Chapter 327: Lock Down

 Chapter 327: Lock Down

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Six sword-shaped plants had already helped Ye Chen in reaching the ninety percent sword intent. However, it was only the beginning. As the seventh plant was used, he could feel that the sword intent he had learned before was working with the sword intent from the seventh plant. It seemed like he had already accumulated so much knowledge about his sword intent.

"It seemed like I have made a right decision to spend more time on learning the sword intent. Without the twenty days of learning, it would be unknown whether I would have been able to reach the ninety percent, not to mention reaching the higher level."

The sword intent in the plants was not complete, and neither was the one leaking out of the crack in the Natural Moat Gorge. However, with the two combined together, it seemed to be more complete.

Time passed like water, and Ye Chen used up all of the sword-shaped plants he had got. However, the reward was surprising as well. According to his own estimation, his sword intent would be at least ninety-three percent already, which was not far from completion. And, as his sword intent becoming more and more stabilized, Ye Chen had also understood a bit more about the sword intent and the meaning behind it.

First of all, the aspect of immortality was something outside the realm of the perspectives. It was even more abstract, and in a way, more powerful.

Secondly, immortality was very special as well. It was nothing like the normal martial perspectives. But, it was based on the method of using perspectives into the martial art and building up a deeper, more abstract idea. Nothing would appear out of nowhere, but the immortality here seemed to only have appeared out of nowhere. It mostly disappeared into the unknown as well.

Ye Chen was not sure about his guesses - he thought that the immortality meant being the highest one could be in one's mentality.

"Whatever! With my cultivation now, this kind of abstract thinking could kill me. I would have to reach the Seas of Souls Realm for that."

For those things that could not be explained by logic, he would never force himself, because it would only drive him crazy if he did, which would not be worth it.

Over on the lake, Ye Chen lifted up his fist and threw it out.


The air was torn open apart, forming a vacuum space. It was quickly filled with fresh air, making the sharpest sound it could.

Pooh! The lake had been cut in half in the middle like fabric.

"With my comprehension ability, my cultivation has grown at such a fast speed. Plus, the higher the cultivation, the faster it would all get. Also, the higher the sword intent, the more it could increase my training speed. With only one month of training, my cultivation has already increased so much and become more stabilized. It seems like the chance to reach the peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm is very likely."

Undeniably, the reason that he was able to train at such a fast speed was largely because of the sword intent. In fact, comparing only the comprehension ability, Ye Chen was only at the level of many top warriors, so it was nothing special. However, his sword intent made his mind and heart purer. He was able to reach almost twenty percent of his potential already. On the contrary, some of the very talented warriors could barely reach ten percent of their potential.

After using the sword-shaped plant, the feeling of comprehension was still there. So, he planned to stay here for a couple of more days, until he was unable to feel anything.


In the Natural Moat Gorge.

The sword artists kept increasing around the crack. Slowly, their number reached one hundred. People came and went on a daily basis.

However, two warriors who had come this day were extremely outstanding.

One was the Astral Reaching Realm sword artist Song Yan, who had met Ye Chen once, while the other was an elder in black. His skin was dried out, and his eyes were deep and calm.

Judging from the cultivation, they were only at Mid and Late Astral Reaching Realm, which were not too horrifying. However, their sword intent was at ninety percent for both of them. They were able to handle the sword intent from the Battle Emperor from within the one-mile radius.

For a couple of months, there had not been anyone who had entered the one-mile area. And this time, two had shown up together.

"Ninety percent sword intent, how scary! I heard that once one reaches completion, fighting across realms would be easy like drinking water."

"Yeah, but do you know how hard it is to get to completion? I have been stuck at the sixty percent level for so many years now. I haven't been able to make a breakthrough at all."

All the sword artists could not help but started discussing.

Inside the one-mile radius...

The man in black mumbled, "No matter how powerful his sword intent was, he would fall one day. It looks like the sword intent from the Battle Emperor would disappear as well."

Song Yan laughed, "Five hundred years is already quite something. Sword pal, do you know which level of sword intent did the Battle Emperor reach?"

"It would be unknown to men now. I think it is a level beyond our comprehension."

"Really? That horrifying?"

Song Yan gasped. The rules of nature and human perspectives were something only the Life and Death Realm warriors could have a glimpse of. Throughout history, rumors had said that once a warrior figured out the rule of nature, they would be able to reach another completely different realm, a realm that reached beyond life and death. However, no one so far had gotten there yet. If the Battle Emperor had already gotten close to the meaning of the rules, then how come he was not a king yet? According to the rules, he should be able to earn a higher title.

"I don't know the reason behind that, but his sword intent was able to last five hundred years itself, which is already a power close to nature. Perhaps, it is just because our cultivation is too low to understand it. Once we fill up the gap between the Battle Emperor and us, we would be able to see it clearly perhaps."

