Chapter 337: Blossom Through Ice

 Chapter 337: Blossom Through Ice

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''Do you know the consequences of battling with me?'' Ice Blade ignored Ye Chen's sword attacks as he kept his left hand on his back and said word by word.

Ye Chen answered, ''If you don't mess with me, then I won't mess with you. But, since you have pissed me off, then I don't have to reason with you either. Kill!''

Pushing the zhen yuan on his sword, the green lotuses turned into more sword qi, shooting out towards Ice Blade and Jin Huang. There seemed to be no way of escaping from them.

How could Jin Huang block out so much sword qi? He hurried to pick up his metal shell and used all of his power in trying to block out the attack. With only a right hand remaining, he stood no chance in front of that attack. Blood poured out of his mouth as his body started to shake rapidly.


Ice Blade attacked too. His last name was Ice, and his first name actually meant 'sky'. Because he had trained an ice-element zhen yuan and his blade art perspective realm was also ice-element, so, the warriors in the world would call him 'Ice Blade'. Right then, he attacked with an extremely mysterious blade light. There seemed to be no way of tracing it. The cold air spread out in the whole area as ice blocked away the sword attacks and the mentality that came with them from Ye Chen.

''Cold Light Appear!''

Ice Blade's blade style switched again as he threw out a blade attack towards Ye Chen.


The air that had been frozen by the ice before was cracked open, looking like a huge crack over a frozen river. The horrifying blade light broke through everything that it touched.

''Green Lotus Light!''

Ye Chen pointed out his finger towards Jin Huang and blocked out with his sword.


Jin Huang screamed. His healthy right arm had been cut off from his shoulder, which then fell down along with his metal shell. Blood sprayed out like water.

''How many attacks can you block out for him?'' Under the intensive attacks, Ye Chen could not help but keep backing out. It turned out that the sword qi attack he had shot out a minute ago was meant to kill Jin Huang. However, Ice Blade had noticed it in time and formed his left hand into a blade to cut the sword qi in half. However, the sword qi that came out of Ye Chen's body would turn into different forms on demand. Ice Blade's palm blade had only cut off parts of the Green Lotus Sword Qi's attacking power. The remaining sword qi had turned around Jin Huang's shell and cut off his right arm.

Ice Blade squeezed his eyes and said with a low voice: ''If you kill him, then you will have to die too. Feel free to try it.''

''Oh yeah? I would like to see how you plan to kill me.''

Ye Chen sneered as he expanded his left hand's fingers. Five Green Lotus Sword Qi followed his fingers and shot out. Some of them formed into a straight line, as fast as lightning, while some others drew an angle in the air before disappearing completely.

''How dare you! Today, you will be killed.''

After the Green Lotus Sword Qi had been let out, Ice Blade realized that there was no way of shattering it, as he was only able to destroy three of them. He knew that the remaining two would still be able to kill Jin Huang. Even if it were extremely dangerous, he still jumped towards it and tried to block it with his great blade. He laid out layers after layers of cold blade light in front of it.

Shoo! Shoo!

Ice Blade had overestimated himself and underestimated the unpredictability of that Green Lotus Sword Qi. One of the five sword qi beams had perfectly gone around the blade light and drew past Jin Huang's head, leaving a finger sized bloody hole. Another sword qi was touched by that blade light, causing its power to decrease drastically, but it still went into the chest of Jin Huang.


Jin Huang's chest exploded. His body was like a broken bag, falling on the gate of the fortress. He already had no breaths left.

After killing Jin Huang, Ye Chen could feel that a small lock in his heart had been broken. It was the trauma Jin Huang had left him. Now that he had died, there was nothing left on Ye Chen's pure heart. It could no longer affect Ye Chen ever again.

''Kill him!''

Ice Blade had a bad look on his face. Jin Huang's death was not as important as being embarrassed in front of a crowd. So, without saying another word, he lifted up his blade over his head before swinging all the way down with all of his power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The air inside the fortress had been cleared completely. All of a sudden, the people inside had a feeling of being suffocated. The next second, the blade light that was as tall and wide as the fortress fell down. Because there was limited space, the blade light touched the internal structure of the fortress first. It brought out a clashing metal sound that made people's teeth turn soar. Then, it attacked towards Ye Chen.

''Green Lotus Mountain!''

It was actually Ye Chen's first time facing a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior, and he would not dare to underestimate his power. His nerve was tensed as the zhen yuan inside his body poured out like the ocean into his Star Scar Sword. A huge green lotus sword light that was no smaller than that blade light went all the way up, fast like lightning.

''Quick! Get back to your rooms!''

The two were making such a commotion that some of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors hurried back to their rooms after seeing the size of their sword and blade light, shutting their doors tight. The others who reacted one step too slow could not do anything else but force a smile as they activated their zhen yuan and stood right next to one another.


The blade light was like a blade used by a giant while the sword light was like a sword that could open the sky. With the two clashed together, waves after waves of blast force spread out with them being at the center.


