword, Ye Chen performed his fast mentality of sword art as he broke all of the claw lights before jumping towards White Bone. That sword was both fast and slow looking, without any break in-between.


White Bone hurried up to back out. As he did that, the light flashed on his body, and a white bone shell made of zhen yuan formed right around him, blocking out Ye Chen's attacks.


The shattered light spread everywhere, as the ghost warrior increased his backing out speed.