Chapter 322: Fighting Against the Corpse Man

 Chapter 322: Fighting Against the Corpse Man

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Ye Chen sneered, "It is still better than you wanting to kill all of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors in the whole Windy Nation. Once the news spreads, the reputation and credit the Purple Sun Martial School has built in the past centuries would be ruined in your hand. Explode!"

As he talked, his feet tapped on the ground. An exploding tornado power dove into the ground and exploded right under the Fire Man. It was indeed the secret skill - Earth Exploding Shock Sky.


The small rock jumped everywhere, as the Fire Man hurried to dodge them.

"Next year today will be your memorial day." Ye Chen's voice had some kind of a magic ring to it as it rushed into the ears of the Fire Man. The next second, a bright sword light had exploded. Amongst the light, a huge green lotus was vaguely in sight.

The Fire Man forced to push his zhen yuan, as he called using all of his remaining strength, "Wood Man, save me."


Just as he finished the last note of his sentence, his protective zhen yuan had been cracked open by that huge beam of sword light. A bloody light appeared from his forehead, all the way to his chin. His huge body had been separated in half instantly.

After killing the Fire Man, Ye Chen looked over to that last man standing.


The latter knew that he was not powerful enough to compete with Ye Chen. Without another thought in his mind, he started to run.

"Do you think you can make it?"

Activating his flying art, Ye Chen caught up with him.

The two, both as Astral Reaching Realm warriors, had the capability to travel extremely fast. Few hundred meters for them was a matter of only a blink of an eye. Plus, because of their extremely powerful zhen yuan, the air around them had been sucked up within a second, which made the space they were in a vacuum space. Sound did not travel through vacuum, hence, unlike being in Clasping Yuan Realm, when running at full speed would make a huge noise, it was completely silent for them.

"Die, now!"

Soon, Ye Chen covered up the distance between them. He fully focused and threw out a One Heart Kill attack, which seemed like a falling star in the air, disappearing suddenly after flashing once.


His opponent's running posture had not changed, but his zhen yuan level was visibly decreased. A huge head shot out into the air, as blood flooded out like river.

"Now, I finally have the power to be one of the top in the South Rudra Region. As long as they are under the Seas of Souls Realm, no one would have an easy time killing me."

After killing four Astral Reaching Realm warriors in a row, Ye Chen suddenly felt quite emotional. Before, although he had a great talent, potential, and inhuman comprehension ability, he always felt that something was missing. He always had to think twice before acting.

Now, Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not be his opponents. Even if it were a Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior, he would still have the power to fight against such an opponent.

Of course, Ye Chen also knew that the reason that he would be able to kill Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors, besides his powerful eighty percent sword intent, would be because of his top-ranked martial arts. The only flaw of his right now would be cultivation.

"Once this is finished, I will have to go to the Natural Moat Gorge in the Wild Goose Falling River to learn the Battle King's sword intent. I will have to try to get to the next level. If I am able to reach ninety percent or even one hundred percent sword intent, then I will definitely be able to fight against Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Then, I will focus on increasing my cultivation. If I can reach the peak-level Early Astral Reaching Realm soon, then my battling power would reach a very high level. When I reach the Mid Astral Reaching Realm, I can basically dominate over anyone else in the South Rudra Region. Even if they are at peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm, I would not have to be afraid." Ye Chen was very clear about the fact that a lot of the warriors who were still stuck at the peak level of their Late Astral Reaching Realm were very powerful. And, with his power now, he would still not be powerful enough to compete with them. However, they did not travel around much. Plus, there were not a lot of them. So, the possibility of running into one could also be ignored.

"One step at a time. The Natural Moat Gorge would be the first destination for me."

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen's mind and heart seemed to clear up a bit more, and his sword intent had gotten even richer.

"Ye Chen, you and I are both Astral Reaching Realm warriors of the Windy Nation. Why are you not coming to help me now? If you don't have us helping you, you will be killed by the Corpse Man anyways." Pang Nie's voice was heard.

Ye Chen looked over. Pang Nie and Zhuang Qinghe's opponents were two gold shell corpses and one man in long robes. The two gold shell corpses were even stronger than how the Fire Man had described. One of them had pitch black skin with a hint of gold, which was indeed a rank 8 zombie warrior, having an impressive defense. It was almost ignoring all of Pang Nie's attacks. The other gold shell corpse was a rank 7 zombie warrior; its light gold undertone of his skin had a sign of turning darker. It must have been a powerful Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior before it was made into a zombie warrior.

These two gold shell corpses were in full control of the fight with Pang Nie and Zhuang Qinghe. Plus, there was another man in long robes, whose cultivation was not too high, but seemed extremely mysterious. The two warriors were barely surviving.

"Huh! I will take you two first."

Before Ye Chen had the time to reply, a ghost-like creature appeared near Pang Nie and Zhuang Qinghe. It was indeed the Ghost Corpse Man. He was surrounded by gray-black-colored protective zhen yuan. The ghost facemask had a horrifying vibe. With only a flash, he was about to kill the two.

"How dare you?!" Pang Nie was shocked. He pushed his zhen yuan to its extreme. A meters long flame shot out from his body, its aura being surprisingly powerful. Zhuang Qinghe, who was on the side, was very clear that he would not be able to handle even one attack from the Corpse Man's, and would be killed today definitely. So, he activated his Mountain and River Great Art. His zhen yuan poured out like the ocean, attacking towards the Corpse Man.

The Corpse Man laughed as his right hand twisted and punched through Pang Nie's fist attack. He sliced through Pang Nie's left hand while his own left hand hit towards Zhuang Qinghe with a golden scull.

The three went past each other.

The Corpse Man ended up with one extra arm in his hand.

