Chapter 332: Two Mid Grade Artifacts

 Chapter 332: Two Mid Grade Artifacts

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In two days after arriving into the second space, Ye Chen had killed more than thirty mid-grade, and seven high grade blood demons. One of them was quite powerful, roughly as strong as a late Astral Reaching realm expert, no any weaker than the Corpse Man. In addition to that, blood demons were different from humans. The more their grade increased, the higher the difficulty was to kill them. Even if one cut them into seven parts, they wouldn't die. Unless one thoroughly disintegrated them, they wouldn't be considered truly dead. Therefore, in the case of equal strength, it would be blood demons that would kill humans. The reverse happened extremely rarely.

To understand the true terror of Blood demon Battlefield, one had to experience it themselves.

"In these days, I have gotten three low-grade artifacts, but haven't found a single mid-grade one. Seems like looking for a mid-grade artifact is not that easy, and even if I find one, it's quite possible that it won't suit me." Ye Chen steadily flew among the rocky mountains. Having cultivated the Qi Restraining Art, he was not too worried of becoming an easy target of blood demons. Of course, the Qi Restraining Art's level seemed a bit low in the light of Astral Reaching realm. It was somewhat lacking before high-grade blood demons.


Not too far away ahead, Ye Chen saw an ancient stone gate. Inside the gate was a blood red whirlpool slowly whirling. In contrast with dark red mountains, it looked particularly striking.

"It's said that the Blood demon Battlefield has several hundreds of conveyor gates, but it's still my first time seeing one." While entering the battlefield from outside, sometimes one would appear just out of thin air, and sometimes one would appear from inside these stone gates. There was no rule. Ye Chen had himself appeared out of thin air.

Flying past above the stone gate, Ye Chen proceeded to look for a mid-grade artifact.


Not long after Ye Chen had left, the blood red whirlpool inside the stone gate sped up, and a human figure was suddenly ejected. He was wearing a black robe, and his face was pale, without a trace of blood. Regardless of how one looked at him, his face looked completely out of place, as if it didn't belong to him.

"Ke ke, for human experts, the blood demons are frightening. However, on my body is corpse blood, which is absolutely not something to the blood demons' liking." The man sneered sinisterly. He pulled out a devil mask from his storage ring and set it over his face. Who else could it be if not the Corpse Man?

The ground near the stone gate suddenly flickered with a blood-colored light as a mid-grade blood demon pounced on the Corpse man. However, it didn't feel any ripples of blood Qi coming from the target. It then immediately stopped, wishing to go back.

"Where are you going?!"

Like a huge grasshopper, Corpse man jumped across, appearing before the blood demon and clawing with his eagle-like hands.

At this moment, an astonishing scene occurred. The blood demon that had always swallowed others quickly withered down, and was swallowed clean by the Corpse man, not leaving even a single trace behind.

"It's indeed a good nutrition. Richer the corpse blood, more powerful my recovery ability will be!" The Corpse man raised his arm that was previously chopped off by Ye Chen and smiled proudly.


The Blood demon Battlefield wasn't separated in day and night. Ye Chen could only keep track of time by relying on the sandglass in his storage ring. After approximately a day, Ye Chen had arrived in the central regions of the rocky mountain range.

"Are these aura ripples from a mid-grade artifact?"

A mid-grade artifact could increase the power of Astral Reaching experts by thirty to forty percent. The power contained within their own body was quite huge. Therefore, their aura ripples were also huge. Generally speaking, an ownerless mid grade artifact's aura ripples could cover more than a hundred li. Of course, only an Astral Reaching expert could sense these ripples from a hundred li away. Clasping Yuan martial artists needed to enter within ten li of the artifact to sense it.

Ye Chen's spirit power was exceptionally strong, so he could easily sense these ripples from more than a hundred li.


Circulating his True Yuan to the limits, Ye Chen shot in the direction of the ripples. Regardless of whether it was a sword or not, Ye Chen wouldn't give up on a mid-grade artifact. After all, even the lowest quality mid-grade artifacts could be sold for a thirty thousand mid grade spirit stones, which was an astonishing sum for an Astral Reaching expert. Not to mention the fact that there was no movement near the artifact, which meant it was probably ownerless.

At his top speed, it only took Ye Chen about fifty breaths to cross hundred li.

"It's there!"

Relying on his spirit power, Ye Chen soon sensed two mid-grade artifacts inside the cave ahead. One was an axe, and the other was an internal armor.

"Two mid grade artifacts! And I can actually use one of them!" Ye Chen smiled. He could sell the axe and keep the internal armor for his use. A mid-grade offensive artifact was quite important, but a defensive one was even more important. An ordinary mid grade defensive artifact could increase one's defense by thirty percent, and a good one could do the same by more than thirty percent, while a top-notch one by forty percent. Ye Chen was fairly certain that this mid-grade defensive artifact could make his defense comparable to that of a late Astral Reaching realm expert, and defense had always been a big weakness for him.

"These are mine!"

The powerful had no fear. Completely unafraid of whatever dangers were waiting inside, Ye Chen's body flitted across with a flicker.

"Ke ke, another one has come to throw away his life."

Inside the cave, a blood-colored figure appeared- a high-grade blood demon.

