Chapter 315: Killing You in Three Movements

 Chapter 315: Killing You in Three Movements

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"Ye Chen, you are too arrogant." The Fire Man's face sank all of a sudden. Obviously, he did not come all the way to here for the benefit of the Sky Cloud Martial School. In his opinion, he knew that the Cloud Dreamer would have some suspicion about it, but he would definitely not turn down the opportunity. Since he was not able to turn it down, then his plan had already succeeded half-way through. Therefore, he did not care about what the Cloud Dreamer might think about it. Bringing the Gold Spear Man was to press down the aura of the Sky Cloud Martial School, letting them know that the Sky Cloud Martial School would never be able to compete with the Purple Sun Martial School.

However, he had definitely not expected that Ye Chen would have walked out and kept them here, especially determining to kill the Gold Spear Man. 'How dare he,' he thought. Did he really think that powerful warrior would protect him forever? The only reason that a martial genius was a martial genius was because they were able to grow stronger in a tough situation. If a powerful warrior wanted to train a martial genius, they would definitely not take care of him all the time.

'I am sure that if I kill him right now, there will not be any trouble for me, since a dead genius would not be worthy of the title.'

"Fire Man, why bother talking to him? Since the brat is asking for death, then don't blame me for being cold-hearted. Today, I will kill this little brat and take that woman away. Whoever dares to stop me, you can try your best!" The Gold Spear Man's killing intent burst, his face full of disgust.

Everyone present from the Sky Cloud Martial School took a deep breath. Judging from the situation, at least one would die between Ye Chen and Gold Spear Man. They really hoped that Ye Chen would be able to beat the Gold Spear Man. Otherwise, once Ye Chen lost or died, it would be a disaster for the Sky Cloud Martial School.


A gold spear appeared out of nowhere in Gold Spear Man's hand. His zhen yuan had already exploded as he stabbed out towards Ye Chen, who was standing ten steps away still. The tip of the spear cracked open a narrow vacuum space in the air.

"I will kill you within three attacks."


Ye Chen's Star Scar Sword had been taken out its scabbard and instantly pressed against the tip of that gold spear.


It seemed like there was an earthquake. The whole palace started to shake drastically, as the horrifying blasting wave spread out in all directions.

The Cloud Dreamer was standing in front of everyone else, trying his best to block out the blasting wave.


Using one sword movement, Ye Chen had blocked out the incoming attack. He then suddenly jumped into the air. The main mountain could not handle the attacks from the two, so it would not make the ideal battling venue.

"Where do you think you are going?"

The Gold Spear Man was following right behind him. The gold spear in his head had been stabbed out with an extremely fast speed. It had shot out hundreds of spear lights at the same time. Each spear light was equal to sixty percent of his attack power. With hundreds of them shooting out together, Ye Chen would have nowhere to escape to.

"The first movement."

Ye Chen was in the air when he stopped his body from moving. He poured his eighty percent sword intent into his Star Scar Sword, throwing out Sky Shattering Cloud towards the Gold Spear Man.

That sword attack had brought up wind, clouds, and even thunders. Its unstoppable power had shattered all those countless Spear lights, then carried on its attack under the shocked stare from the Gold Spear Man.

"He broke open my Spear light attacks!"

The Gold Spear Man was caught off guard. He hurried to lift up his spear in order to block out the incoming attack.


In everyone's eyes, the Gold Spear Man was blown away by Ye Chen's first attack.

"No way! He has definitely not reached the Astral Reaching Realm. Yet, how can he be so powerful already?!" The Fire Man could not close his mouth. He was very clear about the Gold Spear Man's power; he was just as powerful as he was. Although he was at his normal condition and not burning his zhen yuan, the Gold Spear Man should still be able to compete with Astral Reaching Realm warriors in burning zhen yuan condition, definitely not to mention Ye Chen, who had not even reached the Astral Reaching Realm yet. He had always thought that Ye Chen would be at a normal Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior's level. As for the fact that Ye Chen had killed the Sky Demon Snake about half a year ago, he was indeed aware of it. However, not many people out there actually knew about the beast that well, and they all thought that it was only a little bit stronger than normal rank 7 beast, which had also confused the Fire Man a little bit.

In the sky hundreds of meters away, the Gold Spear Man's eyes were bright red. He was a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior, and had somehow been blown away by Ye Chen who had not even reached the Astral Reaching Realm. It was something that he could not handle. The zhen yuan in his body started to rub against each other, as a gold flame appeared. The Gold Spear Man, who was covered in flame, yelled, "Today will be your last day! Gold Snake Break!"

He shot out a Spear attack. A golden snake-shaped spear light shot out along the body of the spear. It was traveling at an extremely fast speed. Its horrifying poetic perspective of Gold had given the spear light a special kind of power. The air had been torn apart, as the vacuum space was created continually, providing a faster travel route for the snake-shaped spear light.


A blood red half-step zhen yuan appeared around Ye Chen's body. The half-step zhen yuan was not that different from the real zhen yuan. The only difference was that it was not able to set itself on fire in order to increase battling power. However, the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art would be able to increase the battling power by five times. Added with his eighty percent sword intent, he was just as powerful as the Gold Spear Man who was burning his zhen yuan. Besides that, he had trained the top rank Earth Realm martial art - the Green Lotus Sword Spell, and trained it all the way to its thirteenth realm, which was something that the Gold Spear Man could not compete with.

"Green Lotus Sky!"

Countless beams of sharp qi flow had appeared around the Star Scar Sword, forming into green lotuses with a red glow. As Ye Chen waved the sword in the air, the green lotuses kept appearing.

The air had been frozen, and the snake-shaped Spear light became slower and slower. It was like a poisonous snake swimming upstream. Its speed kept failing to increase while the Gold Spear Man had also been stuck in the same area, his face full of shock.


Inside that peaceful-lake-like air, those green lotuses turned into sword qi and shot out at an insanely fast speed.

Ting! Ting! Dong! Dong!

The Gold Spear Man trained the gold element zhen yuan. Comparing the simple defense, it would be more powerful than the earth element zhen yuan. Although the sword qi was strong, but it was not enough to break down his body protective zhen yuan.

"The third movement, die!"

The Green Lotus Sky was the first ace attack from the Green Lotus Sword Spell, and could be separated into two attacks. One of them was the Green Lotus Sky, which focused on trapping the opponents, while the other one was the Green Lotus Accumulation, which focused solely on killing.

The fist-sized green lotuses shot out, landing on the protective zhen yun immediately.


The protective zhen yuan had been broken open, as the green lotuses shot through Gold Spear Man's chest. A straight line of blood shot out and continued for dozens of miles.

"This is impossible! There is no way I am going to die!" The Gold Spear Man had never gotten the chance to find out exactly how he was killed, and how Ye Chen possessed the power to achieve this. Plus, there were only three ace attacks. He had been traveling around the South Rudra Region for so many years, and anything like this had never happened. Otherwise, he would have never underestimated Ye Chen.

Putting his sword back into the scabbard, Ye Chen said lightly, "I said three movements, and I would kill you with three only. No matter how many Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors come right now, it would remain the same."

He dared to kill the Gold Spear Man, just like he dared to ignore the Fire Man and the Nature Five. Naturally, he had the confidence to do so, and it was not coming from his supposedly powerful cultivation. His true power had not been revealed yet, because there was no need.

Everyone watching was already shocked beyond words, their mouths agape.