Chapter 311: Old Acquaintances

 Chapter 311: Old Acquaintances

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Still on the ground, Ye Chen's reflexive speed would be certainly affected. Seeing that black flame attacking towards him like an evil demonic dragon, Ye Chen turned his body facing the other way and took a heavy step on the ground. He jumped towards that incoming attack holding his Star Scar Sword with both of his hands.

" Glorious Green Lotus!"

This attack was more focused on defense rather than on its attacking power. A bathtub-sized green lotus was formed instantly on the tip of his sword, which was big enough to cover his whole body.


The black flame could burn through everything. However, the thickness and the defense of the green lotus could also not be underestimated. All of a sudden, the two created an odd balance - no matter how powerful the flame was, it could not break through Ye Chen's sword defense. It could only slowly devour the defensive layer.

Seeing that its ace attack could not hurt Ye Chen, a killing intent flashed through the eyes of the Sky Demon Snake. Black flame leaked out from its tail like a burning flame column. The air in the whole cave had been burnt out, and the gravity had been lowered to a dangerously low level.

Boom! The green lotus was shattered, as Ye Chen was blown away. However, it was obviously expected. As he was flying back out, his palm made a grabbing gesture. That black flower on the ground was grabbed out from the ground with its roots and was instantly stored in his storage ring.

Once the black flower disappeared, the black mist had lost its source. It was the Sky Demon Snake that made the first discovery. It opened its mouth and let out a hysterical scream. It was not hard to sense the endless anger from its scream. Ye Chen had not only stopped its killing, he had also trapped it in this mountain. All that while, the Sky Demon Snake had kept its calm. However, that black flower was its lifeline, and the vital factor to its growth. Once it was taken away, it would be almost impossible for it to become stronger in a short period of time. It was almost like taking away its potential from it.

Therefore, the Sky Demon Snake totally lost it at that moment. The remaining black flame was poured out without holding back, as it drowned the whole cave, including Ye Chen.


As he waved out his sword, the black flame was cracked open a little, while Ye Chen performed his Body Separating Art to its limit. After one flash, he had already escaped from that crack and returned to the ground.

The Sky Demon Snake followed right behind, carrying that endless flame with it and attacking towards Ye Chen. It seemed like it had lost all fear of death, and no one could stop it now.

"Without this flower, I wonder how long you could last." The Green Lotus Zhen Yuan had already been burnt out, and Ye Chen was not able to wound the Sky Demon Snake with his ace attack anymore. However, that black flame was not endless either. Therefore, there was barely any harm for Ye Chen at this point.

His feet touched the ground lightly. He jumped into the sky and disappeared completely after turning into a pile of black smoke.

One man and one beast were chasing each other. Wherever they went, the mountain was knocked down and the forest was destroyed. A huge mark had been dragged out on the ground.

Once they got out of the Silent Hills, the Sky Demon Snake suddenly stopped chasing Ye Chen and started to fly towards the cities nearby. Its eyes were spouting out killing intent.

Ye Chen froze a little as he guessed its intention. He knew that the beast wanted to go on a rampage in killing humans to pressurize him in handing over the black flower. 'If I cannot control it, then indeed I will face a tough choice. If I don't hand over the flower, then at least two cities would be destroyed for sure. But if I hand over the flower, then it would just be helping the beast to kill even more people. The history of being brutal had been proven for the Sky Demon Snake species. Once it had grown to adulthood, countless lives would be taken. These kinds of beasts are closer to demons, carrying horrifying powers within them.

Without Ye Chen, thousands of miles around the Sky Cloud Martial School would be ruined since the Cloud Dreamer and the Thunder Freer could only stall him a little bit.

"A rank 7 beast is here! Run!"

Countless battles were happening every day around the city. Therefore, there were always countless powerful disciples around as well. After seeing the Sky Demon Snake heading towards them, they all started to freak out. It would be impossible for them to not know how powerful a rank 7 beast was. In fact, at the same cultivation level, even Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not be rightful opponents for the Sky Demon Snake, not to mention the fact that this particular rank 7 beast was even more horrifying than the normal ones. It was covered with black flame, and looked like a demon that had climbed out of hell.

"I was planning to hang out with you a little bit longer. But since you've made up your mind, then I will have to kill you now." Ye Chen looked extra cold, not worried about not being able to beat the Sky Demon Snake. Even if he ran out of his Green Lotus Zhen Yuan, the Sky Demon Snake would still not be a threat to him; it would only be a bit trickier. He had planned before that he was going to use the Sky Demon Snake as a long-term practice partner until he reached the Astral Reaching Realm, and he would then be able to kill it easily. However, the evilness of the Sky Demon Snake was beyond his expectation; it somehow knew about blackmailing and using its advantage.

Seeing that there were countless humans and warriors outside the city, the pupils of the Sky Demon Snake turned red. It had been a long time for it to see blood. As a Sky Demon Snake, killing was its instinct. Especially after reaching rank 7, the killing thirst had become harder and harder to control. The reason it chose to hide in the Silent Hills before was that it hoped that one day it would grow strong enough to kill all the humans.


The ground was turned over as the Sky Demon Snake traveled at a fast speed and opened its mouth to shoot out a dark light.

"Blood Explosion Spell! Cut!"

The ace attack of the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art was performed as Ye Chen's speed was pushed to its limit. He arrived in front of the black light and shattered it with one sword attack.