On the contrary, between Pang Nie and Zhuang Qinghe, one of them was left with his left arm, while the other was already killed. Facing the Corpse Man's attack sent out with full strength, one ended up seriously wounded, while the other was killed. He was indeed powerful.

After losing the interest in killing Pang Nie, the Corpse Man switched his focus onto Lin Shuihan, who had just killed a long robe man. The light in his eyes was extremely cold.


Midway, the Corpse Man lifted up the gold scull and hit it onto that incoming sword Qi.

"Little brat, you are looking for death."

Before, the Corpse Man was planning to kill Lin Shuihan, but he did not expect that Ye Chen would come in between them, sending forth an extremely sharp beam of sword Qi.

After clearing out a huge wave of Bronze Shell Corpses, Ye Chen was only standing there quietly, "This is the end for you."

He did not care about the two Great Masters from the Emerald Martial School. However, he would try to save the Great Master from the North Snow Martial Academy. But, the Corpse Man was indeed aggressive, as he was able to shatter his sword Qi even in such a hurry. He was indeed way more powerful than the Fire Man.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The three human shadows arrived one after another; they were the Xiao Heng couple and Lake Man.

The three were all carrying some level of injuries. However, the couple was not sure whether the Corpse Man was using all of his power or not. Of course, since they had prepared to come to the nest of the Corpse Man, they had prepared for the worst. However, until the most critical moment, they could not use their ace attacks.

Since they could not watch the Corpse Man killing Pang Nie, they hurried to save him, helping him to fight against two Gold Shell Corpses and a man in a long robe. As for Lake Man, his face was a bit tensed. He could not see the Fire Man and the rest amongst the Bronze Shell Corpses, and could not help but wonder what had happened to them.

"Pang Nie, where are the others?" Xiao Heng asked.

Pang Nie spat, "That Fire Man made a secret deal with the Corpse Man, and two more powerful warriors appeared to help him. However, they are all dead, killed by..." Pang Nie glanced at Ye Chen. Although the Corpse Man was throwing out attacks at a very high speed, he knew that Ye Chen did not plan to save him.

The Xiao Heng couple was surprised at how powerful Ye Chen actually was. 'Ah? He has reached the Astral Reaching Realm? Was it an accident or...?'

The Corpse Man said to the Lake Man, "Kill them, kill them all. The situation has gotten out of control." What he meant was the Xiao Heng couple. In their original plan, those two people were not supposed to be killed, because if they were killed, then there would be grave consequences. But, judging from the situation now, they would have to be killed. Once Fire Man and the other four people were killed, the plan had already got to an uncontrollable stage, all of which was caused by Ye Chen.

The Lake Man looked extremely creepy. The way he looked at Long Yue was full of evilness. Finally, he would not have to control his feelings. The worst-case scenario would be him escaping from the Windy Nation.

The war exploded again. However, this time, there were some slight changes - the Lake Man, who was helping the Xiao Heng couple, became the helper of the Corpse Man, fighting along with two Gold Shell Corpses, the man in long robes, and of course, a scary amount of Bronze Shell Corpses.

Recollecting his focus, the Corpse Man knew that Ye Chen was the key. Only by killing him would he be able to kill everyone in the Windy Nation. Right now, all they had to do was to control the situation.

"It was you who had killed the Fire Man?"

Ye Chen asked with a question, "You are one of the Nature Five, right? I wonder if your real name was the Wood Man or the Corpse Man?"

The Fire Man had yelled for the Wood Man. Since then, Ye Chen had figured out that the Wood Man was indeed the Corpse Man, and that all members of the Nature Five were indeed in the Windy Nation. One thing he still did not know was whether the Fire Man had just made a deal with the Corpse Man, or he had already become one of the Nine Ghost Cult.

However, all of this did not matter anymore, since the Fire Man had already been killed, and was no longer existing in his world.

"Both of them are my names. Unfortunately, whoever knows my names must be killed, and you are no exception. Die now!"

The gold scull had been switched to his right hand, as the Corpse Man jumped towards Ye Chen.

"Sky Shattering Clouds!"

Facing the notorious Corpse Man, Ye Chen did not back out. Instead, he lifted up his sword and jumped towards him.


The gold scull and the Star Scar Sword clashed, causing the dark underworld to be slightly shaken, as a lot of small rocks fell from the roof.

Who was weaker was quite obvious at the stage.

The Corpse Man backed out three steps, while Ye Chen backed out ten steps.

The gap between their cultivations was way too huge. Although Ye Chen had trained a top rank Earth Realm Martial Art, and possessed the eighty percent sword intent, he was still not able to compensate the gap.

However, being able to handle the full powered attack from the Corpse Man was already quite impressive, since the Corpse Man was one of the one hundred and eight warriors from the Nine Ghost Cult. Even if he had not gotten his reputation from his own power, he should not be underestimated. A normal Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior might not even be able to run away from him.

"Hehe, I am afraid you will have to die here today." The Corpse Man made a decision, as a smile appeared on his face.

Ye Chen's expression did not change, while a pile of bloody light started to burn as he said, "Not necessarily."

"Oh yeah? Let me see how you plan to fight me."

Gray-black colored zhen yuan shot up into the sky as the Corpse Man held the gold scull in his right hand. He looked like a monster walking amongst an ocean of corpses, extremely evil.

"If I said no, then things won't be necessarily like you think indeed. Maybe, you were able to rule the Windy Nation before. But, it is no longer your nation."


The ground cracked open, a bloody red Qi flow exploded from Ye Chen's body, then combined with his burning zhen yuan. Suddenly, it all became blueish red. The powerful Qi spread out in the room, blowing away all of the Bronze Shell Corpses coming his way.