Chapter 324: Natural Moat Gorge - Learning Sword Intent

 Chapter 324: Natural Moat Gorge - Learning Sword Intent

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Once the Corpse Man had left, the Xiao Heng couple let out a breath. Although they had prepared for everything before they came here, but when facing him in real life, it was still quite shocking how exhausting it was. Their ace attacks did not make a huge difference either. Fortunately, Ye Chen was extremely powerful, as he was able to block the Corpse Man by himself, and still managed to get some advantages in the battle. Otherwise, they probably would not have made it today.

"Warrior Ye, no wonder our leader praises you so much!" Long Yue looked over to Ye Chen.

"This old demon was indeed not simple. If the battle continued, even I don't know what would have happened." As he talked, he let go of his Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art and put out the burning zhen yuan. He then let out a huge breath, mixed with all the residue from the battle; it was a bit hot and full of the smell of blood. The side effects of the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art were already asking a lot from the warrior's body, even if Ye Chen had been trained by the Sky Demon Flower and had reached the Astral Reaching Realm, which made his body way more powerful than the others at the same cultivation. However, burning zhen yuan was also different, as it was something that every Astral Reaching Realm warrior would want to avoid. Unless it was a critical moment, they would not want to use it. The side effects of both Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art and burning zhen yuan combined would be pushing the limit even for Ye Chen. Only the body condition like Xu Jing's would probably be okay under such circumstances.

However, it was not the main reason that he decided not to chase after the Corpse Man.

Nearby, Pang Nie lifted up the dead body of Zhuang Qinghe and said with his teeth grinding together, "Fire Man, don't you think that I will let it go now that you are dead. From now one, there will be no Purple Sun Martial School!" In fact, he was also mad at Ye Chen too, but the latter was too powerful, so he was afraid to express his feeling publicly. Otherwise, Ye Chen might kill him after being aggravated.

Lin Shuihan sighed, "Pal, I am sorry for your loss! This time, we had all underestimated the Fire Man's evil plan."

Before coming here, they had never expected the Fire Man would be overtly working with the Corpse Man and try to take them all down. Up until now, Lin Shuihan was still a bit worried.

The Corpse Man had left behind a lot of bronze shell corpses, and the couple was worried that those zombie warriors would escape the underworld and start to kill the citizens in the Windy Nation. So, they started to kill all of the zombie warriors. Ye Chen and Lin Shuihan exchanged a look before joining in.

Soon, one month had passed, Ye Chen had already gone back to the Sky Clouds Martial School.

After one month of training, Ye Chen had stabilized his cultivation of Early Astral Reaching Realm. It would now take him a long time to make it to the next level.

On this day, Ye Chen greeted Cloud Dreamer before heading to the Natural Moat Gorge by himself.

On his way there, he purposely went past the Purple Sun Martial School, and he spotted a bloody light over the sky there. It was indeed a sign of many powerful warriors dying.

There were a lot of warriors surrounding the school watching, including some powerful Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors.

"Ah, they had it coming. Who knew that the Fire Man was working with the Corpse Man, and he would kill the third Great Master from the Emerald Martial School? See? Now the first Great Master, who lost an arm, has come for revenge. He has already killed the leader of the school, along with all the core masters and most of the inner masters. From now on, the school is no more. There are only four top martial institutions now."

"Look! It's an Astral Reaching Realm warrior!"

"Isn't that the Great Master from the Sky Cloud Martial School Ye Chen? I heard that he was in this operation as well, and had somehow come out of it without any wounds! That Great Master from the Emerald Martial School had still lost an arm. And now that he has reached the Astral Reaching Realm, I cannot even imagine what all he is capable of."

Someone had noticed Ye Chen's existence.

Ye Chen did not care about it, as he flew straight to the main mountain of the school.

In front of the Purple Sun, a lot of disciples and masters were leaving the mountain. They decided to leave the falling Purple Sun Martial School, as they knew that they had to make a decision now before regretting it in the future.

Among all the masters, Ye Batian and his eldest son were also leaving.

Ye Batian lifted up his head and saw Ye Chen.

He had a complex expression on his face. This time, the school had lost a lot of inner masters, and he was supposed to be one of them. However, Pang Nie asked him if he were from the Ye family. After hearing the answer, he decided to let him go, as well as some inner masters who were quite close to him.

Ye Batian was not stupid. After giving it some thoughts, he had decided to watch out for Ye Chen, as he would not dare to touch him.

Right then, after seeing the powerful aura which was deep as the ocean, he confirmed his thoughts. He wanted to say something, but he did not know what to say.

Ye Chen looked calm as he turned to leave, disappearing into the wind.

Since the Purple Sun Martial School had already fallen, there was no point for him to stay and look for trouble. What a shame for a great martial school!

The Wild Goose Falling River was one of the top three rivers in the whole South Rudra Region. It was six hundred meters wide and five hundred miles long. Its main branches went through all parts of the Windy Nation, including fifteen other nations.

Over that endless river, Ye Chen flew close to the surface.

"Before, when I was here the last time, I had met the Astral Reaching Realm warrior, the Black Crow Man. Now that I am here for the second time, I am already an Astral Reaching Realm warrior myself. Plus, my cultivation should be only higher, and not lower than the Black Crow Man. How interesting life is?"

Seeing the boat on the river, Ye Chen was full of thoughts.

"Astral Reaching Realm warrior!"