The Sky Demon Snake stared at Ye Chen aggressively. As a beast, after making up its mind to take back the Sky Demon Flower, it decided to swallow the flower regardless of its severe side effects. It wanted to kill Ye Chen and Ye Chen's martial school, the consequence of aggravating it.

"Huh! You are looking for death."

Ye Chen floated into the sky. His eighty percent sword intent spread out in the area, combined with the half-step zhen yuan that had been activated by the Blood Explosion Spell. His aura had been raised to its limit, as if his whole body had turned into a blood sword that had locked onto every single movement of the Sky Demon Snake.

"It's him!"

Outside the city, five people noticed Ye Chen.

They were indeed the five disciples from the Golden Light Martial School who he had met when Ye Chen had entered the Silent Hills for the first time as an outer disciple. The first two people were Liu Tao and Wang Haichuan, followed by Tao Qing in red and the twin Yan Wen and Yang Wu.

Right now, both Liu Tao and Wang Haichuan were both core disciples and at peak-level of the Mid Condensing Reality Realm. Tao Qing and the twins were both inner disciples now, at peak-level Early Condensing Reality Realm. Inside the Golden Light Martial School, they were making quite a good progress. Unfortunately, compared to the Sky Cloud Martial School level, they would only be counted slightly above average level, and definitely not a martial genius. It was indeed the difference between being in or out of a prestigious martial institution. Plus, the Sky Cloud Martial School right now was not one a normal rank 9 martial school could compare with. They had definitely the potential to become a rank 7 martial school.

Liu Tao seemed shocked, "Before, his cultivation was even lower than mine, yet right now, he has the power to battle a rank 7 beast. Perhaps that famous martial genius from the Wind Nation is him, eh?"

There were a lot of people having the same name in the whole Windy Nation, so barely anyone had associated Ye Chen with that famous martial genius. Plus, after such a long time, they had forgotten about what had happened in the Silent Hills; they had never even thought of Ye Chen when they heard the news.

"After four years, the gap has become unimaginable." Compared to before, Wang Haichuan, who was quite reckless, seemed to have calmed down a lot. He seemed more responsible and focused, and his battling power had obviously reached beyond Liu Tao, taking the leading role among the five. Taking a deep breath, he first calmed himself from his complex emotions.

Liu Qing made a face, "Four years have passed, yet he never looked for us once. How cold."

The younger brother of the twins forced a laugh, "If he contacted us all the time, then he would not have made it."

"Wu is right. Becoming a powerful martial genius has a lot of consequences. We are not geniuses, but we are also not as hardworking as him." Yang Wen nodded.

Yao Qing said, "Do you think we should go look for him? Would he ignore us?"

Hearing her, the other four forced a laugh. They knew they were only old acquaintances of Ye Chen. Fighting along his side was their pride, and they would not dare to disturb him.

"Green Lotus Mountain Breaker!"

The Blood Explosion Spell had increased Ye Chen's battling power to above eighty percent. After throwing out one sword attack, he had already wounded the Sky Demon Snake. The blood-red sword Qi had left a horrifying sword mark on its body.


The Sky Demon Snake hid back into the black flame as it threw out a tail attack.

"Shadow Explosion!"

Shadows flashed and appeared everywhere while Ye Chen's real body appeared above the Sky Demon Snake. He then threw out the ace attack Green Lotus Accumulation of the Green Lotus Sword Spell.


A bloody hole appeared on the forehead of the Sky Demon Snake, blood pouring out from it in torrents.

"Piss off!"

His body flashed again, then Ye Chen appeared in front of the beast's jaw as he threw out another sword attack. The fire-like sword light shot out again and blew it out for more than hundreds of meters, leaving a huge hole on the ground. It was almost one hundred meters deep and thirty meters wide. The cracking sound was so loud that was almost unbearable.

"Beating the rank 7 beast and leaving it no chance of fighting back! How powerful!"

"Of course, Ye Chen is our Great Master."

Hearing their discussion, a proud look flashed through the disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School. They were proud of the fact they were a part of the Sky Cloud Martial School, since right now, everyone wanted to become a part of it.

The black flame inside the Sky Demon Snake was not unlimited. Without the Sky Demon Flower, it would be almost impossible for it to re-accumulate it. Furthermore, it had only just made it to this realm and was not very family with the rank 7 beast's ability. It barely knew anything about the black flame.

Without the black flame, the Sky Demon Snake had been downgraded to a normal rank 7 beast, with its defensive layer only the level of a rank 7 tyrant. It meant its general power had been graded one level down.

It was trying to escape when it was stabbed through by Ye Chen and blown into the ground. Its energy slowly burnt out, and eventually, it roared into the sky before exploding.


That horrifying Qi flow blew Ye Chen into the air.

Ye Chen forced a smile when he finally regained the control over his body. The rank 7 tyrant beast was only as powerful as a powerful Mid Astral Reaching Realm. It was not even at the peak level of that realm yet. And after the Sky Demon Snake had lost its black flame, its general power was less than a rank 7 tyrant beast. But even then, he was still not able to kill it in a short period of time. It was kind of scary that if it had the time to grow, it would be almost impossible for a Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior to kill it.

"Ye Chen!" Right then, a crisp voice was heard.

Ye Chen turned his head to look, then a smile spread out on his face, "Hey, it's you guys. Long time no see!"

Tao Qing was surprised, "You still remember us?"

"Of course!"