Chapter 328: Top Ten Astral Reaching Realm Sword Artists

 Chapter 328: Top Ten Astral Reaching Realm Sword Artists

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Boom! Boom!

A dozen meters deep hole appeared on the ground. The horrifying zhen yuan flow forced out all the natural yuan in the form of horrifying qi flows. A lot of the warriors were forced to leave the area.

"How aggressive!"

The elder was almost hit by one of the zhen yuan streams, looking a bit pale. At the same time, Song Yan was a bit unlucky - his clothes had been torn apart by the qi flow, revealing the low-rank armor underneath.

"The thirteenth plant!" Pushing his zhen yuan, Ye Chen's body flashed before grabbing onto the thirteenth plant, prepared to leave.

"How dare you steal plants right under our eyes?"

"Make him spit out all of the sword-shaped plants."

There were seven or eight Astral Reaching Realm warriors there who had noticed Ye Chen, rushing towards his direction as they created a horrifying zhen yuan flow.

Ye Chen frowned as he took out his Star Scar Sword. He blocked out the incoming attacks with his Green Lotus attack.

"What? How dare you fight back?"

"Hand over the plants, then we won't kill you."

These people from the great martial institutions saw Ye Chen being able to block out their attacks so effortlessly, which shocked them greatly. Although there were only two of them at the Mid Astral Reaching Realm, they were indeed quite powerful with their powers combined. Even a Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior would not dare to handle it recklessly. However, Ye Chen had somehow done it with only one move. However, with the advantage of having more people on his side, the leading two warriors looked extra evil as they pointed at Ye Chen and yelled with a superior tone.

After backing out to the safety area, Ye Chen stood on the ground and said with a cold voice, "I didn't have a problem when you decided to block down the Natural Moat Gorge, but now you want me to hand over the plants? Sorry, that I cannot do."

"You have to hand over even if you don't want to. Don't make us use force."

Ye Chen squeezed his eyes. To be honest, as long as the opponents did not reach the Seas of Souls Realm, he did not fear anyone, since his sword intent had already reached ninety-three percent right now. Furthermore, because it contained the immortality concept, it was almost as powerful as the completion stage sword intent. He had the confidence to win even if the opponent was Jin Huang. Although there were a lot of martial artists from big martial institutions around this area, as long as he was not surrounded, there was no way they could do any damage to him. Therefore, they would be dreaming if they thought that Ye Chen was going to give up his plants, especially when these plants meant a great deal to him. But even if they didn't, he would not give it out to them just like that.

As Ye Chen was just planning to attack, the elder walked out, "You people, I suggest you not to be so overly aggressive. I have been traveling around this area for so long, and even the leaders of the rank 7 martial institutions would have to polite in front of me. Who do you think you are? How dare you stand here and speak in that tone? Also, who attacked me before? Do you not have eyes?"

"What? Is it the Sword Pal?"

"One of the top ten sword Astral Reaching Realm warriors... Then the young man right next to him would be Song Yan, right? Although he is not ranked in the top ten, he is definitely not a nobody."

With this, the couple of people started to lose their attitude from before. The elder was all alone, he had no kids no relatives, and he was extremely powerful. He was also ranked quite high up in the top ten ranks for sword artists. Barely anyone below the Seas of Souls Realm would be able to compete with him. Therefore, in most cases, the leaders of the rank 7 martial institutions would not dare to piss him off, since they did not have anyone who had reached that high of a realm. If the elder was pissed off, he was more than powerful enough to kill most of the people in the martial institutions before escaping. Without enough number of Astral Reaching Realm warriors, it would be impossible to block his way.

If that were it, then it would still be reasonable.

A couple of years ago, there was a very powerful sword artist who was called the "Blood Sword" artist. He was also just like the elder, regarded as one of the top ten sword artists in Astral Reaching Realm.

Back then, a senior master of a rank 7 martial school had bullied someone, and had then been killed by that Blood Sword artist, which caused the leader of the martial school to get mad with fury. He had sent out dozens of Astral Reaching Realm warriors to hunt down the warrior. However, because of his extremely strong power, the Blood Sword had fought and ran at the same time, managing to kill a huge number of powerful warriors.

That leader eventually regretted his decision, since there were limited Astral Reaching Realm warriors in a rank 7 martial institution. After a bunch of them were killed by the Blood Sword, their general level of power as a martial school had decreased drastically, which was definitely not worth it. However, it would be impossible for him to let it go as the leader of a martial school. So, he had to send out a letter and ask the warrior to apologize to end the incident.

However, the Blood Sword was very famous for his brutality and his rich killing vibe. As long as he was not provoked, he was all good. However, once pissed off, he would give in everything.

Within two years of time, the rank 7 martial school involved had been attacked to a stage where all of their masters were afraid to leave the school. All of their disciples had left the school along with a lot of masters. Soon, the rank 7 school had fallen completely, and had been degraded to a rank 8 school.

Still, the Blood Sword did not want to stop there. He refused to let it go.

One day, he sneaked in the school and killed the leader, followed by all of the powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors, which broke the wonder of one man killing the whole martial school. It was the only time such a thing happened in centuries.