Song Yan nodded. "Indeed, we are already one of the top amongst all of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors. However, compared to the Battle Emperor, we are just like ants. And, talking about those abstract things itself is laughable." Letting out a breath, Song Yan looked at the crack, "This crack had just appeared last year. It is indeed true that the sword intent and the whole place here would not last long."

"If it is slow, then three to five years, and if fast, then it would only take about one and half year. The sword intent would definitely disappear. We should seize this opportunity to collect more of those sword-shaped plants."

"Yeah, I agree."

The two calmed their mind, sinking into a deep learning mode.

Crack! Crack!


All of the sudden, just as they were learning the sword intent, the gorge in front of them suddenly cracked open again. It spread all the way out until around ten thousand and eight hundred meters towards the top. The insides of the crack were pitch black like a demon's mouth. Its strong vibration had awakened everyone there.

"Another crack!" The elder frowned.

Song Yan had complicated feelings. The whole place had become the sacred ground for the sword artists because of the sword intent from the Battle Emperor. But, even this place would disappear in a short time. He was not sure whether he should be sad or not.

"Look! So many sword-shaped plants are flying out."

"So many! We are definitely benefiting here."

The second crack had brought out waves after waves of powerful wind due to its powerful vibration. Dozens of plants shot out of the crack like sharp knives.

The elder laughed with a bright voice, "Song Yan, today is a good day. We had only gotten here a day ago, and we already have this amazing opportunity."

"I would only need ten of them."

Song Yan was very fast as he jumped up and reached out his hands towards the plants near him.

"I want to reach the completion, so I will take fifteen of them." The elder did not want to give them to the others, so he joined in the competition.


Not far away, a blue figure shot out at an unbelievably fast speed.

It was indeed Ye Chen. Right then, he had seen that there were lots of plants coming out of the crack again. How would he let go of such a great opportunity? He pushed his speed to its limit and appeared in the one-mile area within two or three flashes.

"What? Another sword artist with ninety percent sword intent."

"It is him! Half a month ago, someone from the Floating Mountain School was looking for him."

Some of the sword artists there had recognized him.

Even Song Yan and the elder were also quite surprised. After giving a better look at the appearance of the newcomer. Song Yan was even more surprised. "Brother Ye, I would not expect to see you here, and definitely not you with ninety percent sword intent after two years ago when I last saw you. Congratulations!"

Hearing him, the elder's eyebrow flicked, "Are you the first genius of the South Rudra Region, Ye Chen? No wonder your sword intent is so powerful. No, it is even more powerful than the normal ninety percent sword intent."

The elder was extremely shocked. He was one step slower because he had felt something similar to the Battle Emperor in Ye Chen's sword intent.

With three sharped sword plants in his hands, Ye Chen continued to grab the plants while he kept multitasking and answered, "Senior brother, I have not seen you for a long time! What happened with this new crack?"

"Before the Sky Column mountain had been cut in halves by the Battle Emperor, it was only because the sword intent had stayed so rich for so long that it stayed like the way it did. Right now, the sword intent of the Battle Emperor is weakening, and the gorge would soon fall down. The cracks are indeed a sign of that."

"I see."

Ye Chen was always curious about it. Since he would be able to get sword-shaped plants here, why would Song Yan still fight with him in the auction? Now he knew that it must be because that there were no cracks at that time.

On top of the gorge, all of the powerful warriors from different martial institutions started to shake.

"Oh no, another crack has appeared. It will not be long before the gorge falls down completely."

"A lot of people are fighting for the sword-shaped plants down there. It was something that only belonged to the marital institutions. If I have guessed it right, there would be more cracks in the near future. By then, there would be more plants coming out of the crack. If we don't come up with something soon, we would have a huge loss."

"Go notify the others. Tell them to block the whole place and get rid of those sword artists."

"Huh! I have been annoyed by these sword artists for quite a long time now."

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Soon, dozens of Astral Reaching Realm warriors shot out from the top of the gorge. The leading warriors yelled, "This place has been locked down. All people, please leave the area."

"All remaining warriors would be killed."

Those warriors were only the first group of them there. Soon, more Astral Reaching Realm warriors showed up, and there were more than five hundred of them. They were the powerful warriors from the martial institutions, who were way more powerful than normal sword artists in the area. So, they were quite confident that the remaining warriors would do as they said.

As they talked, all of the warriors from different martial institutions started to evict the people there. Powerful zhen yuan gathered together, forming a huge vibration.

"How brutal and unfair! How come they get to stay there?"

"The Natural Moat Gorge had been created by the Battle Emperor, so the owners of this place would be the Battle Emperor himself and his children. They had been hoarding the whole area for so long now already, and now, they want us to leave."

All of the warriors who were already there were furious.