Chapter 316: I can reach the Astral Reaching Realm any time

 Chapter 316: I can reach the Astral Reaching Realm any time

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Ye Chen's power was openly strong, and it was not a normal level of powerfulness. It was more than the Cloud Dreamer and the Thunder Freer. However, although everyone knew about his power, no one had actually seen him kill a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Normally, people did not really know how powerful the Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors were. However, the power the Gold Spear Man had shown was certainly at Mid Astral Reaching Realm. It was nothing an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior could compete with. However, he still did not survive three attacks from Ye Chen.

"Crossing two completely different realms to kill his opponent, Ye Chen is getting scarier and scarier." Luo Hanshan and Zhu Mei took a deep breath and exchanged a scared look.

Xu Jing's tightened body got relaxed. She was prepared to support Ye Chen when he ran out of power fighting against the Gold Spear Man, but it was obvious now that it was no longer necessary. Plus, although the medicine from the Sky Demon Flower had cured her completely and increased her physical strength, the Gold Spear Man was a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior. The slightest finger flick from him could seriously wound her.

Cloud Dreamer had a light smile on his face. He then forced a laugh to himself, turning his head towards the Fire Man.

The later had a twisted expression on his face as he shouted, "Ye Chen, how dare you kill the Gold Spear Man!"

His body flashed as he landed on the main mountain palace.

"Right now, you can either piss off, or you will be killed."

Only the Fire Man knew where the nest of the Ghost Corpse Man was, so even if Ye Chen knew that he had something evil planned, it was a bit of a tricky situation since he could not kill him yet. So, he planned to go with the flow and see what the Fire Man was planning, since it would only complicate things if he killed him.


The Fire Man was furious, full of anger but with no outlet.

Cloud Dreamer was really afraid that Ye Chen was going to kill the Fire Man. Although he would like to do it himself as well, with the matter with the Ghost Corpse Man not being settled, it would be stupid to kill him. Right then, he was not really sure how he felt about the whole thing, so he tried to persuade, "Fire Man, be a smart man and see the facts here. You are not going to win against Ye Chen. Staying here would only cost you of your life. Right now, the Ghost Corpse Man is the most important matter. I will see you on the mission."

Whoo! Whoo!

Letting out a couple of deep breaths, the Fire Man tried his best to control his anger as he said creepily, "Good, great! Ye Chen, I will remember you."

Ye Chen looked at the Fire Man calmly. Something had been added behind his eyes. A sharp sword Qi started to accumulate, and combined with that unshakeable expression of his, it had brought the Fire Man an unspeakable pressure. He was sure that if he said another word, Ye Chen would kill him on the spot, leaving him with no chance.

"Let's go!"

Waved his hand, the Fire Man took the dozen of them from the Purple Sun Martial School, flying out of the main mountain like stay dogs, which was drastically different from what it was like when they came.

"Ye Chen, isn't this a bit too cruel?" The Cloud Dreamer did not mean to accuse Ye Chen of being too brutal and killing too many people, he just thought it was not a very good time right now.

Letting go out of that sharpness in his eyes, Ye Chen said calmly, "The killing should be done whenever it is necessary. One less enemy, one less potential danger. Leaving them alive would only put our Sky Cloud Martial School in danger."

Ye Chen was not completely wrong. The Cloud Dreamer did not want to argue over this matter anymore, "Ye Chen, let's go to my mountain and talk about the strategy."


Ye Chen followed the Cloud Catcher and arrived in the Cloud Catching Mountain.

Thunder Freer welcomed them, "Well done! It is good that their arrogance has been dealt with. Otherwise, they would think everything is under their control." What had happened on the main mountain, Thunder Freer had seen it clearly. He had the same principle himself as well, which was why he was very supportive of Ye Chen's decision.

Cloud Dreamer laughed and told the Thunder Freer everything, then said, "The nest of the Corpse Man is somewhere in the Windy Nation. No matter if it is wrong or right, it is not something we should ignore. How do you guys think we should handle this matter? How many people should we take with us?"

Ye Chen said, "Someone should stay behind and watch over the Sky Cloud Martial School."

"Of course, who should it be?"

Thunder Freer thought about it and said, "How about Ye Chen? He is stronger than us. He would be able to take care of things when something happens. If even he cannot solve it, then we will not be able to do anything either. Plus, if the situation becomes terrible, then he should be able to escape safely. Of course, it would be the last resort, which is very unlikely to happen. Cloud Dreamer and I will join the mission of killing the Corpse Man, and face the Fire Man's evil plan. I would like to see what he is playing."

The Cloud Dreamer liked what he heard since it was his plan too.

Ye Chen shook his head, "Two seniors should stay here watching over the Sky Cloud Martial School, and I will participate in the mission."

"Ye Chen!"

Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer looked at him at the same time,

Ye Chen said, " Fire Man must be watched. However, I don't think he was targeting the school but more at the Astral Reaching Realm warriors from the school. If two seniors decide to go there, it would be following his plan. Although I do not dare to say that I have seen through their evil plans, but escaping in dangerous situation should not be a problem."

"But you still haven't reached the Astral Reaching Realm yet. Will it be appropriate for you to go?" The Cloud Dreamer was a bit doubtful. He knew Ye Chen was very powerful, but he also knew that the Fire Man's evil plan would not be this simple. It would be risky to put Ye Chen in such a position.

