Chapter 343: One Sheath Three Swords(part 2)

 Chapter 343: One Sheath Three Swords(part 2)

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Master Blood Demon's face turned sluggish. He turned and asked Corpse Man, "Corpse Man, what is going on? Does he have some connection with my Minor Blood Demon Separation Technique?"

"As expected kid, you're really not afraid of death." Corpse Man, inwardly startled by Ye Chen's guts, replied, "You don't know! What he is cultivating is precisely the Minor Blood Demon Separation Technique you've created. If not for this technique, he would have long died at my hands."

"You lost to him?" Master Blood Demon eventually understood what was going on. No wonder Corpse Man wasn't hiding in Wind Nation and had to run to Blood Demon Battlefield. It turned out he was chased out by other people. As for the Minor Blood Demon Separation Technique, he had passed it to a few of his subordinates. Two of these subordinates were dead. Ye Chen must have obtained it from there bodies, or from the body of the person who had killed them.

Master Blood Demon's eyes narrowed as he said indifferently, "Kid, you've chosen your own end. I'll personally capture you and feed you to my blood demon doppelganger."

"You seem to be lacking the qualifications to do so." As of now, Ye Chen could be considered a tyrant among Astral Reaching experts. In the past, Corpse Man and Master Blood Demon were a legend for him. He still clearly remembered how stunned he was when he first saw the five ghosts carrying that coffin. However, as of now, even the Corpse Man had been defeated by him. Speaking of legends, he himself was nothing short of one.

"Haha, I lack the qualifications?"

Master Blood Demon seemed as if he'd heard some funny joke, and started laughing in a queer manner. Who was he, Master Blood Demon? He possessed the peak battle power amongst the one hundred and eight Great Ghost Commanders. He had once participated in the operation of exterminating six great sects and massacred a large number of their elders. In terms of battle power within South Rudra region, there were only a handful of people under the Sea of Souls realm who were better than him. There was such a long period of time when his name could stop a child's crying; it symbolized terror. Who could have imagined that the current young generation wouldn't think much of him? How could he not find it funny? Only that within his laughter was a killing intent, which even caused Corpse Man's pupils to narrow.

"This kid dared to provoke Master Ghost Demon! He really has no idea what death means. There are only a few among Ghost Commanders who are as frightening as Master Ghost Demon." As one of the one hundred and eight ghost Commanders, Corpse Man knew the other ghost commanders well. Excluding the top three freakishly terrifying ghost commanders, Master Ghost Demon was quite reputed for his viciousness.

Once he was furious, he could kill anyone he laid his eyes on, be it a god or demon.

"Heavens! It's Master Blood Demon!"

"Hurry! Grab the sword and run!"

Once Ye Chen and others appeared, the people fighting each other immediately broke off. One amongst them, who was quite agile, rolled and bore towards the sword's rock.

"Courting death!"

Master Blood Demon's blood demon doppelganger beside him turned into blood light and pounced.


Blood light smoothly pierced through the somewhat feeble late Astral Reaching expert's body and appeared before his body with an astonishing speed.

"Get lost!"

That person punched out, shaking the void.

But how could the doppelganger back down? Expanding its body, it encircled him like a blood red colored cloth strip, then abruptly closed in.


His protective Zhen Yuan distorted, as the blood demon Zhen Yuan, which possessed a corroding effect, went in after transforming into slender needles and pierced his forehead.

Flesh filled with vitality withered away at an unbelievable speed. The powerful protective Zhen Yuan lost its controller, and immediately slackened. With a screech, the blood light dove inside his body. By the time the doppelganger came out, that man had already transformed into a skeleton wrapped with a layer of skin. His blood, flesh, essence, and vitality all had been devoured clean.

"Ke ke!"

Licking its lips with its blood-colored tongue, the doppelganger laughed oddly.

Ye Chen watched with detached eyes. Even if these people lived, they wouldn't help him. Whether they died or not didn't matter to him in the least.

"Master Blood Demon, you're too tyrannous! My, Zhang Xuan's, people have neither offended you nor have any interest in tangling with you. Why did you kill him?"

Among the six who were fighting before, there was only one who would dare to say such words to Master Blood Demon. It was precisely that peak Astral Reaching expert Zhang Xuan. Although he was apprehensive of the latter's strength, he didn't believe that he would get caught. One on one, he was confident that he could escape at the expense of some light injuries.

Master Blood Demon glanced at him, "What, you're not convinced? Leave the sword behind, and you can get lost. Otherwise, don't blame me for being merciless."

"Fine then, I'll see how you're going to stop me."

Zhang Xuan snorted coldly. Converting Zhen Yuan into a huge hand, he grabbed the blood-colored rock. In order to save time, he didn't put it straight into his storage ring. Instead, he immediately met the doppelganger's charge. These series of movements were all accomplished at a lightning fast speed.

The doppelganger's mouth opened, and a strange event occurred. As if its mouth didn't have a limit, it continued to expand for several meters, wishing to swallow Zhang Xuan whole.

"Petty tricks... Break!"

An arc of light flickered in the void, and a hole was torn open in the doppelganger's mouth. Dark red colored blood splattered, sprinkling on the tunnel's surface while producing "shi shi" sounds of corrosion.

