Chapter 345: Thrilling Kill

 Chapter 345: Thrilling Kill

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As the staff and the thunder sword light made contact, the air suddenly constricted, and the mud in the surroundings disintegrated, floating in the air. An area several hundred meters in radius turned into a gravity-free area. Even the blood demon doppelganger which was waiting for an opportunity to ambush was affected by it, as if stuck in a swamp.


As if dozens of thunderbolts had exploded together, the constricted air suddenly evaporated, and a huge shockwave exploded outwards, more than five times faster than sound. This kind of destructive power was enough to terrify any Astral Reaching expert. In one exchange between these two, more than a thousand meters wide and two hundred meters deep cavity had appeared in the ground. The mud, rocks, stones, etc, all had turned into dust, which pervaded the cavity amidst gales of a dim red colored whirlwind.

It had to be said that blood demon doppelganger's luck was quite bad. It had been lingering around Ye Chen since the start, looking for an opportunity to attack. Not only did it never find an opportunity, it ended up offering its life. Out of hundred percent of the shockwave's might, it had sustained at least eighty percent, causing its immediate and thorough disintegration.

The center of the cavity was the battleground of the two. Wriggling thunder snakes burst forth one after another, the small ones being as wide as an arm and dozens of meters long, whereas the big ones were waist-thick and hundreds of meters long. The entire battlefield was covered in thunder snakes, and as every single one of them lashed out, the air was ripped apart into nothingness. On the ground appeared deep and immeasurable scorched scars, varying from dozens of meters to hundreds of meters in length.


Master Blood Demon's chest was charred. He opened his mouth and spurted a mouthful of smoke, then flew back high in the sky.

'Powerful beyond expectations! Ordinary mid grade swords should be able to amplify my offensive power by only thirty to forty percent. My thunder cloud mentality and this thunder attributed sword are inwardly complementing each other and increasing the offensive power to new levels, by forty percent to say the least. However, more importantly, using Heaven Disintegrating Cloud makes me feel completely carefree like a fish getting back into water, involuntarily clearing out some clogging. As soon as that happened, it naturally fused with the seventh style.' Ye Chen sucked in a deep breath. In his estimate, Heaven Disintegrating Cloud fusing with the seventh style was equivalent to the might of green lotus sword arts' eighth style, Green Lotus Blossoming, that too the full hundred percent might.

In regards to styles and mentalities, his accomplishment in Heaven Disintegrating Cloud was sufficient to let him like a shine amongst the peak Astral Reaching realm experts. He had again taken a step towards the goal of becoming the Astral Reaching realm tyrant.

"How is this possible? How did his battle power increase so much in such a short duration? Even if he had gained a mid-rank sword, it shouldn't be so much." Although Master Blood Demon was holding off Ye Chen's frontal assault, those thunder snakes had pierced through his protective True Yuan and inflicted injuries that were not minor.

"Blood Demon Doppelganger, congeal!"

Unable to tend his injuries, Master Blood Demon took out a blood-colored bead from his storage ring and shattered it. A blood mist spread out, slowly condensing into a human figure.

It was actually the Blood Demon Doppelganger.

However, its rank was below that of the previously destroyed one, merely equivalent to a beginner Astral Reaching realm expert.

Master Blood Demon had roamed South Rudra region for several decades. It wasn't as if he had never experienced his blood demon doppelganger being destroyed. As far as he was concerned, although it pained his heart a lot, its impact wasn't that much, for he had the ability of refining high-grade blood demons into blood demon beads. At this very moment, his storage ring contained three blood demon beads. He could simply crush one and condense a new blood demon doppelganger, allowing to him to be well prepared to use the Major Blood Demon Separation technique.

Putting the deep blue sword back into the sheath, Ye Chen took out the second sword relying on his perception. It was deep cyan in color, clearly a wood attributed sword. The splendor it was emitting didn't feel fierce, but was exceptionally tenacious, filled with unrestrained growth like weeds on a wasteland.

"Thunder attributed sword complemented Heaven Disintegrating Cloud, and Wood attributed to Green Lotus Sword Arts. Let's check out its power."

As Ye Chen held the sword, the True Yuan inside his body produced a subtle response- a sign of matchless resonance, which didn't surprise Ye Chen one bit. Green Lotus Sword Arts was, after all, a cultivation technique with wood attribute.

Therefore, one could say that amongst all the attributes, only the wood attribute was the most suited for Ye Chen.

"Green Lotus Splitting Mountain!"

The earth split apart like a canyon as the sword light branded a huge green lotus, directly cleaving the cavity into two halves while shooting at Master Blood Demon.

"Major Blood Demon Separation technique, break for me!"

The doppelganger's body suddenly shrunk, and endless blood light converged onto Master Blood Demon's body. The raging flames blazed, its frightening might appearing far superior in comparison to the Minor Blood Demon Separation technique. Actually, Minor Blood Separation had a moderate flaw, which was that the technique was incapable of increasing an Astral Reaching expert's battle power by a substantial margin. After all, Master Blood Demon himself only had a peak Astral Reaching realm cultivation base. He could only perfect a martial art he had created himself by so much. However, the Major Blood Demon Separation technique was not a technique he had created deliberately, but one he had chanced upon. Its rank was not high earth grade, but peak earth grade. Without this technique, Master Blood Demon wouldn't be considered too powerful amongst peak Astral Reaching realm experts, and his past wouldn't have been so prestigious either.

