Chapter 334: Am I worthy?

 Chapter 334: Am I worthy?

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Inside the fortress was a huge space. There was more than one level, and on standing in the center of the first level, people would be able to see the second, third and fourth floor. On the edge of each floor were metal barrels surrounding the area. Therefore, with one giant column, people would be able to fill up the space of the whole fortress.

''Speaking of the fortress, I will have to mention the history of the Blood Demon Battlefield. It was actually a torn apart space that had existed for a long time, all the way to the ancient era I think.'' Walking on the metallic ground, the young lass explained to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was surprised. A space that had been torn by someone?

According to his knowledge, only Life and Death Realm warriors would be able to tear apart space, and they would only be able to tear it up. It would still be impossible to tear the whole space down. Not to mention the Life and Death Realm warriors, even the Surreal King would not be able to pull it off. Technically, even one hundred Surreal Kings would not manage to do so, since the whole Blood Demon Battlefield was not smaller than a medium sized country. Anyone could cause damage to space, but no one would be able to tear it away from the space it belonged to.

What was sure was that the ancient era was very different from the eras after, at least in terms of the levels of warriors. During the ancient era, there seemed to have way been more warriors who were even more powerful than the Life and Death Realm warriors. However, after the ancient era, the true spirit continent seemed to have mainly Life and Death Realm warriors as top warriors, and no one seemed to be able to reach beyond that.

The young lady continued to talk, ''These fortresses were indeed built during that time as the base for humans fighting the blood demons. As for the light cover around the fortress, it is a Life and Death Realm protecting layer. It is way more powerful than those blood demons. Therefore, there would be no reasons to worry that it might break. There is also no point to worry about the powering problem, as it seems to be able to charge itself from nature, because it has never weakened.''

'Life and Death Realm light protection... It is indeed quite luxurious.' Ye Chen thought to himself. If he placed this kind of a protection over the Sky Cloud Martial School and the Ye family, no one under the Life and Death Realm would be able to enter, and even normal Life and Death Realm warriors might not be able to break through. It would be a wonderful safety measure. Of course, it would only be a fantasy, since there would not be a person alive by now to move the light layer out of the fortress.

The young lady pointed at the room on the first level and said, ''Inside the fortress, the room assignment is according to your cultivation. Whoever has the lowest cultivation would only be able to live on the ground floor, which would normally be Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors. The second level would be for Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors, and the third for the Late realm warriors. The fourth level would be for the top ones. However, there are only three demon battling fortresses in the whole Blood Demon Battle Field. So, there would not necessarily be that many powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors. So, there are a lot of empty rooms, and you don't have to worry about lack of vacancies.''

Ye Chen asked, ''Do we judge our cultivation by ourselves?''

The young lady laughed, ''If you think you are powerful enough to go to the second floor, then you are more than welcome. But, you have to be very sure though, because if you are not as powerful as you thought, you will be beaten down, literally. And then, your reputation would take a huge hit as well. Therefore, most of the times, no one would dare to challenge.''

''This is quite interesting!'' Ye Chen thought it out. He knew that he would not have much trouble going up to the third floor, unless they all did not care for the Corpse Man or Jin Huang. But, the fourth floor would be pushing it, yet the elder would be more than powerful enough for it.


Just as the young lady was explaining the details of the fortress, someone fell from the third floor and landed heavily on the ground.

''Huh! He wanted to live on the third floor, even though he was not powerful enough. He was looking for death!'' Right next to the third floor's edge, a middle-aged man with a huge beard said with a cold voice.


The guy who had fallen sprayed out a chunk of blood. He stood up and walked away with a huge blush on his face.

''I forgot to tell you!'' The young lady said suddenly, ''Inside the rooms of the fortress, the warrior's training speed can be increased. On the first level, the effect would not be very strong, while the fourth floor has the best effect. Therefore, those people who live on the second floor or above would not let anyone go past them. If you push it too much, the best scenario would be you being kicked out. Sometimes, you might even end up being killed. The good thing is that the warriors seem to be obeying the rules whilst in the fortress, and it is quite rare for someone to kill someone, since even the most powerful Astral Reaching Realm warrior might face death when he pisses all of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors at once. There have had been such cases before.''

Ye Chen nodded. Although he was already really powerful, if a dozen of Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors cornered him, he would still face a great danger.

''Alright, thank you very much for telling me all of these things. Now, I will look for a room to rest a bit.'' Now that he had learned everything he needed to know, he planned to take some rest and recover to his peak condition.

The young lady laughed, ''I live in room 96 on the first floor. I think the room right next to me is actually free. Why don't you move right in? Oh, yeah, my name is Su Lan. I wonder what your name is?''

In her eyes, judging the zhen yuan vibration coming from Ye Chen's body, he would be at peak Early level Astral Reaching Realm, so would only be able to live on the first floor.

''I plan to go up there.'' Ye Chen pointed at the third floor.

Su Yun did not see it clearly. She thought he meant the second floor, so she said while frowning: ''Although the effect of the second-floor rooms are really good,''

Normally, peak-level Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not be able to win against Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors. No matter the zhen yuan quantity or the quality, there was a huge power gap in between.

