Chapter 308: Ye Chens Power

 Chapter 308: Ye Chen's Power

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Mountains within ten miles of the Sky Cloud Martial School started to shake. Mountains after mountains had dark light puncture through them, or be cut down by sword Qi, or just be shattered completely. The top two peak level Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors fighting against a rank 7 beast, it was not hard to imagine the commotion.

"Sky Thunder Strikes!"

The Thunder Drop had accumulated enough of thunder element zhen Qi, as Thunder Freer yelled while pushing his thunder drop towards the Sky Demon Snake. It dragged out an arm-thick thunder, which was sharp like an arrow. It left countless finger-thick cracks on the scales of the snake while electric sparks kept on flashing.

With the reinforcement from Thunder Freer, Cloud Dreamer was more relaxed. However, up until now, the two had no way of getting through the beast's defensive layer. The Sky Demon Snake had only reached the realm not long ago, which meant it had still not reached its full potential as a rank 7 beast yet. However, the bloodline of the demonic dragon was incomparable to the other ancient beasts. As it proceeded its ranking, the effect of its bloodline would have more of an impact on it. The Sky Demon Snake now was already equivalent to the rank 7 tyrant beasts. Giving it a little more time, it would be able to reach beyond most of the other rank 7 tyrant beasts.

"Cloud Dreamer, it will not work. With only you and me, we will never be able to break through its defense." Thunder Freer forced a laugh. Although the Sky Demon Snake would be considered as a relatively smaller beast among the rank 7 snake beasts, in comparison to humans, its hundred meters long body would still be regarded as humongous. The cracks on its scale had not brought any pain for the snake whatsoever, and it would never hurt the snake unless they were able to break through its defensive layer.

With one sword attack to blow away the incoming head of the Sky Demon Snake, Cloud Dreamer flew to the side. He was a little bit out of breath as he said, "It might be almost impossible to break open its defense. I guess we could only keep on attacking one spot, trying to wound it."

"Alright, cover for me. Let me see if my Sky Thunder Attack will wound it." The Sky Thunder Attack was the most powerful attack of Thunder Freer. However, it was rarely used during combat, since it needed a long time of preparation and a caused a huge exhaustion of the zhen yuan. Basically, Thunder Freer would only be able to perform the Sky Thunder Attack three times when he was at his peak condition. Each attack would take up around thirty percent of his zhen yuan. At the same time, the Sky Thunder Attack had a huge attacking power, which made it indeed an ace attack worth the sacrifice.

Moments later, under the control of Cloud Dreamer, Thunder Freer threw out an attack towards the neck part of the Sky Demon Snake.


The neck part of the beast was already covered in the most number of cracks. After that attack, the scales finally came down, as the arrow-like thunder light screwed in through the wound, then exploded soon after.

The Sky Demon Snake broke out in a horrifying scream, its body twisting because of the pain. It was like an earthworm that had just been yanked out of the ground, keeping on twisting its body. However, that level of attack would naturally not be able to wound it heavily; it was only a surface wound, but the pain was indeed real.


Being extremely furious, the Sky Demon Snake did not care about anything anymore as it shot out a black flame towards the two. It was intense like a wave of an angry ocean, apparently covering the whole sky.

"Back out!"

Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer had turned their bodies to escape, pushing their speed to the limits. The brutal black flame was chasing right after them, the distance between them being only ten meters.

"Green Lotus Sky!"

Right at that critical moment, a human figure appeared out of nowhere from the side. He waved out a sword attack towards the black flame from above.

The sky had been frozen somehow like a peaceful lake. Countless green lotuses that had been created with a sharp Qi flow blossomed in the sky, then spread out at a drastically fast speed, wrapping the black flame within.

Shoo! Shoo!

The power of the black flame was extremely horrifying. Countless green lotus had been burnt into ashes. The peaceful sky suddenly started to scramble as cracks appeared in that vacuum space. However, with such a blockage, the force and the momentum of the black flame had been completely canceled out. It was only burning like normal flames.

"Ye Chen!" A smile flashed past Cloud Dreamer's face.

His body flashed, and Ye Chen appeared right next to the two, "Seniors, what is going on?"

Right then, Cloud Catcher briefed Ye Chen about what had been happening. Ye Chen looked at the Sky Demon Snake, "This is the Sky Demon Snake? It is indeed tricky. If we don't kick it out of the Silent Hills, it would always be a problem."

He had heard about the beast before. This kind of a rank 7 beast that carried an ancient bloodline was extremely hard to kill. Its life force was extremely powerful. Although Ye Chen's power had increased drastically, such that he was even able to take on Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors, there was still a huge gap before he would be able to kill a Sky Demon Snake.

"Ye Chen, after six months of closed up training, where are you at now?" Thunder Freer had noticed that the sword attack from Ye Chen was way powerful than six months ago. It seemed to be capable of trapping and killing an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior with burning zhen yuan, so he could not help but ask.

Ye Chen smiled lightly. His zhen Qi inside his body twisted slightly while dots of bright light appeared on his protective zhen Qi layer. They were like diamonds or crystals, seeming extremely pure and transparent. Because of his martial arts, the broken light gave people an extremely sharp feeling.

"Half-step zhen yuan? You have already reached the level to produce zhen yuan?" Both old men's eyes brightened. Ye Chen was not like them. They had been fighting with their cultivation while the other parts of their training were not that impressive. However, for Ye Chen, besides his cultivation, everything else was also impressive. Therefore, even if there were a slight progress in his cultivation, it would bring great progress in his overall strength.

