Chapter 310: The Black Flower With A Heartbeat

 Chapter 310: The Black Flower With A Heartbeat

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Inside the secret training chamber, Ye Chen was sitting on a stone bench.

The half-step zhen yuan in his body was vibrating with a small frequency. After each wave, the half-step zhen yuan would get slightly purer. At the same time, the quantity of the half-step zhen yuan was also decreasing, it was less than what he had when he first reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm. Of course, although his half-step zhen yuan had decreased, its quality had definitely increased stably.

After a long while, the vibration stopped. A dim light appeared outside Ye Chen's body, which symbolized that the first zhen yuan purification had officially finished. The zhen yuan he had right now would be the real half-step zhen yuan, as the one before was slightly weaker after all.

"The first purification has finally finished. I still have some time before the second purification. However, by then, I should be able to reach the thirteenth realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell." Letting out a sharp breath, a powerful vibe leaked out Ye Chen's body. It was slightly weaker than the Astral Reaching Realm warriors, but it was indeed different from the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors.

Standing up, Ye Chen waved his fists. His fist that was covered in half-step zhen yuan tore apart the air, making a loud tearing sound.

"Before, when I was still quite weak, there was a huge gap between my normal attacking power and my peak attacking power. Right now, the gap is decreasing. Once the second zhen yuan purification finished, my zhen Qi would be fully replaced by zhen yuan, then there would not be any peak attacking power anymore. The burning zhen yuan would be my most powerful attack."

Half-step zhen yuan had already shown Ye Chen what extreme power was like. All of his blood and flesh had become even more powerful because of the half-step zhen yuan. He could imagine that once he reached the Astral Reaching Realm, his physical body would be extremely powerful. It wasn't hard to explain why the Astral Reaching Realm warriors were able to burn zhen yuan, since it would increase their attacking power drastically more intensely than the Minor Blood Demon Separating Art. Without a tough body, the warrior would not be able to handle its power.

With those thoughts in his head, Ye Chen suddenly realized the horrifying power of the body training martial arts. It specially trained the Qi and power, which were not of major focus in zhen Qi or zhen yuan training. However, there would still always be zhen Qi and zhen yuan, albeit slightly less than warriors with the same cultivation. But with a powerful body, it would allow the warriors to last longer and not be affected by the side effects when they burned their zhen yuan. Adding the Qi power, the advantages were countless.

"Three days have passed. It is time to go looking for the Sky Demon Snake. This time would not be easy for him." A warrior could only show his true level during a tough battle. Battling Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer would neither be appropriate nor satisfying. The Sky Demon Snake with such a robust defense would be the perfect training partner.


On the Shocking Cloud Mountain, Ye Chen's body extended. He sliced through the sky and flew towards the Silence Hills.

The mountain seemed to still be covered in a black mist. Without looking carefully, it would be impossible to see it. After scanning the place and following the black Qi flow, Ye Chen found where the Sky Demon Snake was easily, because it had barely moved.

"Weird. One time or twice is understandable, but after so many times, why is it still not moving places? Is it waiting for me, or is there something underneath?" Ye Chen flew over at an extremely fast speed without hiding his scent.

In the deepest part of the Silent Hills was an underground cave.

And it was indeed the nest of the Sky Demon Snake.


Taking out the Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen threw out a sword attack.


The thirty meters sword Qi long shot out, leaving a gigantic hole in the ground. The intense vibration had even caused the cave to sink in.



Two completely different beast groans appeared. Soon, the ground had been broken open. A huge cow-like demonic beast rushed out from within, followed by a hundred meters long, black, huge snake with horns. It was indeed the Sky Demon Snake with the ancient bloodline, and that demonic cow beast was indeed the Ghost Face Demonic Cow, which had been quite famous for a long time in the Silent Hills.

"It had somehow persuaded the demonic cow to come help. Unfortunately, its power is only at peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm at most. It is only slightly more powerful than Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer. It will not be able to block out my attack." Ye Chen did not know how the Sky Demon Snake had called the other tyrant of the Silent Hills over. However, another rank 7 beast did not affect him much, unless it was a rank 7 tyrant beast.


The Ghost Face Demonic Beast started attacking first. Its feet shook the ground as a pile of powerful beast Qi shot towards Ye Chen, bringing up an extremely loud sound.

"Blood Demon Body Separation!"

Bloody red half-step zhen yuan exploded, while Ye Chen' attacking power increased drastically. With one sword attack, it blew away the incoming beast Qi before throwing out another attack.


The sword Qi was shattered. The tail of the Sky Demon Snake blocked in front of the demonic cow and protected it from the attack. However, it had underestimated Ye Chen's attack. The scales of his tail suddenly cracked open, and blood kept pouring out. It seemed like it had taken a heavy attack.

"Go in now! Green Lotus Sky!"

The first part of the Green Lotus Sword Spell had been performed, as a result of which, the sky had been frozen. Qi flow from the Green Lotus spread out in the area, surrounding the ghost Fact Demonic Cow and the Sky Demon Snake.

