Chapter 312: The Thirteen Realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell

 Chapter 312: The Thirteen Realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell

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Stopping his Blood Explosion Spell, Ye Chen could feel that the medicinal effect of that Blood Sun Flower that had been hidden in the deepest part of his body had disappeared completely. He felt a little bit sick, as he shook his head and laughed, "It has been four years. The five of you are still together, kind of surprising to me."

Liu Tao was obviously very happy that Ye Chen did not ignore them, "If you are with the same kind of people like yourself, they would stay together unless something unexpected happens. But luckily, besides some small conflicts between us, there was nothing else."

Tao Qing was even prettier than before. Although she was still nothing like the girls that Ye Chen had met such as Murong Qingchen, Xu Jing, Ji Xueyan, Zhu Mei, Yuan Xuemei, and so on, she was indeed a beautiful girl. She was still wearing a red robe, under which, her beautiful perfectly-balanced body was full of life. She glanced at Ye Chen curiously. "Weird, I don't see you growing an extra limb. How come the distance between our cultivation got so huge? However, the technique you taught me before for the sword art had definitely helped me a lot. With the same sword arts, I am way more powerful than the others."

Ye Chen laughed. He was rushing it a bit after all, but it was still the right method, even though it was still a bit slower than desired.

"Great Master, Greetings!"

"Great Master, my name is Song Mei!"

"Great Master, do you need anything?"

As they talked, disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School kept running over to greet Ye Chen, which shocked Liu Tao and the rest of them. They all had the same age, and Ye Chen was already the Great Master, which was the same level as the leader of the martial school. Sometimes, he would have even more power than the leader. That alone was already so surprising.

"Meeting again with you is lucky already. I don't have anything good to give to you all, here are five bottles of great potion that will help a lot with your training towards a breakthrough." The leader of the Golden Light Martial School used to be a disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School as well. Therefore, the five technically were his disciples too as the Great Master of the Sky Cloud Martial School. It would be rude to let them go empty-handed. The good thing was that Ye Chen had bought a lot of great medicines when he was traveling. These five potions were not that precious for him, even though it was still worth one thousand low-rank soul stones, which was something a lot of outer masters could not afford.

The five accepted it after a while. The things that Ye Chen gave out would not be bad things, so there were no reasons for them to reject.

After saying goodbye to the five, Ye Chen flew towards the Sky Cloud Martial School.

Cloud Dreaming Mountain...

Cloud Dreamer looked at the black flower that Ye Chen had just taken out, He shook his head, because he had no idea what it was called. On the other hand, Thunder Freer was very confused, as he said slowly, "Is this the Sky Demon Flower?"

"Sky Demon Flower?" Ye Chen and the Cloud Dreamer looked at Thunder Freer together.

Thunder Freer said with an uncertain tone, "I have heard about it from the others. But I cannot be sure whether if this is it. If it is the case, then it would be shocking. The Sky Demon Flower is one of the rarest great medicine in this whole world. According to the rumors, the Sky Demon Flower was made from the blood of the Ancient Demon King, who was way more powerful than the Life and Death Realm warriors nowadays. He was no weaker than the Surreal King, and the richness of his blood and Qi was even greater than the latter. He was able to be reborn with only one breath left, which was way more powerful than the so-called healing potion. I was wondering actually, since there was only one-word difference between the Sky Demon Snake and the Sky Demon Flower."

Not a lot of people knew that the Sky Demon Snake was guarding the Sky Demon Flower. Sometimes, the Sky Demon Snake would appear even without the Sky Demon Flower. The Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer could obviously not compete with people from those super martial institutions, so it was normal for them to not know.

"Is it able to cure shattered bones?" Ye Chen asked.

The Thunder Freer laughed, "Of course! As long as the person still has one breath, they would be able to be cured completely. Also, it would be able to let the person become even more powerful, and make their body even stronger. However, do not swallow it directly. The medicinal effect of the Sky Demon Flower is very powerful, too powerful almost. Only a warrior who has trained the Ancient Demon King's martial arts can take it directly. The others or the demonic beasts would die from doing so. I think, it is also the reason why the Sky Demon Snake did not swallow it. Otherwise, it would have done it already."

Ye Chen nodded. He had indeed questioned why the Sky Demon Snake did not swallow the Sky Demon Flower, because normally, the demonic beasts would swallow once something ripened, in case something else happened. However, the Sky Demon Snake had not done it at all. As for that Ghost Faced Demonic Cow, it should have been attracted by the Sky Demon Flower as well. However, it was not able to enjoy the medicinal effect of the Sky Demon Flower before dying because of it.

"Without swallowing it, how should the Sky Demon Flower be used?"

"Absorbing its medicine from the outside should be fine. However, it would be a bit of waste if we use the Sky Demon Flower. Its true value is not limited to its medicinal effects, it also has another deeper effect. By the time one reaches the Life and Death Realm, the zhen yuan would have been completely absorbed by the flesh and blood. Each drop of blood and spirit would have traces of the Demon King its consumption. For some of the powerful demonic art trainers, one Sky Demon Flower would save them a lot of efforts, which is something that no medicine could help to achieve. What a shame!"

Thunder Freer shook his head.

Ye Chen was still a bit confused why the spirit and blood of the Ancient Demon King would turn into the Sky Demon Flower, and how it had lasted until now. However, he did not really care about it. No matter how mysterious the Sky Demon Flower was, it did not matter to him. All he needed was its medicinal effect.

