Chapter 331: Blood Demon Battlefield

 Chapter 331: Blood Demon Battlefield

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The martial artists on the third island numbered in several hundreds. Some were waiting, some were teaming up, and some were coming out of the battlefield, recounting their experiences inside.

"Don't you know? Splitting Mountain Warrior died in the second space of the battlefield."

"What? Impossible! Splitting Mountain Warrior is a powerful expert of late Astral Reaching realm. Although his technique, the Splitting Mountain Palm, is only a high-level earth grade palm skill, its powerful intent is rarely ever seen. Even the peak Astral Reaching realm experts aren't willing to provoke him. How could he die in the second space?"

"How could it be false? I saw it with my own eyes. A high-level Blood demon passed from above him, taking away all the blood and Qi, leaving behind a puddle of human flesh on the ground. Fortunately, I was quick on the take and immediately escaped. This is how I made it out of the second space, soaked in fear, but fine nevertheless.

"One of three comes alive... This Blood demon battlefield really is worthy of being a forbidden region. Even someone as powerful as the Splitting Mountain Warrior can die! Treasures really aren't good enough to throw away one's life."

In South Zhuo region, Astral Reaching experts with mid-rank weapons were quite few in number. Everybody knew that one could find a mid-rank weapon of one desired in the Blood demon Battlefield. However, those that dared to enter with true determination were actually quite few. After all, there was only one chance at life. If one died, one died. What use would treasures have then? In general, there were three types of people who dared to enter the Blood demon Battlefield. First were those whose individual strength was extremely high and didn't fear any situation. Second were those who willingly risked their lives to increase their strength. Such people were quite few. Finally, the last were those who were burning with flames of vengeance. For the sake of revenge, they would even dare to charge through mountains of daggers and sea of flames.

Strictly speaking, Ye Chen could be considered both from the first and second type.

In terms of strength, apart from being a little lacking in terms of cultivation base, he was top notch in every other aspect. Overall, he could be considered extremely powerful, and moreover, could further increase his strength at any moment.

In terms of mentality, the mentality of a sword artist who had comprehended sword intent would always be superior to others by a notch. Ye Chen was quite clear that danger was necessary sometimes. Without passing through several life and death trails, his hopes of entering the Life and Death realm would be quite slim. Life and Death, the meaning these three words encompassed was far too broad.

'It's like a conveyor whirlpool. Clasping Yuan martial artists would be sent to the first space, while Astral Reaching experts would be sent to the second space. This difference ought to be based on one's aura. I wonder where it will send me in the second space.'


Ye Chen stepped out and rushed into the whirlpool.


Several Hundred Thousand Li away from the Blood demon Battlefield...

"The Soul Seeking Bird died?" Hearing the news from his subordinate, Daoist Jin Huang's face turned unsightly. A vicious expression appeared on his face, looking extremely terrifying.

The Astral Reaching expert who had cultivated the Soul Seeking immediately spoke with his head dripping cold sweat, "Be at ease, sixth elder. When the bird died, that kid was less than a few dozen thousand li away from the Blood demon battlefield. Your subordinate can speak with eighty percent certainty that he is going there to look for a treasure."

"Blood demon Battlefield! Looking for a treasure!" Daoist Jin Huang mumbled to himself, then suddenly howled with laughter, "That's right! I almost forgot, his weapon is still a low-grade artifact. In the hands of an Astral Reaching expert, a low-grade weapon would be damaged if used for a long time. Especially in a confrontation against an expert, the chances of the low-grade weapon being damaged are much higher. Therefore, he surely wants to get a mid-grade weapon. Otherwise, if a swordsman loses his weapon, his battle power will be greatly reduced, at least by thirty percent. On the other hand, if he has a mid-grade weapon, not only would he not have to worry about it taking any damage, his battle power would also increase by thirty to forty percent. This is indeed a hard-to-resist attraction."

"You've done well!" Daoist Jin Huang's mood cheered up.

Letting out a breath, that Astral Reaching expert cautiously said, "Sixth elder, this matter shouldn't be delayed any longer. Let's go to the Blood demon Battlefield together and thoroughly eliminate him."

"That's only natural. However, to tie all ends, you all will stand guard on Blood Stone Islands. Me and Rock elder going inside would be enough." Daoist Jin Huang was afraid that they would miss Ye Chen inside the battlefield, allowing him to slip away again. As for Rock Elder, he would be his helper. His cultivation base was comparable to him, as he was also a late Astral Reaching realm expert. With him by his side, killing Ye Chen would be as easy as flipping their hands.



A blood red whirlpool suddenly emerged, ejecting out a blue figure who was emitting a swift and fierce aura, like an unsheathed sword cutting through the void.

"Not bad, no danger here!"

Ye Chen had heard on multiple occasions that some people would directly be delivered to the regions highly concentrated with Blood demons, and would be swallowed clean even before fully revealing their bodies- an appalling scene. Therefore, when Ye Chen was being carried, he had already prepared himself well with Green Lotus Sword Qi ready to explode at a moment's notice.

With his feet firmly planted on the ground, Ye Chen looked around him, "This is the second space of Blood demon Battlefield."

Blood colored clouds, dark lighting and mountains, dim, red-colored water, and not a sign of flowers and plants... The boundless second space of the Blood demon Battlefield seemed like an extremely desolate world. The oppressive atmosphere emitted a frightening feeling.

"Ah! My Zhen Yuan is a little suppressed."

