Chapter 317: The Powerful Gathering

 Chapter 317: The Powerful Gathering

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Three days later...

The Cloud Dreamer and the Thunder Freer stayed behind to protect the Sky Cloud Martial School while Ye Chen went to the Green Mountain by himself.

The Green Mountain was located three thousand miles north to the Purple Sun Martial School. It was not too tall a mountain, but it was very beautiful.

Over the mountain, the Fire Man and a middle-aged man in grey were sitting by a stone table, drinking wine.

"Ye Chen must die. Who is he to dare to intimidate the Nature Five!?" The middle-aged man was furious. His palm tightened slightly, causing the wine glass to shatter instantly.

The Fire Man squeezed his eyes, "Brother Gao, don't worry! He will not live for long. Brother Gold's death would not be for nothing." In front of him, the middle-aged man was indeed one of the Nature Five, the Mountain Man. His name was Yu Gaoshan, and he was even more powerful than the Fire Man and the Gold Spear Man, ranking third in the Nature Five. His earth element zhen yuan was extremely rich, and he specialized in attacking aggressively.

The Mountain Man went silent for a moment, then he said suddenly, "If his power was indeed like it seemed, why hadn't he reached the Astral Reaching Realm? Although Gold pal was not as powerful as me, Ye Chen was still able to kill him within three attacks. So, it will take me at least ten attacks to defeat him, and it would probably be almost impossible to kill him."

The Fire Man said, "Gold pal was being a bit reckless after all that day. He had not even gotten the chance to perform his most powerful attacks. However, that brat should indeed not be underestimated. How did he manage to learn the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Martial Art?! It was able to increase his attacking power by fifty percent."

"The Minor Blood Body Separating Great Art was indeed a secret Qi and blood burning art. He must have carried lots of rare great medicine to revive his Qi and blood." After another moment, he said again, "After this mission, we should set a plan to kill him, in case he becomes way too powerful. Once he reaches the Astral Reaching Realm, even Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors might not be able to kill him. If he manages to escape, it will be the end of us."

"Yeah." The Fire Man nodded heavily. Ye Chen would grow more and more enormous as a threat. If they are already barely his opponents right now, then once he reached the Astral Reaching Realm, his following plan would never make it. It would be something that he didn't want to see.

"Haha, brother Fire, you still look the same after so many years."

From far in the distance, two human figures flew over towards them. The leading guy was in his sixties; he had a strong body but a hunched waist, wearing a golden robe. The person standing right next to him was of the same age. However, he was much thinner, carrying a scholarly hint just like the leader of the Emerald Martial School.

The Fire Man stood up and welcomed the incomer with a huge smile: "Bothers, you too had been in closed-up training in the Emerald Martial School for so many years. It is so hard for me to see you two."

The two were indeed two of the top three Great Masters of the Emerald Martial School. The one with the hunched back was the number one warrior Pang Nie; he was at the peak level of the Mid Astral Reaching Realm, one last step to the Late Astral Reaching Realm. The one with a vibe of a scholar was the father of the Emerald Martial School leader, third-ranked warrior in the Emerald Martial School, Zhuang Qinghe; he was at the peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm. The other warrior who chose not to come must have stayed behind to protect the Emerald Martial School.

The two landed on the mountain as Pang Nie looked over at the Mountain Man and said, "Isn't this the Mountain Man from the Nature Five? Greetings."

The Mountain Man would not dare to underestimate him. That rich aura was definitely stronger than his. He was indeed one step to the Late Astral Reaching Realm. It looked like that the Emerald Martial School had been the tyrant of all martial schools for a reason indeed. He put his fists together and made a greeting gesture as he said, "I would not dare. I have always been hearing about the reputation of Pang Nie from the Emerald Martial School. Today, seeing you in person, you are indeed powerful like your reputation."

"Haha, brother, you are flattering me." Pang Nie did not care too much as he asked, "The people from other big martial schools, have they been confirmed?"

The Fire Man nodded, "There will be two people from the South Rudra Martial School, one from the North Snow Martial Academy, and two from the Sky Cloud Martial School, which would be the Cloud Dreamer and the Thunder Freer." When they were talking about the Sky Cloud Martial School, an evil and serious killing vibe flashed past Fire Man's eyes. But, he did a great job hiding it.

"Two people coming from the South Rudra Martial School is not a surprise, but how come are there two people coming from the Sky Cloud Martial School? No one stayed behind to watch over the martial school?" Pang Nie was a bit surprised. He had been following the rise of the Sky Cloud Martial School. Therefore, he paid extra attention on the matter with the school.

The Fire Man said with a deep voice, "I am afraid that, brother Pang, you haven't heard the news. The new Great Master of the Sky Cloud Martial School is Ye Chen. He was able to compete with Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors with the power from only the purifying zhen yuan stage. This time, I tried to go over there and warn them, but somehow, that Ye Chen did not like our Purple Sun Martial School. He not only said some disrespectful things, he also killed my good friend, the Gold Spear Man."

Hearing him, Pang Nie and Zhuang Qinghe's faces looked a bit gloomy. Ye Chen was growing way too fast, which had caught them off guard. Before, they did not think he was too much of a risk and left him alone, which now completely seemed a mistake. Pang Nie exclaimed, "It looks like it is time to give the Sky Cloud Martial School a lesson. For the past couple of years, we had let them on their own, and now, they really think that they own the Windy Nation."

