Chapter 344: One Sheath Three Swords (part 3)

 Chapter 344: One Sheath Three Swords (part 3)

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"Go die, kid."

The blood-red colored staff in Master Blood Demon's hand was precisely a mid-grade artifact. As those tentacle-like ribbons streaked across, the air itself was being cut, producing strange "wu wu" sounds. As Master Blood Demon's Zhen Yuan channeled into the staff, a blood-red halo appeared at its tip, aimed at Ye Chen.

"How strange! It can influence a person's mental state and send them into a daze."

Ye Chen's eyes narrowed. The sounds of ribbons piercing the air caused him to feel apprehensive. One should keep in my mind that his current sword intent could contend with a perfect sword intent. It allowed him to avoid distracting thoughts and mental demons. At this moment, one could tell that Master Blood Demon's achievements in the demonic dao were simply frightening.

Without a thought, Ye Chen faced the staff with his sword.


The staff was a lot heavier compared to metal. The Star Scar Sword slashed upwards, as if hitting a huge metal mountain. A powerful force wildly surged in, rendering Ye Chen incapable of holding his footing. He retreated five successive steps, the hard mud under his feet turning into sand.

On the other hand, Master Blood Demon also retreated three and a half steps.

"You! My full power strike under normal circumstances only made him retreat five steps. Moreover, I seem to have the advantage of a mid-grade weapon." Master Blood Demon looked at Ye Chen with astonishment. If he were in normal condition, how could Ye Chen also not be the same? If Ye Chen also had a mid-grade weapon, he had no confidence of making Ye Chen retreat five steps at all, even though every step of the latter also turned the mud on the surface into fine dust.

"You should receive my sword as well!"

Ye Chen's left leg made a hole in the ground as he single-handedly thrust out the sword, using Lonely Peak Absolute Kill, which he had not used in a long time.

"Not good!"

Master Blood Demon could see that this strike contained the Absolute Kill mentality. Absolute Kill mentality comprised of many sub mentalities, like speed and distance. The strike immediately created an illusion; the sword light had already reached before his eyes, yet it seemed far away.


At this moment, blocking would be clearly ineffective. His throat swelled, and the Zhen Yuan condensed into an illusory skull. Following his roar, the skull exploded, producing a frightening sound wave which was grayish black in color. It spread out while engulfing everything in every direction.

"It's this sound wave technique again." Ye Chen, who had had this experience from Corpse Man before, immediately withdrew his sword and swiftly retreated, with the Green Lotus Zhen Yuan covering his whole body.


Sound traveled at a high speed, but under the influence of Zhen Yuan, this wave clearly surpassed the normal speed by several folds. Vibrating at an exceptional frequency, the hard mud automatically disintegrated. In terms of destructive power, the sound wave technique used by Corpse Man was nowhere close to that of Master Blood Demon.

"It's not safe to stay here anymore. I'd better retreat." The sound wave radiation range was vast, and Zhang Xuan was standing merely a few hundred meters away from the two. Shaken by the waves, his blood and qi were soaring, and he felt like vomiting. A few more times and he wasn't sure if he could leave without sustaining injuries. Unable to kill Blood Demon Doppelganger, which was now a dim blood light, Zhang Xuan cleaved it apart, then escaped towards a nearby tunnel.

Master Blood Demon had already classified Ye Chen as a tough opponent. He didn't care about Zhang Xuan leaving in the least. Just now, Ye Chen's sword strike made him feel a bit threatened. Fortunately, he had exchanged the Ghost Roar technique from the Sound Commander for the Major Blood Demon Separation technique. Master Blood Demon had already cultivated the Ghost Roar technique to an exceptionally high level, only a bit inferior to the Sound Commander. Under the effect of this roar, even peak Astral Reaching experts would find their blood and qi revolting and would receive slight injuries. How could Ye Chen not be affected in the least? But, his face didn't change at all.

"In terms of Zhen Yuan's purity, there are only a few in the Astral Reaching realm that could surpass me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to these sound waves." After stepping into mid Astral Reaching realm, the purity of Ye Chen's Zhen Yuan was many folds more compared to the time when he had defeated Corpse Man. Therefore, even though Master Blood Demon's roar was much more powerful than Corpse Man's attack, it still couldn't injure Ye Chen.

"Demonic Wail Wind Staff!"

Fiercely pulling himself up, a blood-colored flame blazed on Master Blood Demon's body. The flame adhered on the staff, condensing into blood colored skulls on its surface. These skulls were densely packed, covering the entire staff as they simultaneously opened their mouths and roared.


The sky crumbled, and a huge crack spread out in the air. Following the crack came out the staff with skulls still attached to it.

Ignoring the distance between the two individuals, the heavy staff fiercely smashed at Ye Chen.

"What a powerful move! Heaven Disintegrating Cloud!"

Wriggling lightning exploded, and a cyan colored flame blazed on Ye Chen's body as the sword met the center of the staff's front end, straight and blunt.


A shockwave immediately burst out, and in that very instant, the Star Scar sword twisted and turned like a wave in Ye Chen's hands.

"Not good! The Star Scar sword is reaching its limit."

Although a low-grade artifact was exceptionally tenacious and could sustain the channeling of Zhen Yuan, this sword had followed Ye Chen through many big and small battles, among which was no lack of equally matched bitter struggles and bloody battles such as the previous battle with Cold Blade. Although he was able to come out on top from the jaws of defeat, the current situation was different. Following Ye Chen's advancement into Mid Astral Reaching realm, his Zhen Yuan had become increasingly pure and robust. The Star Scar Sword was sustaining heavy pressure from the Zhen Yuan itself, and exchanging several moves with the frightening and impressive Master Blood Demon on top, it eventually couldn't bear the burden and revealed signs of breaking.

