Chapter 350: Less Than Ten Percent of Confidence

 Chapter 350: Less Than Ten Percent of Confidence

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Fei Youdao frowned - there were still weaker and stronger warriors in the Extreme Astral Reaching Realm before he came, but he did not think that there would be anyone powerful enough to fight against him, since all of the martial arts trained were all top rank Earth Realm, and they were all extremely high level. His sword art spirit was already at completion, without any flaws. He did not expect that Shen Tujue had already reached the level to form a warrior spirit before reaching the Seas of Souls Realm, although it was still not completed.

"It seems like that Blood Evil Stone he got five years ago from the auction has helped him a lot." Fei Youdao slowly let out a breath as he relaxed. Even if Shen Tujue had completed it, there was no reason for him to be afraid, since battling power was a combination of all skills.

Taking out the longsword, Fei Youdao sought out the opportunity and threw out a sword attack.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!... ...

In the air, the sharp beams of lightning flashed through in front of the crowd. Besides Shen Tujue, no one could tell how many attacks Fei Youdao actually threw out.

The light disappeared. The Blood Evil Beast that had just climbed out of the ground had been cut into pieces, one of which had been shattered completely, revealing the Blood Evil Stone within.

"Impressive! No wonder Fei Youdao seems to have the title of being the number one Astral Reaching Realm warrior in the whole South Rudra Region." Somewhere really far away from the mass graves, some Astral Reaching Realm warriors were talking to themselves. They knew that they would not have survived under that sword attack.

"Rock Heart Cut!"

"Iron Bone Godly Scratch!"

Chi Jinyan and the White Bone ghost warrior would not dare to fall back as they both performed their ace attacks.


The thin layer that separate the Surprising Sky and the outside world had been cracked open, as thick yuan qi spread out everywhere. Once it touched the air, it started to become more and more intense, shooting into the clouds and tearing them apart.

Shoo! Ye Chen flew towards where the yuan qi started to pour out.

"Right now, I have already made it to the top at everything, and all I am missing is my cultivation. Unfortunately, if I want to reach the peak level from the Mid Astral Reaching Realm, it would take at least dozens of Earth Astral Pellets. After all, when I was only one step away from the peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm, I had burnt out two pellets in total, and that alchemist only makes about ten of them per year. I have bought the rest of the five pellets already."

It was not that Ye Chen had not thought about buying pellets and medicines that were better than the Earth Astral Pellets, but those kind of things were extremely rare, even harder to buy with spirit stones. Otherwise, when he was in the trading palace in Martial City, he would have bought a lot, since he had lots of mid-rank spirit stones to spare.

"Never mind, I will do the training myself. Those medicines are just rare shortcuts. I don't have to dwell on that."

Ye Chen was not in a hurry. He knew that although his cultivation was not high, but he could spend ten times harder effort to increase the level of his martial arts and mentalities. Plus, he had also got a peak sword intent. With his power now, he was already at the extreme level of the Astral Reaching Realm. The most important thing for him now was to maintain a good attitude.

"Let me go check out the Blood Stone Island, I wonder what kind of Blood Evil Beasts are there. Also, I will not let go of Blood Demon and Blood Sword."


His shadow flashed, and his speed increased to three times faster than the speed of sound.


The news of the Blood Evil Beasts appearing in the Blood Stone Islands had spread out in the whole South Rudra Region within half a month. Although many Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not dare to think about the Blood Evil Beast, but the half-completed Blood Evil Stones were something they would not want to let go. All of the powerful warriors in those huge martial institutions had taken it more seriously, since it was the treasure that could improve one's mentality.

"Flame, the headmasters are taking care of the Blood Evil Beasts, so our target would be to find the half-completed Blood Evil Stone. If we run into those Astral Reaching Realm warriors with low cultivation, then you go take care of it." On one of the islands, a group of warriors with red robes appeared, all having the Fire Spirit Palace School's symbol sewed into their robes. The leader was talking to the handsome young man right next to him.

The young man had eyebrows like blades, and he replied with confidence, "Second Master, don't worry! I, Yan Chihuo, would not be afraid of any warriors under the Late Astral Reaching Realm."

The leading man was an elder in his sixties. He was very confident about Yan Chihuo's power. During the two years after the Hidden Dragon Rank competition, Yan Chihuo had become more and more hardworking. Finally, after half a year, he successfully broke through to the Astral Reaching Realm. As one of the rank 6 martial institutions, the Fire Spirit Palace was not lacking pellets that could increase warrior's cultivation, with which, he was able to reach from Early Astral Reaching Realm to the peak level within the week. Added with his ability to engage in cross-realm battles, there would not be a lot of people who were under Late Astral Reaching Realm and could beat him.

"Second Master, it is already known fact how powerful Yan Chihuo is. If he could join the competition again, Sikong Sheng and Ye Chen would not be able to win against him." An inner master nearby said with a loud voice.

Yan Chihuo tightened his fist as he thought, 'Sikong Sheng, Ye Chen, you just wait for me!'

On the third island next to it, the people from the Heartless Martial School had also come.

