Chapter 335: Jin Huang’s Arrival

 Chapter 335: Jin Huang's Arrival

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The training room on the third floor had a great auxiliary effect, which was almost the same as the ones in the Martial City. According to Ye Chen's calculation, the training room here on the third floor would be equivalent to the high-rank training rooms in Martial City. What was different was that the latter had the effect of speeding up the training speed because of the ground fire, while the training rooms here were filled with a milky-white light. This light was similar to the protection cover surrounding the fortress. It gave out a warm sunny atmosphere.

Shoo! Shoo!

Ye Chen was sitting on the ground topless, with his legs tugged under his body. The dried skin on his back slowly raised up. A reddish gas floated out, being absorbed by that milky-white light in the room.

''The poison inside my body is finally out now!'' He slowly let out a breath, which had a hint of blood. He opened his eyes, as some sweat appeared on his forehead.

The level of scariness in the Blood Demon Battlefield was out of his expectation. The day before he got the two mid-rank great weapons, he had encountered three high-rank blood demons, along with ten other mid-rank ones. It was a very critical moment for him. Nine green lotus sword qi of his had been used during the intense battle. Luckily, his sword intent had the effect of getting rid of impure spirits, since the high-rank blood demon had a very complicated spirit, which was different from human beings at the same cultivation. Therefore, it was not too hard for Ye Chen to kill them all. However, it would be impossible to get away without any wounds. He was scratched on the back by a high-rank blood demon, which cost him quite a lot of flesh and blood, as well as qi.

''My battling power is still not enough for me to be reckless in the Blood Demon Battlefield. Although I have the mid-rank great armor now, and my defense has increased quite a lot since, I would still have to use my sword intent on facing top rank blood demons.'' The sword intent had helped him in so many ways. But, he was only a top-level genius, and there were still quite a lot of those in the whole true spirit continent.

'Only closed-up training would not be able to help me increase my cultivation in a short period of time. I would still have to go to battle. I would need that horrifying pressure to push my mentality to its limit. Then, my potential should be able to help me reach the Mid Astral Reaching Realm.'

Up until now, Ye Chen had learned that if he wanted to become a Life and Death Realm warrior, he would have to live a different kind of life. It would be like a steel string, that would have to be pulled it to its limit, but still managing not to break it. That small window of balance was something normal people could not understand.

''Ordinary is not something I want, so let's challenge it.''

His lean body muscle tightened, as his eyes became extra sharp.


''There is only one last fortress.'' Master Rock seemed exhausted. They had done a lot of preparation before arrival. For example, the mid-rank great armor was borrowed from an inner master from the Floating Mountain Martial School. The great blade in his hand had the effect of blocking out the negative effects of the blood demons. However, all the battling had still exhausted him, since the Blood Demon Battlefield was not a place people would come and go as they wished.

Jin Huang said with a low voice, ''He must be in the third fortress. Find him. I want to let him experience what it feels like to be sliced by thousands of knives.''

Master Rock sneered, ''Don't let him off easy. Beat him and disable him, then toss him out to the Blood Demons. Would not it be better?''

''Hehe, that is quite a good idea. The first martial genius of the whole South Rudra Region being eaten by the Blood Demon... nothing is more interesting than that.''

''Unfortunately, it was the Floating Mountain School that he had pissed off. Otherwise, he would surely become someone.''

''There is nothing to feel sorry for. There should be only one Sikong Sheng in the South Rudra Region. We don't need a Ye Chen. Since he has beaten Sikong Sheng, his death has already been decided.''


''You want to go outside?'' Su Lan saw that Ye Chen was walking towards the outside, so she exclaimed in surprise.

Ye Chen nodded, ''I just want to take a walk around the fortress. I cannot not do anything. Actually, you should go for a walk sometime too.'' In the past few days, Ye Chen had barely seen anyone going outside to challenge themselves. They had all been closed up training in the fortress. Of course, by doing that, their cultivation had increased slowly but stably. However, they would not be able to make it somewhere extraordinary by doing so. He obviously did not want them to die, but he wanted them to have some sharpness. Without it, they would lose their passionate spirit, which would be actually deadly for warriors.

''Not for me. I will wait until the Mid Astral Reaching Realm.'' Su Lan shook her head. The area around the fortress was full of ambushes. Without being at the Mid Astral Reaching Realm, she would be swallowed within seconds after she went outside.

''Alright then. See you!''

Pushing his zhen yuan, Ye Chen broke through the white light layer.

''Damn! Another one wants to die.''

''Eat him!''

''He is mine.''

Once he left the light cover, Ye Chen's eyes reflected a scene of pure redness. In front of him was a scene of hell - dead human and Blood Demon bodies got all mixed up, scattered all over the place.

''Green Lotus Qi!''

Ye Chen did not back out. Instead, he pulled out his Star Scar Sword and sliced once with all his strength. All of a sudden, a huge green lotus appeared in the air. Hundreds of sword qi blades shot out in different directions. It was one of the top three basic Green Lotus Sword Arts which he had already trained to its peak. Its power had even reached beyond what it originally should be.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!

Just like a porcupine, bodies were covered with qi spikes. A huge number of Blood Demons had been shot through to death instantly. The sky cleared up instantly afterward.

''Since when have we had such a powerful sword artist here? He looks like he is only at the peak level of Early Astral Reaching Realm too!''

