Chapter 313: The Nature Five

 Chapter 313: The Nature Five

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"Is this a sign of reaching completion of your martial art?" Thunder Freer had heard before that once the top rank Earth Realm arts reached the twelfth realm, there would be a horrifying sign appearing with a new realm. Since Ye Chen had trained the Green Lotus Sword Spell, it was normal that there was such a sharp Qi appearing with the new realm.

Cloud Dreamer shook his head, " Not only has he made a huge breakthrough in his Green Lotus Sword Spell, he is only one last step away from reaching the Astral Reaching Realm."

"Is his second zhen yuan purification about to finish soon too?" Hearing him, Thunder Freer was surprised, since it would take a normal warrior at least three or four years to convert all of the zhen Qi into zhen yuan. However, Ye Chen took less than a year, which was jaw-dropping.

Cloud Dreamer said, "Everything a martial genius does is normally breaking the records. Five months ago, Sikong Sheng had reached the Astral Reaching Realm and became the youngest warrior for the past couple of centuries in the whole South Rudra Region. It looks like that Ye Chen is about to break that record too."

Thunder Freer nodded, "Sikong Sheng is a twenty-two years old Astral Reaching Realm warrior. If Ye Chen is able to reach the same level within three months, he would be a nineteen years old one, which would be only one year older than the first genius, the Mysterious Queen. It would be still surprising in the whole continent's context. His name would definitely appear in the martial genius ranking list."

"Yeah, that is for sure. However, martial geniuses are not only about training speed but also other factors. There are some other factors as well, such as the most important battling power and comprehension ability. Of course, no matter what area it is, Ye Chen is always the best. Sooner or later, he would be very famous. Plus, the more powerful he is now, the safer he would be. If he could not top himself, then it would truly be dangerous."

Just as they spoke, Ye Chen opened his eyes inside the secret chamber.

"The thirteenth realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell, as well as the second zhen yuan purification has officially finished... Such a powerful thing!" Two years had passed since the Hidden Dragon Rank, and Ye Chen had been improving every day. Each breakthrough was major, and topped the last realm. He had not only reached the first limit of the Green Lotus Sword Spell, he was about to finish the second zhen yuan purification as well. With both the achievements, his power had reached a new high level. Unfortunately, he did not have a rightful opponent to practice with. Otherwise, he would be able to know how exactly powerful he had become.


He threw out a punch covered with half-step zhen yuan, causing the air to tear apart. It was fast like lightning and heavy like mountains.

"Half-step zhen yuan, no, it should be the surreal zhen yuan. Its attacking power is unbelievable!" That punch was not combined with any martial skills, using only the surreal zhen yuan to tear open a gap in the air, which was very close to a true zhen yuan attack.

Waving his hand, the door of the secret chamber opened, as Ye Chen stood up and flew out.

On the Cloud Dreaming Mountain.

Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer were both sitting while discussing with each other.

"Little bro, what kind of progress have you made lately?"

The mist had automatically given way as Ye Chen landed on the Cloud Dreaming mountain, "Two seniors must have already guessed it."

"Hehe, your training speed is indeed surprising! It's even making me feel bad." Although Ye Chen had called them seniors, they definitely would not dare to consider him as their junior, so they treated him like their friends. Cloud Dreamer reached out his hand and waved over a stone chair nearby, then poured him a glass of wine.

Ye Chen sat on the stone chair and asked, "Did anything happen in the past half year?"

Cloud Dreamer replied with seriousness, "According to our resources, Sikong Sheng had reached the Astral Reaching Realm five months ago and became an inner master of the Floating Mountain Martial School. This event had made a huge impact, and a lot of famous Astral Reaching Realm warriors had gone to congratulate him, including the Great Master from the Purple Sun Martial School and the Emerald Martial School."

Ye Chen was not too surprised about that, since the latter had already formed the half-step zhen yuan in the Hidden Dragon Rank competitions. Two years had passed, so he should indeed be an Astral Reaching Realm warrior by now. As for the Great Master from the Purple Sun Martial School, Ye Chen was confused, "Didn't he need to look over the Purple Sun Martial School?"

Thunder Freer forced a laugh, "That sneaky b*stard had traveled through the South Rudra Region before as well, and had met four powerful warriors- Golden Gun Man, Old Tree Man, Mr. Lake and the Mountain Warrior. The five of them were called the Natural Element Five, or the Nature Five in short. Right before Sikong Sheng reached the Astral Reaching Realm, Gold Spear man and Mr. Lake had visited over. So now, they are looking over the Purple Sun Martial School."

"Nature Five." Ye Chen mumbled to himself.

"Soon, there will be three Astral Reaching Realm warrior's protecting the Sky Cloud Martial School! Come on! Let's drink!" The Cloud Dreamer was not too worried about the power of the Purple Sun Martial School. One Ye Chen would be able to take on two or three Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Plus, Ye Chen had still not reached his full potential yet, and no one would be able to predict how far he would go.

The days after that were extremely peaceful. His Green Lotus Sword Spell had reached the thirteenth realm, and his second zhen yuan purification would soon be over too. Ye Chen now would not have to close up and train deliberately. Zhen yuan purification was something that happened naturally, it had nothing much to do with one's comprehension ability. Plus, once the time was right, becoming an Astral Reaching Realm warrior was nothing hard, since Ye Chen had already got everything he needed for the breakthrough.

This day, Ye Chen was figuring out the poetic perspective of clouds.

After the Sky Shattering Clouds had reached its sixth movement, Ye Chen had felt a huge blockage. It seemed like there was a layer of invisible protection blocking in front of his vision.

