Chapter 347: Surprising Sky

 Chapter 347: Surprising Sky

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On the surface of the mass graves, one of the headstones cracked open. Ye Chen came out of it with the Damage Sword in his hand, landing on a much larger stone nearby.

He squinted his eyes, then focused hundreds of meters away on Blood Demon and Blood Sword, who also just got out of underground.

A cold light flashed past Blood Sword's eyes, they were filled with killing intent. His pitch black pupils had a layer of redness in them, locked onto Ye Chen without a break. Also with his cracked open mouth, he looked extremely horrifying.

''Blood Sword!'' Blood Demon moved his lips, communicating with Blood Sword using his zhen yuan.

Blood Sword Artist tightened the grip on his scabbard, ''Without saying more, I will definitely kill you, you little b*stard. You, help me on the side.''

''You!'' Blood Demon was a bit annoyed. He had never been treated like this before. But in all seriousness, he was indeed too weak to fight against Blood Sword for now. Ye Chen and the Blood Evil Beast had already brought enough damage to him, which decreased his battling power by twenty to thirty percent. Plus, there was only one Blood Demon Pellet left in his storage ring, which he was saving for a true life and death moment. He put on a forced smile and said, ''Okay, you be the main force and I will aid you. I hope you can kill him with one attack.''

Meanwhile, he thought, 'Huh! This boy is not that easy to kill. You will not succeed without losing anything. Wait until both of you are badly wounded, then don't blame me for being brutal. All of your belongings will be mine.'

"One to two might be a bit of a stretch, but it will not be impossible for me to badly wound one of them. Eh? That thing has come for me?"

After clearing out his mind, Ye Chen flashed his body before flying towards the fortress.

"He ran!"

Blood Demon was a bit curious until he heard the sound coming from the ground, and he could not help but be frightened. At least three or four Blood Evil Beasts had rushed up. It was surprising that Ye Chen had realized it before they did. Now, the Blood Demon was even more cautious of Ye Chen as he said to Blood Sword, "Let's leave as well."


Inside the beast fighting fortress...

Ye Chen said immediately, "There are a lot of those blood demon creatures rushing from the mass graves towards this place. I suggest you leave now before you cannot."

"What kind of blood demon creatures are there which even you cannot handle?" Bei asked curiously.

Ye Chen nodded, "They are extremely powerful! No one under the Sea of Souls Realm can fight against them, including me. They are in the shapes of snakes, without any heads or tails. Their arms were about dozens of meters long, their whole bodies about hundreds of meters in size, and their attacking power is unbelievably fast."

"Such long arms? It must be the Blood Evil Beast!" Both the brothers' faces turned pale as they seemed to remembered something.

"Blood Evil Beast?" Ye Chen could not associate that long narrow blood shadow with a beast.

The elder of the two explained, "The blood demons evolved from the spirit and blood, and mostly from their postmodern evil thoughts from humans and beasts. And, the Blood Evil Beasts were born from the essence and intense evil thoughts from the blood demons. The same level of the Blood Evil Beast would be way much more powerful than the blood demons. The extremely powerful Blood Evil Beasts might even be able to form into a beast shape, which would be its ultimate form. Once it happened, everything within its own realm would be its prey, including powerful warriors."

"That powerful!"

Ye Chen did not meet one with a beast shape in the mass graves. Now he knew that those were only normal ones. But, even the normal ones already had the power to kill them, and he could not imagine what would happen if he met the actual beast form ones.

"Yeah, the Blood Evil Beasts are the top hunters of the whole Blood Demon Battlefield, but the chances of them appearing are actually really low. They might appear once a decade. But, since they are out now, we should definitely leave. I guess that those extremely powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors who had been hiding for so long would appear soon as well."

"The hidden Astral Reaching Realm warriors, you mean the Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors? I guess only a small amount of them would be able to fight against them."

Ye Chen nodded. The reason for him to go to the mass graves had already been achieved, so there was no point for him to stay in the fortress anymore. Plus, he had heard the Thunder Freer say before that the closer he was to the thunder mentality of his sword arts, the harder it would be. Normally, it was possible only by going to the first realm of the Three Astral Realms - Surprising Sky, where the thunder mentality had been created. Plus, the Blood Demon Battlefield was only a crack in the space, so there was no natural sky at all.


Right next to the transporter one thousand miles away from the fortress, there was a red swirl rapidly increasing its speed. One after another, people started to disappear within.


"He is out. Didn't Jin Huang and the master kill him?"

"Something doesn't seem right. Let's use the Soul Tracking Bird to follow him."

Ye Chen had already expected that Jin Huang would plan more than what seemed, since the Blood Demon Battlefield was huge, and they might not be able to find him even on being inside. Ye Chen knew that there would be people waiting there.


Killing one or two people did not make much of a difference to him, so he took out his blue longsword and threw an attack towards their direction which he sensed with his soul power.

"Ah! He found me!"

