Chapter 321: The Extreme Power

 Chapter 321: The Extreme Power

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Once he finished talking, the fake zhen yuan inside Ye Chen's body started to shake drastically. It fused together, and suddenly, a crystal clear bright light appeared. Its aura was so sharp that people could feel it with their skins.


Meanwhile, the fake zhen yuan inside his abdomen kept expanding and shrinking. It had already finished dozens of cycles almost within a blink of an eye. During the last cycle, it expanded to twice its original size. It then compressed into a pile at an unbelievable speed, forming an egg-sized, blue core.

The blue core was like a crystal, but not really a crystal, it was also like a liquid but not really liquid, something between solid and liquid form. It had a circle of a blue halo, which gave out the feeling of an asteroid; it was very mysterious and tensed. Of course, its power was more of a shock.

Besides the blue core, there was nine other sharp Qi flow surrounding it, which were indeed the Green Lotus Sword Qi. Since the Green Lotus Sword Spell had reached its thirteenth realm, its Green Lotus Sword Qi had not only increased to nine of them, its power had also reached the next level. Each one of those Green Lotus Sword Qi was equivalent to Ye Chen's one ace attack. If not treated carefully, even people with higher cultivation would be seriously wounded, perhaps even killed. Plus, Ye Chen had only reached its thirteenth realm for a short time. After a while, under the condition of him having fully recovered sword Qi, his power would be even more horrifying. There was a possibility that it would become one of Ye Chen's most powerful ace attacks. Killing warriors with same cultivation would not be a problem at all.

Of course, Ye Chen's potential in martial arts was way too scary, so it was very likely for him to invent another powerful ace attacks before his Green Lotus Sword Qi had been stabilized and became his most powerful attack. It could be like his One Heart Sword Attack, which had been slowly replaced by his other ace attack. His most powerful sword attack was made of the One Heart Kill and the Lone Peak Kill. Ye Chen barely used them separately anymore. Fortunately, all of the nine Green Lotus Sword Qi were located in Ye Chen's body, and it was also a close-battle attack. So, no matter if it would not end up being the most powerful attack, it would still cause a huge effect.

Once he reached the Astral Reaching Realm, Ye Chen's aura increased drastically. It was way more horrifying than any of the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors when they reached the Astral Reaching Realm. It was because he trained the Green Lotus Sword Spell that Ye Chen had a different aura from the others. It was extremely sharp, which made it feel like there was a chainsaw cutting through the air.

"This is the real Astral Reaching Realm, much more horrifying than I expected. No wonder it would be extremely hard and almost impossible for a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior to fight against an Astral Reaching Realm warrior. There is barely anyone who is able to do so in the whole South Rudra Region." Slightly closing his eyes, Ye Chen tightened his fists as his aura continued growing. One could even see a sharp blue Qi flow twisting around his fists, increasing its speed as it made horrifying noises.

"What?! He has reached the Astral Reaching Realm?!"

The Fire Man's eyes widened, full of disbelief.

The Mountain Man looked quite serious, "Kill him before he gets even more powerful and familiar with his power. Otherwise, it would be really hard to kill him then."

Opening his eyes, Ye Chen smiled, "Sorry, I had already learned how to burn my zhen yuan. Before, I just did not have enough zhen yuan for me to use." Seeing a lot of Astral Reaching Realm warriors burning their zhen yuan, Ye Chen had obviously learned how to do so as well. After all, his soul power was not just for decoration.


The Zhen Yuan in his body rubbed together and clashed. A blue flame spread out, rushing out of Ye Chen's body. Looking from a distance, it seemed like that he had turned into a human torch. As his zhen yuan continued to burn, his increasing aura exploded suddenly to twice of its original state.

Twice his battling power! It was indeed something that came with reaching the Astral Reaching Realm.

"How can this be possible? How can burning zhen yuan for the first time be so easy?" When the Mountain Man burnt his zhen yuan for the first time, he had only made a spark. Not to mention increasing twice his original battling power, he had not even managed to increase it by twenty percent. It took him one mouth to fully familiarize with the technique of burning zhen yuan, "Even if you have reached the Astral Reaching Realm, so what? There are four of us! It would be more than enough! Die now!"

The yellow zhen yuan burnt aggressively, as the Mountain Man took the lead and jumped towards Ye Chen. While he was in the air, two huge iron hammers appeared out of nowhere in his hands, throwing out an attack.

"Piss off!"

Ye Chen pointed out his right index finger towards the sky. A light blue colored sword Qi shot out, carrying a horrifying sword intent. It landed right on the iron hammers.


The iron hammers were low-rank great weapons. Even if Ye Chen's Green Lotus Sword Qi could destroy everything, it was still not able to leave a scratch there. However, the compact power indeed clashed with the iron hammers' zhen yuan layer and carried on to spread out into the Mountain Man's body.

Sparks splashed out as the Mountain Man was blown backward.

"Let's work together and kill him!"

The Fire Man had already started to burn his zhen yuan. As a trainer of the fire-element zhen yuan, once he started to burn his zhen yuan, he would be able to increase more than twice his attacking power while the other Astral Reaching Realm warriors would only be able to increase to twice their original attacking power. However, warriors who trained water-element zhen yuan would only able to increase their attacking power by eighty to ninety percent. However, they were able to recover at a much faster speed, and they would be able to keep burning their zhen yuan for a longer time.

Whoo! Whoo!

