Chapter 309: The Long Battle

 Chapter 309: The Long Battle

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Ye Chen's Green Lotus Accumulation had barely wounded the Sky Demon Snake, as it was similar to a normal attack from a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior's normal attack. However, once he added the Mysterious zhen yuan, Ye Chen's attacking power increased rapidly, and reached the peak level of the Mid Astral Reaching Realm. Being hit by an attack with that kind of power, the Sky Demon Snake's humongous body had been punched into the ground. Blood poured out like a column, dying the whole shattered mountain red.

"There is still a tiny bit of zhen yuan left in the zhen Qi tornado. This zhen yuan is a seed to accumulate another drop of zhen yuan. And to purify a drop of zhen yuan would take three days. If I cannot beat it, then I will have to wait three days before fighting against it. I don't believe it would be able to heal completely within three days." Before, it would take at least half a month for Ye Chen to accumulate a drop of zhen yuan. But after reaching the current stage, it would only take him three days. In other words, every three days, he would be able to throw out a zhen yuan attack.


The ground had been cracked open, and the Sky Demon Snake crawled out from under the ground. There was a narrow sword mark on its forehead, with blood pouring out from the wound continuously.

"What a horrifying defense! Even Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not be able to manage this." That attack was already Ye Chen's limit. If the snake did not decide to back out, then they would have to work together and try to chase it out temporarily by force.

"Let's do it together. More damages on the surface might be able to cause internal damage as well." With the reinforcement from Ye Chen, Cloud Dreamer did not think killing the Sky Demon Snake would be really hard. With the three of them together, it would be enough to keep it under control.

"Yeah! Let's do this!"

Thunder Freer had been preparing his Sky Thunder Attack all this while.

After a long while, the Sky Demon Snake finally decided to back out temporarily, with its upper body covered in wounds. Plus, after losing a lot of blood for a long time, its energy had dropped drastically. Soon, it lost its powerful aura from the beginning.

Once the Sky Demon Snake took a step back, the three of them chased right behind it, watching it escape into the Silent Hills.


On the outer part of the Silent Hills, Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer stopped burning their zhen yuan and started breathing loudly. Burning zhen yuan was a heavy burden for Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Each time they burnt their zhen yuan, it would require a long time of resting and repairing to recover. If one burned it for too long, it would require a lot of great medicine and time. Otherwise, after a long time, it would leave a severe side effect, which would definitely not be great for future training.

Compared to them, Ye Chen seemed to have it easy. The three-thousand-year Bloody Sun Flower's effect was way too rich. Right now, he would not have to deliberately swallow another bit of the sun flower, as the hidden medicine inside his body automatically repaired his Qi and blood. However, as he carried on burning and replacing them, Ye Chen's Qi and blood obviously had increased a lot, which was a huge progress from six months ago.

As for the side effects of the Minor Blood Demon Separating Great Art, they had already disappeared completely since the medicine effect of the Bloody Sun Flower had taken effect every second. No matter how bad the damage was, it had already disappeared completely.

"I have three flower petals from Bloody Sun Flowers that were below one thousand years of age, and nine petals from the three-thousand-year-old Bloody Sun Flower. Before, I had only taken half a petal, and it lasted me for so long. I have still eight petals remaining, which should be able to last me for a long time. Giving Xu Jing two or three petals should be okay." Although Xu Jing looked very skinny and slim, her Qi and blood were way richer than Ye Chen's. It was at least three times more than Ye Chen's. As long as she did not burn out her Qi and blood, her power and wound should recover very soon. Once facing very powerful opponents, she would be able to drag the whole battle until the death of her opponents. It should be enough of a self-protection for her when she decided to travel the world.

Watching that Sky Demon Snake disappearing in the Silent Hills, Cloud Dreamer turned his head and said to Ye Chen and Thunder Freer: "For a while from now, the Sky Cloud Martial School will not be peaceful. Let's go back and rest well, preparing for fighting the Sky Demon Snake anytime, until we kick it out of the Windy Nation."

"I guess this would be the only way." Thunder Freer nodded.

