Chapter 320: Are you kidding me?

 Chapter 320: Are you kidding me?

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All nine of them were Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Even when the Fire Man, Mountain Man, Lake Man were only playing along, the speed of clearing out those Silver Shell Corpse was extremely fast. Soon, one thousand Silver Shell Corpses had been killed, and only around one hundred relatively more powerful Silver Shell Corpses were left. However, no matter how powerful they might have seemed, the Silver Shell Corpses were still way too weak compared to the rest of the group. Killing them barely cost them any effort.

Awoo! Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!...

Right then, the roaring of the zombie warriors was heard again, going on like the roar of an ocean. The whole underworld started to shake.

"Not good. The quantity seems to have exceeded ten thousand." Long Yue's expression changed suddenly. One thousand silver shell corpse would be still easy to kill. However, ten thousand of them would be very time consuming, since they had quite powerful defenses. It would be harder to kill than normal Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, and would take up a lot of zhen yuan as well.

Ye Chen shook his head, "Their Qi seems to be weaker, so they should be only the Bronze Shell Corpses."

The Bronze Shell Corpse was rank 5 zombie warriors. They should be made of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors as well. But, the differences were that most of the rank 5 zombie warriors were made of Early or Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, while the Silver Shell Corpses were made of Mid and Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. There was still a huge power gap between the two.

Of course, although the bronze shell corpses were not as powerful as the silver ones, their quantity was still frightening. It would take double the time and zhen yuan to kill them all. And then there was the fact that the main target had not even shown up yet. Right then, everyone in the group was experiencing some pressure.

"Wow, there are quite a lot of Astral Reaching Realm warriors here. Indeed a good opportunity for me to fill in the vacancies in the gold shell corpse department." After the roaring of the Bronze Shell Corpse, a cold evil voice was heard. It was a horrifying and dried up voice, almost like two rusty steel pieces being rubbed together, making people anxious and nauseated.

"Corpse Man!"

Without a second guess, the owner of the voice must have been one of the one hundred and eight ghost warriors from the Nine Ghost Cult, who killed as he pleased, the Corpse Man - the main target of this whole mission.


One of the mud walls was shattered, as a man wearing a ghost mask appeared in everyone's sight. He was very skinny; his nails were black and shiny, and all of his dried-up skin had been cragged together, forming a black shell. It was almost like the claw of an eagle.


The burning hot sparks spread everywhere. It turned out that the Corpse Man had already exchanged a hard attack with Xiao Heng couple. His dried up sharp claw rubbed against the mid-rank great weapons, creating sparks.

The couple was still just Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors, and there was still a huge gap between them and the notorious Corpse Man. All they could feel was their arms numbing as they both were blown away.

"You old undying sh*t! Die!"

Surprisingly, Lake Man did not care for himself and jumped towards the Corpse Man, throwing out a seemingly huge and powerful attack.

The latter laughed creepily. He used both his claws to break open the incoming attack, then shot out brutally.


His protective zhen yuan had been shattered, as blood spilled out of Lake Man's mouth. He was blown out as well, in the same direction as the couple.

"Where do you think you are going?"

The Corpse Man followed right behind him.

The four kept exchanging attacks as they slowly got out of Ye Chen and the group's sight, arriving in another area.

"I see. The two Great Masters from the South Rudra Martial School were not their target. Their targets are us." Ye Chen was thinking fast, and he had figured out some things. It was not really reasonable for them to focus on Xiao Heng couple; they were probably planning to separate the group and stall them. If none of them were killed, then there would be no death for the South Rudra Region, and the leader of the school Long Biyue would not be aggravated. Plus, it would be weird if the Fire Man and the other two warriors were the only ones who didn't die, because then it would mean there was some kind of connection between the Fire Man and the Corpse Man. In that case, the first person Long Biyue would kill would be him.