The blood colored flames blazed on the staff, which was heavy as a mountain. The flame seemed to possess intelligence, condensing out human skulls. These skulls were the size of a water jar, which made the staff seem as if it was dozens of meters long. Following a wave from Blood Master Demon, these skulls loudly smashed into the sword light.


The entire cave completely crumbled down. Thundering power currents soared, ripping apart one tunnel after another. Many Astral Reaching experts were caught in its range. Those who were hit lightly suffered some injuries, while those were hit hard were instantly crushed and died, completely oblivious to the cause of their demise.

"Who is fighting? This commotion is too frightening!"

"Seems like one is Master Blood Demon. Could it be that he is fighting Blood Sword?"

"Should be him. In Chaotic Burial Mounds, I'm afraid only Blood sword could contend with Master Blood Demon. Both of them are well known fierce and vicious men."

The commotion was indeed too big. Those who felt it were not merely two people. More than eighty percent of the people were aware that two frightening peak level Astral Reaching expert were battling. However, they couldn't tell who Master Blood Demon's opponent was. Thus, they automatically assumed him to be Blood Sword.

The Blood Sword raised his brows. One of the two was Master Blood Demon, but the other was unfamiliar, perhaps an old fogey cultivating in hiding for many years.

"Interesting! When did another peak level expert appear in South Rudra region?"

"That youngster is frightening indeed. Even Master Blood Demon can't deal with him. Forget about it, there are plenty of treasures in Chaotic Burial Mound. No need to go provoke those two." Hearing the commotion behind him, Zhang Xuan clicked his tongue.

After gaining the amplification from Major Blood Demon Separation technique, Master Blood Demon was finally able to resist Ye Chen's sword. But at this moment, he was hesitating. Continuing to struggle against Ye Chen wouldn't be worth it. Although he was conceited, he wasn't conceited to the point of ignorance. Even killing a somewhat weak peak Astral Reaching expert was hard, seventy percent chance of succeeding at most. Killing Ye Chen was a whole different matter, and even just safeguarding only his injuries was not going to be easy.

"Sure enough, the Wood attributed sword is the best suited for me. One Green Lotus Splitting Mountain could contend against Master Blood Demon's fully powered strike."

Wave after wave of Green Lotus True Yuan poured into the deep cyan colored sword. The sword aura on Ye Chen's body grew unceasingly, appearing to be become more and more intense every moment.


Deep Underground...


A slender blood shadow flitted across. Only a pop was heard, and a late Astral Reaching expert's head was pierced through, his Yuan essence completely sucked dry.

At the same time, same scenes were being played in other regions.

A few hundred meters underneath Ye Chen's location, Zhang Xuan snarled, "Get lost!"

Arc lights swiftly flashed and intertwined.


The blood shadow's speed was too quick. Zhang Xuan only felt a blur before his eyes before something penetrated his body and quickly drained away his Yuan essence.

In the vicinity, Blood Sword similarly encountered the blood shadow's attack.

"Not good, it's the Blood Evil Beast!"

Blood Sword had been completely leisured and belligerent from the start. However, at this moment, he only had one thought- to escape, escape as far away as possible.

However, the blood shadow wouldn't allow Blood Sword to escape so easily. In one strike, it penetrated his shoulder, and this was only because Blood Sword was too quick. Otherwise, this strike wouldn't have struck at his shoulder, but his head or heart.

"Flowing Light Blood Escape!"

At the precipice of life and death, Blood Sword's eyes shone with a frightening light. One sword strike chopped off the blood shadow, and soon afterward, his body turned into blood red sword light, increasing his speed by two folds.

The ground exploded out, and Blood Sword appeared where Ye Chen and Master Blood Demon were battling.

"Blood Sword!" An apprehensive look appeared on Master Blood Demon's face. Before Ye Chen's appearance, the person he was most worried about was Blood Sword. Seeing the latter's appearance, his vigilance increased by a huge amount, afraid that if Ye Chen and him joined hands, he wouldn't be leaving Chaotic Burial Mound.

Blood Sword, as if not seeing Master Blood Demon, frenziedly escaped.

"What's going on? He is injured!" Ye Chen saw the bloody wound on Blood Sword's left shoulder. Considering Blood Sword's strength, which was no less than Master Blood Demon's, who could possibly injure him? Ye Chen's scalp went numb. Without a thought, he released a large spirit power behind Blood Sword's body. Underground, a dozens of meters long slender blood shadow was shuttling at a frightening speed. Ye Chen felt an unprecedented threatening feeling from its body. He had a premonition that if his luck were bad, he would die in Chaotic Burial Mound.

"Ah! It's the Blood Evil Beast!"

Master Blood Demon thundered with an unimaginable terror in his voice. With a bang, he began to escape as well, and for that, he even burned his own blood Qi.


The blood shadow caught up, and its wrist-thick front end divided into three parts, attacking the three people like tentacles spreading out.

Without any suspense, all three were injured. Blood Sword's left leg was pierced while Master Blood Demon's abdomen, though Ye Chen was somewhat better off. Relying on the Shadow Separating Body art's exceptionally powerful dodging ability, he only had his arm grazed. However, merely this made him lose a large amount of Yuan essence. This Yuan essence was the basis of a martial artist's cultivation.

Ye Chen sucked in a breath of cold air. Too powerful1

These three were powerful enough to ensure that they wouldn't die from the Blood Evil Beast's single attack. However, that was not the case for others.

"Escape! Quick! The Blood Evil Beast is out!"

"Help me!"