Ye Chen then said, "In about three days, I will be able to restore one drop of zhen yuan inside my body. Then I will go look for it every three days, until I exhaust and kill it."

The Sky Demon Snake's defense was way too horrifying. Attacking with burning zhen yuan, Ye Chen's attacking power was at least two to three times more powerful than the Sky Thunder Attack, and it had only wounded the Sky Demon a little bit. There seemed to be no way for him to heavily wound the beast. Compared to Thunder Freer and Cloud Dreamer, Ye Chen's attacking power was already strong enough, since the two had been fighting against the Sky Demon Beast for so long and had only left a couple of marks on the surface. Without the appearance of Ye Chen, the two would not be able to control the Sky Demon Snake, and their lives might be endangered as well.

"Restoring one drop of zhen yuan with only three days of time? That fast?" Cloud Dreamer was very surprised. He had read the manual of the Mysterious Great Art. However, up until now, there had never been a person that had managed to train it to its eleventh realm. Only Ye Chen had reached it. According to his former thoughts, accumulating one drop of zhen yuan would still take a long time. Being able to restore one drop within three days, it must be connected directly with the warrior's cultivation and the ranking of their martial arts.

Ye Chen nodded, and asked, "Who else had trained the Mysterious Great Art?"

"There are quite a lot of people: one among the core masters, four inner masters, and one core disciple. Only the core master Wu had trained it to its ninth realm, while the others were all under the eighth realm."

"I see." Ye Chen said, "I have been training Mysterious Great Art for a while now, and I have a couple of tips for reaching each level. If times allows, ask them to see me at my Shocking Cloud Mountain. I will teach them myself. If they are able to reach the eleventh realm when they are at only the Clasping Yuan Realm, their battling power would be increased drastically as well."

"That will be the best. Whatever you train, it all seems to be so fast, so you should probably know about the best training method. With your help, they would save a lot of time." Cloud Dreamer arranged his beard, his face full of smiles. Mysterious Great Art was not that useful for Astral Reaching Realm warriors who had already accumulated a lot of zhen yuan. However, for those at the Clasping Yuan Realm, one drop of zhen yuan would increase their battling power drastically. Even if they were not able to handle one attack from a powerful Astral Reaching Realm warrior, they would be able to kill a powerful peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior.

The scale of the beast wave was not that intense nor dangerous. There were a lot of people who were actually quite happy about it, since once there were plenty of beasts, their disciples would have more opportunities to train themselves. For this, all of the powerful parties had united together and introduced a new rule, which allowed the warriors to receive rewards according to the quantity of the killed beasts in order to stimulate the crowd's motivation.

After looking around, the three had seen that the united army had fully controlled the scene. There was no need for them to worry, so they went back to the Sky Cloud Martial School.

On the second day.

On the Shocking Cloud Mountain.

"Master Ye, I have trained the Mysterious Great Art for more than two years now. However, I am stuck at the ninth realm for the longest time. I don't seem to be able to make a breakthrough." Inside the Great Master Palace, the core master Wu greeted Ye Chen and explained his trouble.

Ye Chen said, "You run it once and let me have a look."

"Yes, sir!"

Master Wu took a deep breath, running his zhen Qi according to the ninth realm of the Mysterious Great Art.

After scanning with his soul power, Ye Chen realized where the problem was, and said, "The main focus of the Mysterious Great Art was to accumulate. Your zhen Qi mapping seemed a little bit scattered. In that case, you might still not be able to make it to the next realm after three to five years. Not to mention the eleventh realm."

Right then, Ye Chen also taught master Wu about the detail on how to make a breakthrough. Because of his extremely powerful soul power, he was able to see where the problem exactly was, and it was not hard for master Wu to understand it. The latter felt that he could not express his gratitude enough, and was very impressed with Ye Chen.

Then, the four inner masters also explained their problems one after another.

