Chapter 340: The Mud That Was Full of Treatures

 Chapter 340: The Mud That Was Full of Treatures

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In an area of mass graves...

It was the most dangerous area in the whole Blood Demon Battle Field, also an area containing the largest number of great weapons.

Although it was not huge, only couple thousand miles wide, its geographic mapping was quite bizarre, and was covered in white bones. Because a lot of people had tried to find weapons in all kinds of different ways, they had opened a lot of different paths which were not organized at all. These paths overlapped and covered the whole underground, making it hundred times more complicated than the most complex labyrinth.

Most of the powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors knew about this great location for obtaining weapons, and also the fact that there would be a fifty percent chance for them to get mid-rank great weapons. But, no one really dared to go there, for no other reasons other than how dangerous that place was. If four or five people went there, perhaps only one would make it out alive. It was that bad of a place.

Of course, due to the attractiveness of the award, some of the relatively weaker Astral Reaching Realm warriors would go there to try their luck. But, it was still extremely rare. The ones who actually dared to challenge it would be the more powerful Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Also, the top Astral Reaching Realm warriors had even listed this place as a must-go. For them, it was only a small challenge of being alive or dead, which they faced every day already.

As for Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors, they were rare themselves in the whole South Rudra Region, and did not need more weapons. Therefore, people would probably not meet one there.

All in all, the mass grave area was a place for the top Astral Reaching Realm warriors.


Over in the sky, a blue shadow sliced through at an extreme speed. Along with that shadow was a blood light as well. A few blood demons thought of attacking. However, without exception, they had all been shattered by that sword qi.

''I was able to fight against Cold Blade when I was only at peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm. Now that I have reached the Mid Astral Reaching Realm, most of the top Astral Reaching Realm warriors will not be my opponents. However, it is a bit trickier in the Chaotic Burial Mounds. I would not rule out the situation where some top Astral Reaching Realm warriors decide to work together against me. I should be careful.''

Fighting for weapons would be okay when there were only two people. Once there were more involved, one against many would definitely be the case, and he could not not think about that.


This was a world of blood.

The clouds in the sky looked like they were about to bleed blood. The ground was also full of dents and holes. Half tombs could be spotted everywhere, the smallest still being seven or eight meters high. The highest ones could even reach hundreds of meters. They were all covered in old blood stains, full of evil spirit.

Gah! Gah! Gah!

Some crows flew across the sky, unlike the normal kind. The crows here were all Blood Crows, which were close family to the Blood Demons. They lived on absorbing spirit and blood.


All of a sudden, a blood light flashed past, and the blood crows in the sky were all pushed out. The blood light reached the ground and formed back into a human figure. It was a high-rank blood demon. And right next to him were two other people. One wore black robe and ghost face mask - it was indeed the Ghost Corpse Man. The other wore a blood red robe. His pupils were like two bright bloody diamonds, shining with an evil light.

''Tang Blood, Your Blood Demon Shape Shifting Spell is getting better and better. You should be at the top of high-rank Blood Demons, right?'' The Ghost Corpse Man did not let out his gold shell corpses, somehow sounding quite friendly.

The man in bloody clothes glanced at him, ''I am getting close. My Shapeshifter's growing speed is definitely a bit slower than the top blood demons. The reason it was growing at all was because I kept bringing it to the Blood Demon Battlefield to feed. Oh right, weren't you in the Wind Nation? How come you are here in the Blood Demon Battlefield. This is not a place for you to live comfortably.''

Ghost Corpse Man felt a bit underestimated and embarrassed. The man standing in front of him was indeed the infamous Blood Demon himself. His cultivation had already reached peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm. Amongst the one hundred and eight ghost warriors of the Nine Ghost Cult, he would be at the top already. He was way more powerful than the Ghost Corpse Man, so the latter did not dare to be rude.

''There had been a little complication, so I wanted to come here and get a mid-rank weapon.'' The Gold Skull that he had was indeed powerful, but it was not a great weapon. Therefore, he wanted to get mid-rank sharp spikes. If he were able to get his hands on some mid-rank defense weapon, then that would be even better.

''Follow me then. Amongst those men, any one of them would be able to kill you.'' The Blood Demon licked his lips as he stared ahead of him. A couple of people were standing there as they spoke.

Over on that ten-meters-high, half stone tomb, a skinny, bloody robe wearing sword artist had been standing there for a while. He seemed to be in his thirties. His face was extremely pale, and his pitch black pupils seemed to carry the power to puncture through space. His bright aura was a little bit unbearable.

''This is the Blood Sword Artist!''

The Ghost Corpse Artist had been glanced at only once, yet he had already started to feel scared.

The Blood Demon said, ''This man is even more brutal than us. And, his battling power is extremely powerful. He had once killed three Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors with one sword attack. Unless it is the last option, do not mess with him. Otherwise, even if you run to the edge of the world, he will catch up with you.''

''Of course.'' The Ghost Corpse Man did not look like a human or a ghost, but he still had fear. And, from the Blood Sword Artist, he could feel a deep, bloody, killing sword intent. His subconscious was already telling him not to mess with the guy, so there was no need for Blood Demon's reminder.