Li Daoxuan, who wore blue robes and had long sword with him, possessed very sharp and fresh aura, along with a hint of coldness. Wherever he looked, the Astral Reaching Realm warriors there would feel something like a cold sharp sword blade locking onto them, cutting down their spirit slice by slice.

"Such a powerful sword intent! It must be at ninety percent, right?"

"Indeed a rare genius from the Heartless School. Without any incidents, there would be a Sea of Souls Realm warrior in the Heartless Martial School in the future."

"Yeah, Li Daoxuan's talent is beyond doubt. But, according to the rumors, Ye Chen seems to be even more impressive. He might be the most powerful young warrior in the past one thousand years in the whole South Rudra Region."

"Not certain! Geniuses are people who would not want to lose. Maybe Li Daoxuan has already pushed close to Ye Chen, even reaching beyond him."

Everyone was chatting.

Li Daoxuan sighed. The reason that his sword intent was able to increase at such a fast speed would have to thank Ye Chen. He secretly was hoping that Ye Chen could continue becoming more and more powerful, giving him the motivation to chase after him.

Shifting his eyes, Li Daoxuan had noticed the young lady who was standing in the distance.

Ice Extreme Martial School's Bing Ling.

Bing Ling was also a peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior now. It was certain that she was able to reach this level, since the goal of the Hidden Dragon Rank competition was to let the young warriors inspire each other, which would speed up the breakthroughs. If there were not many martial geniuses in the South Rudra Region and the talent was not that impressive, then it would mean that the South Rudra Region had declined. Only competition could spark horrifyingly potent motivations.

The relaxed setting would only encourage relaxedness. And, in a time full of martial geniuses, relaxedness meant weakness. Only by constantly becoming stronger and stronger could one maintain one's status. No one would want to drop out of the competition.

"It looks like I would not be lonely after all."

Li Daoxuan did not dare to underestimate Bing Ling. All of the statuses now were only temporary. The top ten Hidden Dragon Rank were all at the same level.

On the small island to the east...

"People from the Sky Flying Devil Martial School have come as well."

"Of course1 Mo Yan has already become a peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior. What? Murong Qingchen's cultivation is already at the Mid Astral Reaching Realm? How is this possible?"

The Astral Reaching Realm warriors on those islands could not believe their own eyes. They gasped at what they saw.

With purple robes and the light veil over her face, Murong Qingchen walked behind the second core master. Mo Yan, who was normally walking in front as the first disciple, was somehow following one step behind Murong Qingchen. Somehow, a hint of evilness and envy appeared in his eyes. If Ye Chen were here, he would be able to tell that Mo Yan's aura had changed a little.

'Huh! Sikong Sheng, Ye Chen, who are they? They have been surpassed by Murong Qingchen. And one day, I will reach beyond Qingchen and make her my woman.' Mo Yan thought to himself. He was working harder than anyone after the Hidden Dragon Rank competition. It was so tough that it was almost like he was torturing himself. But, what he could not understand was that Murong Qingchen had somehow broken through the Early Astral Reaching Realm to reach the Mid Astral Reaching Realm so fast, that too without any blockage. It had shocked the whole martial school, which had stolen all of the thunder from him. Suddenly, something inside him had broken. He swore that he would take back all of the things that belong to him, added with even more.

"Qingchen, how confident are you in beating Ye Chen?" Somehow the second core master had thought about Ye Chen as well as he asked.

Murong Qingchen said lightly and bubbly, "Less than ten percent."

"Qingchen, you are being too humble. Your Sky Flying Demon Great Art has trained all the way to the thirteenth realm. Why let him have all of the thunder for no reason?" Hearing Ye Chen's name, Mo Yan could not help but comment.

"My instinct is always quite sharp. He would not be waiting right where he was for me to reach beyond him." She did not think that her talent was greater than Sikong Sheng or Yan CHihuo. The reason she was able to train his Sky Flying Demon Great Art from the tenth realm to the thirteenth realm was that meaning in the Sky Demon Flower had the power of increasing cultivation, since the Sky Demon Flower was made with the blood of the Ancient Demon Emperor, who was a Life and Death Realm warrior.

The core second master shook his head. He was just like Mo Yan, who thought Murong Qingchen was just being humble. Everyone in the school knew that it was in her personality to be so humble, so calm, but tough. Sometimes, he thought she was very scary in the way that she did not have any flaws.

Sensing the change in the atmosphere, she shook her head lightly. She knew that they would not believe her, but she really did not have the confidence in beating Ye Chen. She, of all people, was clear that if her mind for martial arts was already reaching towards perfection, then Ye Chen's spirit must have already reached a godlike level. Of course, it was only in the context of Astral Reaching Realm.

"Let's go inside!"

The second master took a step forward, leading the crowd to enter the bloody red whirlpool.

Meanwhile, all of the other people on the other islands had also entered one after another. Most of the people from rank 6 martial institutions had joined. They must have included the Blood Evil Beasts into their plans, thinking there should not be too much danger.

A half day had gone past, when a blue light flashed pass the sky, landing on the island nearby.

"The number of people have decreased." Ye Chen frowned. In his eyes, the Astral Reaching Realm warriors on the island were only a few, ninety percent less than before.

Taking out his great sword and wearing it around his waist, he jumped into the bloody red whirlpool without thinking too much.