After the four had left, the only core disciple who had trained the Mysterious Great Art, Jing Jue, walked in. Ye Chen was not really surprised. After the incident with Jin Huang, two other people among the core disciples had reached the Clasping Yuan Realm. One was Meng Chong, and the other was indeed Jing Jue. Only on becoming a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior would be able to gain access to top martial arts in the school, with the condition of being loyal.

In the beginning, when Ye Chen just started to get stronger, Jing Jue was ranked top four among the core disciples. He was very cool and experienced, and it was not surprising for him to reach the Clasping Yuan Realm.

After a couple of months, Jing Jue had reached the fourth realm in Mysterious Great Art. He wanted to improve even faster, and that was why he came to the Shocking Cloud Mountain.

Going up from the fourth to the fifth realm was not simple. However, with Ye Chen's help, Jing Jue was able to shorten its time. Since he was also regarded as a martial genius in Sky Cloud Martial School, it should not take him long to make a breakthrough.

After Jing Jue left, Ye Chen closed up his gate and walked towards the mountain where Xu Jing was residing.

Over at the peak of the mountain, Xu Jing was training her leg art.

Ye Chen watched quietly for a while, and thought to himself, 'Xu Jing's talent is beyond any doubt. In Sky Cloud Marital School, she is right below me, and maybe even in the whole Windy Nation too. Her comprehension ability is incomparable to the others.' Even Ye Chen with his powerful soul power was not able to tell the flaws in her martial art.

"You are here!" There seemed to be a veil between the two of them. Without stabbing through that veil, Xu Jing was always a bit shy when facing Ye Chen. Unlike her usual self which was straightforward and cool, their relationship now seemed to be a little more than friends, but not quite like lovers, since they had not expressed their true feelings at this stage yet. Ye Chen thought to himself that this was enough for now. Some things should be let to take their own course.

Ye Chen chuckled a little. He took out three pieces of Bloody Sun Flower petals and a bottle of medicine and said, "These three flower petals are from a three-thousand-year-old Bloody Sun Flower. Its medicinal effect should be more than ten times more powerful than a one-thousand-year-old sun flower. These medicines could keep the petals alive for a long time, and it should do wonders for your body training martial arts."

"What about you?" Xu Jing knew that Ye Chen's Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art was very dangerous, and he would need more medicine like this than her.

Ye Chan said, "I have some more. It'll last me a long time."

Hearing him, Xu Jing stopped pushing away. However, the blush on her face increased even more.

The two chatted for a while in the core disciple palace, waiting until the sky had darkened, Ye Chen went back to his mountain and started to figure out the way to reach the thirteenth realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell.

After three days, Ye Chen went back to the Silent Hills by himself and searched for the Sky Demon Snake.

The beast had hidden itself quite discreetly. It was hiding under the ground; no wonder it was never found in the past years. Unfortunately, it was Ye Chen who it was dealing with. According to the black mist, Ye Chen arrived in the general direction. After scanning the area with his soul power, the location of the Sky Demon Snake appeared instantly.

Without a second doubt, Ye Chen performed his Minor Blood Demon Separating Art and fought against the Sky Demon Snake, who had not completely healed. Eventually, he pushed his zhen yuan and left it an extremely powerful attack before leaving.

The Sky Demon Snake was hit so many times that it had barely any chance to fight back. It was scared enough to almost leave the Silent Hills. However, the Sky Demon Snake was a rank 7 beast with the ancient demonic dragon bloodline, which came with a lot of personality influences. It was frustrating for the beast to not be able to kill the human attacker, so it had to use the beasts around it to solve that problem.

Ye Chen would come every three days, and would leave instantly after the ace attack. Soon, two months had gone, and reaching the thirteenth realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell was no longer that far away. Plus, the first zhen yuan purification had almost reached the end. After this stage, his battling power would reach another level.

However, the recovery of the beast's wound was a little bit out of Ye Chen's expectation. Even though the Sky Demon Snake kept getting hit every time Ye Chen went there, it was somehow still in control of the situation. Ye Chen suspected that something was healing it very fast. Maybe it was also the reason that it was able to reach the seventh rank. Without finding the source, the battle would not be able to finish within a short period of time.