Ye Chen did not explain further as he started to walk towards the stairs.

''Ah! Take care!''

She shook her head and thought to herself, 'He is indeed a bit too young. No wonder he is so reckless. The higher the cultivation, the more unlikely it is for one to cross-realm battle. When I had reached the peak level of the Early Astral Reaching Realm, I had also considered the second floor. But, I had also been evicted from there.

On the edge of the second floor, some of the Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors had seen Ye Chen, but they did not do anything about it. There had been cases of Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors killing Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Before they could tell his cultivation and attacking power for sure, they did not want to do anything potentially dangerous. After all, in the time to come, they would be able to figure it all out.

However, what was shocking for them was that he did not stop on the second floor. Instead, he continued to walk towards the third floor.

''Has he lost his mind? The third floor is for the Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors! Even I would not dare to go up there. He is only at peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm! He would be kicked out instantly within seconds.

''Maybe, he does not know the rules of the fortress. Remember? When we first got here, we had also been tossed down before.''

''Hehe, it is kind of good for him to suffer a bit.''

All of the powerful warriors on the second floor were waiting for something to happen.

On the first level, a lot of warriors were shocked at what Ye Chen was trying to do, including Su Lan, who still had not gone into her room yet.

Her mouth was wide open, while she thought to herself bitterly, 'I had said so much to him, did he not hear a thing? How can he be so confident?'

Everything in the fortress was made of metals. Walking on the ground would make a metallic sound.

He finally reached the third floor and stopped walking, looking around the surroundings.

"Some rooms have glowing crystals. When it is still dim, it must mean that it is vacant. Nice, there is an empty room!''

Being stared at by everyone, he walked towards room number 12 on the third floor.

''Brat, who let you step foot on the third floor?''

In front of room 11, that bearded middle-aged man from before was standing straight. He held both of his arms in front of his chest while staring at Ye Chen with an ice-cold glance.

Ye Chen was not afraid of his aura, ''Isn't the rule of the fortress for the warriors to choose their rooms according to their own judgment of their cultivation? According to my power, I can live here.''

''You think you are powerful enough to live on the third floor?'' The bearded man looked like he had heard something extremely funny. He started to laugh hysterically. His moon-white teeth looked extra horrifying, ''I give you another chance. Piss off! Otherwise, I will toss you down myself.''

''Oh yeah? You should double-check it.''

Ye Chen's voice was extremely cold as his green lotus zhen yuan exploded, along with his completed sword intent. The air at this moment started shaking violently.

Pow. Pow. Pow.

The man backed by three steps. Ye Chen's green lotus zhen yuan had a very high quality, but it was still not its most important aspect. What was the most important was that his sword intent gave people a suffocating feeling. It was indeed the completed sword intent. It was not a first time that the man had encountered top Astral Reaching Realm warriors. For example, the the blood sword artist was an extreme existence. However, even with his power, his aura was still weaker. If the blood sword artist's sword intent had given him a feeling of an ocean, then Ye Chen's sword intent had given him a feeling of being trapped by the ocean water. He felt that he could not breathe anymore.

''Do I have the right to stay here?'' Ye Chen looked at him coldly.

The bearded man let out a deep breath, ''Yes, I was indeed wrong.''


Ye Chen was not the type of guy who liked to look for trouble. He did not want to do anything to the bearded man, so he carried on walking towards his room.

''The new generation is so horrifyingly powerful. What a scary sword artist!''

After Ye Chen had let the sight, the man wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. For a second, he thought he was standing in front of death. Fortunately, he did not do anything too over the line. Otherwise, he could not be sure that he would not kill him. No one in the Blood Demon Battlefield would be that nice.

''This is sword intent that had scared off a Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior!'' Su Lan did not believe her eyes. Earlier on, she thought that Ye Chen was only a lucky young man who had not been eaten by the blood demons. But she was clearly wrong. He was more powerful than she could ever imagine.

''Perhaps, he would have the power to leave the Blood Demon Battlefield! Let me observe more.'' She was more excited than ever as she thought to herself.

''Where had that young sword artist come from? How come I had never heard about him? This sword intent would be more powerful than even top Astral Reaching Realm warriors.''

''Yeah! We had all judged him wrong.''

''If he had a higher cultivation, it would not be impossible for him to go onto the fourth floor.''

Seeing what had happened, the crowd couldn't help but start discussing.

Closing the door, Ye Chen glanced around the room to find that the rooms on the third floor were huge and fully equipped. There was an individual training room as well.

Walking in front of his own balcony, he was able to see the view outside the fortress. There were a lot of people coming in and out of the fortress, fighting against the blood demons.

''Only power matters here. The Blood Demon Battlefield is indeed a great place. I think I will stay here until I reach the Mid Astral Reaching Realm!''

Having stayed in the Martial City for a whole month, he had already accumulated so much of zhen yuan. All he needed now would be a chance, an opportunity. Then, he would be able to make a breakthrough. He believed that it would not be too hard when there was the right amount of pressure. Even if there were not any, he would just have to wait a bit longer.