Chapter 318: Water Mirror

 Chapter 318: Water Mirror

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Pang Nie sneered again and said to the Fire man, "Brother Fire, since all the people are here, let's talk about the strategy to take on the Corpse Man."

The Fire Man nodded and said, "Everyone, although there are already eight of us from the top five martial institutions, the Corpse Man is not that easy to fight. He is at Late Astral Reaching Realm, which would take at least three Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors to stall him. Also, there will be two or three rank 7 zombie warriors in his nest. I think I do not need to explain more about the zombie warriors... Their attacking power would not be weaker than anyone here. Plus, the zombie warriors have extremely powerful defenses. Without a powerful strategy, the killing of the Corpse Man might not be successfully conducted. There is a huge possibility to be killed after a dreadful battle. Besides the two points I have already mentioned, the Corpse Man had also got four white warriors to guard him. These four people have no shape no appearance, which is very bizarre. They are at Early Astral Reaching Realm. The remaining two Astral Reaching Realm warriors could take on two opponents each, then we should be okay."

Lin Shuihan said, "So, as you have put it, we have just the right amount of people."

The Great Master from the South Rudra Martial School Xiao Heng said, "It just means there would be a huge uncertainty. If the Corpse Man has one more Astral Reaching Realm warrior on his side, then it would be a very bad situation for us."

The wife of Xiao Heng nodded, "Indeed! Our breaking point would be the zombie warriors. After killing them, we can take care of the four white warriors, then all join together and fight the Corpse Man. It is all based on the precondition of the ideal situation. If there is an extra Astral Reaching Realm warrior, then they would be able to find a breaking point from our side."

"Fire, is that your complete plan?" Although Pang Nie had a common goal as the Fire Man, it did not mean that he did not care for his own safety. He could not help but wonder if the Fire Man had other plans, perhaps even including him.

The Fire Man laughed, "Don't worry. My friend Lake Man will be joining us tomorrow, then there will be nine of us. If there are no changes on the Corpse Man's side, it should be easy to kill him. And even if there is a change, we would still have enough of power. Worst case scenario, with the nine of us fighting together, it should not be a problem for us to escape his nest."

"I have heard that there will be two people coming from the Purple Sun Martial School, one being the Mountain Man. Where is the other one - the Gold Spear Man? With him, the chance of us winning will be higher." Lin Shuihan said suddenly.

The Fire Man's expression changed instantly as he glanced at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked just the same as he said, "I killed him."


The Xiao couple and Lin Shuihan were quite shocked. Ye Chen was only at the stage of purifying zhen yuan, which would still be a small distance until reaching the Astral Reaching Realm, while the Gold Spear Man had already reached the Mid Astral Reaching Realm. The two had a huge cultivation level gap in between. Normally, Ye Chen should not even be able to wound the Gold Spear Man. Everyone present could not help but feel chilled. The number one martial genius in the whole South Rudra Region was way more powerful than they had expected. With such a cultivation, it would still be one of the top in the whole true spirit continent scale.

"Since he is already dead, then there is no point in talking about it anymore. Fire Man, when should we leave?" Lin Shuihan did not mean to blame Ye Chen, so he ignored it completely.

The latter said, "This matter should not wait any longer. Let's leave today. I am afraid that the situation might change if we wait."


"Alright, let's go!"

Everyone present was an Astral Reaching Realm warrior; they did not like to waste time. Once decided, they would proceed immediately.

Within the clouds...

The Fire Man said, "The nest of the Corpse Man is right under the ground in the west of Devil Grassland. There is a huge lake."

"No wonder no one had found him over the years. It turns out he had been living under the ground. The grassland over there is extremely wide and huge. Without luck, it is impossible to find someone there."

There was a distance of twenty thousand miles between the Green Mountains to the grassland. With the speed of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors, although they would be able to reach there in two to three hours, but it would be very risky if they took on the Corpse Man in such a hurry, since traveling at full speed would consume a lot of energy. Therefore, everyone only used half their normal speed.

Midway, the group met the Lake Man of the Nature Five.

The man was in his fifties. He wore a blue robe as he waved a fan in his hand. He had an aura similar to Zhuang Qinghe. Ye Chen had detected a sharpness flash through behind the eyes of the Lake Man with his powerful soul power. Seemingly friendly but brutal, he was definitely not as he seemed, thought Ye Chen.

Four hours later, everyone had landed in the west of the grassland.

In front of them were seemingly endless lakes. They came with different sizes and shapes.

"We are here!"

The Fire Man landed on the side of one lake.

Xiao Heng was second-doubting, "I wonder where the entrance is."

"The entrance is right under this lake!" The Fire Man pointed at the lake right in front of them.

Pang Nie sneered, "The Corpse Man is quite good at finding locations. With the entrance completely under the water, covered by the mud, there are almost zero flaws in the choice."

"Let me go look at the environment under the lake!"

Long Yue was still not too sure about what they were about to go into, so she activated her zhen yuan and made a gesture to the lake in front of her. A surprising scene happened. A swirl appeared in the lake, and once it became stable, it floated into the sky like a mirror.