The Blood Stone Islands contained thirty six individual islands. Before Ye Chen had entered the Blood Demon Battlefield, there were about a dozen groups of people tracing him, each group having about three Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Therefore, once the dozen groups had been separated into thirty-six groups, there was only one Astral Reaching Realm warrior in each group. Only on the main island were two Astral Reaching Realm warriors left. Right then, that warrior who was just about to set the bird free could immediately feel that sharp sword qi attacking towards him, its extreme speed terrifying him.


With the enhancement of the mid-rank great sword, the sword qi Ye Chen had let out was extremely unbreakable. He had cut open a slight area of the islands while that Astral Reaching Realm warrior had instantly been cut in half by that sword qi.

"What? Who is he? How dare he kill the outer master of the Floating Island School?"

"Such a powerful sword qi! He must be a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior!"

"Don't mess with him. The top Astral Reaching Realm warriors are not even afraid of the rank 7 martial schools. If we piss him off, then there will be no place in the whole South Rudra Region for us to live."

People on the island were discussing, but no one really knew who he actually was. Even if there were some suspicion, no one would dare to speak of it aloud.

Looking around the surroundings, Ye Chen was not that surprised about what he had seen. The Windy Nation was one of the weaker nations among the thirty six nations. With all the Astral Reaching Realm warriors combined, there would be about ten of them. In nations like the Rudra Nation, there should be thirty to forty Astral Reaching Realm warriors. In total, there would be about seven hundred Astral Reaching Realm warriors in the whole thirty-six small nations. But, there should be more in the relatively bigger nations. The top four nations would have way more than the other nations combined, more than five thousand of them. Therefore, the whole South Rudra Region would have about ten thousand of them. Adding those who were not in any martial institutions, there should be easily twenty thousand of them.

However, amongst those twenty thousand warriors, there would be less than fifty of them who could be regarded as the top Astral Reaching Realm warriors, which included the top ten sword artists, the top seven blade artists. There would be even less Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors. They could be counted with both hands.

Therefore, being a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior still had quite a big effect. Even the rank 7 martial schools would not dare to mess with such a person easily, unless they had an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior amongst them. But of course, the rank 6 martial schools would not care much about the top Astral Reaching Realm warriors, since they had Sea of Souls Realm warriors. For them, killing a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior would be easy like drinking water.

However, Ye Chen even dared to kill the outer master of the Floating Mountain School. No matter what kind of background he had come from or how crazy he was, everyone knew that he was not someone who should be messed with.


Expanding his body, Ye Chen sliced through the sky and left the island.


Over the seemingly endless lake, endless clouds were floating calmly.

"There are three different realms in total. The first one would be the Surprising Sky, which only Astral Reaching Realm warriors would be able to enter; the second one would be the Extreme Void, which allows the warriors there to get in touch with other spaces, and would be full of Life and Death Realm warriors. Although my power now would be regarded as top Astral Reaching Realm, I can only go to the Surprising Sky for now." Ye Chen did not know what was in that Above Heaven, neither did he know what was in the Surprising Sky. But, it would not change his mind about going to figure it out for himself.

In the sky, a blue ray flashed through as Ye Chen tore open the clouds and rushed to ten thousand meters above the clouds, where seemed to be a thin layer there.


Accumulating his zhen yuan, Ye Chen tapped on that thin layer.


The thin layer was torn open. Endless thunder poured down from above, including some extremely intensive wind blades.

"Thunder Yuan Qi, Fire Yuan Qi, and the Wind Yuan Qi!"

Ye Chen knew that there were different yuan qi in the Surprising Sky. Although there were also different yuan qi with different elements until the Surprising Sky, they were all impure and not that powerful. Even the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors would be able to handle them. However, the yuan qi in the Surprising Sky was extremely pure, without any flaws. Before the second the protective layer had been popped open and all of the yuan qi had been blasted down, even peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors would have been blasted into ashes. Only with protective zhen yuan layer would they be able to handle that level of power without breaking.

"This is the Surprising Sky!"

Ye Chen looked over and found that the whole place had only a few colors. The thunder yuan qi was the kind of crystal blue, like a blue river pouring everywhere, seemingly washing off the other yuan qi. On the other hand the water yuan was crystal green, tingling together, and the fire yuan qi was the crystal red. Whatever it touched would start to burn.

Flying among all kinds of different yuan qi, Ye Chen found the rarest wood yuan qi.


Once the wood yuan qi touched Ye Chen's protective zhen yuan, it started some kind of reaction. It immediately crawled into his body and pushed out the old ones in his body that were impure.

"Pure wood yuan qi! It contains such a strong vitality. If I study it carefully, the wood yuan qi is actually very neatly organized but mysterious. With my level of knowledge, I can only understand about eighty percent of it. Some of it is extremely abstract." He let out a long breath. He knew that just as Thunder Freer had mentioned, if he wanted to learn the mentality of his martial art to the extreme, it could only be done in the Surprising Sky. No other area could compare with this place.

As for above the Surprising Sky, it would be a place to figure out the ultimate meaning of life.

And the realm above that was something even beyond his imagination.

Closing his eyes, he sensed the rhythm of the wood yuan qi, hoping he could somehow understand its true meaning and make a breakthrough towards the Extreme Astral Reaching Realm.