Seeing Ye Chen's plight, Master Blood Demon laughed, "Kid, the weapon is also a part of strength. Die!"




Holding the blood-colored staff, Master Blood Demon issued one strike after another, each one of which was swift as thunder and heavy as a mountain, forcing Ye Chen to fight him head-on.

"Green Lotus Qi Transformation!"

An illusory green lotus appeared. Dozens of hundreds of sword Qi shot out with a swooshing sound like spikes on a porcupine's body, seeming like a swarm of black flies.

"It's no use... Break for me!"

It was impossible for Master Blood Demon to give up under such advantageous circumstances. With a wild sweep of the staff, the sword Qi was crushed into nothingness even before they could approach.


Stepping out, Master Blood Demon suddenly appeared five steps away from Ye Chen and smashed his staff.


Cracks appeared all over the Star Scar Sword's body. Metal cracking sounds that could even make one's teeth chatter resounded unceasingly. In the next moment, thousands of splinters exploded out.

The Star Scar Sword had been destroyed!

"Haha! A sword artist who has lost his sword? Let's see how you'll contend with me now."

Master Blood Demon was completely carefree. Roaming through South Rudra region for many years, it wasn't as if he'd never fought against peak sword artists. He was quite clear that once a sword artist lost his sword, his battle power would be decreased by at least half. The reason for this was none other than the sword intent. The sword intent must adhere itself to the sword in order to bring out its maximum power. Losing the sword was tantamount to losing the sword intent. At most, it would somewhat amplify Zhen Yuan attacks.

Tearing the sky, a blood light chopped at Ye Chen's head. Those tentacle-like ribbons were even more frightening than a sharp blade. Even if the body of the staff couldn't reach Ye Chen, a rub from the ribbon would be enough to break his head. After losing his sword, Ye Chen's intention of successfully receiving Master Blood Demon's strike through the air wouldn't be that easy to achieve.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

With his expression grave, Ye Chen flicked his hands, shooting out three beams of green lotus sword Qi.

"What? Arousing sword Qi from within the body?"

Pulling back the staff and raising it in defense, Master Blood Demon destroyed two sword Qi, but the remaining one spiraled towards his neck with a hissing sound.


Thinking that the sword Qi from within the body shouldn't be as powerful, Master Blood Demon moved his bare hand.

In the next instant, blood splattered out, and Master Blood Demon let out a muffled groan.

"Alright kid, wait until I get my hands on you. You won't be able to live or die." Due to the attack, even the bones of his left hand were revealed. Ye Chen's sword Qi was like a saw blade. Not only did it cut through his protective Zhen Yuan, it even left behind a sword scar on his mutilated flesh.

Had Master Blood Demon been careful in the least and had firmly attacked the sword Qi with his bare hand, he might not necessarily have sustained injuries. However, he had treated this sword Qi as ordinary sword Qi.

"Green Lotus Sword Qi is limited. Even if I arouse it in its entirety, it isn't very likely to hurt Master Blood Demon. It seems like I'll have to use the sword from the red colored rock. Let's hope it's not a discarded one." Ye Chen was quite anxious. If the sword happened to be scrap and couldn't support Zhen Yuan channeling, he could only retreat. He wasn't as arrogant enough to think that could contend against Master Blood Demon with his bare hands.

His storage ring shone, and the red rock appeared in his hands as Master Blood Demon closed in and issued a staff strike.

Holding the sword's hilt on the rock's surface, Ye Chen faced the strike. The rock exploded apart, stone fragments swooshing in every direction.


Suddenly, a sword cry resounded, and a tri-colored light blossomed, dazzling Master Blood Demon and Ye Chen while emitting a pressure that was more than thrice of an ordinary mid grade weapon.

"Damn it! This sword is extraordinary, not too far from the high grade." Master Blood Demon thought resentfully upon noticing the details of sword in Ye Chen's hand. At the same time, his offensive stance turned berserk, as if staking his all.

With a quick glance, Ye Chen saw that the sword sheath was plain and simple. The tri-colored light was emitted by the blade when the sword was pulled out. But, the tri-colored light was somewhat peculiar, seeming as if the three colors were not blended together, rather being superimposed as three separate existences.

"Eh? There are three sword hilts?"

Ye Chen was astounded, and couldn't comprehend the situation before his eyes. With a rub from his finger, a deep blue colored sword light shot up, blocking Master Blood Demon's bombardment.

"Thunder attributed mid grade sword... There are two more inside!" Ye Chen finally understood what was going on. There were actually three swords inside the sheath. He had only taken out one at the moment. However, all of this was not important. The important thing was that this sword was not scrap. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been able to resist a powerful blow from Master Blood Demon.

"Heaven Disintegrating Cloud."

With the deep-blue colored sword in his hand, Ye Chen circulated his Zhen Yuan and slashed out Heaven Disintegrating Cloud, which contained the thundercloud mentality.

The sky revolted as a half a meter wide and dozens of meters long thunder light exploded out. Its frightening might was several folds higher than even the thunder in the sky, and gave an irresistible feeling, making one feel insignificant before its might. Confronting this thunder, which had the sword light as its basis, Master Blood Demon was completely astounded. There was simply no time to dodge, and neither would it allow him to run. He could only circulate his Zhen Yuan to the limit and meet it with his staff.