Chapter 341: Speed Mentality

 Chapter 341: Speed Mentality

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"Perhaps it's you two with the bad luck." Ye Chen said indifferently.

"Hehe, are all young ones nowadays this arrogant?" Ghost Bear glanced at the old man beside him, "Old Zhu, he is not putting us in his eyes at all."

Old Zhu laughed, "Ghost Bear, let's settle him first, then we'll settle these treasures. What do you say?"

"That would be the best. These treasures aren't going to run away anyways." Ghost Bear smiled densely, with the huge axe in his hand blazing up in a raging flame. This was a fire attributed mid grade artifact. Steered by Zhen Yuan, it emanated out intense pressure ripples.


Stepping out, Ghost Bear fiercely chopped the axe at Ye Chen, the berserk power pushing out the air in its wake.


Ye Chen unsheathed his sword. Sword Light flickered, and the void shook. Ghost Bear could neither advance nor retreat, simply struck numb.

"My strike was repelled?"

Ghost Bear's face was astounded. Although he had merely used eighty percent of his battle power, Ye Chen was merely a mid Astral Reaching realm expert, not even worth a single axe blow.

"You're interesting, kid! Receive my move, Hacking Azure River!"

The axe struck out, as the air surged and rippled like a river, separating in two halves and advancing. An enormous axe light crushed down.

"In terms of battle strength, you're merely at par with Cold Blade. Get lost."

Holding the Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen counterattacked with a more ferocious stance. Green Lotus Sky's sword light smashed the axe light and severely struck on Ghost Bear's protective Zhen Yuan.


Spurting out a mouthful of blood, Ghost Bear flew back and straightened himself with an appalled face.

"This kid is troublesome. Old Zhu, let's join hands and kill him."

Ghost Bear was truly astounded. As a peak Astral Reaching expert, those who could defeat him could be counted with his fingers. He never imagined himself to be defeated at Ye Chen's hands. This was simply too outrageous.

Old Zhu was equivalently astonished. If he were thinking of Ye Chen before as a sheep, at this moment, the latter had ascended to become a fierce wolf like existence.

"Ripping Heart Cracking Lung Claw!"

Old Zhu trod the demonic Dao. His body merely shook once, and dark Zhen Yuan surged like huge, dark serpents. Following his gloved right hand rising up into the air, three dark claw beams ripped the air as they shot towards Ye Chen's vital organs.

"Green Lotus Qi Transformation!"

With a slash of his sword, an enormous illusory green lotus appeared before him, which expanded even more and shot out dozen hundreds of sword Qi, destroying Old Zhu's claw beams and further engulfing the two within.

Clang Clang Clang!

The sword Qi was too much, as a result of which, Old Zhu was unable to attack Ye Chen anymore. Both his hands repeatedly waved, laying out a claw net before his body.

Ghost Bear, on the other hand, was able to make use of his axe. He planted it on the ground and withstood the incoming sword Qi by making use of its expanse.

"Little Demon, I'll admit that I looked down on you. But now, you'll die without a doubt. Burn for me!" Making Old Zhu give up on so many artifacts was impossible. The Dark Zhen Yuan inside his body scrapped within itself, producing surging dark flames. With his whole body engulfed in dark flames, Old Zhu pounced at Ye Chen while drawing a dark arc in the air, which was partly real and partly fake, indiscernible from each other.

"Old Zhu has used Dark Phantom; it would entangle this kid without a doubt. Then, I shall hit a fatal strike." Ghost Bear also decided to burn his Zhen Yuan. With an unknown mysterious technique, his two arms swelled up to become as thick as a water bucket, even bursting out of his clothes.

"Dark Demonic Suppression!"

Old Zhu's short stature elegantly stretched to a normal person's length, and his two moved like two ropes, entangling Ye Chen. After a few breaths' time, dark Zhen Yuan chains suddenly appeared all around Ye Chen. These chains were as thick as arms, holding Ye Chen firmly in place. Above him, from the tip of numerous chains, a dark Zhen Yuan stone platform pushed down.

"Excellent Zhen Yuan Morphing. It seems to contain two mentalities. One is metal mentality while the other is earth."

Ye Chen was somewhat astonished. Old Zhu's appearance was quite clowny, but he was extremely strong. Unfortunately, everything was moot before absolute strength.

Break! Break! Break!

Igniting his Green Lotus Zhen Yuan, Ye Chen shouted 'break'. As soon as he shouted for the third time, all the chains surrounding him thoroughly disintegrated, while the platform above cracked all over, exploding with a bang.

"How is this possible? Such a fast sword!"

Old Zhu hurriedly retreated. With his eyesight pushed to the extreme, he was barely able to see Ye Chen's sword striking 7749 times. Every sword strike struck at the weak points of Zhen Yuan shackles and platform. Such an extreme display of fast mentality left him terrified.


At this moment, Ghost Bear came charging through. Taking advantage of the time Ye Chen was breaking Zhen Yuan chains and the platform, his bucket-thick arms chopped the axe down. The axe contained an all-burning fire mentality, while the berserk heat waves turned the tunnel scorching red.

"As expected, every single one of these peak Astral Reaching experts have comprehended mentalities almost to their limits. To compete them in terms of mentalities, I need to make a much bigger breakthrough." In face of the burning red axe light, Ye Chen still had time to reflect. He had always possessed many advantages; for instance, the sword intent and mentalities. However, ever since he stepped into the Astral Reaching realm, he had encountered nothing but ferocious Astral Reaching realm experts. His advantage of mentalities had been non-existant, and he could only truly rely on sword intent.


Under the influence of the Slow Sword Mentality, which he'd never used before, Ye Chen slashed out. The air stilled, and Ghost Bear's axe light seemed to slow down a lot. It advanced towards Ye Chen a bit, while Ye Chen's sword light was dazzling like lightning.


The tunnel behind Ye Chen melted, while a shallow sword scar appeared on Ghost Bear's right arm.

"What? He avoided my killer move?"

Ghost Bear seemed to have sensed something, which astonished him. After stepping in Astral Reaching realm, mentalities became quite significant. So, the majority focused precisely on them; for example, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, and so on... Although one could comprehend illusory mentalities, the difficulty was extremely high. Included within these were fast and slow mentalities. A moment ago, what Ye Chen used was precisely the slow mentality, and it caused a momentary lapse in his thoughts.

"This kid is a freak; he can even comprehend the slow mentality." Ghost Bear and Old Zhu exchanged a glance.


Switching to fast mentality, turbulence in the air increased. A gentle wind blew, shooting out an uncountable number of sword lights, all quick to the extreme.

The switch from slow to fast was too quick. Their thoughts almost failed to follow through, and they could only defend passively.

"These two years, I've never given up on comprehending the speed mentality. In reality, fast and slow mentalities lie in a majority of mentalities, for example, the thunder mentality. It has both fast and slow aspects, and the speed mentality can be derived from it." The sword light drizzled like rain, following which, Ye Chen shot out at a frightening speed like a light ray.


Old Zhu and Ghost Bear were both injured.