Chapter 323: Fight Off

 Chapter 323: Fight Off

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"It was just as I had expected - the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art would cancel out the burning zhen yuan, and could only increase battling power by about twenty percent." The burning zhen yuan was way too aggressive, such that even the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art was not able to compare with it, even under the condition that the latter was able to increase his battling power by fifty percent or more. And now, it was only able to increase the battling power by twenty percent. Plus, the speed of burning the Qi and blood was way faster than before, so he was not able to keep it up for a long time. But, if he had guessed it right, as his cultivation grew, he would be able to eventually eliminate the Minor Blood Demon Great Art.

Of course, under the condition of burning zhen yuan, he was able to increase another twenty percent of his battling power, which was already really impressive. Compared to the Astral Reaching Realm who trained fire-element zhen yuan, he was already twenty percent more powerful.


The red flame of the zhen yuan was burning as Ye Chen lifted up his eyes and looked towards the Corpse Man.

The latter twitched his eyes. 'This brat has somehow managed to train the Blood Demon's Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art. I wonder how the Blood Demon Man decided to give away his own secret martial art and advantages to others.'

"Take my attacks!"

Hysterical roars came out over the gold scull as the Corpse Man took one step towards Ye Chen's head. It was like some scary demon ghosts were about to appear.

A Green Lotus Light was released to block out the incoming attack from the Corpse Man. Ye Chen then waved up his left hand, and two Green Lotus Sword Qi shot out, attacking towards the Corpse Man's throat and heart.


The Corpse Man's left hand shattered the sword Qi as another sword Qi drew an impressive line in the air, scratching over the Corpse Man's chest, bringing up a small chunk of the disgusting flesh of his.

"Damn! Corpse Fire!"

The Corpse Man was furious. His gold sculls shook, as two bunches of flames shot out towards Ye Chen's protective layer.

"This flame is not simple." The gray-colored flame carried a strong corrosive power which would devour anything it touched. It could not be put out by zhen yuan flame. Being left with no other choice, Ye Chen's zhen yuan suddenly exploded, shooting out all of his protective zhen yuan and corpse fire. It killed dozens of bronze shell corpses.

The Corpse Man was not prepared for that to happen. He was caught in that pile of zhen yuan, which made him back out for four to five steps. His grayish-black protective zhen yuan was shaken.

"Corpse Drill!"

Holding himself from backing out further, the Corpse Man put his left five fingers together, forming a drill shape, led by his five black, sharp nails. Outside his nails was the grayish-black zhen yuan twisting and forming a zhen yuan drill. He then threw out the attack towards Ye Chen.


The sound of slicing through the air was extremely quiet - the zhen yuan drill was already right in front of Ye Chen.

"So fast!"

The fast sword poetic perspective was activated, as Ye Chen waved his sword to block out the incoming zhen yuan drill.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Burning hot sparks spilled everywhere, as the zhen yuan drill slowly lost its power and disappeared.

The Corpse Man seized the opportunity. He threw away the gold scull in his hand and threw out piles of gray-colored flames as he flew in the sky. It looked like a rain of flames.

"Shadow Explosion!"

Dozens of shadows exploded, while Ye Chen's real body left the coverage area of that flame rain attack. However, the rest of the shadows had been burnt to ashes due to the ghost fire.

"This guy is way too tricky. I have to kill him for avoiding future troubles." After exchanging couples of exchanges, the Corpse Man had also used up all of his energy. However, he had not only failed to hurt Ye Chen, but had lost a chunk of meat of his own. As he had the body of a zombie warrior, a little bit of flesh did not mean much to him. But, as one of the one hundred and eight ghost warriors from the Nine Ghost Cult, he had traveled the Windy Nation for decades, and the Astral Reaching Realm warriors who had died in his hands had exceeded dozens. How could he let a junior warrior get the advantage?! An unspeakable anger exploded within him as a creepy green shine appeared in his black pupils.

"Ghost Scream Art!"

His huge mouth opened, releasing a deathly smell as the Corpse Man activated his zhen yuan. A shadow scull had been formed where his throat was. The scull shot out a beam of horrifying sound wave, which was grayish-black in color. It waved forward, and all of the sudden, the dark underworld started roaring like hell on earth.

"Such a powerful sound wave!" Ye Chen pushed his zhen yuan to its limit to cover up his heart and mind, including his ears. However, the sound wave was not only just a sound; it seemed to carry an unbreakable power.


Blood spilled from the corner of his mouth as Ye Chen backed out.

However, the others were not so lucky. The sound wave had gone through their ears, and all of them started to bleed out from everywhere possible. Painful expressions were on all of their faces, especially Pang Nie, who had his arm ripped away minutes ago. He was heavily wounded, and after the sound waves, his zhen yuan had gone out of control. It had traveled all the way back up as he puked out a blood arrow - he had almost been killed by himself.

The Lake Man was horrified at the fact that the Corpse Man had used his Ghost Scream Art, which cost a lot of zhen yuan every time it was used. According to his knowledge, the Ghost Scream Art was a martial art from the Sound Wave Ghost Warrior, which was just as famous as the Blood Demon Man's secret martial art. With one roar, the warrior would be able to kill a huge amount of weaker opponents. Even if there were opponents at the same cultivation, they would have to run to escape. There was almost no way of fighting against it.

'That brat is surprisingly powerful!' Pang Nie thought, 'No wonder the Corpse Man decided to used his Ghost Scream Art even though he was not too familiar with it yet.'

"One Heart Kill!"

Seeing that the Corpse Man was about to strike with the Ghost Scream Art again, Ye Chen looked extra serious. He held his star scar sword with both of his hands while he put his mind into the sword. Combining with his eighty percent sword intent, he threw out an attack.