''You still don't know? He released a horrifying sword intent yesterday, which had terrified an actual Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior on the third floor.''

''Sword artists are indeed powerful. Only after reaching the Seas of Souls Realm would we be able to compete with them. For now, they have the top attacking power.''

Not everyone decided to stay in the fortress. A lot of human warriors had decided to team up against the blood demons. By working smoothly together, they were actually able to stay alive.


Clearing out an area of blood demons, Ye Chen held his sword with both of his hands as he waved out a bright sword light with a huge green lotus pointing towards the sky.

The sword light expanded to couple of hundred meters. It seemed to be able to divide the whole heaven and earth, seeming unstoppable.

All of a sudden, countless blood demons had been cut in half and then crushed into ashes by the huge sword light. They were not able to reform their bodies, so their souls eventually disappeared completely.

''Hey pal, let's team up! I think it will be safer if there are more of us.''

A team of seven or eight people approached Ye Chen.

Ye Chen glanced at them, ''You guys can just follow me.''

''Okay, we can help you get rid of the blood demons on the back.''

These people did not look like they were unhappy about what Ye Chen had said. They only wanted to fight the blood demons and earn some battle experience. If someone as powerful as Ye Chen would let them be around him, then they would not have to be afraid of encountering the powerful blood demons.

The group traveled further and further, increasing the distance between them and the fortress to dozens of miles.

''Since you guys have come here, I think it would be best for you to stay.''

When the group were right in the middle of killing, a bright blood light suddenly appeared from the mountains nearby. The blood light was extremely powerful, dyeing all of the air around it bloody red as well.

''Top rank blood demon!''

Behind Ye Chen, someone yelled out with a shaky voice.

''You don't have to worry. I will take care of it.''

Ye Chen was indeed not a top rank Astral Reaching Realm warrior, but it did not mean that a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior could harm him. And, all he needed right now was a tough battle, the tougher, the better.

''Blood Explosion!''

His green lotus zhen yuan started to burn intensively. His Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art was then performed, as his whole body was covered in bloody red flame, looking like a fire warrior.

''Oh wow! Interesting! He seems to be able to increase his battling power twice for some reason. However, in the hands of mine, the Mad Battle Blood Demon, he will not escape his fate of death.'' This blood demon was somewhat in the middle if one considered all the top rank blood demons, and he already had his own title. Of course, even the top blood demons had their own ranking. In Ye Chen's eyes, that blood demon was only a little bit more powerful than he was, so there was no reason to be afraid.

''Devouring Blood Sparrow! You all should die!''

The Blood Demon expanded his right hand, as a bloody red light ball accumulated in the center of his palm. It carried on expanding, then eventually turned into a bloody red sparrow.


It shot out into the sky, tearing out a tiny, narrow, vacuum path.

''Green Lotus Mountain! Break!''

Pushing his sword intent to its limit, Ye Chen threw out a sword attack against that sparrow.

Chin! A clashing sound burst out.

The sparrow's power was unbelievable. Ye Chen was blown back by force. However, something shocking had happened. The moment when Ye Chen's bloody red sword light touched that sparrow, the latter suddenly started to burn, its power decreasing rapidly.

''What?'' The blood demon was extremely surprised that his opponent had used his zhen yuan to completely burn out his blood sparrow. There was indeed quite a lot of zhen yuan out there that had an effect of fighting against his zhen yuan. The fire-element zhen yuan would be able to steam away the blood demon zhen yuan, as well as the thunder-element zhen yuan. But, he had never seen anyone set his blood demon zhen yuan on fire.

''Back out!''

The blood demon was a bit scared. He was only a weak one among the top blood demons. It seemed to be impossible for him to kill Ye Chen.

''A top rank blood demon has been beaten away!''

''Teaming up with him is indeed a good idea. I don't have to worry that we will be eaten by some blood demons.''

Battling was one thing, but staying alive was something else. If it were not for Ye Chen, they would not leave this far away from the fortress, and would only battle with the blood demons close by. In that case, they would be able to head back into the light protection once they encountered some unbearable danger. However, they were not able to gain much in this way. Now, in the past dozen miles, they had gotten dozens of low rank great weapons, which were all from the dead powerful warriors. After giving almost half of them to Ye Chen, they were able to get one each, not to mention all the experience they had gotten as well.

Day after day, Ye Chen would go out and battle. The people who followed him increased more and more, as they all knew that he was able to fight off the blood demons, and his power was equal to a top rank Astral Reaching Realm warrior.


On this particular day, two people reached the fortress.

They were indeed Jin Huang and Master Rock.

After blowing away an Astral Reaching Realm warrior who just wanted to exchange for food, Jin Huang stepped foot into the fortress. He pushed his zhen yuan and yelled, ''Ye Chen, come the f*ck out and be prepared to die! Today, I will end your worthless life myself.''

His full-power scream was extremely powerful, and the whole fortress could hear his voice.

''What is going on? Someone wants to kill Ye Chen?''

''Isn't this the core master Jin Huang from the Floating Mountain Martial School?''

People were whispering to each other.

In the room, Ye Chen had heard the scream as well. He was expressionless as he took out his Star Scar Sword from his storage ring and wore it around his waist. He then pushed open the door of his room.

''Jin Huang, you have finally made it here.''