Chapter 326: Ninety Percent Sword Intent

 Chapter 326: Ninety Percent Sword Intent

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His blue clothes were dancing in the air as he pulled out his Star Scar Sword. The moment it happened, he had already started to burn his Green Lotus Zhen Yuan. The pure blue flame exploded and brought up waves of air. It was the kind of aura that a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior would have.


Pulling out the sword, Ye Chen instantly threw out a sword attack.

A huge green lotus was hidden amidst the bright sword light. It was almost touching the sky, while its roots went deep into the ground. The bright sword light kept shooting out with a powerful aura. It was indeed the most powerful attack from the Green Lotus Sword Art - the Green Lotus Mountain.

The ground had been cracked open by the lightning. The person who had thrown out the attack was shocked at how fast his opponent attacked. It arrived faster than his own attack, even though he had thrown it out first. However, this sword light contained a very strong power. With the incoming attack, the group felt that they were about to be torn apart or shredded into pieces.

"Block it!"

As the sword attack was about to reach them, this person changed his sword attack so it would block the incoming sword light from Ye Chen.


The ground was smashed as this sword artist stumbled. His body shot out into the distance while blood poured out of his mouth.

The Star Scar Sword drew out a sword flower, which tore apart the air. The scene was obviously horrifying. Then, Ye Chen shifted his attention to the rest of the five people, "This is a sacred ground for the sword artists. I do not want to kill you all... Go back."

"Yes...yes, sir."

The five people saw that the most powerful of them all had not been able to handle even one sword attack of Ye Chen's, so they would obviously not dare to stay for even a moment longer. Battles between sword artists would only take a couple of attacks after all.

As for that sword artist who had been blown away by Ye Chen, he would not dare to look for trouble again either. He bitterly left the place; he was quite badly wounded, which would take a while to heal. Otherwise, he would not be able to fight against the sword intent, so there was no point for him to stay there.

"Thank you!" The female sword artist closed her slightly open mouth, then expressed her grateful attitude.

Putting away his sword, Ye Chen waved his hand and said, "It is my first time here, and I am thankful for the tips you have given me earlier."

"It was nothing, no need to say thank you."

"Okay, from now on, be careful. I will have to collect a few more plants." Although it would be very likely for Ye Chen to achieve ninety percent sword intent with the help of the four sword-shaped plants, however, he planned to collect enough plants altogether. Plus, the sword intent leaking out of the crack was not useless either. Although it was messy information, but there was always a way to figure it out. He might need this kind of information in the future.

Getting back to the two-mile point, Ye Chen put what had happened behind his mind.

The middle-aged men who were also in the two-mile area were secretly glad that he did not try to take the plants. Ye Chen not only also possessed the eighty percent sword intent, he also had horrifyingly high battling power. Being able to fight across realms, he might not be weaker than that elder, perhaps even stronger.

The elder laughed and let go of the thought of snatching the plants as well. There would always be more sword shaped plants, so there was no point in risking his own life for it.

Ye Chen did not know what those people were thinking, and even if he did, he would not care about it. It was not because he was overly confident, but even without his martial arts and sword arts, his sword intent was still something they could not compare with. After all, they did not have the sword from the Battle Emperor, nor Ye Chen's powerful comprehension ability. With the same amount of sword intent, Ye Chen's eighty percent sword intent that contained the perspective of immortality would be an incomparable advantage for him, and it was indeed the root of his confidence.

"With the sword from the Battle Emperor, my efficiency of usage of the sword-shaped plants would be at least ten times better than these people." Ye Chen had also thought about getting the sword-shaped plants, but he had decided to let go after giving it some thoughts. He did not practice evil arts which used others as sacrifice. If he did, there would be no difference between him and those six people. If one wanted to become powerful, then one should do it with dignity. One should never ruin the name of the sword intent.

Unconsciously, Ye Chen's sword intent had gotten more and more stabilized and purer.

The heavy wind had gradually weakened, until it slowly disappeared. The peace of the place was restored.

"Hehe, five plants are already not too bad. I will leave you guys now." The elder ran out of patience. He wanted to try to reach the ninety percent sword intent, since he had already gotten two sword-shaped plants before. Plus, since Ye Chen was here, he could not be sure when he would be able to get the next plant.

After the elder had left, the middle-aged men and the sword artists in the further areas were thrilled.

Ye Chen did not say anything as he continued to focus on figuring out the sword intent.

Ten days passed, and two middle-aged men had left as well, leaving Ye Chen being the only one in the area, not to mention the one-mile area.

Opening his eyes, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'During these ten days, there had been two plants floating out of the small stream, which were grabbed up by me. Adding them all together, I have six plants by now, which should be enough for me to reach the ninety percent sword intent. If I cannot do it, then it would mean that it was not time yet. I would have to spend more time to stabilize my sword intent. But, I guess it would definitely be enough to reach the ninety percent. If I want to reach the next level, then I would need at least nine of them.'