First, the zhen yuan layer of a relatively weaker Astral Reaching Realm warrior's started to twist, then the sounds of zhen yuan layers breaking were heard one after another. Most of the people seemed quite pale - their ears were still ringing. Only a small number of Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors were able to block out the waves by force.

Before they were able to catch a breather, another even more powerful blasting wave broke out, and the only way for that power to go past was through the gate of the fortress. With a couple meters thick light wave shooting out, the whole fortress would have shattered if it were made of normal metal.

At this point, some of the people started to puke blood.

''Not good. Hurry to use this opportunity to head back to your rooms!''

The damaging power of two top Astral Reaching Realm warriors were horrifying. If they used all of their power, the Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors might even be shaken to death. If there were more top warriors involved in the battle, even top warriors would not be able to handle the blasting waves.

Touching the ground with his feet, Ye Chen slid out for another dozen meters.

Ice Blade was a little bit stronger than Ye Chen, so he backed out by only seven or eight steps. After finding his balance back, he stared at Ye Chen coldly.

''I admit that your attacking power is already close to top Astral Reaching Realm warriors. But, a gap is a gap, there is no way of ignoring that. Take an attack of mine! Cold Light Dawn!''

This time, his blade light was even richer, and it contained the freezing ice mentality. At the level of the Astral Reaching Realm, after digging out all of the potential of the martial arts, all there was left was the poetic mentality to explore. If it were powerful enough, then the power of one's martial art could grow stronger and stronger.

A light flashed and scattered sound was heard - the fortress started to freeze internally. The ice got thicker and thicker, which turned the whole fortress into one made of ice.

''Sky Shattering Cloud!''

A bright electric light exploded as countless snake-like electric beams shot out in all directions. Facing Ice Blade's ice-mentality, Ye Chen brought out his best thunder and cloud mentality.

The thunder clashed with that freezing ice, resulting in countless electric beams and ice chips being brought up into the sky.

''Eh? A martial art mentality of thunder? Wait, there is something else hidden within as well.'' Ice Blade frowned as he pushed his body and rushed towards Ye Chen.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

The two's bodies traveled back and forth while the sword light and the blade light spilled out everywhere. They battled from the first floor to the second, then from there to the third and fourth. Their shadows were everywhere in the fortress.

''Ice World!''

Halfway through, the Ice Blade waved his blade down, as a snow mentality was separated from his ice mentality. The temperature in the fortress dropped below zero.

''Green Lotus Accumulation!''

The Green Lotus Sword Art contained the mentality of wood and water, and the Green Lotus Accumulation was the second half of the seventh movement, so it only contained the mentality of wood. However, the Green Lotus Sword Art was quite special; the seemingly soft and gentle mentality was actually unbreakable when it was performed to its peak.


The green lotus had been frozen, but soon, it broke through the ice light. Since the wood mentality was extremely tough, it would be able to break through anything that was in front of it. Only the mentality of gold might be able to fight against it. However, Ice Blade's zhen yuan was too rich, so the green lotus was eventually shattered.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

After a couple of backward jumps, Ye Chen avoided Ice Blade's blade light and the aftershocks. He looked down at his chest, there was a huge area of frost. Luckily, he had worn an armor. Otherwise, that blade attack would have frozen all of his qi and blood, which would decrease his attacking power drastically.

'Top Astral Reaching Realm warriors are indeed powerful. I should do this quickly, burn my zhen yuan, and perform the blood explosion art simultaneously. But it would be too harsh for my body to handle.' Right then, Ye Chen's body was like a clay jar, seeming about to break at any second. And, this was only because he had trained the Pure Jade Body Boosting Art before, and had the Sky Demon Flower, so his body was in excellent condition. Otherwise, he would not have been able to last this long.

''This secret skill of yours should be the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art from the Blood Demon himself, right? Otherwise, in such a short time, I really doubt if I couldn't wound you.'' Cold Blade had the confidence to beat Ye Chen, and maybe even kill him. But, it would take him a while, since there was not a huge gap between the two's attacking power.

The blue-ish red flame kept burning while Ye Chen took a deep breath. The Star Scar Sword in his hand seemed much heavier as he lifted it up slowly.

''Green Lotus Blossom!''


He waved out a sword attack, bringing up a huge wave of sword wind as the sword mentality spread out in the area like a river.

''Is that your most powerful attack? Then take my Ice River Realm!'' Ice Blade screamed. He could tell that Ye Chen already had no power to continue fighting, and this attack would be able to beat him completely. After this attack, Ye Chen's life would be in his hand.


The two's most powerful attacks clashed, a scene of ice and wood battling together, as well as that blade light and that sword light.

However, what frightened Ice Blade was that the power Ye Chen's sword light decreased, but then somehow increased back to normal. It was like a weak little plant in the winter that grew back during spring, full of life.

Ye Chen looked at Ice Blade without any expression. It was the eighth movement of the Green Lotus Sword Art. As the top of the top Earth Realm Sword Art, the eighth movement seemed to be way more powerful than the seventh movement. Furthermore, the mentality was even more powerful. Up until now, he was still only able to grasp eighty percent of the martial art.