The next second!

The Green Lotus sword Qi attack had landed heavily on the two, resulting in a shocking sound.

The demonic cow's defense was not as powerful as the Sky Demon Snake's. Even if it were only the first half of the attack, the beast could barely handle it. A deep wound appeared on its body, forcing out a painful groan.

The Sky Demon Snake was aggravated. It kept opening its mouth to make the black flame appear. The Green Lotus sword Qi disappeared instantly, turning into ashes and drifting into the air. The frozen sky had been restored as well.

"Green Lotus Accumulation! Cut!"

A fist-sized green lotus appeared on the tip of the sword. Ye Chen waved his sword at the cow, preparing to take them out one by one.

The Ghost Face Demonic Cow had never seen such a powerful Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. It could not help but regret the decision to come to help the Sky Demon Snake. However, it was all a bit too late, so it had to use its toughest horn to block that incoming green lotus, hoping it was enough.


The horns had been cut down, and a huge chuck of blood poured out from its nose and mouth.

"Die now!"

The Silent Hills were not far away from the Sky Demon Martial School. The rank 7 beast was indeed a danger, and it would be risky to let it run free since one never knew when it would go crazy and start killing. Therefore, Ye Chen planned to kill it once for all. He turned his body, avoiding the incoming attack from the Sky Demon Snake, then threw out an attack towards the cow.

The sword Qi was tough like a column; it was indeed the One Heart Kill!


The cow was not able to block out that extremely fast one heart kill attack. A sword hole appeared on its stomach, and it turned deadly cold.

As the alliance had been destroyed, the Sky Demon Snake turned extremely mad. For the past two months, there was not a single day that it was not wounded, and it was all because of Ye Chen. Once the bloodline of the dragon stimulated his potential to an extreme, he would be able to become a true rank 7 tyrant beast. It would be even more powerful than the normal ones, and it would be able to prepare to become a rank 8 beast.


The black flame poured out, forming a flaming tornado. Wherever it went, the ground had been burnt through, and the air had been burnt out, turning into a vacuum world.

"The Green Lotus Sky would definitely not be able to block out the black flame. I guess I would have to attack by force then."

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen jumped into the sky. The Green Lotus Zhen Yuan followed the meridians in his arm and poured into his Star Scar Sword, accumulating into a beam of bloody red sword Qi. It then cracked open the black flame and landed heavily on the forehead of that Sky Demon Snake.

Blood covered and carried on pouring out from the wound. The Sky Demon Snake did not make a sound. Instead, it rushed into that black flame that it had just shot out. With the power of the flame, it threw out its tail.

Ye Chen was preoccupied with the black flame, so he was not able to avoid the attack in time. He was smashed straight into the ground by the Sky Demon Snake's tail.

He actually planned to jump out instantly, but he could sense that the black Qi from the ground was way richer than what was above. He realized that if it were not from the Sky Demon Snake, it might have come from something else.

Because there had always been black Qi floating around Sky Demon Snake's horns, Ye Chen had assumed it was the Sky Demon Snake that had crazed the beasts in the Silent Hills. However, this new discover had changed his conclusion completely. Whatever it was buried deep in the ground was the reason that the beasts went crazy, and the Sky Demon Snake was able to reach rank 7 and recover at such a fast speed.

Instead of paying attention to the Sky Demon Snake, Ye Chen let out his soul power and started to follow that black Qi to its roots. Whenever he encountered an obstacle, he would break it open with his sword.

The Sky Demon Snake had realized that Ye Chen had not come up for such a long time. Fear and anger flashed through its eyes. Twisting its body, it went down into the ground, rushing towards what had been keeping it safe and powerful.


Ye Chen's soul power had finally detected the source of the black mist. It was a flower, a bucket-sized black flower. Each of its petals seemed very heavy, and covered with rich black Qi, which was first suffusing in the form of a mist, then slowly turning into Qi and spreading out in the area, into the soil.

"It must be what had been keeping the snake safe. How come it even has a heartbeat?" Listening carefully for a second, Ye Chen was a bit surprised. He had sensed that the black flower seemed to have a beating heart with a rhythmic pulse. It was similar to human heartbeat, but it seemed to be much stronger. Each vibration caused the surroundings to shake, like drumming.

"It does not look like a normal medicine. Let me pick it first."

Ye Chen could tell that the flower was ready to be harvested, and it should not affect its medicine use after picking it up. Plus, if he left it alone, then the snake would be able to keep recovering.


The Sky Demon Snake had finally made its way there. After seeing that Ye Chen had noticed the black flower, its roar became extra sharp. Its evil pupils were filled with killing intent; it was indeed the raw killing mentality of the dragon bloodline. After a long time of accumulation, it now finally exploded.

The ground was burnt through, as the black flame turned into a horrifying, dragon-like shape. With the slightest contact, Ye Chen would face a great life-threatening danger.