Chapter 336: Bravery, Ice Blade

 Chapter 336: Bravery, Ice Blade

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"Arrogant kid, accept your death!" The moment Ye Chen landed, Elder Rock pulled out the Thunder Blade. Lightning pervaded everywhere as lightning snakes coiled about. The berserk blade Qi arced forth like a legendary aquatic dragon rising above the sea, engulfing towards Ye Chen and sweeping away everything in its wake.


Ye Chen had already made preparations. A cyan colored flame appeared on his body. He stepped out, casually unsheathing the Star Scar sword. Brandishing the Splitting Mountain Green Lotus and carrying a frightening sword intent, the sword light gushed out with an even more berserk force. At this moment, even the air wrung in the fortress.


Rock Elder was merely a mildly powerful late Astral Reaching realm expert, not even comparable to Corpse Man. Even if Ye Chen didn't use the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art, just igniting his True Yuan would suffice. As the matter stood, it would not be suitable for Daoist Jin Huang to make an all-out effort. The aquatic dragon blade Qi dished out by him immediately dispersed away like a chopped off head, and the remaining sword Qi battered his protective True Yuan.

Elder Rock's face paled as he resisted the sword Qi with his left hand. Amidst crackling sounds, blood drenched his palm. Suffering the impact from the sword Qi, the True Yuan inside his body revolted, bursting his arm and drenching it with blood. His entire being shot backward.

In one move, Rock Elder was heavily injured.

"How is this possible? How could he become so powerful?" Daoist Jin Huang appeared behind Rock Elder in a flash. However, the next instant, his face turned red and white. There was no difference between Rock Elder and a flying mountain peak. Despite employing his entire True Yuan, he was incapable of stopping Rock Elder and could only be thrown back along with him, his feet sliding across the metal surface.

"Daoist Jin Huang, from the day of arriving at the Sky Cloud Martial School, you were destined to die by my sword. Today, between you and me, only one will make out. Die!"

As soon as die word sounded, the sword light before Ye Chen flickered. Innumerable beams of sword Qi expanded out, shooting towards Daoist Jin Huang and Rock elder in the shape of a fan.

"Sixth elder, help me!

Watching the dense sword Qi, Rock Elder's courage completely left him as he pleaded in an alarmed voice. At this moment, only his partner would be able to save his life.

"Old Rock, I'll take revenge for you."

An ice-cold expression flickered on Daoist Jin Huang's face before he firmly held Rock Elder's struggling body. Such huge sword Qi, even if he'd been wearing a mid-grade armor, he wouldn't dare to act brave. Only by allowing Rock Elder to block for him would be able to end his peril.

Pa pa pa pa....

Ding ding ding...

The sound of sword Qi piercing through body unceasingly resounded, accompanied by clashing metal sounds, which were produced due to the sword Qi cutting the mid-grade armor on Rock Elder's body.

Apart from his torso, Rock Elder's four limbs and head were turned into minced meat. Blood mist exploded out, dying the surface red.


Throwing away Rock Elder, Daoist Jin Huang bitterly said, "Ye Chen, you dared to kill inner elder of Floating Mountain School. You know that you've committed a capital offense. Nobody can help you. My school's Sea of Souls realm experts can destroy Sky Cloud School with a mere palm."

"Daoist Jin Huang, you sure can run your tongue. Today, you won't escape death easily. If the Floating Mountain School acts willfully, there will be a day when I wipe it out completely."

How could Ye Chen let off Daoist Jin Huang? The Star Scar sword slashed out a sword beam.


Sparks flew about, and the void split up.

Unknowingly, a massive metal shield had appeared in Daoist Jin Huang's hand. Fine electric currents flickered on the shield, that contained an enormous magnetic force. The sword Qi merely left behind a shallow mark on it. Of course, the shield being fine didn't imply Daoist Jin Huang was fine. His seven apertures were all leaking blood. He had evidently suffered a portion of the impact. At this moment, the face didn't matter at all. He hastily said in a loud voice, "Ladies and Gentlemen, whoever helps me kill Ye Chen will be heavily rewarded by the Floating Mountain School. Outer Elder, Inner Elder, medicinal pills, you name it... If I Jin Huang am deceiving you, I shall die."

"What? Daoist Jin Huang is asking us to kill Ye Chen."

"What should we do? Being an elder in Floating Mountain School, the resources one will get are simply unimaginable, and even some precious medicinal pills and rare cultivation manuals."

"F*ck, we're so many here. If we act together, regardless of how strong Ye Chen is, he will die. This is simply meat pies dropping from the heavens."

Hearing these words, many were moved.

On the Fiend Defiance Fort's second floor, dozens of True Yuan streams exploded towards Ye Chen. Unprepared, Ye Chen dodged seventy or eight streams, but got hit by the rest few. Fortunately, he was wearing the Streamlight Armor. The power of his protective True Yuan was no different from that of a late Astral Reaching realm expert, and the second floor was full of mid Astral Reaching realm experts only. It would be impossible to break his protective True Yuan all at once.

Despite so, Ye Chen's face was exceptionally gloomy. With a murderous face, he swept his gaze towards the direction of True Yuan streams, committing the silhouettes to his memory.

"Brothers, let's go! Kill Ye Chen, the Floating Mountain School will certainly reward us generously."

The first person who fell under Ye Chen's gaze was scared inwardly. He was sure that the latter would certainly kill him if he got the chance. In order to save his life, in order to obtain Floating Mountain School's rewards, he could only instigate others to attack together. Only by killing Ye Chen would he be able to calm down.

