Chapter 304: His Life Will Be Yours To Take

 Chapter 304: His Life Will Be Yours To Take

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Taking back his finger, Jin Huang's eyes widened. He yelled unlike his usual self, "Impossible! How could the Sky Cloud Martial School have this kind of power and background? Definitely impossible! Who are you and why are you involved in this? My Floating Marital School has nothing to do with you. Please back out!"

Jin Huang had not sensed the owner of that hand at all, so there were only two options: one, he might have already reached the Seas of Souls Realm and his zhen yuan had already turned into an ocean; second, he might have already reached that horrifying Life and Death Realm. Once one reached that realm, the warrior would enter a completely different state. And no matter which option it was, it was not an opponent that Jing Huang could compete with. The former could still be handled since the Floating Mountain Marital School had also got Seas of Souls Realm warriors, and there were more than one at that. However, if it was the latter, then even the whole Floating Mountain Martial School might not be enough to take on one finger of his. Life and Death Realm warrior would be regarded as king warriors for a reason. Without having a Life and Death Realm warrior on one's side, no matter how powerful one was, it would be useless. Life and Death Realm warriors were their own marital institutions.

The speed of that sky-covering palm was not that fast; it seemed like the owner of that palm was not even being serious. However, in Jin Huang's eyes, the sky was no longer the sky, and the ground was no longer the ground. All of the mountains from the Sky Cloud Martial School had been controlled by that sky-covering palm, and there seemed to be no place for him to escape.

Seeing that his opponent was not planning to stop the attack, endless fear spread out within his body. He had no time to take care of Sikong Sheng or the flying beast. He extended his body and started to fly into the distance. His body flashed once before appearing seven or eight miles away, looking like a jumping sun.


A groan was heard. That sky-covering palm's thumb and index finger started to close up. There was only three meters distance left when they closed up completely. Jin Huang, who was escaping in panic, had been trapped within; he could not move an inch, and there was not even space for him to wiggle.

"It's not fair! These people are only ant-like existences, I can kill them if I wanted to!" Jin Huang used all the rest of his power, burning his zhen yuan aggressively, wanting to escape from being trapped.

Everyone from the Sky Cloud Martial School was in shock. Jin Huang, who was unstoppable a minute ago, had been captured by two giant fingers. His face was full of fear and anger, and he looked like a headless fly, which brought such a visual contrast. They could not help but wonder whose hand it was. He or she must be such a powerful warrior, to be able to squeeze a Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior like a fly. It was almost unimaginable.

"Don't worry, I will not kill you now. You don't deserve it. But, get your ass out of the Sky Cloud Martial School, out of the Windy Nation! If you dare to step in here again, you will be killed on sight. Also, when you get back, tell the leader of the Floating Mountain Martial School: this is a small warning, but if you make the same mistake again, the Floating Mountain Martial School will fall. The millennial achievement of the Mysterious Kind and the Stone King will be shattered... Did you hear me?"

The owner of the sky covering palm's voice could only be heard by Jin Huang. However, it was not a human voice. Instead, it was just air vibration, which worked similar to zhen Qi communication. But, it was more powerful than zhen Qi communication, and was nothing an Astral Reaching Realm warrior could do.

"You are not going to kill me?" Jin Huang stopped fighting. He knew that no matter how hard he tried, it would be pointless since it would only take his opponent one thought to kill him. His ice-cold stare landed on Ye Chen, and then he sneered. 'It seems like this is not your backup. If it were someone who cared a lot about you, there is no way for him to let me go. Once I am free, I will be able to hunt Ye Chen when he gets out of the Windy Nation. Plus, the owner of the hand did not say that I cannot kill Ye Chen. He just said I cannot get into the Windy Nation.'

"Huh! It looks like your destiny is settled. Within five years, there is no chance for you to fight against me. And if you want to grow stronger, you would have to leave the Windy Nation. It is a vicious cycle, and you are doomed to be killed. No difference if I just let you live right now."

Although Jin Huang was intimidated by Ye Chen's potential, he did not think that he would be able to reach beyond him in five years. There would be endless chances for him to kill Ye Chen, and there was no need to risk his life now.

"Senior, I promise I will not take a step in the Windy Nation, in the Sky Cloud Martial Schooll for the rest of my life." Jin Huang yelled.

That huge palm made of yuan Qi released Jin Huang, and the air around Jin Huang's ears started to vibrate again, "Now, piss off. I might change my mind anytime."

Hearing him, Jin Huang's expression changed. It was almost like he was terrified of the owner of that hand might actually change his mind and kill him for real. So, he hurried to jump back on the flying beast and made the beast fly, disappearing in front of everyone's eyes instantly.

"He did not kill him?"

It would be a lie if Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer said that they were not disappointed. But of course, they would not complain at all. Without that senior warrior, the Sky Cloud Martial School would have been destroyed right now, and there would not be an alternative conclusion to this event. A Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior from a rank 6 martial school could be counted as one of the top warriors in the whole South Rudra Region. They were basically above everyone just below Seas of Souls Realm.

"No! I cannot control my zhen yuan again!"

The second that Cloud Dreamer relaxed himself, his zhen yuan went out of control. Once his zhen yuan exploded, his whole body, including his bones, would be burnt completely. The area dozens of miles in radius would suffer destructive damage. It was a Jade Burning martial art manual which he had received years ago, and once he had performed it, there would be no way for him to control it back.