Ye Chen had a huge ambition. This time, he wanted to not only reach the ninety percent sword intent, but also the highest level. Of course, its possibility would be very low, and it would be extremely hard. If he really wanted to reach it, then he would probably have to have the Battle Emperor's sword along, with twenty or thirty percent sword-shaped plants. If it were someone else, then it would be impossible to achieve the highest level with only the help from the sword-shaped plants, unless they had mastered the sword art, and were even two to three times more powerful than Ye Chen. This kind of a martial genius would be unheard of.

Reaching the final level was Ye Chen's largest goal. Secondly, he wanted to be able to stabilize his ninety percent sword intent, since the gap in between should definitely not be overlooked. However, he wanted to be able to achieve breakthroughs in a roll, because he would not want to lose inspiration during breaks.

Another ten days passed by, and Ye Chen got another sword-shaped plant.

The female sword artist was preparing to leave. She was planning to say goodbye to Ye Chen, but seeing that Ye Chen was still deep in his training, she left in disappointment.

On the second day, wind started to blow out of the crack. However, compared to the last time, it was way much weaker, and there were only three plants.

Once he got three more plants, Ye Chen had already obtained ten of them altogether.

"It is time to leave now. I should leave the others some chances too." Most of the sword artists who had come here were aiming for learning the sword intent coming out of the crack, and the plants were just a bonus. However, without being able to get any, they were obviously very frustrated. With ten plants in his ring already, Ye Chen did not plan to stay here forever.

"He has finally left. It's good that I stuck around."

"Hehe, although it was just a bonus, if I am able to get one, then it would definitely be worth the trip."

Everyone saw Ye Chen had left, so they could not be happier. Of course, some of the weaker sword artists could not help but start to get worried. Before, with Ye Chen there, those brutal and aggressive sword artists would not dare to go too overboard and try to rob the others.

After all, this was a cruel world. Power was the most important thing. The more powerful one was, the more likely it was for the others to respect him.

Three days after Ye Chen had left, a group of uninvited warriors appeared around the crack.

"Have you seen this person?" The leading man took out a photo from his storage ring. It was indeed Ye Chen.

"Yes, three days ago."

The sword artist in question chose to answer truthfully, since he was obviously outnumbered. Those people in front of him were all Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Most importantly, there were wearing clothes symbolizing the rank 6 marital institution - the Floating Mountain School. They were not someone they could mess with. They could not help but start to wonder about Ye Chen's past, and how he dared to mess with the Floating Mountain School.

The leading man heard his answer and sneered, "Huh, he got away again."

They were all working for Jin Huang, who was also the core master of the Floating Mountain School. With his order, he would be able to gather a lot of people to work for him, and these people were only a part of the whole group tracking Ye Chen. There were ten groups of them altogether, each having at least two or three Astral Reaching Realm warriors. The largest group had a Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior, who was the second-in-command of Jin Huang.

Jin Huang's order was to find Ye Chen and notify him.

"Master, don't you worry. Whoever messed with Jin Huang would have to die, one way or another."

The master, who was being addressed, put away the photo, "Of course, how powerful is Jin Huang, and how powerful is he? Give him another five years, and he would not be able to even compete with Jin Huang. If he does not die now, he will only suffer more later. Let's go."


Inside the mountain which was a thousand miles away from the Nature Moat Gorge, under the waterfall...

Ye Chen was sitting on a huge rock, staring into the six sword marks on the wall.

Two of these six sword marks contained two different powerful sword intents, which lasted forever and spread out in the whole area, making the air around it thick like water.

Ye Chen had been sitting here for ten days now. During this time, he had used six sword-shaped plants, with each one of them lasting three days in the air. However, he was not satisfied with the result, so he would throw out another sword attack before the sword intent was completely gone, keeping it at its richest stage.


During midday, the waterfall stopped for a second. The water splashed in mid-air without dropping down. There was not a single breeze, only dead silence.


All of a sudden, a sword intent shot out into the sky.

"Ninety percent sword intent, achieved."

Shaking off the dust on his body, Ye Chen stood up and let out a sharp breath as he mumbled, "I had already learned the meaning of sword intent. However, it was just the sword intent. I have now learned the immortality from the Battle Emperor's sword. Compared to my eighty percent sword intent, the ninety percent sword intent's immortality has increased by more than five times. I don't think that the others would be able to foresee my achievement."

There was only one sword left behind by the Battle Emperor. And only with the sword could the trainer figure out the immortality aspect. It should be Ye Chen's life calling, and was something no one else could figure out.

Ye Chen had the confidence that he would be able to compete with others' full completion of sword intent, since the immortality was just unstoppable, and had reached beyond the normal level. It was almost like the Life and Death Realm warriors, standing on the high ground and looking down at the rest.

"Increasing my sword intent has actually stabilized my cultivation. It should be the reason that my heart and mind feel so pure, without anything evil. Too bad that I don't have any more of those Astral Reaching Realm warriors' pellets, or I would have reached the peak-level Early Astral Reaching Realm."

The sword intent on those sword marks had not disappeared entirely yet. Ye Chen took out another plant, which broke in his hands, and the sword intent within was poured into the broken sword. He then lifted it up and made a new sword mark.

"I have to carry it on. I want to see where I can reach after the ninety percent sword intent."