Chapter 338: The Goal of Ruling the Astral Reaching Realm

 Chapter 338: The Goal of Ruling the Astral Reaching Realm

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The power of Ye Chen's sword light increased to its limit while Ice Blade's blade light became weaker and weaker. Even though he was a bit more powerful than Ye Chen, his protective zhen yuan had still been broken through. He puked out a chunk of blood before his body was blown away into the air.

''This is not over yet! Green Lotus Sky!''

The eighth movement of the Green Lotus Sword Art was the same as the seventh one, separating into the first and the second half of the movement. Earlier, Ye Chen had only performed the first half of the attack. And now, he had pushed out the second half, causing the sword light's power to explode with a horrifying speed. It attacked towards Ice Blade, who was flying backward at the time.

''I remember it, this sword attack of yours.''

Ice Blade had blood pouring out from different places on his body, as a deep sword mark appeared on his chest.

''When I see you next will be the time I kill you. Aren't you always trying to look so superior? You are nothing special.''

If it were not because that his body was already in serious condition, he would have started to attack Ice Blade with all his power now. Ice Blade's arrogant attitude really disgusted him.

''You... Good! I, Ice Blade, will kill you.'' His face was extremely pale. This time, he had not only failed to keep the person he was supposed to protect alive, he was also critically wounded. The frustration he was facing had even oppressed his blade intent. His body jumped up into the air and shifted through the window of an empty room to move outside the fortress. After a couple of flashes, he disappeared completely.


Letting out a breath filled with the taste of blood, Ye Chen put down his zhen yuan as well as his Blood Explosion Spell, which had been continuously burning his qi and blood.

Without extracting the medicine from the flower petal, he took one directly and swallowed after chewing.

''Ice Blade has backed off!'' Seeing that there were no more sounds, most of the people had come out of their rooms, including those people who were attacking Ye Chen earlier on.

Ye Chen made an expression with his eyes as five sword attacks were thrown out.

A dozen people screamed. They stood no chance against Ye Chen's attack, and were cut in half instantly.

''They should have seen it coming. The situation had not settled yet and they were already trying to finish the job. It would be impossible for him to let them go.''

''Indeed. No matter how much money the Floating Mountain was offering, you would have to be alive to pick it up after all.''

A lot of people whispered in a low voice.

Ye Chen held his fists together and said to those Astral Reaching Realm warriors nearby, ''Everyone, I cannot express how grateful I am to you all. Let me rest a bit, then I will treat you all for some drinks.''

''Great, we will wait for you.''

Red North Twin said with a laugh.

The training room was full of white sunshine. Ye Chen was in a pair of shorts as he sat on the ground.

After a while, he slowly opened his eyes, "This white light is not only able to increase my training speed, it can also help me recover. It seems like that the fortress is a place for everything, from defense to training and recovering. It really helps with the training and getting stronger."

After his wounds had recovered, he took out a flower petal from the Sky Demon Flower in his storage ring. It was like gold but not made of gold, like jade but contained no jade. It was somehow extremely heavy; being the size of his palm, the petal was almost sixty kilograms in weight. There were countless deep patterns on the surface, and it seemed to contain the knowledge of the meaning of martial arts. With only a glance, he felt like he could be drowned within the vast sea of information. Unfortunately, Ye Chen did not train the demon art but the sword art. Otherwise, it would definitely be worth the time to study more.

''After reaching the Astral Reaching Realm, my body has made quite a bit of improvement, but it still has a long way to go. Once I reach the limit, I would be one step closer to being at the top of the Astral Reaching Realm.''

Ye Chen was very clear that the Seas of Soul Realm was not a realm that he could reach just because he wanted to. He had only fifty percent of confidence to reach it in five years. But, with his speed of improvement, he should be able to reach the top of the Astral Reaching Realm in a short period of time. However, there were still Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors beyond that.

The so-called extreme in this meant every aspect within the Astral Reaching Realm had reached to its limit. Plus, for some normal people, it would be impossible for them to ever reach that, it was not because that they were not powerful enough, but because they did not have enough resources.

Wanting to become an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior, the trained martial arts would have to all be at the top Earth Realm, and they all had to be at a very high level. Then, they would have to be carrying a mid-rank defense great weapon, mid-rank attacking weapon. Also, their martial art mentalities would have to reach the top as well. Lastly, their cultivation would have to be at peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm.

All of the above requirements would have to be met for one to touch that extreme.

Of course, there would not be a lot of people who managed to become an actual Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior. The last requirement was still reasonable, but the first three would be way too difficult to achieve. How could a normal Astral Reaching Realm warrior manage to find top Earth Realm martial arts? Only rank 6 martial institutions would manage to do that. If the others tried to steal the knowledge, then it would be a suicidal move. Since that option was gone, then they were left only with the chance of having some extraordinary experiences. In some of the ancient reserves, it was not impossible to find some top Earth Realm martial arts. For example, Ye Chen had found the Flo Three Mysterious Spell which had helped him train his Body Separating Art to the top Earth Realm, and had then found the Green Lotus Sword Spell, which contained both a top rank Earth Ream art and sword art. Since he was able to get those, then there would be other lucky people as well. However, the chance of that happening would be very low. There would not be many people in the whole South Rudra Region like that.

But, it would not be enough to have only the top rank Earth Realm martial arts, as people who had less talent and bad comprehensive abilities would not succeed either, which would be a waste of top rank Earth Realm martial arts. There were probably people out there who had trained top rank Earth Realm martial arts, but had the attacking power of mid-Earth Realm martial arts.

After having a sufficient cultivation and the right rank of martial arts, the weapons should be just right as well.