Suddenly, two Gold Shell Corpses jumped out of nowhere among countless Bronze Shell Corpses. They both had a golden shine over their black skin. These two Gold Shell Corpse moved extremely fast. Between bounces, they were like electrical lights, as they appeared in front of Pang Nie and Zhuang Qinghe instantly. Meanwhile, a white shadow jumped among the Bronze Shell Corpse group, aiming towards Zhuang Qinghe, who was relatively weaker. It seemed like he was about to be killed on sight.

Pang Nie and Zhuang Qinghe could not dare to underestimate the Gold Shell Corpse and the white shadow. They used all of their power to get ready for the incoming battle.

The Great Master of the North Snow Martial Academy Lin Shuihan was not just hanging around; his opponents were three men in white floating robes. These three men seemed to have no real shapes, and were just floating in the air. Their bodies then shook slightly, as they arrived instantly in front of him.

Soon, everyone was separated. The couple were battling the Corpse Man at a distance, so it was almost impossible to see where they were. Pang Nie and Zhuang Qinghe were battling two Gold Shell Corpses and a man in a long robe, while Lin Shuihan was fighting against three men in long robes. However, the empty area not so far away from the battlefield had been filled with Bronze Shell Corpses. It was impossible to walk among them. Therefore, it was almost impossible to help each other.

The Fire Man and Mountain Man were obviously on the same team with the Corpse Man, and the Lake Man, who pretended to help Xiao Heng couple. Therefore, only Ye Chen was standing alone amongst the huge group of Bronze Shell Corpses. He was still extremely calm; his expressions did not change even a little.

Judging from the situation right now, it was looking really bad for the Astral Reaching Realm warriors from the Windy Nation. To be more accurate, they seemed doomed already. Although the supposed last plan would have a potentially similar outcome, no one had expected that the three people would overtly display their connection with the Corpse Man, trying to kill everyone in the group besides warriors from the South Rudra Martial School. Even Ye Chen had not thought about it. He thought they were all planning to kill him and the rest secretly, but he had not thought they would be so arrogant. Now that those two people did not even move an inch, they obviously did not want to help the others.

Pang Nie yelled, "Fire Man, why are you not moving?!" He had guessed Fire Man's evil plan, but he still sounded very angry.

The latter sneered, "Oh, don't worry, I will soon."

The plan was going well for them. The couple had been drawn away, so they would not be able to hear a thing that happened here. By the time they killed the four people, including Ye Chen, the Mountain Man would have disappeared, and the Fire Man would make himself wounded. Then, no one would suspect him when he got back. They would only think that it was obviously the powerful Corpse Man who had killed the rest. Only he and the couple had made it out. Of course, it would be impossible for everyone to believe him, but without any hard evidence, the Fire Man did not think anyone would do anything about it. The Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer would not be able to touch him. As for the South Rudra Martial School, it would indeed be a challenge. He would have to be extra careful in the future in case he made a mistake and revealed what he had done. The worst thing that could happen would be the South Rudra Martial School deciding to kill him without reason, in which case he would have to escape from the Windy Nation.

Seeing that the Fire Man and the Mountain Man had started to gather around him, Ye Chen said lightly, "Is it only the two of you? I don't think it is enough, I am afraid."

"Oh yeah? How about adding us?" In the dark corner, two human shadows flew over. Judging from their aura, they must have been peak-level Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors. With four Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors as opponents, Ye Chen with his power now would indeed be killed. His fake zhen yuan protective layer would have to block out the attacks from the four of them, which would be impossible, since the gap between their cultivation was way too big to comprehend.

These two were indeed some of the remaining warriors from the Nine Ghost Cult. Back in the days, they were not as high ranked as the Corpse Man - they were only battle executive level staff.

The Fire Man laughed, "Ye Chen, you did not see this day would come, right?! It would have been the Cloud Dreamer and the Thunder Freer who would been killed today. Well, it is your fault for being so arrogant and deciding to join this mission. Today, you will be dead. I will ask the Wood Man to make you into a Silver Shell Corpse and let you experience the eternal pain."

Ye Chen shook his head. The fake zhen yuan inside his body started its last cycle as he said lightly: "Are you kidding? You think I don't have a reason to kill you all? Let's handle this all today!"