Thunder Freer had noticed the changes in Cloud Dreamer. He was shocked because he had been told about it before. This time, when they were battling with Jin Huang, Cloud Dreamer had no choice but to use it. However, now that Jin Huang had left, if he died, then it would be for nothing.


The mutation suddenly started to happen when one of the fingers of that sky covering hand pointed lightly on Cloud Catcher's zhen yuan layer, looking extremely casual.

The next second, Cloud Catcher's Qi calmed down eventually. The Jade Stone Burning Art had been forced to be restored to its original state. That tenseness disappeared completely.

"Thank you, senior!" Cloud Dreamer held his fists together and formally greeted that sky-covering giant hand.

The air vibrated.

"Do not thank me! I actually just wanted to save Ye Chen, but the connection between him and the Sky Cloud Martial School is just too strong. Plus, this whole thing happened because of him in the first place."

Cloud Dreamer had to thank the warrior since it was not only him that had been saved, it was the whole Sky Cloud Martial School. He was so grateful that even if the warrior asked him to die now, he would do so without hesitation. The whole Sky Cloud Martial School was his obligation, and that kind of emotion was something normal people could not understand.

The owner of the palm said nothing, but his voice went in Ye Chen's ears.

"Are you curious about why I did not kill Jin Huang?"

The Blood Explosion spell had faded away automatically. Ye Chen's body was covered in blood while he said weakly: "Senior must have his own plan, but Ye Chen could assume one thing or two."

"Oh? Spell it!"

"Senior wants me to kill him myself for taking revenge, which would help me move forward in my cultivation."

The air vibration was a little bit unstable.

"Hehe, you are quite right. It was indeed one of my purposes. The path of being a warrior is very challenging, and it does not allow the slightest impurity. What happened today could be a huge influence on your future progress. If you cannot kill Jin Huang yourself, it would be a huge blockage for you. Plus, you are a sword artist who has learned sword intent, which means there is zero space for you to back out. If I killed Jin Huang today, it would mean that I chose it for you, which was something I do not want to see, and I also believe is something you do not want to see either. Therefore, Jin Huang would have to be killed by you. As for the fact that if you will have the power to kill him or not, it would all be on you. I will not do the same thing twice."

Ye Chen said, "Thank you, senior. I will kill Jin Huang myself, and no one would be able to stop me. If I die while doing that, then it would only mean that I am not worthy enough to move forward."

"Very well, I like your calmness a lot. I hope you can keep it. Do not let revenge confuse or distract you. The path for warrior should not be filled with hatred."

"Senior, you are...?"

"Do not question nor try to figure out. I will let you know when the time is right. I have my own reasons, it is also why I do not want to reveal myself."

"Ye Chen was being rude."

"You have taken quite a hit; the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art was not a secret manual that had been designed for warriors. The Blood Demon had designed it based on his own separations. Without the Blood Demon Separations, the normal Qi blood repairing potion could not really repair the damage. This, you will have to deal with yourself. I will not give you anything material help."

"Ye Chen understands." The Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art had a huge side effect, and although the Blood Sun Flowers could repair the lost Qi and blood, they were not almighty. They could do wonders once or twice, but once one used too much, the warrior would require a rest. Otherwise, the side effect would be permanent. This time while fighting against Jin Huang, Ye Chen had even performed the ace attack Blood Explosion Art from the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art. It made it almost equivalent to using the Major Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art, and the side effect was immeasurable. If it were not for Ye Chen's extremely powerful body condition and the fact that he had already trained his Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell to its fifth spell, he would have been crippled or killed. Either way, it would be the end of him.

As of the help from the owner of that sky covering palm, Ye Chen did not think of asking for more. The path for warriors was under their own feet. There was no way for others to help out. Instead, excessive help might even ruin one warrior. Without experiencing pain, how could they taste the sweetness after the pain?

Of course, Ye Chen was not really worried about the side effects since he still had one three-thousand-year-old Bloody Sun Flower in his storage ring. Its effect was dozens of times better than the one-thousand-year-old one. As long as he did not burn out his Qi and blood completely, it should not be too much of trouble for him to recover.

However, Xu Jing's wound was really worrying him. Breaking the bones of the arms and shattering them were two completely different concepts. Without any great treasure, it would be very difficult for her to heal. He could imagine the pain of having his bones being completely shattered.

The owner of the huge palm seemed to have read his mind.

"I will not help that little girl with shattered arms either. She has a great potential as well, and there is a huge chance for her to make a difference. This incident might not be completely bad for her. In fact, do you realize? After what had happened, the whole Sky Cloud Martial School had also changed. It is indeed the progress one makes during a challenge. It would be the beginning of the growth of Sky Cloud Marital School!"

Ye Chen nodded. In that critical moment, what everyone had done had really touched Ye Chen. Even though every single one of them was obviously not powerful enough to compete, but they had still stood up for the school. This kind of devotion was not something that every powerful martial school had got. He believed that the Sky Cloud Martial School would be able to truly grow stronger and become a super martial school in the South Rudra Region.

"Since this is over, there is no reason for me to stay anymore. Remember this... only by being able to maintain your faith and mind on your path as a warrior would you be able to truly move forward."

The palm disappeared as the voice slowly faded away.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen turned to look at everyone. In his eyes, everyone was looking at him too. That moment, there was something more than what words could describe.

"This is my second home!"

The thought flashed through his head, as Ye Chen lifted up his head and fell to the ground. It was a miracle for him to last this long, and now, the curtain had finally dropped.