Of course, no one would really believe everything the Fire Man said, but Ye Chen was indeed undoubtedly a threat. If the Emerald Martial School wanted to keep the tyrant position in the Windy Nation, he would have to make a decision.

"What a wonderful place you've got here. Lin is not late, is he?"

Just as they were talking, a chilly breeze spread out the area. In the sky half a mile away, a white shadow came out of nowhere, along with an extremely sharp feeling.

Pang Nie turned his body, facing the incoming white shadow. He said with an unnoticeable laugh, "Lin Shuihan, after a dozen years of training, your blade art has reached the next level!"


The white shadow landed on the ground. It was a middle-aged man in his mid-fifties, wearing a white robe. His face had clear-cut features, and his palms, that were resting on the sides of his body, were huge and with humongous knuckles, but without any calluses. Once he landed, all of the icy vibe had disappeared completely - he turned into the most common fella.

"How impressive! I have underestimated the Astral Reaching Realm warriors from the Windy Nation." The middle-aged man in white was only at Mid Astral Reaching Realm, but in the eyes of the Mountain Man, he was no weaker than Pang Nie. The former seemed to hide the sharpest blade Qi in his body, waiting for a chance to explode.

The middle-aged man in white laughed, "There are two Astral Reaching Realm warriors in our North Snow Martial Academy. Therefore, there is only me coming. I hope you don't think it is too little."

"No way! It's our pleasure for you to make it." The Fire Man said something to be polite.

Pang Nie laughed lightly, "One brother Lin can make up for two people. I wonder what level of blade intent brother Lin has reached."

Lin Shuihan said, "I am flattered, but I am only at seventy percent."

The blade intent was just like the sword intent, higher the level, harder it got. Being able to achieve seventy percent blade intent when he was only at Mid Astral Reaching Realm, Lin Shuiyun was already extremely powerful. Most of the blade artists who had reached the Astral Reaching Realm were stuck at fifty or sixty percent.

Currently, there were only three people who learned the blade intent in the North Snow Academy School. One was the leader of the school, Xue Wuren, while the other one was Lin Qi.

Xue Wuren had mastered it when he was way older, and now, he was at fifty percent.

On the contrary, Lin Qi had caught up with him. One year after the Hidden Dragon Rank, he had successfully increased to forty percent in his blade intent, and his general attacking power had reached beyond him.

"I heard that Ye Chen from the Sky Cloud Martial School had revealed his seventy percent sword intent in the Hidden Dragon Rank competition, which was a huge surprise." Lin Shuihan said.

The Fire Man could not help but say, "He has reached eighty percent."


Pang Nie and Lin Shuihan both looked at him at the same time.

"This guy is more horrifying than you can imagine. If you underestimate him, you will die horribly." The Fire Man knew all the other people here would not want to see the Sky Cloud Martial School reaching beyond their martial institutions. It was exactly why he decided to mention it. In that way, his future plan would be less likely rejected.

Pang Nie kept quiet; no one knew what he was thinking.

Lin Shuihan looked the same, like nothing had changed.

However, the seriousness in the air had still lasted until the people from the South Rudra Martial School arrived.

The leader of the school trained water element martial art. When he pushed his speed to its limit, the air was disturbed like water, which was extremely delightful to watch. In everyone's eyes, one man and one woman who were both in their forties flew over in the sky.

"I wonder who you are." The status of the South Rudra Martial School was extremely high. They were full of powerful parties supporting them secretly. All those years, no one had seen the Great Masters of the school come out before. Therefore, no one recognized them, and no one knew where they were from. Pang Nie could not help but ask.

Once both of them landed, the middle-aged man said, "Xiao Heng, this is my wife, Long Yue."

"Greetings to both of you."

No one dared to be rude as they all greeted the incomers, including the Mountain Man. Although he did not care about the top four martial schools in the Windy Nation, he had heard from the Fire Man before that the South Rudra Martial School should not be offended. The consequences would be deadly.

After moments of silence, the Mountain Man said very unhappily, "Where are the people from the Sky Cloud Martial School? We cannot wait forever, can we?"

Xiao Heng said, "It does not matter if we wait a little bit longer."

The Mountain Man made a face, while the Fire Man and Pang Nie looked a bit annoyed.

" Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer had other obligations, so I came in replacement for them." Right then, a bright voice was heard.

Everyone looked over.

Ye Chen was flying over at a fast speed, wearing blue robes.

"It's him!" The Fire Man was shocked at first, then he was extremely happy. He was not prepared to kill Ye Chen instantly. He was planning to kill the two Astral Reaching Realm warriors, but he did not expect his prey to come by himself. Now, the plan to kill him could be moved forward.

How lucky!

The Mountain Man and the Fire Man exchanged a look. An unnoticeable laughter flashed past their faces.

It was Pang Nie's first time meeting Ye Chen, and he sneered, "You are that famous Ye Chen, the rare martial genius."

The blue shadow disappeared, as Ye Chen appeared in front of everyone, "I am flattered to be known."

"The Cloud Dreamer and the Thunder Freer were worrying that you might be killed. Now that they let you come to the front line, it seems that they do not really care about you after all."

Pang Nie was studying Ye Chen. He realized that although Ye Chen had an extremely powerful aura, it was not as horrifying as Fire Man had described. He could not help but wonder. Meanwhile, he could sense a slight hint of killing vibe amongst the crowd, and believed that the Fire Man definitely had something evil planned out.

Ye Chen glanced at Pang Nie and the Fire Man emotionlessly. He went up to the two Great Masters from the South Rudra Martial School and greeted them.