Chapter 305: Six Months After (Part One)

 Chapter 305: Six Months After (Part One)

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Shocking Cloud Mountian...

Inside a huge room, Ye Chen, who was wrapped in bandages, had crawled up from the bed. Right now, he was already eighteen years old, and no longer looking childish. Although he looked really slim, he was nowhere close to being skinny. Under those tightly wrapped bandages, one could see the outline of his muscles, which was full of masculinity; it looked like a body made of steel.

Stretching his arms, he found that they were still feeling a bit weak. It was because of his over burnt Qi and blood. Ye Chen shook his head and thought to himself, 'The Blood Explosion Spell is way too brutal. It had put me under coma for seven straight days. The good thing is that I have quite a good body condition, and my blood and qi seemed not to be drained completely, Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to fully recover.

Ye Chen had still not used his three-thousand years-old Blood Sun Flower yet. he was not too sure about its effects, so he prepared to wait another couple of days before using it.

Pushing open the door, he entered the yard.

The yard was just like the other yards, not too big or fancy. In front of him was a small flower garden, with ten different kinds of flowers growing happily in there. There were also a couple of young Blood Sun Flowers. Towards the side, there was a row of sunflowers, which were higher than the fences, looking extra healthy.

Pow! Pow!

After standing in the yard for a while, he heard knocking on the gate.

Ye Chen looked back and said, "Come in!"


The gate door, which was not locked, was opened, and Zhang Haoran and Wu Zongming walked in.

"Ye Chen, are you alright now?" This was Wu Zongming's first time visiting the Shocking Cloud Mountain. He looked around and realized that besides the main Great Master Palace, everything else was all quite normal looking. It could not even be counted as a normal fancy house, but it was very noble.

Ye Chen smiled and said, "You two, I am okay now!"

Wu Zongming chuckled, "That's good to hear. I thought it might leave some kind of side effects." Rethinking back on that day, Ye Chen was looking extremely horrifying. He was fully covered in blood, and his muscles had all torn open. Seeing Ye Chen looking normal again made him wonder how much Qi and blood Ye Chen had exactly.

Right then, Zhang Haoran started to talk, "This time, I come to apologize."

"What are you apologizing for?" Ye Chen was curious.

Wu Zongming interrupted, "He is so stubborn. He thought that we used to have a history, so he kept wanting to officially apologize. If you ask my opinion, apologizing amongst us men is a bit too much, since it had been so long ago. I don't think we will still care what we had done when we were young."

Around fifteen years was the most reckless age. In that age, teenagers were extremely competitive, and no doubt there would be conflicts or scrubs. The slightest misunderstanding might end up in a huge hatred. Fortunately, there was not too much of a conflict between the three of them; they just did not want to be the weaker one.

Ye Chen laughed, "Wu Zongming is right. We were all young."

Zhang Haoran said seriously, "This is different, I am trying to apologize officially."

"Alright then, I accept your apology." Dealing with stubborn people, the best thing to do was to just accept what they wanted. So Ye Chen did.

The three drank some tea, talked for a little longer, before the two said their goodbyes.

Right after they had just left, Luo Hanshan, Zhu Mei, and Xu Jing showed up.

"Ye Chen, are you okay?" Luo Hanshan asked.

"Besides still feeling a bit weak, I am good." Actually, Ye Chen was wounded pretty badly. But of course, with the help of his three-thousand years old Blood Sun Flower, it was indeed nothing. He looked over to Xu Jing, and after seeing her arms were still being wrapped in bandages and resting lifelessly on the sides of her body, he said gently, "Does it hurt?"

Xu Jing was blushing a little, "No, it doesn't."

Instead of saying something to thank her, Ye Chen did not say anything. He knew that would be too official, and it would not be something she wanted to hear. As long as he felt grateful, it would be enough.

Taking out ten eight-hundred-years old and two one-thousand years old Blood Sun Flowers from his storage ring, Ye Chen said, "You are training the Body Boosting Art, which would require a lot of blood and Qi. These Blood Sun Flower would do wonders. Do not reject me."

After that, he took over Xu Jing's skinny palm and put the flowers into her storage ring.

Xu Jing looked down, biting her lower lip.

Seeing that, Zhu Mei revealed a smile, and one could see some envy in there.

"It's looking quite bad." While holding her almost boneless palm, he intentionally looked at her wounds. Her arms were boneless, held up solely by Qi, blood and her skin. It could not be any weaker than this. For a normal warrior with this kind of wound, it would basically mean the end of his or her career. The good thing was that Xu Jing had trained the Body Boosting Art, which gave her powerful Qi and blood. Her shattered bones were growing in an unnoticeable speed. However, if one just let it be, it would take at least three to five years to recover, and even if it successfully recovered, she would not be able to do anything intense, not to mention training martial arts.

Ye Chen's eyebrows were all twisted together. He was thinking about finding a kind of great medicine specializing in bone repair. Although it was rarer than the three-thousand years-old Bloody Sun Flower, there was some out there. But of course, it was not time yet. He was still too weak, and there were still powerful warriors like Jin Huang waiting for him out there. He knew he should not leave the Windy Nation before he was fully prepared.