"Corpse Man, go kill the others." Master Blood Demon said to Corpse Man, then coldly looked towards Ye Chen, "Kid, keep standing here without a movement. If you move in the slightest, I'll chop off your leg. If you don't move, I'll consider sparing your life."

With a burst of fuzziness in the air, Master Blood Demon disappeared from his original spot.


The next moment, Master Blood Demon exchanged blows with Zhang Xuan. The latter was forced back, dropping the blood-colored rock on the ground. As Master Blood Demon was intending to pick it up and put it in his storage ring, a figure flickered, and the blood colored rock disappeared.

"Kid, you're courting death."

Master Blood Demon fumed with rage. How could he not know that it was Ye Chen?

"Master Blood Demon, you don't have the qualifications to order me. Now, I'll kill Corpse Man. Let's see who stops me." Seizing the blood-colored rock, Ye Chen didn't tangle with Master Blood Demon at all. He turned towards Corpse Man, as Shadow Dividing Light Art turned his body ghost-like.

"B*stard, you think I, Corpse Man, am a fish on a chopping board for you to slaughter?"

Corpse Man thought that Ye Chen's strength wouldn't be much different from before, and only his cultivation base must have improved somewhat. Therefore, he was not worried about his life at all.

"Green Lotus Splitting Mountain!"

Branding a blooming green lotus, the green sword light pierced the tunnel and slashed at Corpse Man.

"Break for me!"

With a screeching sound, Corpse Man smashed the golden skull in his hand towards the sword light.


A frightening shockwave radiated out, piercing tunnel after tunnel in the vicinity. Hard mud flew about like sand amidst a wind erosion.

"Impossible! No way can his battle power be this high!"

The golden skull left his hand and flew out, as Corpse Man shot back like a torn sack, his dilapidated body penetrating through layers of mud.


Ye Chen closely followed after him, executing Green Lotus Sky. All the grovel floating in the air suddenly lost its momentum. Corpse Man's flying speed drastically, as if he helplessly sank in a swamp.

"Little demon, you've angered me!"

Master Blood Demon's complexion turned frighteningly gloomy. Leaving Zhang Xuan aside, he rushed after Ye Chen. Zhang Xuan didn't dare provoke the furious Master Blood Demon. However, the death of his subordinate had angered him as well. Plus, not being able to snatch the sword annoyed him to no end. Leaving in cowardice was not his style. His eyeballs turned, and his gaze fell on the doppelganger's body. He was not a match for Master Blood Demon, but eradicating his doppelganger would be delightful as well. In any case, there was hardly any peak Astral Reaching expert who could kill him one on one.


Arcs of light intertwined, enveloping around doppelganger.

Blood Demon Doppelganger was a huge helper to Master Blood Demon. Its battle strength was almost reaching a peak high-grade blood demon. But, a gap was a gap nonetheless. Under an all-out effort from Zhang Xuan, the doppelganger's was being miserably sliced apart, Its demonic shouts echoing repeatedly. If not for a high-grade blood demon's tenacious vitality, it would have long since died.

"You're pissing me off!"

Hearing the doppelganger's screams, Master Blood Demon's belly exploded with anger, almost driving him to insanity. His soaring blood Qi even more terrifying than a peak high-grade blood demon. The mud above his head corroded, producing a huge hole with debris falling down.

"First kill this kid, then that man."

Playing to his odds, Master Blood Demon held in his desire to kill Zhang Xuan and continued after Ye Chen.

"Tang Xue, help me."

Up ahead, Corpse Man was terrified. The fear of death was rooted deep inside him. When he had roamed South Rudra region for many years, others talked about his cruelty and terror. Who could have known that Corpse Man, who was known for his cruel means, was extremely terrified of death? Coming alive from death, he treasured his life very much. The twenty-something years old Ye Chen was like a calamitous star to him. Under the influence of the sword intent, he seemed to have gotten rid all the distracting thoughts, watching him with a pair of eyes that looked devoid of the slightest trace of emotion. Such eyes that had an absolute disregard for everything deeply terrified him, and caused his soul to shudder.

"You're called Corpse Man right. Let me turn you into a real corpse today!"

With a slash of the Star Scar sword, a fist-sized green lotus, ripped apart the air, pierced through Corpse Man's front, and came out of his back.

Corpse Man's eyes lost all life as his body smashed into the mud with a bang

"Kid, I'll skin you alive." Master Blood Demon, who had caught up by now, raised his hand, shooting out five red colored swift beams.

Ye Chen turned around and raised his sword in defense.


The blood colored beams dispersed away as Ye Chen retreated by three steps.

"Huh, this kid is powerful. He can block Master Blood Demon's strike." On the other side, the Blood Demon's doppelganger was quite hard to kill. Zhang Xuan was hitting it on one hand while watching the events playing out on the other side. Seeing the dust-covered Ye Chen block Master Blood Demon's furious strike, he was astounded.

Dispersing away the blood Qi on the Star Scar sword with Zhen Yuan, Ye Chen raised his eyes, "Master Blood Demon, don't overestimate yourself. The time of your generation has passed."

"Very well. I'll let you understand the price of arrogance. For the years to come from now, you'll writhe in agony. Killing my, Master Blood Demon's, people? Even death would be wishful thinking."