Looking over the shoulder of the Blood Sword Artist, the Blood Demon's eyes met a humongous man, ''Ghost Bear, the leader of robbers in this area... He leads a huge group of Astral Reaching Realm warriors and others. He was a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior himself. Maybe we could make him join our group.''

''I don't think it will be that easy, right? Before, our Nine Ghost Cult had been the most powerful and popular. But now, everyone seems to be hunting us. I don't think anyone is brave enough to join.''

''You will never know before trying. Wait until the day our leader returns. It will be the day for us to take over the world.'' Blood Demon let out a horrifying aura.

At this moment, the Ghost Corpse Man was surprised.

There were more top Astral Reaching Realm apart from the Blood Demon, Ghost Bear, and the Blood Sword Artist. There were a lot of paths on the ground between the tombs. Right then, a huge group of people appeared from within. Some of them had an extremely horrifying aura, which was no less than the three.


After a while, countless bloody light columns shot into the sky. These lights had appeared exactly from where the underground paths were, shooting out from under the ground.

''Everyday, the blood demon qi would shoot out from the underground. People who have been touched by it would drown in the endless killing illusions and lose themselves, including actual blood demons. Right now, the qi has appeared, so we will be safe for the next three days. Let's go.''

After the light column disappeared, the Blood Demon flashed his body and flew into the closest entrance. The Ghost Corpse Man and his shapeshifter followed.

''Let's go.''

The Blood Sword Artist and Ghost Bear jumped in as well.

As for those people who just made it out, some of them headed towards the fortress, some rested for a while where they were, and some got right back into the paths.

Soon, there was not a single person in the Chaotic Burial Mounds.



Landing on one of the half stone tombs, Ye Chen frowned. Just as the twins had said, there were too many of those paths down here. Whoever had just come here would surely wonder where they should start with. There were just simply too many options.

''Hehe, what a nice surprise to see a newbie!''

All of a sudden, one of the rocks behind Ye Chen moved, turning into a human. It turned out to be an Astral Reaching Realm warrior who was great with shapeshifting. Without thinking, he threw out an attack towards Ye Chen.

''Did no one tell you that whoever made it here would not be that simple a character?''

Turning around, Ye Chen casually pointed out his finger.


The green lotus sword qi that went through that warrior's head like a piece of fabric, bringing up a blood mist.

''How is this possible? You are only a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior!'' Even until his death, he had not figured out how Ye Chen could be so powerful.

Making a grabbing gesture, his storage ring landed in Ye Chen's hand. Without looking, his body flashed, disappearing into the paths.

''Powerful! Luckily, I was this far away. Otherwise, it might be me who was dead right now.''

Over on a tiny hill in the distance, the mud cracked open as a human figure rose from the ground. He looked at the direction where Ye Chen had disappeared, feeling lucky. Ye Chen's cultivation and attacking power was incomparable, which would be something most people would miss. And, that little mistake would cost them their lives.



Running around the dark paths, Ye Chen could already hear the sounds of battle. After a couple of blinks and another scream, the underground world went back to its old dead silence.

"This underground world is full of traps. Not only do I have to look out for an ambush from the top Astral Reaching Realm warriors, I would have to be careful about those blood demons, since they were the leaders of this ground."

Wearing his Star Scar Sword around his waist, he let out his soul power. Everything within five hundred meters radius was under his control. Anything that happened would be sensed by him at once.

Wooo, wooo, wooo...

Frightening cries were heard out of nowhere, as a couple of blood lights shot towards him from five hundred meters away.

'High-rank blood demon! Odd! Something is not right.'

Blood Demons were good at ambushing. There was rarely any cases where they would attack humans face-to-face. These top rank blood demons seemed not to care about that, as they did not try to hide their existence at all. Another wave of cries was heard.

This time, Ye Chen had come for a mid-rank great sword. He did not want to deal with blood demons, so he flew towards the paths below him.


A sword light appeared!

The blood demons that were in his way had been cut into pieces.

Soon, he had reached at least thousand meters deep into the ground. He was not able to do anything yet before he heard intense fighting noise from above him. The ground was shaking, as the mud and rocks fell all over the place, blocking a lot of paths.


A huge chunk of mud was about to fall onto Ye Chen.


The sword light flashed, as the chunk was broken into half.

"Eh? There are so many weapons here!"

Once the mud chunk had been separated into pieces, a small flash of light appeared from within. It was like it contained thousands of diamonds, so bright that it was almost unbearable to look at.

''There are a couple of mid-rank great weapons.''

Easily recognizing the mid-rank weapons, Ye Chen reached out his hand to get them.

''How dare you! How dare you try to steal from us?''

Two human figures fell from above, both throwing an attack towards Ye Chen. The destroying attacking waves had shattered tons of paths.

Performing his flying art, he looked up as he avoided the attacks. It was a huge man with unspeakable evil qi, and a smaller elder with skins all roughed up like dead tree bark.

''Nice flying art, but too bad about the bad luck.'' The elder looked at Ye Chen with a bad intention. He and Ghost Bear had been fighting for this pile of mud, but they both did not expect Ye Chen to be under them. Fortunately, he and Ghost Bear were both top Astral Reaching Realm warriors, so it would apparently only take a couple of attacks to kill Ye Chen.