The other two warriors from the former Nine Ghost Cult started to burn their zhen yuan as well. Three Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors, with two of them being at the peak level Mid Astral Reaching Realm, would be extremely powerful when combined together. Their aura was even more powerful than Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Suddenly, a heavy wind appeared in the underworld, blowing away all the Bronze Shell Corpses nearby. All of them fell to the ground and shattered.




The three of them suddenly stepped on the ground, and as the Mountain Man was still flying back in the sky, they all attacked Ye Chen from different directions. Fire Man's weapon was a light red great blade while the other two were holding a long stick and a pair of boxing gloves. With the burning zhen yuan that had been poured in aggressively, the attacking power that the weapon contained increased rapidly. It tore apart the air, creating a huge vacuum space.

"If the three of you combined all of your power, you might be able to beat me. Unfortunately, you guys will never manage to do so." Although winning with quantity might be achievable, but quality would always come first. When the quantity was not enough, it would be impossible to win over quantity.


Ye Chen's Star Scar Sword, that had been worn around his waist, had been taken out of its scabbard. The bright sword light brightened the dark underworld all of a sudden. Shortly after, countless snake-like electric currents shot out, traveling everywhere amongst the cloud-like Qi. As Ye Chen's sword aura flashed out, it had taken over the whole area.


The first person to puke blood and be pushed away was the Fire Man. He had the most increased battling power, but his general power was still incomparable with the other two. Facing Ye Chen's thunder-like aggressive sword Qi, his palm that was holding the light red great blade broke open. His body had been pushed back as the soles of his feet rubbed against the ground underneath him.

"Green Lotus Light!"

The Star Scar Sword blocked one of the attacks from the two. Ye Chen maintained his posture as he pointed out his right index finger again. Ignoring the distance between him and the other peak-level Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior, it stabbed through his protective zhen yuan.


Ye Chen's opponent's protective zhen yuan had been shattered. The Green Lotus sword Qi circled around his neck. The next second, that huge head of his had been ripped off his body and blown into the sky.

"Damn, die!"

The peak-level Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior, whose attack had been blocked by Ye Chen, saw his partners being killed within one attack. His evil Qi spread out in the area as his other iron fist attacked towards Ye Chen's head.


The human shadows that had been separated from Ye Chen were extra horrifying. His body shook, turning into a black pile of smoke, and disappearing into the air.

"Ghost Spirit Art!"

His opponent's flying art was also quite powerful. He backed out unconsciously, leaving a ghost-like figure where he was standing.

Within the ghost-like shadow, a sword light flashed through before disappearing completely.

"Mountain Punch!"

The Mountain Man came back again. His iron hammer turned around, as the burning yellow-colored zhen yuan turned into ten-meters-tall mountain shadow, attacking towards Ye Chen.


Ye Chen could not ignore the attacks from the Mountain Man. The only reason that he was able to beat the warriors from the Nine Ghost Cult before was because of the surprise of his Green Lotus sword Qi. His general power was not much more powerful than the others. His sword intent was only able to increase attacking power, but would not be able to help increase his defense.

He threw out a sword attack. All of the air within hundreds of meters' radius had been frozen. Countless green lotuses appeared in midair, absorbing all the nature zhen yuan in the air.

That yellowy mountain shadow seemed to be slowed down, which provided the time for Ye Chen to escape. He flashed a couple of times before reappearing near the Mountain Man.

The latter was completely caught off guard. He lifted up one of his iron hammers, flipped it in his hand, and formed another couple layers of muddy wall shadows in front of him, trying to block out Ye Chen.


Ye Chen did not slow down at all. He reached out with his Star Scar Sword, as the fist-sized green lotus went through those muddy walls and landed on the defensive layer of the Mountain Man.

The two exchanged their attacks at a fast speed. With Ye Chen's body shadows from his body separating art, it was almost impossible to tell where his real body was. By the time the Fire Man and the other warriors realized what was happening, the Mountain Man had already been blown back with blood all over him. He eventually landed amongst the corpse of the Bronze Shell Corpses.

It would be weird for Ye Chen to miss such a great chance of killing his opponent, so he lifted up his left index finger and pinky finger, as two green lotus sword Qi attacked out from both right and left side.


The fire sparks burst up everywhere.

The Mountain Man had blocked out the first beam of green lotus sword Qi. However, the second sword Qi circled around his defense and touched right through his scalp.


Brain fluid spilled out everywhere, as half of the Mountain Man's head fell down. The cutting edge of that head was extremely smooth. However, the blood had gotten mixed up with his brain matter, which was definitely not a sight for the faint-hearted.

In such a short period of time, the Fire Man had gotten two of his partners killed. Ye Chen's power had scared the rest of them. They could not believe that he would possess such a strong power once he reached the Astral Reaching Realm. After all, all four of them were Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors, and two of them were even at the peak level of their realm. With the four of them combined, they were able to compete with Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors. They had never thought that they would end in Ye Chen's hands, without a fighting chance. By the time he got a little bit more powerful, amongst most Astral Reaching Realm warriors, who would have the power to compete with him?

This was indeed a horrifying talent and power!

His body floated amongst the pile of corpses, even creepier than those men in long robes. All Lin Shuihan had seen was some blur in his eyes, then two of the three men in long robes had been killed. From the corner of his eyes, Ye Chen's back was getting more and more blurry.


Lin Shuihan mumbled to himself.

Ye Chen chose not to help those Great Masters from the Emerald Martial School, as he could not care less. He went back to his own battlefield, focusing on the Fire Man, "I have always been wanting to pay the Purple Sun Martial School a visit. I think I will bring you as a present."

"How dare you?! You are breaking the balance in the Windy Nation!" The Fire Man was terrified, so he threatened.