Upon circulating Zhen Yuan, Ye Chen discovered that the originally freely flowing Zhen Yuan was a little sluggish. This sluggishness wouldn't be discovered if one didn't pay careful attention to it. Only people like Ye Chen, who had a powerful spirit power, could discover it immediately. The rest would start in complete ignorance.

Ye Chen's brows faintly arched up. One shouldn't look down on this faint suppression. Perhaps, it wouldn't affect one at their peak. However, once one was worn down, this faint suppression would be like the last straw that would break the camel's back, and would be sufficient to overwhelm him.

'Seems like this world really is made for the existence of Blood demons. It's hard for human martial artists to survive here.'

Holding the Star Scar Sword close to his waist, Ye Chen picked a direction and advanced forward.

After progressing through a region of mounds, he entered a mountain range with dark, red-colored rubble. Upon barely walking a few steps, Ye Chen saw a withered human corpse with an eerie aura lingering over it, as if a ghost was crying.

"It's a good place. Under such sinister and frightening circumstances, my willpower would inevitably be tempered. The stronger my willpower becomes, the more powerful my sword intent would be."

Turning a blind eye to his surroundings, Ye Chen straightened his back and slowly advanced forth.


The mountain rock beside him suddenly exuded a blood red color and a bloody beam of light, showing a badly distorted face that exploded out, trying to engulf Ye Chen.


This was only a mid-grade Blood demon, equivalent to a human Clasping Yuan cultivator. Ye Chen didn't bother to even take out his sword, and simply sent out a punch, seeming like a combination of five mountains.


The air shook from the powerful Five Mountain Godly Fist Art. As the fist struck forth, the air seemed to have turned into a viscous liquid, restricting the Blood demon's velocity. It was immediately crushed by the fist and exploded into a bloody mist, which scattered around.

"These Blood demons are indeed weird. They don't have specific physical forms, and can conceal themselves within rocks and other similar objects.

After killing the mid-grade Blood demon, Ye Chen didn't stay around. His spirit power spread out like a net, searching for any ripples from a treasure's aura.

The rocky mountain range was huge, much larger than normal big mountain ranges. After an hour had passed, Ye Chen eventually discovered ripples of a treasure's aura. However, there were also ripples of Astral Reaching realm experts' Zhen Yuan. The ripples were chaotic, which indicated a fierce battle.

'Let's go take a look!'

With the Green Lotus Zhen Yuan circulating inside him, Ye Chen turned into a beam of light. His speed soared, quickly touching twice that of sound.

In the time for ten blinks, Ye Chen landed on a short mountain peak.

Looking down on the even land before, he saw two Astral Reaching experts teaming up against a high-level Blood demon. Qi energy was being emitted all around them, levelling down the nearby rocky mountainous region.

"A man and a woman, a high-level Blood demon, and a mid-grade artifact." Ye Chen thought of countless possibilities, the prominent among which was that this man and woman came here sensing ripples from the artifact, but caught a high-level Blood demon's eye upon arriving.

The man was at the peak of mid Astral Reaching realm, while the woman was at the mid Astral Reaching realm. On the other hand, the high-grade Blood demon was also not a peak Blood demon, and wouldn't be able to deal with them for the time being.

"Elder brother Liao, there is a man up there." The woman glanced towards Ye Chen's location, then said with creased brows.

The man forced the Blood demon back with his blade and then said, "Don't mind him. This Blood demon is quite troublesome. Whatever happens, don't let it come near."


The pressure on the two increased by multiple folds. Those who chose to enter the Blood demon Battlefield basically weren't benevolent men and virtuous women. Sometimes, the threat from powerful human cultivators was much more frightening than from Blood demons. At the very least, everybody knew that Blood demons were enemies. However, it didn't take long for a friend to turn into enemy.

The human experts who died in such manner weren't few. However, at this moment, they couldn't do much.



The high-grade Blood demon gave up tangling with the two and shot in Ye Chen's direction. As far as it was concerned, the Zhen Yuan ripples coming from Ye Chen were evidently much weaker than the other two. He would make a good target.

The man and the woman who had picked up the mid-grade artifact exchanged a glance. They were husband and wife. Husbands and wives rarely ever turned on each other, and they were no exceptions. At this moment, they had the same thought. Once Ye Chen died, his spirit ring would belong to them. They were quite clear on how frightening a high-grade Blood demon was.

On the short mountain peak, Ye Chen smiled coldly.

"Ke ke... I haven't tasted a powerful human expert's flesh for so long."

The Blood demon turned into a cloud of bloody light in the air, rushing at Ye Chen with a speed much faster than that of a mid Astral Reaching realm expert.

As the distance between them shortened to ten meters, Ye Chen unsheathed his sword. Branding a gargantuan lotus on the glistening green sword light, the sword slashed the Blood demon into two.

"What? So powerful!"

Not only the man and woman below were astonished, the high-grade Blood demon was even more startled. Its two halves rapidly wriggled, then continued to attack Ye Chen, one from the right and one from the left.

Chi chi chi chi chi...

Countless sword rays crisscrossed, forming a sword net that sliced the two bloody beams of the Blood demon as soon as they made contact. Its spiritual awareness scattered away, disappearing away rapidly.

"Not good! Quickly run, this guy is an expert." The man hurriedly pulled woman's hand, escaping as far away as possible, afraid that Ye Chen would catch up to them and kill them as well.

Ye Chen smiled indifferently. He wouldn't offend those who didn't offend him. He wouldn't kill in normal situations, and he could understand their actions. In the Blood demon Battlefield, everybody was exceptionally vigilant, and those who were not would have already become nourishments for Blood demons.