As Long Yue changed her gestures, the "mirror" kept changing directions. Everything under the lake was exposed in front of the group.

The Fire Man gasped. He was amazed at the martial arts the Great Master from the South Rudra Martial School had trained. Although he did not know how exactly powerful she was, but just by the look of it, there seemed to be no other martial arts like this. It looked like something a Seas of Souls Realm warrior would do.

The Lake Man felt excited. He happened to be training water element martial arts now, and the water zhen yuan inside Long Yue amazed him. If he could make her as one of his wives, it would be perfect. Unfortunately, the powerful people associated with her were the ones he did not afford to mess with. So, his desire would need more planning to achieve.

"I will get you sooner or later." The Lake Man was unlike the Gold Spear Man. He liked middle-aged ladies with experience. Long Yue seemed to be in her forties, but because of the fact that she was training the water element martial arts, her skin was in supreme condition. Added with her unique style, she was his perfect prey.

If one had to point out someone present who was the one seeing through everything right now, then that would be Ye Chen. Ever since he had landed, he had not said another word. He had been watching. Although the Lake Man's thoughts were extremely unnoticeable, it was obvious in front of him. He could not help but judge him secretly. No one in the South Rudra Martial School was stupid. Obviously, they had prepared for everything. The leader of the South Rudra Martial School, Long Biyun, was even more mysterious. If she were pissed off, no one would be alive to even witness that.

"Good, since I am already here, then I will take care of all of them." Ye Chen did not count on the fact that they could kill the Corpse Man successfully. In fact, he knew that it would not be that easy. However, for him, killing the Fire Man, Mountain Man and the Lake Man was not too much of a hassle. If the Great Masters from the Emerald Martial School were also thinking about doing something bad, he was prepared to kill them all.

It was not being blindly confident, he was purely concluding on his own power.

The Ye Chen of today was not the old him anymore. All that he had learned was the top of the top; the martial arts were all top rank Earth Realm, his sword arts were all top rank Earth Realm as well, and his flying arts were also top rank Earth Realms. The Heart Kill attack and the Sky Shattering Clouds were all his ace attacks. Eighty percent sword intent was his most powerful tool. Then the fact was that he would be able to reach the Astral Reaching Realm literally any second. This kind of power was something not even peak level Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors was able to achieve Even if it were a Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior, he would not be afraid.

Even the inner masters from a rank 6 martial institution would not get access to the top rank Earth Realm martial arts, not to mention the Corpse Man.

The top rank Earth Realm martial arts were extremely rare in the whole South Rudra Region, and even the top rank 6 martial institutions had only a couple of them. He believed that no matter how powerful the Nine Ghost Cult was, it would be impossible for each one of them to have one each. So, the one hundred and eight ghost warriors would only be at the level of some core masters from rank 6 martial institutions.

With all the advantages combined together, Ye Chen was not worried about the evil plan of the Fire Man at all. The worst case, he would be able to use his Body Separating Great Art to escape the situation.


The mirror made of water disappeared, as Long Yue shook her head and said.

"Let's go down then!" The Fire Man suggested.

The underwater environment was not a huge problem for everyone here. A normal warrior with the lowest realm would be able to last a long time underwater, not to mention the fact that everyone here was at Astral Reaching Realm. Such a natural environment would not be able to stop them.

Pushing out his fake zhen yuan as a protective layer, Ye Chen followed everyone and dove into the water.

"Piss off!"

Shortly after entering the water, a huge underwater beast approached the group, but it was soon killed by Pang Nie's one palm attack. Its corpse had been blown out of the water.

The Fire Man controlled his excitement and spoke using his zhen yuan, "The entrance is right there, follow me!" Speech over, he pushed his firey red zhen yuan and shot out in that direction. He was fast like light.

Soon, the nest of the Corpse Man was right in front of them.

Under the lake, next to a huge rock, an entrance covered in weeds appeared after the seaweeds had been shattered. The entrance was around ten meters wide, and it led all the way to the bottom. It looked pitch black like a path to hell.

With the protection of zhen yuan, no one cared about what they were seeing. If it was not for the fact they did not want the Corpse Man to know they were coming, they were definitely able to force it in, which would be the easiest thing for them.


The Fire Man took the lead and dove into the entrance. The Mountain Man and the Lake Man followed behind.

"Let's go in too."

Xiao Heng and Long Yue looked at Ye Chen, as among all the people in the group, only Ye Chen was on their side.

Ye Chen nodded, laughed, "Seniors, I will go in first."

Because the Green Lotus Sword Spell was a martial art that sword artists trained, Ye Chen's fake zhen yuan was extremely sharp. He moved extremely fast under the water. The incoming flow of the water had been cut in half once it touched the fake zhen yuan. There was no blockage whatsoever.

Pitch black, it was all pitch black, without any light.

No one knew how deep this entrance led to, but every single one of the warriors in the group could feel that they were getting further and further away from the lake. The surroundings were extremely quiet, giving out a creepy vibe.


No one knew how long it had been, but they finally resurfaced from the water. However, it was not the surface from before, it was somehow the other side of the lake.