Chapter 330: Soul Seeking Bird

 Chapter 330: Soul Seeking Bird

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"How long since he left?"

Seven or eight Astral Reaching experts were sitting inside a private room on the third floor of one of the best restaurants in Martial City. Their leader, however, was actually the Floating Mountain Martial School's core elder Daoist Jin Huang. His body was covered in long, gray-colored robes, with golden threads embroidered at its edges. He swept his gaze around as he asked the Astral Reaching expert sitting across him.

"Three days!" This person was one of the Astral Reaching experts who had been following Ye Chen. Half a month ago, when he discovered Ye Chen's arrival in Martial City, he immediately conveyed the news to Daoist Jin Huang.

Daoist Jin Huang's eyes sharpened. He never expected Ye Chen would be so eager to seek his death. Barely attaining Astral Reaching realm, Ye Chen actually decided to leave the Windy nation, which was more than he could have asked for. If Ye Chen had stubbornly refused to leave Windy nation, he had no means whatsoever. The Lord, an entity which was as big as the sky itself, was not something he could contend against. Even if he had twice as much courage, he wouldn't dare to go provoke the former. "Soul Seeking Bird should have caught up to him!"

"Yes. As long as the Soul Seeking Bird is here, even if that kid escapes to the world's end, he would be killed in yours, sixth elder's, hands."

"Good, very good! This time, it would be hard for him to escape death."

Daoist Jin Huang laughed heartily. The Soul Seeking Bird was a mysterious bird raised in the Floating Mountain Martial School. It was only a size of a thumb, but could move a thousand meters in a blink of an eye. If it sniffed one's scent once, it could feel his existence anywhere within fifty kilometeres. With the Soul Seeking Bird at Ye Chen's tail, half of the job was already done, and the remaining half would be completed by him. Thinking up to this point, Daoist Jin Huang was delighted. Ye Chen was like a tie in his heart, a heart demon. Without getting rid of him, he would never be able to calm his heart and cultivate in peace. He was quite clear that with Ye Chen's talent, it wouldn't be impossible for the latter to become a threat for him in three to five years. Therefore, he must get rid of him as soon as possible. Fortunately, his goal was not too far away from him.


Star Regional Lake...

Ranked among the top lakes of True Spirit continent, its area exceeded that of the Black Dragon Empire, Crystal Empire, and Gray Mystery nation combined. It stretched all the way to the central regions of Misty Snow nation, and the borders of the Cloud Billow Region, Thunder Region, and many more. Star Regional lake had been an exceptionally mysterious existence since the ancient times. It had numerous forbidden areas, some of which even Monarchs of Life and Death realm wouldn't dare to belittle, as they could suffer a disastrous death there.

The Blood demon Battleground was still within the boundaries of South Zhou region. It was a small forbidden area at the edge of Star Regional Lake. For Clasping Yuan and Astral Reaching martial artists, the danger was exponentially high. Out of three going in, chances were that only one would make it out.

A beam of light streaked across the air under thick clouds.

"I and Daoist Jin Huang cannot exist together. If he doesn't die, I will. There is no point in going to the Coiling Serpent Island. It would only bring a calamity for them. I need to go straight to the Blood demon Battlefield." Ye Chen was thinking of paying a visit to the Coiling Serpent island and taking a look at what happened to Lord Serpent's body. However, he gave up such thoughts shortly afterward. Without resolving the matter with Daoist Jin Huang, it would be best not to see anybody, unless that person's background and strength were sufficiently mighty.

In between the boundless skies and water, Ye Chen increased his speed up to seventy percent as he rushed in the direction of Blood Stone island, situated several hundred thousand li outward.

"Eh? Why does it feel like I'm being followed?"

After leaving the Martial City, Ye Chen felt that something fishy was going on. As for what exactly was it, he was not too clear. As more and more time passed, this feeling only became more and more prominent. After pondering all the way along, he was now certain that there was indeed something happening with his body.

"Why don't I take a look who is following me?"

Ye Chen suddenly turned around. Inside his body, Green Lotus True Yuan fiercely exploded, pushing his speed to the limit as he rushed in the opposite direction. Leaving behind a faint dark trajectory in the sky, he covered an astonishing thousand meters in a blink of an eye.

After moving a dozen or so kilometers, Ye Chen released his spirit power. Radiating out in a fan shape, it covered the entirety of the vast surroundings he was facing.

"A bird!"

In his spiritual perception, a thumb-sized small bird, which seemed to be made from iron, appeared in his mind. His sudden turn was evidently unexpected for the bird. It immediately escaped in the other direction like a dark lightning bolt.

"Humph, die!"

Ye Chen finally realized the source of his unease. This little black bird actually had the ability to follow someone's scent. It had been tailing him from several dozens of kilometers, where he couldn't use his spiritual perception. Fortunately, he suddenly came up with the idea of making a sudden turn and shortening the distance.

Star Scar Sword was unsheathed, as sword Qi sliced across the sky.

The speed of the sword Qi was much faster than the flying speed of the bird. Within a few breaths, it arrived behind its body. The enormous sword pressure turned that area completely void. Subsequently, Sword Qi flickered down, then brutally slashed upward.


The little black bird's defense was quite good, but was unfortunately not enough to endure the power behind Ye Chen's attack. Its feathers split apart one after another, before it was sliced into two halves.

Several hundred Li away...

An Astral Reaching expert's face suddenly changed. "What? The Soul Seeking Bird is down? Could it be Ye Chen? Is it even possible? He absolutely shouldn't be able to perceive the Soul Seeking Bird's existence. It was probably killed by some passing by powerful expert. Damn it! This kid's luck is way too good."

He was the cultivator of that Soul Seeking Bird. He had a subtle connection with that bird. Therefore, as soon as it encountered some danger, he immediately got to know about it.

"This place is less than fifty thousand li away from Blood demon Battlefield. If my guess is not wrong, this kid is certainly going there to try his luck. Although the Blood demon Battlefield is really dangerous, only one making out alive out of three, it's hard to say whether he can do it or not. I should better inform elder Jin Huang first."

Gnashing his teeth, he turned around and rushed back towards Martial City.

After killing the little black bird, Ye Chen's mind was completely free of the troubling feeling he had before. Knitting his brows, he said, "It was most probably Daoist Jin Huang's trick. That's fine too. After this, I too would very much like him to come before me himself. In that case, I can thoroughly erase him and resolve my heart demon."

Ye Chen was Daoist Jin Huang's heart demon, then how could the letter not be his? If the two wished to advance forward, they must kill the other. In any case, one of them had to leave the world.

"Blood demon Battlefield...will be my battlefield!"

Letting out a heavy breath, Ye Chen once again advanced towards the Blood demon Battlefield, his eyes cold.

Blood Stone Islands...

It was made of thirty-six islands altogether. The rocks on the islands were faint blood red in color for the most part, hence the name.

On every island was an ancient stone gate, and within the stone gate was a blood red whirlpool, which was several dozens of meters wide, emitting a frightening aura.

At this moment, every major island was occupied by numerous martial artists, most of which were Clasping Yuan cultivators. Astral Reaching experts only made up about five percent of the total. At the same time, numerous martial artists were coming from all directions, assimilating into the crowd.

Ye Chen's figure streaked across the horizon before he landed on the third island. As he raised his head, he saw numerous people rushing into the blood red whirlpool and disappearing without a trace.