Luo Hanshan blinked his eyes at Ye Chen and said, "Zhu Mei and I still have some business to attend to, so we will come back to see you again."

Then, he and Zhu Mei left the yield.

Ye Chen forced a laugh. Xu Jing's head was almost on her chest. He knew he must find something to talk about before it got too awkward.

"Do you still remember the time after we came back from the North West Auction Plaza? When I borrowed your hand to train my body boosting art?" Thinking about it, Ye Chen started to talk about things that happened when they were younger.


Xu Jing listened quietly.


It was getting darker, when Ye Chen escorted Xu Jing to the mountain that she was living on.

On the second day's afternoon...

The room was filled with a bright golden aura. It was extremely rich, such that with only one breath, it would make the body feel warm, and the warrior feel high-spirited.

In his sight, a mud block had appeared in the middle of the room. It was covered completely in gold and bloody Qi flow, which was half-transparent. Through it, Ye Chen could see a palm-sized Bloody Sun Flower. It was golden and bloody, looking almost like a chunk of gold or jade, extremely beautiful.

"It is time to use you!"

His zhen Qi was like blade, as Ye Chen cut open the muddy block and took out the three-thousand years-old Blood Sun Flower.

Tearing down a small petal, Ye Chen took a deep breath before swallowing it down. He then sat down on the bed and started to extract the medicine.

Three days had passed, and a bloody golden aura surrounded Ye Chen, looking like ribbons flying in the air. It was a sign of over-excessive medicine spilling out of his body.

"It is indeed a three-thousand years old Bloody Sun Flower... I had still underestimated its effect. With only a small flower petal, it completely recovered my Qi and blood, and it even brought it to the next level. What a shame for the dispersing medicine... What a waste!" Opening his eyes, Ye Chen looked a bit disappointed. If it were Xu Jing, this would definitely not happen. Maybe he should go send her some later.

During seven months of closed up training, Xu Jing's Qi power had reached beyond ten thousand pounds, which was way more powerful than Ye Chen. The power of her Qi and blood was something even some Astral Reaching Realm warriors could not even compete with. If he did not still need the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art, it would be okay to give it to her completely.

"However, although the Qi and blood have been fully repaired, the sequela has not disappeared at all, since the Blood Exploding Spell has a major impact on the warriors." Ye Chen was not stressed out. He knew he would have to take on some of the consequences of his actions, it was inevitable.

Various thoughts flashed through his mind while Ye Chen thought about his own power.

During that bloody battle, he had made an overall breakthrough. As for his cultivation, he had reached from the Late Clasping Yuan Realm to the peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm, and there was only one last step before he could produce zhen yuan. Regarding his martial arts, his Green Lotus Sword Spell had already reached its tenth realm, and six Green Lotus sword Qi had been produced in his body. Each one of them contained a powerful attacking power, and added with his sword intent, he would be able to beat Yan Chihuo completely. Besides his cultivation and martial arts, his sword intent had made the largest breakthrough. On reaching the later realm of the sword intent, each breakthrough would be a miracle. As his sword intent had reached eighty percent, his general power had again made tremendous progress. Now, he already had the power to take one a peak-level Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior. And he would be able to handle normal Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior for a while as well.

Before, Ye Chen might be able to break through Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors' defense with his Mysterious zhen yuan and seventy sword intent, but it would be harder since the Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not just stand there and let him hit them. Therefore, when encountering Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors, there was no chance of winning at all. On the contrary, being killed was more likely. Although he might still not be able to kill a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior now, he would be able to take on the fight for a while, which was indeed a huge progress.

"My cultivation would not make progress for a while. The eighty percent of sword intent has not stabilized yet either. For now, I should close up and try to improve my Green Lotus Sword Spell."

Ye Chen knew it very clearly that only with higher martial art realms would he be able to reach the stage where he could produce zhen yuan faster. Right now, he only lacked in terms of his cultivation. When he was fighting against Jin Huang, if he were at the Early Astral Reaching Realm, he would have been able to last much longer, and Xu Jing would not have had both of her arms ruined.

"Cultivation is all that matters! The others are only enhancements." He sighed. He had decided to carry on his closed-up training. Once he had enough basic power, only then would he be able to consider the rest.

Before he went into closed-up training, Ye Chen went to chat with Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer. The two were his seniors, who had gave him immeasurable help before. And because of their selfless help during that bloody battle, it would be rude to not greet them.

Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer were both very happy that Ye Chen had recovered so fast. They had thought that it would at least take a year and a half or so.

Hearing that Ye Chen had decided to close up and train again, they both warned him that he should not be driven by revenge, and he should not rush things.

Ye Chen reassured them, explaining that he had already planned for this closed-up training session long ago. In fact, if it were not for Jin Huang and Sikong Sheng, he would have planned to close up for another year before coming out.

After saying goodbye to the two, Ye Chen dropped by Xu Jing and the rest to notify them that he was closing up for a while, before heading back to his own mountain. He then entered the secret training room in the center of the mountain.