"There are nine movements in the Sky Cloud Sword Arts. After combing the sixth movement, it had become a top rank Earth Realm sword movement. The seventh movement should be just as powerful as the second movement of the Green Lotus Sword Art, while the eighth movement would be almost touching the edge of the Astral Realm sword movement. It would be the limit of the poetic perspective and the movements. I wonder how I would be able to get through."

Up until now, Ye Chen had already realized that the Astral Realm martial arts were not something that someone could learn with simply a high comprehension ability. Without reaching that realm, there would not be a right moment to do so.


Letting out a heavy breath, Ye Chen waved his sword and broke open a sword path among the clouds. The sword path was more than thousands of meters wide. It had broken down the low mountain in front of him, bringing up thunders and heavy winds and clouds.

"I am almost as powerful as most of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors in terms of poetic perspectives. What I am lacking is the experience. Once it is enough, then it would become very easy. It seems that only warriors who have been traveling around could grow stronger faster. Staying in one place is indeed limiting."

Everything took a time and process to move further, even for rare geniuses. Without enough experience, they would never truly grow up. It was like an extremely smart person whose intelligence would not be fully explored if he did not study for a couple of years and experienced a lot of things. He would have to live solely on his brain being smarter than the others.

"No worries, my skills now are still more powerful than my cultivation, so there is no point in rushing."

Putting his Star Scar Sword back in the scabbard, Ye Chen felt extremely peaceful.

"Haha, I, the Fire Man, am here. Why isn't there anyone to welcome me? Is everyone dead in the Sky Cloud Martial School?" In front of the Sky Cloud Martial School, ten human figures flashed by. The two people in the front were extremely powerful. The person on the right had an unbreakable aura, which was extremely sharp and aggressive, while the one on the left had an aura of a burning flame. It was indeed the Great Master of the Purple Sun Martial School - the Fire Man.

In the main lobby of the main mountain in the Sky Cloud Martial School, Luo Xinglie's expression changed, as he said to the head master, "Gather all the masters." The Sky Cloud Martial School and the Purple Sun Martial School did not have a good relationship. However, the Great Master of the Purple Sun Martial School had come personally, so they did have to welcome him warmly. It was a rule between the martial institutions, so the Sky Cloud Martial School could not break it either.

"Yes, sir!" The head master looked extremely serious.

Soon, all of the masters gathered in the palace in front of the main lobby which included Xu Jing and six other core masters.

In front of the palace, dozens of human figures landed.

The Fire Man who led the gang looked like he was in his sixties. His face had a great glow on it. He looked around the room and laughed with his eyes squeezed, then said, "Not bad, still kind of polite."

The masters had opened up a path, as Luo Xinglie walked out and said with his fists touching together, "I had no idea that the Fire Man was visiting. Sorry for the lack of the warm welcome."

"Where is the Cloud Dreamer that old man? Ask him to come out and see me. You do not have the right to talk to me." The Fire Man glanced at Luo Xinglie and said lightly.

Hearing him, all of the masters from the Sky Cloud Martial School looked extremely angry as they stared at the speaker. Luo Xinglie was the leader of the Sky Cloud Martial School, and he was the face of the school. How could someone dare to underestimate it?

"What? Do you think that you have someone powerful standing behind you and you can mistreat me? I wonder what would that powerful person think of this. No matter if you believe me or not, even if I tear apart the Sky Cloud Martial School, he would not show up again." The Fire Man knew more than anyone else. Even though Jin Huang had been scared away last time, he was an outsider after all, representing a super martial school like the Floating Mountain Martial School; it was indeed bullying. However, the Purple Sun Martial School was just as powerful as the Sky Cloud Martial School as one of the top five martial schools in the Windy Nation. So, it would not be bullying if he decided to do so. The Fire Man did not believe that powerful person would care about small things like this.

"Fire Man, old pal, you are in the wrong place to gloat. The Sky Cloud Martial School is not some place for you to be such a d*ck." Cloud Dreamer appeared on the palace.

The Fire Man glanced at Cloud Dreamer, "If I wanted to gloat, do you really think that the people in the Sky Cloud Martial School would be okay like this?"

The Cloud Dreamer sneered, "Your Purple Sun Martial School will go down if something happened to the Sky Cloud Martial School."

"You are only bragging." The middle-aged man in a gold robe who was standing right next to the Fire Man laughed.

"I wonder who this is."

The Fire Man said in a proud voice, "The Gold Spear Man, a great guest of our Purple Sun Martial School."

The Gold Spear Man was in his fifties. His face looked a bit golden, and he had a huge body. He made a face, "I thought the Sky Cloud Martial School would be full of powerful warriors, but it has only a peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Fire, you haven't destroyed them in so many years, how merciful of you!"

"Huh! If there were not anyone there to hold me back, you think I would let Sky Cloud Martial School be like this? Leaving my Purple Sun Martial School no warriors to pass on the legacy?" A killing intent flashed through his eyes.

The Gold Spear Man chuckled as his eyes glanced at one of the masters from the Sky Cloud Martial School. Suddenly, his eyes glowed, landing on Zhu Mei, who was the inner master, and Xu Jing, a core master.

"Fire, you did not mention that there are women like these in the Sky Cloud Martial School. Especially that woman in white, she would be rare even in the whole South Rudra Region." The Gold Spear licked his lips.

Cloud Dreamer saw that the two were seeming like stepping into their own home, without any manners. His face was a bit tensed. However, he thought that they would not appear here without any good reason, so he pushed his anger down and asked, "I wonder what the two of you are here for? If there isn't anything, please leave on your own."

The Fire Man said, "Of course I am here for something. However, you treat your guests like this? Leaving us to talk outside?"

"Here." Luo Xinglie made a face.


The Fire Man walked in the front while the Gold Spear Man walked right next to him When they were passing everyone, they deliberately looked at Xu Jing, with an evilness flashing through their eyes.