Ye Chen laughed, "Actually, I can reach the Astral Reaching Realm anytime."


Both the seniors did not quite understand what he was saying.

A thought went through his mind, as a fake zhen yuan appeared right outside of Ye Chen's body. If looked closer, it was not hard to discover that the fake zhen yuan was covered by light. Only a very tiny part had not been fully purified; it was a sign of reaching the Astral Reaching Realm soon.

"I only need to go through one cycle, and I will be able to reach the next realm." Abstracting zhen yuan was not a natural process. It required the warriors to extract its essence and purify it. Otherwise, they would be stuck in this stage for a long time.

"One more cycle until reaching the Astral Reaching Realm?!"

Thunder Freer gasped. To be honest, he had never heard of any martial genius like Ye Chen. If it were only the fact that Ye Chen had reached the Astral Reaching Realm in only a year, it would not be that special. But it was the fact that he was even able to control when to reach the realm. The other people would do anything to reach the Astral Reaching Realm, the faster the better. But he was not only not worried about reaching the realm too late, he was even waiting for a critical moment to do so. What a monster-like being!

'If this boy does not end up with something big, I, Thunder Freer, would not believe the least bit.' The Thunder Freer was both shocked and excited. He could feel his blood boiling up.

The Cloud Dreamer frowned as he said, "Ye Chen, I am not doubting your control over the power, but do you know for sure? You should not be too reckless, as the slightest mistake would be fatal."

Putting away his fake zhen yuan, Ye Chen said with great confidence, "Seniors, don't worry. I could have reached the Astral Reaching Realm a week ago, but after giving in some thought, I had decided to stay at this level for now." After hearing about the Fire Man and the Nature Five after leaving his chamber, he was alarmed. That was why he gave up the chance for him to reach the next realm.

Seeing Ye Chen was so careful and thoughtful, Cloud Dreamer had to believe him. He kept thinking in his head that how much luck Sky Cloud Martial School had accumulated for a genius like Ye Chen to have appeared in their school. 'One day, wait until he becomes the tyrant of the whole continent... The ancestors of the Sky Cloud Martial School would laugh in heaven.'

"I have to say that your training speed has outrun me a whole South Rudra Region." The Thunder Freer had finally laid his eyes on a rare genius. No one he knew could compete with Ye Chen.

"Senior, you are flattering me." The reason that Ye Chen was able to reach the Astral Reaching Realm in such a short time, besides the influence of the dragon fountain Qi, was the Green Lotus Sword Spell. Once one reached the tenth realm, every realm after that would be much more powerful. Once he reached the thirteenth realm, it would be a completely different realm. In fact, Ye Chen himself had not foreseen the power of the thirteenth realm. His battling power had not only raised drastically to a level that he could beat the Gold Spear Man in three movements, his training speed had also increased drastically. It was a speed no one could imagine anymore.

In fact, in the whole South Rudra Region, only great geniuses could train a top rank Earth Realm to its eleventh realm when they were at only Clasping Yuan Realm. Reaching the twelfth realm would be extremely rare already, only Sikong Sheng being such a person in the past centuries. And reaching the thirteenth realm, there was literally no one throughout the history, other than Ye Chen. Knowing the fact that top rank Earth Realm martial arts were challenges for Astral Reaching Real warriors, even late Astral Reaching Realm warriors might not even reach the level Ye Chen was at now. As for the fourteenth realm, it could be only achievable when one reached the Seas of Souls Realm. According to the legend, the fifteenth realm would require the warriors to break through the blockage to Astral Realm martial arts, and even Seas of Souls Realm warriors might not be able to do so. Therefore, Ye Chen's achievement in the martial arts was already like the top Astral Reaching Realm warriors. As for the growth of his power, it was unmeasurable. Therefore, it was really not a surprise that he had killed the Gold Spear Man.

As for why he was able to train the Green Lotus Sword Spell to its thirteenth realm, only Ye Chen knew what truly happened. After being exposed to countless martial arts, the comprehension ability from his double souls had been reached fully, as his potential expanded every day. Before, when he was training the Mysterious Great Art, it took him one and a half year to reach the eleventh realm, which was the highest, and the eleventh realm of Mysterious Great Art was only equal to the ninth realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell.

Sometimes, Ye Chen really wondered where his limit would be.


Thousands of miles away from the Sky Cloud Martial School, the Fire Man was flying amongst a group of people.


The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Finally, he could not hold back the anger for another second as he kicked the mountain right next to him.


The top half of the mountain had been blown away. The attacking power of a mid-Astral Reaching Realm warrior had been displayed.

"Ye Chen, you just wait. This mission, I will kill all of your Astral Reaching Realm warriors. As for you, don't you think you can escape the destiny. I will kill you first, then the Sky Cloud Martial School, and eventually the Ye family. I will kill every single guy in the family and sell all the women to the brothel, making your Ye family slaves for generations."

This incident had definitely been the most humiliating time for the Fire Man. The Gold Spear Man, who was one of the Nature Five, had been killed right in front of him. He had also been kicked out of the Sky Cloud Martial School. His reputation had been ruined completely.

"Great Master, just let him be arrogant for now. If you don't control your temper now, then the whole plan will be jeopardized!" An inner master from the Purple Sun Martial School said bravely.

The Fire Man killed him within the heartbeat as he said with his teeth ground together, "Who do you think you are to talk to me like that? You were asking for death."

The others who witnessed what happed would not dare to say another word.