As an addition to a warrior, the weapons equaled a great deal of value. A right weapon would be more effective than having a mid-rank Earth Realm martial arts. It was why people would want to risk their life to enter the Bloodfiend Battle Field.

Lastly, there was the poetic mentality that came with the martial arts.

It could be learned through martial arts, and it could also be learned by warriors' themselves. But in the end, they would have to learn from the nature itself. Especially, after reaching the Astral Reaching Realm, under the same condition, the warriors would compete with each other's poetic mentality. For example, the reason Ye Chen had won against Ice Blade was because the eighth movement of his Green Lotus Sword Art. Judging their true power, he was actually not as powerful as his opponent.

But of course, if there were another battle, Ye Chen did not think he would be able to win against Ice Blade again. Before, it was because he did not know the power of the eighth movement very well, so Ice Blade had chosen to take it head-on. If he had avoided the first wave, then Ye Chen would be the one losing. No one would have the foresight to expect that Ye Chen's sword qi could go from decreasing to increasing back again. As long as it was not some extremely powerful opponent, Ye Chen would not lose.

''I won because of my luck. But, Ice Blade has already learned about the twist of the Green Lotus attacks. So, I cannot use the same attack alone next time. I will have to increase my cultivation as well.''

Currently, Ye Chen had already reached his limit in his martial arts. He had also obtained a mid-rank defensive item, and his poetic mentality had also almost reached its limit. Most importantly, he also comprehended the sword intent that contained immortality. In other words, as long as he could increase his cultivation to Mid Astral Reaching Realm, he could be one of the most powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors living. Once he reached the peak level of Mid Astral Reaching Realm, he would be an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior. It was the advantage of being a sword artist. And, his advantage would be even bigger than normal sword artists.

''The Seas of Souls Realm is still extremely far away from me right now. Let's aim to be at the top of the whole Astral Reaching Realm then!''

Ye Chen had a great ambition, wanting to become the most powerful and unstoppable warrior in the whole Astral Reaching Realm. It would be like when he had ruled the whole Clasping Yuan Realm. What was different was be that there was still Sikong Sheng before, but this time, he wanted to create a huge gap between him and the rest of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time for him.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!...

After absorbing the medicine out of the Sky Demon Flower, Ye Chen's bones, flesh, qi, and blood started to become stronger little by little. As it happened, some impurities with an awful odor had been pushed out as well. Once touching that milky white light, they all disappeared completely.


Three days later, everyone was gathered around, drinking and barbecuing on the metal ground on the first floor of the fortress.

''Here, pass it on.''

Ye Chen took out a lot of great wine from his storage ring. They were all put in a wooden box, and there were twelve boxes in total.

''Haha, this is the most famous wine from the Black Dragon Emperor. It does wonders for training too!'' A lot of people had been here for a long time. After smelling that seductive smell of the wine, they could not help but open the bottles and try to drink their lungs out.

Ye Chen laughed, ''I have a lot of it here. Drink as much as you want!''

Red North Twins were actually a non-related pair of brothers. They grabbed meat with one hand while the other held wine, ''Ye Chen, I had not thought that you could even scare Ice Blade away man. He is one of the top seven blade artists out there, and they are as powerful as the top ten sword artists of the Astral Reaching Realm. They are all top warriors of the South Rudra Region.''

''It was pure luck. If he comes back, then I won't be able to win against him.''

''Hehe, he has been wounded quite badly. Even if he comes back, he won't be able to fight you. Plus, he would not be that arrogant again.''

What Ice Blade did that day was indeed quite unethical. Even if an inner master from the Floating Mountain School had helped him in the past, he should not have targeted Ye Chen and let Jin Huang attack him, basically doing anything he wanted to him. Everyone was already quite mad at him at that point, especially due to his cold and immoral attitude.

''Let's not talk about him anymore. Which one of you wants to leave this place? I will take you with me.'' Before entering the Bloodfiend Battle Field, Ye Chen did not know that his Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art could fight against the bloodfiends, it was even able to burn their bloodfiend zhen yuan. Without exaggerating, although Ye Chen was still not a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior yet, he would be able to beat down the top of the top bloodfiends easily; killing was also not impossible.

''Bring us out?''

A lot of people seemed to be interested. They had been trapped in the fortress for a long time now. Although they were able to exchange for food, they were not able to eat and drink whatever they wanted, which was quite frustrating when it lasted for such a long time. Plus, some of them had families who they missed a lot as well.

Su Lan was very happy as she said, ''Ye Chen, you think you can bring us out?''

Ye Chen answered, ''Of course, but it has to be group by group though. If there are too many of you then I won't be able to ensure your safety. You know how dangerous those bloodfiends are.''

''No hurry! As long as we can get out, how would it matter if we had to wait a little bit longer?''

This barbecue had lasted all the way to the second day. On that day, Ye Chen led the first group of people, flying towards the closest portal that he could remember.

After killing a lot of bloodfiends and a very powerful top rank bloodfiend, the first group got out safely.

Then there was the second group.

The third...

After one week, all of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors who wanted to get out had made it out. The remaining were either of those who did not want to leave or the ones had just gotten in.

''The news of me killing Jin Huang should have spread out already, I wonder who the Floating Mountain School will send this time. I have to reach the Mid Astral Reaching Realm, only then would I have the power to protect myself.''

Ye Chen would not dare to slack. There were a lot of powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors in a rank 6 martial school, top ones too. He might be able to run away from one or two of them, but more than two would be extremely dangerous to handle. If it were an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior, then it would be the end of him.