The sword Qi was like a column, fast like lightning.


The Corpse Man was forced to exit his Ghost Scream Art mode, as his gold scull was placed in front of the incoming sword Qi.


Flames were shot out in a fan shape, but the Corpse Man was, after all, a step too slow. His gold scull had just touched the sword Qi but failed to hit it. The next second, a deep sword mark appeared on his shoulder. He had almost lot a great arm, which already put him at a significant disadvantage.

"How is this possible? Although my Ghost Scream Art is not perfect yet, even Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors would have lost control over their Qi and blood, and would not be able to attack immediately." The Corpse Man knew that Ye Chen was wounded. However, the Ghost Scream Art was meant to weaken his opponent and help him get the upper hand.

Ye Chen was frowning a bit, the Corpse Man's sound wave was indeed out of his expectations. However, he fortunately had trained the Green Lotus Sword Spell. Furthermore, it had already reached its thirteenth realm. Although his zhen yuan did not seem as powerful as the Corpse Man's, its quality was indeed more powerful. Besides, the Corpse Man's Ghost Scream Art was not flawless yet; it still contained a lot of flaws. Otherwise, it would not be a good situation for Ye Chen, since if the two were having a similar level of power, then a weakened condition would equal a definite disadvantage.

These two were still on the edge - no one wanted to throw out the first attack while the battle between the Xiao Heng couple and their opponents was still going on. Now that Pang Nie was not able to fight again, Xiao Heng couple and Lin Shuihan started to be in the disadvantaged position. They were continually beaten by two gold shell corpses and the man in a long robe.

"Yue'er, let's work together!"

Xiao Heng nodded at Long Yun.

"Yeah!" Long Yue nodded, as water-element zhen yuan shot out of her body. It looked very heavy; a pinky-sized zhen yuan dropped on the group and left a tiny but deep hole, while it was still sizzling.

Then, that rank 8 zombie warrior Gold Shell Corpse took one step and shattered the ground below him, jumping towards the two.

"Huge Wave Dragon Break Art!"

Two loud yells were heard, as Xiao Heng and Long Yue combined their water-element zhen Qi together and released an extremely horrifying secret martial skill. Amongst the huge waves, a huge dragon made purely with water-element zhen yuan shot out from within. It waved his head and tail as the ancient aura spread out in the area.

"Not good! It is the secret skill from the Dragon God Palace!" The Lake Man's expression suddenly changed.


The rank 8 zombie warrior was slightly more powerful than peak-level Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors. However, the huge dragon made with water-element zhen yuan was way more powerful. It had instantly blown it away like a defenseless boy.


The huge dragon roared as it jumped towards the Lake Man and the rest.

"Lake Art! Cloud Breaking Attack!"

The Lake Man drew a circle with his left hand and then put his right hand through. A huge new wave appeared, but what was different was that there was a long arrow also made with zhen yuan, shooting towards that huge dragon.

As the waves touched, the Lake Man had lost completely. The huge dragon clashed with that arrow, resulting in losing only its right claw while the long arrow had been completely shattered. The horrifying secret skill combined with both Xiao Heng and his wife's power was something even the Ghost Man might not even be able to compete with, not to mention the Lake Man, who was only at Mid Astral Reaching Realm.

The huge dragon waved his tail, and the Lake Man was hit. His blood spilled everywhere since he was not able to block out the attack. On the other side, the other gold shell corpse had also been blown away. As for that man in the long robe, he had the foresight that he was not able to compete. So, instead of fighting against the huge dragon, he seized the opportunity while the Lake Man was fighting and flew to the right side, avoiding the blasting zone completely, which was extremely fast.

The couple knew this was the only chance they had, since it was very hard to release that secret art. Once their zhen yuan ran out, the huge dragon would disappear. Therefore, while they still had a lot of zhen yuan, they knew they should kill the Lake Man and the rest now, leaving them no chance to fight back.

"Corpse Drill!"

The Corpse Man caught up and threw out an attack with his left hand, as his right hand was holding the gold scull and attacking towards that huge dragon. He yelled, "Back out!"

The huge dragon was shattered, and the Corpse Man backed out dozens of steps.

The Lake Man was pale and badly wounded. However, even in this condition, he still had the thought to check out Long Yue with his eyes full of evil thoughts. He then glanced at Ye Chen, who had a powerful aura surrounding him right now. Right then, their old plan had completely gone out of control. If the Corpse Man were not able to kill that brat, then his life would be on the line!

"Let's go!"

The Lake Man and the man in the long robe escaped. As for those two gold shell corpses who were under the control of the Corpse Man, they would be the least of their worries.

"Ghost Smoke!"

Glancing at Ye Chen who had also caught up, the Corpse Man threw out three black balls. As they exploded, endless black smoke spread out around him.

"Leave something back before escaping!" The black smoke was not able to block out Ye Chen's soul power. He scanned the area, as a fist-sized green lotus shot through the black mist from his Star Scar Sword and hit the Corpse Man on his left arm.

The whole left arm of his was torn down as he yelled, his evil voice dragging through the air, "You brat, wait until I come back for you. It will be the day you die! At that time, no one would be able to save you!"

Ye Chen did not plan to chase after him. He had noticed that the wound of Corpse Man had already been healed. Right now, although he had lost one of his arms, both of them did not plan to fight until death right now. After all, neither one was sure if the other was still hiding some powerful attacks. Ye Chen sneered, "If he does not decide to come back, then he still would have a chance to live. If he comes back, he would only die sooner." Right now, he had only reached the Astral Reaching Realm, and he was still not quite familiar with it yet. Once his cultivation was stabilized and he had learned the Battle King's sword intent, not to mention the Corpse Man, even Jin Huang would have to die.