With the example of the Blood Sword, all of the rank 7 martial schools had reached a conclusion that they would never provoke a powerful Astral Reaching Realm warrior ever again, unless they had the confidence to kill him or her. Otherwise, as long as he or she did not die, the institution's destiny would be doomed. The martial school involved might end up being the second sacrifice of the centuries.

"Oh! It is the Sword Pal after all. It must be my stupid eyes that I was not able to recognize you. Please forgive my honest mistake." This group of people suddenly changed their attitude completely, holding their fists and apologizing to the elder.

Song Yan, who was standing right next to the elder, sneered, "If you dare to chase after that warrior after he leaves the area, then I have to warn you that he might be even stronger than I am. Even if he kills you all, your martial school might not even do anything about it."

He was not hundred percent sure exactly how powerful Ye Chen was, but he had a hunch that he might even be more powerful than he was. Judging from the shock on the elder's face, it would not be hard to tell that Ye Chen must have something else extremely powerful hidden.

"More powerful than Song Yan?"

All of them did not know what to say. Song Yan was already one of the most powerful warriors in the Astral Reaching Realm. He had already been listed as one of the people should never mess with. Then, if Ye Chen were just as powerful, then he should also be listed.

"We apologize!"

The leading person took a deep breath; he could not be more regretful about his behavior. Judging from Ye Chen's tone before, Song Yan might actually be telling the truth. A simple apology would mean nothing compared to his own life. It would not be worth the risk to piss someone this powerful off.

Putting away his sword intent, Ye Chen could not look more normal. He neither accepted the apology nor rejected it.

The elder started talking, "Alright now, you people go and notify the others. It is better when you are not too aggressive about it, you know? The plants in their pockets are already theirs."

"Yes, we will leave now."

The people were really scared of the elder. And, it was not hard to tell that the elder was good friends with Song Yan and Ye Chen.

After they had left, the elder turned to laugh at Ye Chen, "It is always like this in the South Rudra Region, power means everything. Don't think that they would do anything they felt like because they came from powerful institutions. As long as they are not from rank 6 martial institutions, they would not dare to say anything rude to me, since the example of the Blood Sword is right there."

Ye Chen greeted Song Yan and the elder formally, "Thank you very much for your help."

Obviously, Ye Chen would be fine without their help, but it would be a different story, one involving him exerting quite some efforts. It was right for him to be grateful.

Meanwhile, he had also learned about the reputation of the top ten sword artists in the Astral Reaching Realm. Rank 7 martial institutions would not dare to mess with them. If he wanted himself to reach that level of success, then he would have to display enough battling power. Otherwise, he would not be able to win over the people.

Just as the elder had said, power meant everything.

The elder shook his head as he laughed, "I knew that you had more of a potential then I do. I am only saying. But, it seems like Song Yan is very confident about you."

Song Yan introduced Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, this is one of the top ten Astral Reaching Realm sword artists, and also my mentor."

The three were all sword artists, so they had a great deal of topics to talk about.

With the warning from the elder, those powerful warriors were indeed politer to the people, as they did not force anyone to leave anymore. Although those warriors were not happy about it, since there were more of them and there was no chance of the warriors to fight back, they had left the area.

In the afternoon, Ye Chen said goodbye to the elder and Song Yan.

"Seniors, I have to head over to the Marital City. I will definitely come visit when I have time."

The elder nodded, "Young man, it is indeed quite good for you to be busy. When we have time, we should talk again. Your thinking on sword arts has given me so many new ideas."

"Senior, you experience has made me learn a lot as well. I will definitely visit you."

"Hehe, so I shall wait."

Separating from the two, Ye Chen headed over to the Martial City without a break.

He wanted to obtain some great medicines for increasing marital cultivation.

Right now, his cultivation had already been stabilized, and it was more than enough for him to reach the peak level of the Early Astral Reaching Realm. Once he reached that level, his battling power would be able to reach the next level, which would mean a lot to him. He was clear that his battling power now was still not as powerful as the elder, nor the top ten sword artists in the Astral Reaching Realm. All the warriors who were able to be ranked in the top ten were at least at the Late Astral Reaching Realm. Their martial arts and sword arts had to be good as well, at least high-rank Earth Realm, while their sword intent had to be at a stage higher than ninety percent as well. In general, they were extremely powerful, and even though Ye Chen had so many advantages, he was nowhere close in comparison.

However, of course, the only thing Ye Chen was missing was cultivation. And, cultivation would be relatively easier to train than the others, as he was very talented in that area.

Secondly, he had gotten thirteen plants altogether, which would be enough for him to train in the training room in Marital School, the quietest place he could get.

"Although I am not a loner, nor am I as chilled and free like the elder and Blood Sword, I won't have to be worried. With that powerful person who had saved my life and the South Rudra Marital School, the Sky Cloud Martial School and the Ye family will be relatively safe. Once my power has reached the level of the top ten sword artists, there would be fewer and fewer things that could threaten me."

Ye Chen was drowned in his thoughts as he traveled.

A few days later, he finally arrived at the Marital City. Without hesitation, he went straight to the trade palace.