The blood demon was extremely confident. It didn't restrain its aura in the slightest, allowing its savage and vicious demeanor to spread out, enveloping several hundred meters. It raised its head and mercilessly gazed at Ye chen, as if the latter had already become its nourishment.

"A powerful high-grade blood demon!" Ye Chen sensed that this blood demon was somewhat more powerful than the high-grade blood demon he had killed before, almost equivalent to a peak late Astral Reaching realm expert. As for it using mid-grade artifacts to lure human experts, it was not the first time Ye Chen had come across such a matter.

Before reaching the level of Blood General, blood demons usually didn't use any weapons, as their body itself was a frightening weapon. When they transformed their body into blood beams and struck down, similar ranked human experts would have their blood and qi swallowed dry without the slightest chance to resist.

"Go burn!"

Ye Chen smiled coldly. Since he didn't fear ambushes, he naturally had his own confidence. Green Lotus True Yuan exploded fiercely, and Ye Chen transformed into a humanoid figure of flames, rushing towards the blood demon.

"Excellent! The blood and Qi on your body are even more vigorous than late Astral Reaching experts. You must have cultivated a body tempering technique. After swallowing your blood and qi, I might be able to attain the limits of high-grade blood demon, and will have a chance to break through into the ranks of Blood Generals." The blood demon licked its lips. As soon as Ye Chen ignited his True Yuan, his blood and Qi started soaring, and his essence started surging.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to!" Ye Chen's speed was extremely high. In a blink of an eye, he had arrived a hundred meters away from the blood demon,

"Green Lotus Sky!"

The sword slashed, locking the atmosphere. Sharp streams of Qi formed a green lotus, which expanded out, enveloping the blood demon within.

"A strange sword move, but it's useless against me. Break!"

The blood demon punched out with a howl. A bloody stream of light gushed out, smashing the locked atmosphere.


The ground cracked. The blood demon's eyes shined with a demonic light. Raising its huge hand, it lightly swatted the air.


The air boiled up like water. A corrosive power rushed at Ye Chen like a volcanic eruption, faintly looking like a blood-colored head.

'Powerful! This blood demon's attacking methods are vast. Ordinary high-grade blood demon's are simply incomparable.' Not daring to be neglectful in the slightest, Ye Chen defensively raised the Star Scar Sword to his chest. At the blade's edge was a several meters long green lotus, guarding his whole body from top to bottom.


The green lotus, which possessed a powerful defense, was corroded by more than half.

"Not bad! You can actually block one of my ultimate moves. Let's see how you will resist this time then!" The blood demon clasped his hands, then suddenly opened them apart, emitting a half-moon arc-shaped blood colored beam. The arc beam incessantly bobbled before its chest as a grand aura rippled out, dyeing the air blood red.


Gathering power in its palm, the blood demon swatted the air. Under its urge, the arc beam flickered as if teleporting, and strangely chopped at Ye Chen's head.

"Why should I resist? Let me cut it open!" Raising his left forefinger, Ye Chen pointed it towards the arc beam.


A deep azure colored sword Qi shot out and coiled around the arc, dividing it into two sections and greatly reducing its might.


Clenching his finger, Ye Chen punched out towards the arc beam from afar.

With a peng sound, the arc beam exploded.

"How is this possible? How can he be this strong, on top of emitting sword qi from his body?" The blood demon's pupils shrunk, feeling startled and vexed.

"Green Lotus Splitting Mountain!"

While breaking the arc beam with his left hand, Ye Chen's right hand was not idle either. Holding the Star Scar sword, it slashed out a sword beam. The magnificent sword light arrived in a flash.

The blood demon also hadn't understood the overall situation previously. It hurriedly condensed a blood-colored skull that resembled a shield in defense and raised it.

With a ripping sound, the sword light rigidly sliced the skull shield. In the Green Lotus Sword Arts, Green Lotus Splitting Mountain's might led the three great skills, second only to Green Lotus Accumulation. With ninety percent sword intent, it was simply irresistible.

After cutting the shield, the sword light slashed at the blood demon's chest.

"Damn it! No need to waste two middle-grade artifacts." The blood demon knew that it was not Ye Chen's opponent. It transformed into blood light and bore into the ground.

Ye Chen coldly sneered. His spirit power pervaded the ground and quickly caught the blood demon's traces. He then slashed out Green Lotus Splitting Mountain once more.


The ground split opened like a valley, revealing a pitch black abyss. Expanding to several hundred meters into length, the sword light crushed down and smashed into the frantically escaping blood demon, leaving destruction in its wake.


The blood demon's dying, blood-curdling scream resounded from inside the abyss.

After killing the blood demon, Ye Chen's gaze fell on the two mid-grade artifacts inside the cave. With a grasping motion of his palm, they flew over.

The axe was a meter long. It had a dark cyan colored shaft with various inscriptions. On the blade, a white light indistinctly appeared. When he touched the while light with his finger, an intense stabbing pain assaulted him. It would be hard to imagine what kind of might this axe would bring forth if swung by an Astral Reaching expert.

Collecting the axe, Ye Chen fixed his eyes on the inner armor. At its edges were some meticulous inscriptions. On the lines of these inscriptions, fine light streams shuttled about like a True Yuan circulation route diagram. The inner armor's chest was quite heavy, sufficient to resist a huge amount of damage.