Chapter 325: Fighting for the Sword Shaped Plant

 Chapter 325: Fighting for the Sword Shaped Plant

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After one whole hour, Ye Chen had finally come out of his training mode.

"Compared to the sword-shaped plant, the sword intent contained way much more information. However, it was less organized, not as clear as the plant."

He had not understood why those plants were so popular. Although the sword intent learning session would start at any time as one wished, without any blockage or time limit, the sword intent here was more natural and richer. Being covered by such sword intent was like a fish trying to swim back up in a fast stream. It was impossible to see the whole river, and it could only deal with the information that it was receiving. After one hour, Ye Chen had only learned pieces of information, that was hard to be put together.

However, the sword-shaped plant was different. It had not only absorbed the sword intent here, it had also organized it in a much simpler way, which made the whole training session a lot easier. Describing it simply would be calling it a weaker version of the sword intent. Of course, it was thousand times weaker, and was completely different from its origin.

'It is okay, I am not in a hurry anyways. Although the sword intent is scattered, it is not completely useless. At least, it could increase my experience. Perhaps one day in the future, I would be able to piece them all together.'

A couple of thoughts flashed through his head, as he continued back on his training mode.

Three days passed within a blink of an eye, as the sword artists in this region continued to come and go. That warm-hearted lady seemed to be very patient, as she had stayed at the same spot and did not move an inch. She would look over to Ye Chen once in a while.

Whoo! Whoo!

One day, a heavy wind suddenly started in the crack. It was like a dragon roar or a tiger groan, very horrifying.

"Wind! It is the wind!" Some of the sword artists in the back looked very happy.

Ye Chen sank in his own thoughts, 'Perhaps this heavy wind could flush out the sword-shaped plant! I guess it could explain why those people, including that female sword artist, were so happy.'


Suddenly, a sharp air-slicing sound appeared out of nowhere. He lifted his head to see a sword-shaped plant shoot out amidst the wind.

This sword-shaped plant contained a powerful sword intent, and no one could control it. However, it showed an amazing attacking power, like a great sword appearing.

"It is mine!"

Close to Ye Chen, the cold-looking middle-aged man jumped up, trying to grab that plant.

"This plant is indeed mine." The elder who was obviously in his sixties laughed as he stepped on the ground, which brought out waves of mud. He caught up right behind the former.

Their speed was indescribable. Soon, they had reached the sword-shaped plant and started competing.

"Huh! Who dares to fight against me?"

The other strong middle-aged man was not as fast, but it was something he really wanted. So, he expanded his five fingers, each of them bringing with them a bright sword light. He made a grabbing gesture, as the five beams of light soon combined together and shot out.

All three of them did not use their swords. Using the sword meant there would be blood. Right now, there was really no point trying that hard, which was why they were all suppressing their powers.

Ye Chen smiled, as his body disappeared like the wind. When he reappeared, he was already on the other side, with his arms extended. He effortlessly caught that sword-shaped plant in the air.

"What, there is another sword-shaped plant?"

"I did not hear a thing."

"Damn! We are fighting our a*ses off, and he got one already."

The three looked a bit embarrassed.

Eventually, the elder was slightly stronger and won the plant.

"Hehe, young man, you are quite something. Well done!" Putting away the plant, the elder pulled away from those two men and looked over at Ye Chen with a smile.

Ye Chen said, "It was you being all attracted by the first one, and not me being sensitive." He did not dare to underestimate the three. Earlier, the sword intent used to be his advantage, which was the grounding reason that he was able to fight beyond his cultivation. However, these three people possessed just as powerful a sword intent as him, so it would be impossible for him to use it as an advantage. Especially that elder, who had the highest cultivation of the four, he was already at the Mid Astral Reaching Realm. The other two warriors were not so bad either. They were both at peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm, which was more powerful than Ye Chen.

"Is that so?" The elder obviously did not believe Ye Chen. As sword artists, they already had very sharp senses. It was not the first time that a couple of sword-shaped plants shot out at the same time. But this time, he did not feel a thing. For Ye Chen to sense it so easily, it already said a lot. If he had only a little bit of interest in Ye Chen before, then now, he had already listed him as the number one opponent.

As for those two men who did not get anything, something weird flashed through their eyes. They seemed to be thinking about getting the plant from Ye Chen's hand, but were obviously afraid of him.

"The wind is still blowing, so let's just try our best." Ye Chen did not expect them to believe him. Him lowering his tone was to ease the conversation. If they got very pushy, Ye Chen would not mind competing with them a little.

The four of them all had different thoughts in their heads as they focused on that heavy grayish wind.

Behind them, a lot of sword artists started to become rowdy.

"They got it again! We never get anything!"

