Chapter 349: Sword Intent Completion, Martial Spirit Formation

 Chapter 349: Sword Intent Completion, Martial Spirit Formation

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"The average power of those Astral Reaching Realm warriors in the South Rudra Region is getting lower and lower. These people are not even worth three of my attacks." With his black robes dancing in the air, the person spoke with a dry voice, sounding like two rocks rubbing together. His eyes were full of superiority and cruelty.

"Brother White Bones, Blood Demon always hangs around the Blood Demon Battlefield. Let's go in there and check him out. We could see what is going on in there first, then we can make the plan to hunt down the Blood Evil Beasts." Another person was standing right next to the man in black robes, wearing purple robes with an abstract drum carved in his chest. And just like that big drum, his body was very fat and short. His round belly looked like a giant bucket.

The man in black waved his sleeves, "Sound Wave, I will let you handle this whole business with the Blood Demon. I don't have time for this. All I am here for are the Blood Evil Stones. Ss for the plans, I don't need them."

The short man was indeed one of the ghost warriors from the Nine Ghost Cult, the Sound Wave ghost warrior. He forced a laugh. White Bone ghost warrior was one of the most powerful warriors amongst them, so he was always so arrogant. It would be impossible for him to try to make up a plan with him, so he sighed: "Alright!"

"Let's go!"

With both of his hands behind his back, White Bone flew lightly into that bloody red whirlpool, with Sound Wave following him. None of the people on the islands had recognized them.


The Surprising Sky...

There was no day or night in there, only endless bright shiny colors. These colors were all different, each one of them being extremely distinguishable.

"Water... can be tough and soft. When it is tough, it is able to break through a tall mountain and flood over the earth; when it was soft, it can move without a sound, endless and free. The limit of the mentality of the water must be something like this."

"Soaking" in the water yuan qi, Ye Chen closed his eyes, feeling the meaning behind it all. Every now and then, he would throw out sword attacks, mimicking the things he had just figured out.

Although the sword attacks he threw out seemed really simple, but once they melted into the water yuan qi, they immediately brought up huge waves of water, which spread out everywhere with great power.

The river flowed gently, and soon turned into small streams, continuing running without a sound. It was a sight of peacefulness and gentleness.

One hour!

Three hours!

One day!

Three days!

After three days, Ye Chen took out his Blue Wood Sword and shook his wrist. The pure blue sword light was gentle like water, like a stream of pure lake water, but also seeming like a powerful flood.


All the water yuan qi around had followed the sword light and exploded in the air. That shockingly beautiful water drops splashed everywhere, each drop of them would be able to kill one Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior.

"Finally, the mentality of water has reached its limit!"


Slowly letting out a long breath, he opened his eyes. If the look he had before was already sharp and bright, then right now, he had a bit of gentleness in his eyes as well. It was like diamonds getting the hard edges shaved down, getting back their pure look.

"I wonder how powerful my Green Lotus Sword Art would be when I combine my water and wood mentality."

With the same set of sword art, the warrior with a stronger mind and mentality of the arts would naturally be more powerful than the others. Right now, Ye Chen had already trained his wood and water mentality to their limit; he was only one step away from extreme power. The power when he combined the two mentalities might be even more powerful than what he could ever imagine.

"Green Lotus Mountain!"

The water yuan qi had been separated as a sword light with a huge green lotus appeared. Right then, all of the water yuan qi nearby suddenly started to vibrate.


With a whooshing sound, that horrifying sword intent of his spread out in the area like a tornado, spreading out rapidly. It was something that Ye Chen had not foreseen.

"Have I reached sword intent completion already?"

The sword light had broken open the river-like water yuan. It cut through the gold yuan qi, which had been connected with the water yuan qi. However, Ye Chen had not cared for it at all, as his attention was solely focused on the changes of his sword intent.

After absorbing a huge amount of the Sword Shaped Plants, Ye Chen's sword intent had been stuck at ninety-seven percent for a while now. But, the sword intent completion was at ninety-nine percent. However, the two percent should not be underestimated. According to the normal training speed, it would take normal warriors at least one and half years to achieve it, and it might take some warriors even decades to achieve something Ye Chen had done in such a short time. But, he knew that even with endless supply of the Sword Shaped Plants, he would not have been able to reach full completion any time soon. He thought that he would only reach to about ninety-eight percent, since once one reached completion of the sword intent, it would be the limit of his power. Even full completion would not be much more powerful than the normal completion, only having a little bit more experience and knowledge, along with the qualification to reach the next realm.

"Eh? There seems to be a burry longsword in the center of my soul power pool. But, I cannot really make it out, since it is so blurry still." The soul pool was where all his soul power came from, so it was almost instantaneous for Ye Chen to notice the change. He was quite surprised, since he had never heard about this kind of a thing in warriors who had reached completion of their sword intent. "Is it like this for everyone or just for me? Or perhaps, it has something to do with the Battle King sword intent? Especially that immortal mentality."

After giving in some thoughts, he had still not managed to figure it all out. At that moment, he had just realized how lacking he was in terms of knowledge.

