Chapter 346: Bad Consequences

 Chapter 346: Bad Consequences

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''What is that thing?'' As Ye Chen ran away, he could not help but wonder. According to his memory, he had never encountered any narrow bloody shadow before. But, based on what he had detected through his soul power, he could tell that it had already reached beyond the top Astral Reaching Realm; it should be from an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior. And, only the Extreme Astral Reaching Realm creatures had the power to kill top Astral Reaching Realm warriors that easily.

''Regardless, I have to get away from here. There are more than one of those blood shadows here. If I am to be surrounded by two of those, I will have less than twenty percent chance of staying alive.''

The long and narrow blood shadow contained a powerful attacking power. Even more horrifying was the fact that they traveled at such an incomprehensible speed. Ye Chen thought that he was already at a stage where he would not be instantly wounded even if he encountered an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior. However, he was wounded for the first time, and his condition was not good.


There was a tiny air slicing sound coming from behind him, making Ye Chen split out a body figure from his own body; it was almost a reflexive move. The next second, the blood shadow scratched right past his neck. It seemed to fail to touch any real objective, so it turned to the left.


The blood shadow had made a false judgment, as the ''Ye Chen'' on the right was only a zhen qi shadow.


Joining his left index and middle fingers, he accumulated his sword qi without actually throwing it out. He used it and sliced it down on that blood shadow. A part of it was cut down, causing the blood mist to spread out.

''Light Blood Shield, explode!''

Blood Sword had some kind of insight this time somehow. He had sensed that there was some kind of turbulence in the air, so he reacted immediately, creating a huge bloody sword light and exploding it to create a powerful blasting wave. Although it was not able to cause any damage to that blood shadow, it had definitely slowed its attacking speed down while increased his own speed drastically.


His body was like his sword light, flashing once before disappearing completely, creating a huge distance between him, Ye Chen, and the Blood Demon.

Blood Demon was indeed one of the top ghost warrior of his time in the Nine Ghost Cult, as he immediately created a horrifying pushing power as he waved back both of his hands. It was like sailing a boat, avoiding all of the deadly attacks. However, the blood demon doppelganger that was attached to him shrunk two sizes down; it was now in the size of a child.


Right that that moment, an extremely sharp tearing sound was heard. An invisible pattern spread out in the area rapidly, surrounding the region where Ye Chen and the other two were standing.

''Not good!''

Both the Blood Sword Artist and the Blood Demon changed their expressions. All they could feel was their head getting dizzy as well as their zhen yuan, which had been pushed to its limit, slowing down.

Ye Chen had also felt that mental attack through the sound wave. But, before he was affected, he bit on his tongue really hard and protected his mind and spirit by pushing his sword intent, blocking that attack out.

That was really close! If it were during a battle, it would be a deadly situation. Ye Chen's head was getting numb as he pushed his green lotus zhen yuan to its limit. The qi that poured out of his body was sharp like knives. It would be powerful enough to kill a lot of peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, and even Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors would be dangerously wounded.

His aura cut open the mud, and judging from the surface which was extremely smooth, it looked like it had been carved carefully into that shape.

''Little b*stard! Stop!''

The Blood Demon was a long way behind Ye Chen. After seeing that Ye Chen was such a long way ahead, his expression change. He bared his white fang-like teeth as he waved his hand towards Ye Chen and threw out a blood demon pellet.


The Blood Demon Pellet was able to create a top rank blood demon. After exploding, its power would be just as powerful as a top rank blood demon exploding itself. The red blasting wave had exploded the space in front of Ye Chen into an area of nothingness. The air flow turned extremely chaotic, almost as if the time had stopped in that area.

''Blood Sword Spell!''

Blood Sword happened to have the same thought, as they both thought of stopping Ye Chen from leaving to buy them enough time. They believed that with Ye Chen's power now, the beast would still not be able to kill him in one or two attacks, and that amount of time would be more than enough for them to escape.

Ye Chen had a scary expression on his face. Although Blood Demon's explosion was still not powerful enough to wound him, the blasting wave had already slowed his speed down by fifty percent, and it still continued to decrease. Besides that, Blood Sword's sword qi was even deadlier. If he didn't do anything about it, that sword attack would kill him without a doubt.

''This is what you have made me do. If I have to stay, then we all stay.'' Ye Chen turned his body quickly, his eyes having an extremely cold look and extreme amount of pressure.

''Green Lotus Blossom, Green Lotus Sky!''

As he took out the bluish longsword out of its scabbard, the sword light appeared. He performed the first and the second halves of the eighth movement of the Green Lotus Sword Art Spell together. The target was indeed the Blood Sword and the Blood Demon.

''Little brat, you are looking for death!''

Blood Sword felt that attacking Ye Chen was something he had the right to do, which was why he became extremely furious when Ye Chen started to attack back. He promised to himself that after escaping from here, he would make Ye Chen's life a living hell, just like what he did with that rank 7 martial school.

On the contrary, the Blood Demon was a bit hesitant. Ye Chen was one of his most threatening enemies ever. It was not about the power, but that spirit of his- it was not like a young man at all. It was like he had gone through hundreds and thousands of bloody battles, from which he was able to make it out alive.

The sword light had gone from bright to weak, then from weak back to rich again. Because they had no experience of the power of Ye Chen's Green Lotus Blossom attack before, Blood Demon and Blood Sword had both lost some advantages. Their speed had decreased all the way from lightning-like to zero, especially for Blood Demon, who had already been wounded during the previous fight with Ye Chen; he backed out for dozens of meters.