"Cloud Dreamer, Thunder Freer, you should both take one petal each!" The Sky Demon Flower was extremely heavy and sturdy, so Ye Chen had to use his half-step zhen yuan to cut down two petals of the flowers. He then handed them over to Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer.

The Cloud Dreamer was very surprised, "Are you sharing it with us? This is extremely valuable. There are only ten petals on it in total!"

Ye Chen said, "Since the Sky Demon Flower can grow flesh, then the Sky Cloud Martial School would definitely make use of it. You guys would have to hold on for the school after all!"

Ye Chen had said this from his heart. Once he left the Sky Cloud Martial School in the future, they would have to rely on the two. He would not be able to relax if there was not a plan B ready at hand.

"Alright, then I will save them for you." The Cloud Dreamer knew what Ye Chen was thinking, and he knew that Ye Chen would never take back a gift that had been sent out. It would be rude to reject his kindness.

After leaving the Cloud Dreaming Mountain, Ye Chen arrived at the mountain where Xu Jing was staying.

In the core master's lobby...

Xu Jing's eyebrow flicked, "This can cure my arms?"

"It should. You try it first." Ye Chen took out three Sky Demon Flower petals and handed it over to Xu Jing. He kept the remaining five in case of an emergency.


Xu Jing took the flower petals in her hand. The zhen Qi poured out through her meridians, rushing towards that black Qi coming out of the flower petals.


Vaguely, Ye Chen heard a rubbing sound of the bones coming from Xu Jing's right arms. Using his soul power to quickly scan through her body, he realized that the shattered bones of Xu Jing's right arms had shown a sign of growing back. At the edge of the bones, the black Qi was like magnets, attracting the other shattered bones to rejoin.

"It is indeed the effect of the Sky Demon flower... How horrifying!" Ye Chen had finally confirmed the name of the black flower which was indeed the Sky Demon Flower, just like the Thunder Freer had said. Even if it were not, its effect on curing shattered bones had been proven already.

Xu Jing looked very surprised. With only one flower petal's Qi, her shattered bones had already started to heal up ten times faster. Plus, once the shattered bone chips, blood and flesh in her arms touched the Qi, it seemed to grow much stronger and more powerful.

"You take your time. If it's not enough, I still have more." Seeing that the petals of the Sky Demon Flowers were working, he was preparing to leave.

Xu Jing nodded, putting away the other two petals.

Walking out of the core master lobby, Ye Chen let out a breath. He was happy that Xu Jing's problem was solved, and he would have time now to focus on training the thirteenth realm of his Green Lotus Sword Spell, and reach the Astral Reaching Realm. Once the two goals were attained, he prepared to go to the Natural Moat Gorge and try to see if he would be able to figure something out from the sword intent of the Battle King. He aimed to push his sword intent to reach the ninety percent, and maybe even reach completion.

Once it reached the completion, he would not have to worry about Jin Huang even if he ran into him. Once he became even stronger, then it would be the day Jin Huang die.

Inside the secret chamber in the Cloud Shocking Mountain, Ye Chen took out a flower petal and lay it in his palm. He pushed his half-step zhen yuan, absorbing the medicine from inside.


Ye Chen could clearly sense that his body was becoming tougher and tougher, his bones getting more and denser. Meanwhile, the side effects from performing the Blood Explosion Spell had been canceled out. Its effect had proven to be even more powerful than the three-thousand-year Blood Sun Flower. However, the former focused on the Qi and blood while the Sky Demon Flower focused on the whole body. Individually, the Blood Sun Flower was still more powerful in repairing Qi and blood.

Moments later, he could no longer handle more Sky Demon Flower's medicine, and his body had reached his limit. Wanting to break through that limit would be hard, unless he changed to train the body training art instead, or just simply reached the Astral Reaching Realm, which would provide him a much stronger body.

However, with his condition now, he was no weaker than the Astral Reaching Realm warriors. And Xu Jing was couple times more powerful than a normal Astral Reaching Realm warrior.

Putting away the petals, Ye Chen closed both of his eyes and focused on training his Green Lotus Sword Spell completely.

His Green Lotus Sword Spell was at top rank Earth Realm, so each realm after the tenth realm would increase the battling power by a lot. The twelfth and the thirteenth realm were already drastically different. As for the fourteenth realm, Ye Chen would not dare to imagine it for now. The realm would be considered as a rebirth for a warrior, who would be able to infuse nine Green Lotus sword Qi into one horrifying Lotus Heart Sword Qi. Its power would definitely be more powerful than any of Ye Chen's sword movements. As of now, it would be way harder for him to reach the fourteenth realm. Without some rare opportunity or chances, it would be hard for him to make a breakthrough in a short time.

The thirteenth realm would be his limit, and the fourteenth realm would need him to reach beyond his limit.

The fifteenth realm, which was the highest realm, was something even Seas of Souls Realm warriors might not achieve. However, once one reached this realm, cross-realm fighting would be just easy as drinking water and eating dinner.

However, Rome was not built in one day. Ye Chen cleared out his mind, preparing to be completely focused on training for reaching the thirteenth realm.


The time was passing by like running water.

Since the day that the Sky Demon Snake and the Sky Demon Flower had disappeared, all of the small beast waves stopped immediately, leaving only small number of beasts around near the human residential area.

Half a year went past slowly.

The mountain where Ye Chen stayed had spread out a mist of extremely sharp Qi. It was so sharp that it had punctured through the cloud layers, which had attracted everyone's attention in the Sky Cloud Martial School.