Ye Chen said, "Right now, I am only at the first production stage. I have not yet fully purified it."

For training the top rank Earth Realm martial arts, it would take two times of zhen yuan purification. Right now, Ye Chen was only at the first purification stage. Judging from his cultivation, he would still be a little bit lower than Sikong Sheng. However, it would not take long before he finished with the first purification. Then, he would be at the same level as Sikong Sheng. Among the members of the younger generation in the whole South Rudra Region, his general power and cultivation power would be one of the top, and no one would be able to compete with him.

Cloud Dreamer was extremely happy, "Great. As long as you enter the zhen yuan stage, you are not far from the Astral Reaching Realm! Then, as long as the powerful Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors do not come out, no one would be able to compete with you!" Before, the Sky Cloud Martial School was only a normal martial school which was not very well-known. Right now, the school was full of luck, and no doubt there would be jealous people who would like to challenge them. Just Thunder Freer and he himself would definitely not be enough. This time, if it were not for someone great and powerful coming to save them, the school would probably be no longer existing. Therefore, Ye Chen's progress had lifted some of the pressure off their shoulders.

"Senior Cloud Dreamer, don't worry! That day will not be very far." The higher the martial arts' realms, the shorter time it would take to purify the zhen yuan. With six months of time, Ye Chen had trained his Green Lotus Sword Spell to its twelfth realm, and he believed that once the first purification of the zhen yuan finished, it should be able to reach its thirteen realm. Then, it would take an even shorter time for the second zhen yuan purification to finish. As for what Thunder Freer had said, training top rank Earth Realm martial arts would take at least three to four years to reach the Astral Reaching Realm, because he did not believe there were that many people who would be able to train their martial art realms to more than its tenth realm at only Clasping Yuan Realm. Not to mention the fact that Ye Chen had already reached its twelfth realm, the Green Lotus Sword Spell was almost an Astral Realm martial art. So, it was obvious that he did not need three or four years.


The Sky Demon Snake had recovered from his pain as it shot out another pile of dark cloud towards Ye Chen. The light cracked open air, creating a vacuum pathway.


The Sky Shattering Cloud Sword movement had been activated with the poetic perspectives of thunders and clouds. Ye Chen held the sword with both of his hands, throwing out a sword attack towards that dark cloud.


The dark cloud had been separated into two, both of them puncturing through the mountains on both sides.

"Be careful of its black flame! You cannot touch it under any circumstances!" Cloud Dreamer reminded.

Ye Chen nodded. This Sky Demon Snake was not as scary as the legends, or maybe it was because it had just reached the realm. However, its battle power was indeed already at the Mid Astral Reaching Realm. And its defense was even at the rank 7 tyrant beast level. A normal Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior would have to undoubtedly run on encountering it.

However, Ye Chen was confident that he would be able to beat it. In the competitions of the Hidden Dragon Rank, he had trained a high-rank Earth Realm - Mysterious Great Art. And now that he had reached the stage where he would be able to purify zhen yuan, he would be able to fight against an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior who was burning zhen yuan. Once he performed his marital arts, his battling power would reach beyond the Early Astral Reaching Realm and reach the Mid Astral Reaching Realm. However, if a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior burned his zhen yuan, it would still be quite scary, since Ye Chen's battling power was still not that powerful yet. At this stage, he would still not be able to compete with old Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors like the Black Crow Man, and would only be able to take on normal Mid Astral Reaching Realm.

Once Ye Chen reached the Astral Reaching Realm, everything would be much easier. A truly fearless Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior would not be afraid of people as long as the powerful Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors were not out for him.


Seeing that the dark cloud could not do much damage on Ye Chen, the Sky Demon Snake did not plan to shoot out those extremely-hard-to-form black flames. Instead, it slightly tilted its head as the horns on its head started to produce a black light, shaking the whole space.


A pile of black Qi flow poured out from its horns, eventually turning into a demonic dragon Qi flow that jumped towards Ye Chen.

"Blood Demon Separation!"

The bloody red half-step zhen yuan shot out into the sky as Ye Chen's aura increased drastically. Judging from only the looks, he looked way scarier than any Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior. His aura was similar to the ones from Mid Astral Reaching Realm. Along with that fully covered sword intent, it was even more powerful.

He did not perform his One Heart Kill, which although looked more horrifying that the first attack of the Green Lotus Sword Art, but that was under the condition that he did not use his Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art. In that case, it would only allow him to perform eighty percent of its true power. Therefore, it was definitely not as powerful as the second half of the Green Lotus Sky attack - the Green Lotus Accumulation.


A fist-sized green lotus shot out following Ye Chen's attack, leaving a tiny but long black line in the air and landing heavily on that demonic dragon Qi flow.

The Qi flow groaned and opened its mouth, wanting to catch the green lotus and swallow it.

Shoo! The demonic dragon Qi flow was completely penetrated and torn apart. The green lotus shot out from the tail part of the Qi flow, and even then, its power did not decrease. It completely blew away that Sky Demon Snake, which shattered a mountain behind it.

After shattering that declining demonic dragon Qi flow, Ye Chen caught up with it, pouring his Mysterious Zhen yuan, which had already turned into Green Lotus zhen yuan for the most part, through his meridians, and into his Star Scar Sword.


While he had the advantage of the battle, Ye Chen gave the Sky Demon Snake one last, extremely powerful ace attack, leaving it no chance to fight back.