"What can we do? They are right in the front, and we are so far away. It would be impossible for the sword-shaped plant to shoot out this far."

"Ah...right now, there are only three of them, so there might be one or two that slip out of their hands. But now, there is another one of them, so the chances of us getting anything are the lowest they can be."

Wind blowing from the crack was very rare. It would only happen once or twice a month. And every time it happened, it would be the time most likely to have sword-shaped plants shooting out. Therefore, all of the warriors here always wanted for it to happen. They wished it to happen every day, since even though there would be small amount of plants floating out through the stream, but it went so slowly that the opportunity for them to get one was more or less zero, unless there was no one before them.

The female sword artist saw that Ye Chen had already got one effortlessly, so she was a bit shocked. She knew that those three people in that area were not simple. A lot of people before had tried to fight against them, but were all killed without a chance. However, facing Ye Chen, who had already gotten one plant, they did nothing. It seemed like that they were very aware of his power.

She sighed and then forced a laugh. Right now, she was only one step away from getting sixty percent sword intent. If she got one sword-shaped plant, she might be able to reach beyond. Unfortunately, for the past couple of months, she did not even touch the plant once, and just kept watching other people getting it.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! ...

Right now, the wind blew even heavier, forming a little tornado. At least eight or nine plants shot out. They were fast as lightning, as they flashed once before disappearing.

"Great timing!"

The elder could not care about anything else as he reached out his huge hand and grabbed two of them.

The other two men were slightly slower, so they both got one each.

The fastest of them all was Ye Chen. Before the plants had even appeared, he had already jumped into the air. As his body flashed, three plants had already landed in his hands. No matter if it was the timing, the speed, or that horrifying coordination of his, they were all unbelievably scary.

The four of them had gotten seven Sword Shaped Plant altogether. The remaining two had flown through above their heads and reached the three-mile radius.

All of the sword artists within that area jumped up into the sky. However, the plant was flying so fast that it had already reached the four-mile radius.

"Haha, I got one!"

One of the sword artists was very lucky. One of the plants happened to shoot out where he was at.

"Eh? There is another one?"

The female sword artist was in the five-mile area. She had prepared to get nothing again for the month. However, just as Ye Chen had said, there would be chances for her. Eventually, that plant shot out into the ground right in front of her.

"I got one just like this?"

She still could not believe her eyes. Before anything else happened, she pulled out the plant immediately and put into her storage ring. A satisfied smile appeared on her face.

"With this plant, I might be able to improve my sword intent to sixty percent."

Those sword artists in the three and four-mile radius were furious. There were indeed nine plants, yet they had not gotten a single of them. If it were only Ye Chen and the other three, then it would make sense, since they had such strong power and sword intent realm. No one would dare to compete with them. As for the other two plants, there would be no reasons for them to not end up with one of them.

Their greed had won over their heads, as the six sword artists circled up that guy in the four-mile radius.

Between life and the plant, the man chose to give up. He looked extremely disappointed. Soon, these six people had gathered around that female sword artist.

"If you are smart, then just hand over the plant, in case you lose your life."

The female sword artist took a few steps back and said, "It is mine."

"I will offer you three breaths worth of time. If you don't hand it over, then die." The leading sword artist threatened her.

"No, I spend couple of months here every year, and this is the first time I got one." The female sword artist said with an angry tone.

"Huh! She would not listen... Kill her!"

The six pulled out their own weapons, as their zhen yuan exploded instantly.

In the two-mile area, Ye Chen shook his head. In front of the elder and two middle-aged men's surprised look, he slowly walked over to the five-mile area.

"Get back to where you belong."

Without introduction, Ye Chen said with a serious tone.

"Brat, this is our business. I suggest you leave us alone."

"Don't think your sword intent being higher than us would make us unable to do anything to you. The battling power is not just about the sword intent."

Ye Chen had quite a powerful aura, which threatened them a little bit. Otherwise, they would have killed him already.

The female sword artist was both grateful and worried. She did not want Ye Chen to get hurt because of her. Sword intent had nothing to do with battling power. One did not equal another.


As he pulled out half of his Star Scar Sword, that horrifying sword light left a crack in the ground, which spread out all the way under those six warriors with a surprisingly fast speed.

"I will only say this one last time. Go. Back. To. Your. Area!" Ye Chen had a serious look. These six people were all at the Early Astral Reaching Realm except one, who was at the Mid Astral Reaching Realm. They all had about sixty or seventy percent sword intent. However, their martial arts and sword arts were nowhere near Ye Chen's. So, he did not care about it at all.

"Brat, you are looking for death!" The leading Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior could not hold it in any longer. He yelled, as his zhen yuan started to burn madly. He threw out a sword attack towards Ye Chen.