"Who the f*ck dares?"

"Whoever dares can try. Even though we are not too powerful, we'll not rest until we kill whoever dares to attack Ye Chen."

At this moment, the Astral Reaching experts who had fought alongside Ye Chen stood out one after other. Each one of them had red eyes- the bloodiness that came after battling over a long time.


Some Astral Reaching realm experts who hadn't yet made their move but were thinking of doing so pulled back. The current scene had become quite chaotic. Once the big battle erupted, only about half of the people would be able to walk out. They had no wish to tangle themselves in this mess.

Ye Chen gave them a deep glance, which included Su Lan, who had stood out after gathering courage for a good while. He loudly said, "Ye Chen can't thank you enough for your assistance. As long as I'm alive, don't hesitate to look for me in future if you have any trouble. I can guarantee that within five years, something like the Floating Mountain School would be nothing in my eyes."

"Ye Chen, we're not helping to gain your favor. Otherwise, what would be the difference between them and us? Kindness should be repaid with kindness, and hatred with hatred. These past days, you've helped us many times, and you didn't even take all the harvest for yourself, ensuring that we worked as a team. If we watch you getting humiliated without doing anything, what meaning there would be in training martial arts and cultivating the dao. We might as well return back to the farms."

"That's right. Ye Chen, you can fight without worries. We're here to support you."

Daoist Jin Huang's lungs almost exploded. He pointed at the Astral Reaching experts who had stood out, "Every single one of you will die. I, Jin Huang, swear that all of you will die miserably."

"You won't have the opportunity."

Ye Chen roared. Employing Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great art, the cyan flame outside his body turned cyan red. His opponent had a shield containing magnetic force. He wouldn't be able to kill the latter if he didn't use everything he had. Not wishing to complicate the matter for no reason, Ye Chen immediately erupted with full power.

"Green Lotus Accumulation!"

The tip of the Star Scar Sword condensed a fist-sized greenish red lotus. With a wave from Ye Chen, the green lotus ripped apart the air like a thunderbolt and heavily collided into the metal shield.


The shield slightly distorted and flew out as it left the hand. As for Daoist Jin Huang, every single bone in his left arm cracked. A tyrannous force was transmitted into his body following his left arm, making him spurt a huge amount of blood.

"Go Die!"

Striking when the iron was hot, Ye Chen slashed out his sword.

Suddenly, a dense cold saber Qi dispersed Ye Chen's sword Qi. From the Fiend Defiance Fort's fourth floor, a middle-aged man jumped down with a cold expression, "Enough! You've already killed one. No need to kill him as well. It would be better if you don't burn all the bridges."

This middle-aged man's saber Qi was fierce, dripping with saber intent. He was the only saber artist Ye Chen had seen throughout his life. In regards to strength, he was not below the Sword Ancestor at all.

"Dammit, it's Ice Blade, one of the seven great saber artists."

One of the creased his brows, "Ice Blade's cultivation base has already reached late Astral Reaching realm, and he has also comprehended more than ninety percent of the saber intent. I'm afraid Ye Chen will lose against him. I don't understand why he is interfering. I've never seen him do such a thing in the past."

"I've heard that Ice Blade has received assistance from an inner elder of the Floating Mountain School."

"There is such a matter?"

Seeing the sudden turn of events, Daoist Jin Huang spat a mouthful of turbid blood towards Ye Chen and spoke with great delight, "Ice Blade, this kid is arrogant to the extreme. He has already killed my helper Elder Rock. Lend me a hand here."


While speaking, Daoist Jin Huang condensed a golden light ball on his fingertip and launched it towards Ye Chen. The golden light ball exploded, shaking and distorting Ye Chen's protective True Yuan.

Flickering through the center of the explosion, Ye Chen slashed at Daoist Jin Huang with all his might.


Destroying the sword Qi, Ice Blade said while holding his treasured saber in his hand, "I've told you, one shouldn't burn all the bridges. You're young, why do you need to be so vicious."

"Ice Blade, no need to talk nonsense. Just kill him." With Ice Blade's presence, Daoist Jin Huang could attack all he wished. He launched one golden light ball after another towards Ye Chen. If the Fiend Defiance Fort hadn't been exceptionally solid- a base to hold off blood fiends, it would have long been overturned.

With his protective True Yuan destroyed, Ye Chen flew back. With a trace of blood on his mouth, he said gravely, "You dare block me?"

If not for Ice Blade destroying his sword Qi, Daoist Jin Huang should never have been able to injure him.

"Daoist Jin Huang cannot die." Ice Blade's face was indifferent. If Ye Chen attacked, he would destroy his sword Qi. As for Daoist Jin Huang's attack, he would turn a blind eye to it.

"Haha, Ye Chen, it seems that today will be the day of your memorial next year."

Daoist Jin Huang, who had his left hand fractured to bits, repeatedly waved his right hand, shooting golden light balls at Ye Chen.

"Blood Explosion!"

Although Blood Explosion could only subdue blood fiends- a move used by them to suppress humans- compared to Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art, which was a technique with the same origin, it amplified battle power ten percent more, attaining a thirty percent amplification. This was the ultimate limit of Ye Chen's battle power.

The cyan red flame outside Ye Chen's body turned even brighter. His aura radiated in all four directions like hurricanes.

"Green Lotus Sky!"

The sword slashed out, and the air stilled like a lake. Engulfing Daoist Jin Huang and Ice Blade, a green lotus spread in the sky.