Actually, he should not be blamed, since the Sky Cloud Martial School was only a rank 8 martial school at its best. The most powerful warriors in the school were Astral Reaching realm warriors, and they all had a lot they did not know. It was incomparable to the rank 7 martial institutions, not to mention the rank 6 martial institutions, that had been there for more than one thousand years. Living in such environment, Ye Chen knew that there were limitations in the knowledge he had, and he knew nothing about the high-level stuff indeed.

"Before I had reached the completion of my sword intent, my power was already just as powerful as those who did. Right now, my sword intent has already reached completion, so my power should be more powerful than those who have reached full-completion in their sword intent." He normally would not spend much effort in even thinking about those things that he did not understand completely. All he knew was that because of the mentalities, his sword intent had broken through its blockage before and reached a new level. Before this, he was already able to fight against Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors. But now, he would be able to not worry about any of them anymore. And, he had the feeling that whatever he felt in the middle of his soul pool would be his opportunity to be more powerful than the others.


Blood Demon Battlefield...Chaotic Burial Mound...

"Haha, White Robe Blade Artist, you have been here for so long now. How come you have not taken down even one Blood Evil Beast yet? It seems that you are weaker than your reputation."

Shen Tujue blew away a Blood Evil Beast that had come to his way with one palm attack as he laughed at the White Robe Blade Artist.

The latter frowned. Although he was the first one arriving in the field, the Blood Evil Beasts seemed to be gathered back in the mass graves after killing all of those human warriors. They were rarely on their own, and with his power, facing one Blood Evil Beast was already hard enough, not to mention a pack of them.

"Wind Cut!"

After being laughed at, he was a bit annoyed, so he pushed his zhen yuan and threw an attack towards a Blood Evil Beast's eel-like body.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The air vibrated for a while, then the beast's body was cut in three.

'Only by taking out of its stone can you stop it from getting back and recovering.' The White Robe Blade Artist squeezed his eyes as the long blade was waved in the air. The beast's newly recovered body had been shattered by a powerful wave of blade qi, revealing a fist-sized bloody red stone.


Making a grabbing gesture, the stone landed in his hand.

'Finally, one.'

He let out a breath. Actually, he should thank the other Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Without them, he would not have escaped his destiny of being chased by a group of Blood Evil Beasts.

"Hehe, it is only one Blood Evil Beast. Let me handle it."

A bright, dark purple light surrounded Shen Tujue, as the rest of them seemed to be able to see another human figure within his body invisibly. Then, he used his right hand to make a clawing gesture, following which, the Blood Evil Beast in front of him had been captured somehow.


Zhen yuan exploded as a small part of the beast's body was torn down by Shen Tujue. And there it lied, a Blood Evil Stone.

"Martial Spirit!"

The core master of the Fire Spirit Palace yelled out.

"It is still not completed yet. It is only a shape of the martial spirit." The core master of the Heartless Martial School Fei Youdao said slowly after gasping.


White Bone looked extremely serious.

Sword artists had sword intent, blade artists had blade intent, and amongst all of the warriors, there were all those different kinds of people. Some people's shine had been covered by other people, but everything was balanced. Every warrior would have their own martial spirit when entering Sea of Souls Realm. The so-called martial spirit was a sign of the martial way of thinking, while the sword intent being the sword art way of thinking. Obviously, the sword art spirit was not the same as the martial spirit. Once the sword artists had trained their sword intent to completion, then the moment they reached the Seas of Souls Realm, their sword intent would turn into a sword spirit. The sword spirit and the martial spirit would then be equal.

In other words, wanting to become a warrior who had reached the Sea of Souls Realm, the warriors must have enough of the martial spirit or sword intent. Normally, because of the martial intent being a bit scattered normally, it was always relatively weaker than the sword intent. However, when the martial spirit had been trained to its extreme, it would show a sign of it turning into martial spirit, which was a general shape of what it would look like, but had already reached beyond the completed sword intent.

Martial spirit might not be as powerful as the sword spirit, but the former could not only increase attacking power, but also increase the defense level, which would be something that the sword spirit would not be able to compete with.

The sword spirit was a sign of the level of the attacking power; it was something that had never been changed. Also, no matter if the warriors were below Sea of Souls Realm or above, the sword artists were just generally a symbol of attacking power. Their defenses would be relatively weaker in general. Therefore, the sword artists were always regarded as extreme existences.

Of course, the sword spirit was harder to train than the martial spirit. Therefore, it would be harder for sword artists to reach Sea of Souls Realm than the other warriors. The advantage they had before would become a disadvantage when they tried to make a breakthrough. Even so, plenty of people decided to become a sword artist every day and chose the extreme attacking power over anything else.

Therefore, a lot of the warriors would choose not to train their martial spirit when they already had enough of martial intent. Instead, they would decide to reach Sea of Souls Realm first before training their sword art spirit, and then focus on the matter later on. However, this method had a certain amount of risk, and it was not something that everyone could manage to do.

"This Shen Tujue has already trained his martial spirit to this level? It looks like he is not far from reaching the Sea of Souls Realm." White Bone knew how powerful the martial spirit was. Even if it were only as a primitive shape, its toughness and durability was not something an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior could compete with, since the sword intent was very scattered and not concrete enough before turning into a sword art spirit.

"Hehe! With this Blood Evil Stone, my martial spirit would only become more and more powerful. Then, training my martial intent to martial spirit completely would not be a dream."

Holding the stone in his hand, he laughed brightly.