Someone on the boat spotted Ye Chen, and could not help but yell out.

The Hundred and eighty thousand meters tall Natural Moat Gorge was divided in half. It slowly appeared in Ye Chen's eyes as he took a deep breath and pushed his speed to his limit.


Within only a dozen blinks of an eye, Ye Chen was already less than five miles away from the gorge.

"I will have to be more cautious from now on."

Standing in front of the intersection, Ye Chen chose not to continue flying. Instead, he started to step on the water surface to approach the gorge. Before, when he was on that boat, he was already slightly wounded even when he was ten miles away. Right now, he could make it to five miles, which was already quite an achievement.

Inside his storage ring, the Battle Emperor's sword started vibrating, but it was oppressed by Ye Chen.

He was three miles out.


The horrifying sword intent poured out. Ye Chen, who was already prepared for this, jumped back and left that area.

"How scary! Back in the days, the Sky Column Mountain was cut in half and became the Natural Moat Gorge we see now. The edge where it started to break seems to be the source. It is impossible to approach! What should I do?"

Ye Chen had expected the sword intent to increase gradually. However, once he had entered the three-mile radius, the sword intent had increased all of a sudden like a flood. If he chose to enter by force, he might get wounded by those powerful waves, which would be something he would not want to see.

After giving it a couple of thoughts, Ye Chen decided to start from somewhere else. He wanted to see if there was somewhere else more suitable for him to learn the sword intent. If everything failed, then he could think about something else.

Ye Chen followed the edge of the three-mile-radius and flew laps after laps.

Soon, he had arrived on the left side of the gorge, which was a meadow. Countless warriors had already gathered there. However, it was the left-side of the mountain that they were facing. There was a huge crack leading towards the ground, with the width from couple hundreds to couple of meters.

"Eh? There is sword intent here as well."

The whole gorge had been separated by Battle Emperor's one sword attack. Perhaps because of its vibration, the left side of the mountain cracked open again. Underneath the crack was not the river. Instead, it was solid hard mud, and a small stream of water. Walking forwards within it, people were able to go to the inner part of the gorge. But of course, it was basically a suicidal act.

Letting back of his zhen yuan, Ye Chen slowly landed on the ground five miles away from the crack.

Nearby, a female sword artist came back to reality from figuring out the sword intent. She saw Ye Chen and said with a warm heart, "This is one of the leading points for the Natural Moat Gorge's sword intent. However, it cannot be compared to the sword intent from the sides. If you are careful, you should be fine."

"Thank you for the heads up!"

Ye Chen nodded. He could tell that the female sword artist's sword intent had reached fifty percent, and she was also an Astral Reaching Realm warrior herself.

Perhaps she thought Ye Chen was very young and looked very handsome and calm, so the female sword artist pointed to the front and the back as she said, "I have been here for a while now, and I have seen a lot of people here figuring out the sword intent. I think seven miles distance to the crack would be the best training location for the first stage of sword intent. Six miles would be good for people who are at forty percent, five for fifty, and so on. Do not push yourself though. Eh? You are also at fifty percent." After a while, she finally realized that Ye Chen was obviously at least at the same level, since he was able to stand right next to her and be okay, even though he looked like he was not even twenty years old yet.

Ye Chen chuckled and asked, "Those are the sword-shaped plants over there?"

The latter nodded, "Yes, but a lot of the powerful warriors from big martial institutions are up there as well. You probably want to forget about them. But of course, if it floats out of the little stream, then it would be out of their hands, and we will be able to compete for it too."

"From the stream? This one here?"

"Don't underestimate it. There are a lot of people staring at it every day. If you are able to get one from the stream, it would be more effective than sitting here for couples of months. If you were lucky, you might be able to increase your sword intent. Even if you are unlucky, you will be able to accumulate some experience."

"Oh right. It seems quite popular here."

The lady said disappointedly, "I have seen so many of them floating out of the crack, but someone else always beat me to it. Ah well, I don't think my sword intent would be able to reach the next realm. Otherwise, I would be able to join the competition."

In here, the cultivation did not mean much. It was the sword intent that was more important. The higher the sword intent, the closer the warriors could get to the crack. If the sword intent was very low, then one would just have to watch others fighting for the sword-shaped plant.

"Hehe, perhaps you will be lucky!"

After understanding some of the basic knowledge, Ye Chen did not want to stay long. He prepared to walk a bit closer.

"What are you doing...?"

The female sword artist blocked her mouth with her hands. In her sight, Ye Chen's body had flashed once before arriving five miles away from the crack, and the sword intent there did not affect him whatsoever. And it was not the end of it yet, as he carried on walking. Soon, he had reached three miles radius, then the two-mile radius.

"Oh my god! Eighty percent sword intent? How did he do that?"

She could not believe her eyes.

There were not many people who could approach the two-mile radius; only three people actually. One was an elder who was more than sixty years old, and two other people were cold-looking middle-aged men.

Seeing Ye Chen walking over, the elder looked like he was thinking something, while the other two middle-aged men show their shifting emotions over their faces. They were obviously shocked at Ye Chen's sword intent realm.

Ye Chen did not care about them. He stopped until he had reached the far-end of the two-mile radius.

"The sword intent here is perfect for what I can handle. I think I will train here." Taking out his sword, Ye Chen glanced at the elder and those two men. After making sure they were okay, he soon closed both of his eyes and started to understand the meaning of that sword intent pouring out of the crack.