A long blood shadow flashed once before disappearing, blocking in front of the three.

It seemed like whatever it was had targeted at Ye Chen and the other two. The long blood shadow was not in a hurry to attack. Instead, it expanded its robe-like body, blocking every possible angle.

''Brat, you are very brave.'' The Blood Sword Artist knew that there was no way of escaping from this. All he could do was to face the Blood Evil Beast. If one tried to escape by force, he would really likely be the first prey.

Ye Chen looked extremely calm, but his tone was full of a killing vibe, ''Blood Sword, you and I did not have any problems before. But unfortunately, you have made a mistake this time, and the consequences will not be good.''

Blood Sword did not get mad at all. Instead, he laughed, ''Oh? What kind of consequences?''


A single word came out of Ye Chen's mouth.

''Haha! It is the first time I have heard someone dare to threaten me. Kind of missed it... It has been a while since I have experienced it.'' With his mouth wide open, the Blood Sword showed his white teeth, ''Brat, do you know what would happen if you piss off Blood Sword? Do you know what kind of a pain you would put yourself in?''

''Although you might think of it as a joke, just wait until that last minute before death. Then, you would know how it feels like to have no more power to fight back. I wanted to kill Jin Huang from Floating Mountain School, and that's what I did. I wanted to kill the Ghost Corpse Man, and even the Blood Demon was not able to stop me. Now, I want to kill you, so no matter where in this world you hide, you will die. Therefore, from now on, live your life like a dog. Run as fast, and as far away as you can!''

Maybe it was his first time dealing with Ye Chen, Blood Sword was not that affected by what Ye Chen had said. Only Blood Demon could feel the cold chill on his back. After spending time fighting against Ye Chen, he could feel more and more potential from him. If he saw himself as a demon, then Ye Chen would be a killing god. If he let him stay alive, there would not be peace at all. Today, he would have to be stopped. But of course, Blood Sword was indeed a powerful force. If he were on his own, not to mention killing Ye Chen, it would be tough to just escape from the Blood Evil Demon.

''Blood Sword, what do you mean?'' Without saying anything, the Blood Demon communicated with the Blood Sword with zhen yuan, probing the other's attitude over this matter.

The Blood Sword said with a cold voice: ''Blood Demon, do you think he can live after provoking me?''

''Good! With you and I joining forces, our chance of escaping would increase greatly. Then, we can kill him together, unless he was killed by that beast.''

''Of course! But, I think he will be killed by the beast almost definitely.''

Blood Sword was very confident of himself. He was just like the Blood Demon, training and traveling within the South Rudra Region for decades. He had experienced all there was to experience, having been in situations that were even more dangerous than this countless times. On the other side, Ye Chen was only a young top Astral Reaching Realm warrior. His survival skills would not be anywhere near theirs.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!...

After blocking the exit route, the Blood Evil Beast started to attack. Its narrow eel-like body twisted as branches appeared on his head and tails, attacking towards Ye Chen and the other two.

''That last sword did not seem to have any special characteristic, but I could feel there was a kind of destroying spirit within. I think I will use it to perform my fast sword attack.''

The Blood Devil Beast was attacking at a horrifying speed, Ye Chen knew that his normal attacking speed would be too slow and full of flaws. Only his fast sword mentality would be able to compete with it.


The third sword was a black longsword, also with one of the thickest blade. Once pulled out of its scabbard, a vacuum crack appeared in the air. It was the kind of damaging power that was combined with both extreme speed and power. Ye Chen did not even need to pour much zhen yuan into the sword.

''So powerful! Let's call this one the Damage Sword!''

Waving the sword while using his fast mentality, the sword light moved invisibly in the air. All one could see was the narrow blood shadow coming from the Blood Evil Beast. Suddenly, it was blocked out, unable to move forward at all.

Blood Sword and Blood Demon were both top of the top amongst the Astral Reaching Realm warriors. It was obvious that they would have their ace attacks to ensure their safety. Blood Sword shook his arm, and the long bloody sword in his hand started to make a noise as well as vibrate at a high frequency. Then, his body followed his sword, bringing up countless shadows; it was like he was surrounded by countless mirrors.

Top Rank Earth Realm martial art - Mirror Imaging Sword Art!

As for the Blood Demon, he waved his bloody red bar in the air, creating a huge bloody tornado. Being in the center of it, even if the attack landed on him, it would have to break through the tornado first, and by then, its power and speed would decrease drastically. Then, it would not be so hard to block it out.

Major Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art skill - Blood Tornado!


The ground cracked open as the three fought against the Blood Evil Beast. It was not as rushed and intense as last time, but of course, they all knew that it would only last for a short period of time before eventually burning out of energy and being killed. Therefore, right now, the fightback was only a way for them to buy enough time to plan for their escapes.

All of a sudden, a human shadow appeared from the ground. In order to escape from the beast, the shadow chose to run towards the three, who were the closest to the beast.

''This is it!''

Ye Chen was one of the first who had the realization. He pulled out his body as soon as possible, pushing his speed to its limit. He and his shadows ran in three different directions at a crazy speed.

The Blood Evil Beast was a bit confused, not sure which one it should chase after. If it could only choose one to chase after, then it might as well kill one of the prey in front of it already, since it did not matter who it was, as long as it could devour some soul and yuan qi.


That human who just ran in had his pupils widened, having the beast have its arms break into his zhen yuan layer, and then into his body.