Chapter 303: Blood Battle, Eighty Percent Sword Intent, The Sky Covering Hand

 Chapter 303: Blood Battle, Eighty Percent Sword Intent, The Sky Covering Hand

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Just like Ye Chen, Xu Jing had chosen to close up and train right after the Hidden Dragon Ancient Town. Because of the loud noises from the battle between Ye Chen and Sikong Sheng, she had come out to check what was going on. When she got here, the battle was already over. Jin Huang's killing vibe was a warning sign for her, which was why she pushed her speed to its limit to block out that incoming attack for Ye Chen.

Jin Huang had trained a Gold element marital art, and even with the most casual attack, it could bring out an unstoppable power, which had easily gone through Xu Jing's defense layer, breaking all of the bones in both of her arms.

All of that had happened way too suddenly. Ye Chen had just pulled out his Mysterious Zhen Yuan from his dantian, and any sudden move would ruin it all. So, all he could do was watch Xu Jing being blown hundreds of meters away. Luckily, Zhu Mei had rushed out and caught Xu Jing.

"Blood Explosion! Green Lotus Sky!"

Groaning angrily, the bloody zhen Qi outside Ye Chen's body exploded aggressively. It was the most powerful and most self-damaging martial art from the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art. Even Yuan Zongbo would not dare to use it, because once one used this attack, there was ninety percent chance to become a martial art impudent, and thirty percent chance to die on the spot, which made it extremely dangerous. For now, once he used the Blood Explosion attack, Ye Chen's battling power increased again, reaching above eighty percent, which was almost like burning zhen yuan. However, the Mysterious zhen yuan that had been pushed into the meridians on his right arm had been dyed completely a bloody red color, which meant the second he used his Mysterious Zhen Yuan, Ye Chen's base power would be just as an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Added with his seventy percent sword intent and the ace attack from his Green Lotus Sword Art, it would give him the power to kill a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior. As for the Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior he was confronting right now, he would soon find out about its possibility.


The Star Scar Sword in his palm was extra heavy. Ye Chen waved out a sword attack, that seemed really slow but in fact was extremely fast, towards Jin Huang. The boiling air quieted down unnaturally, as a dead silence reigned for a moment. Then, countless green lotuses appeared out of nowhere, taking over the whole space.

"Huh! You really think that kind of kid's play would beat me? Don't embarrass yourself! Break!"

Jin Huang made a noise as he lifted up his palm and threw out an attack. That golden light had formed huge palm in the air, tearing up the condensed air, shattering countless green lotuses and creating a pitch-black vacuum pathway. That vacuum space looked like it contained an extremely large pulling power, which could consume everything around it.


Blood poured out of every part of Ye Chen's body, and the aura of the blood filled the air.

Right then, his body suddenly shook. His Green Lotus Sword Spell, which was stuck in the peak level of the ninth realm, had reached the tenth realm under that extreme pressure. Meanwhile, his own cultivation had also made a huge progress. He had not only reached the peak level of his Late Clasping Yuan Realm, but the space between producing zhen yuan had also been shortened as well. Ye Chen had finally understood deeply that only with extreme pressure would he be able to push up his battling power. Only a life and death situation could spark a breakthrough.

"Green Lotus Accumulation! Kill!"

Without showing any excitement, Ye Chen looked extremely serious, his eyes like eagles', locking onto Jin Huang. Right then, his Mysterious Zhen Yuan had already been poured into his Star Scar Sword. The latter had burst out with an unbearably bright light. A fist-sized Green Lotus suddenly appeared on the tip of his sword. Then, a flower blossomed on top of the green lotus, surrounded by countless bloody streams like Qi flow, which could easily cut open space.


As Ye Chen threw out that sword attack, that fist-sized green lotus was shot out at a scary speed, dragging a straight black line in the air. It carried on moving and spreading out for hundreds of meters, which made it look like it had split the whole space into two parts, which was extremely horrifying.

"Oh, dang. How did this brat get zhen yuan?" If it was only zhen yuan, Jin Huang would not even blink an eye and would be able to kill his opponent with a flick of his finger. However, Ye Chen had just performed the Blood Explosion attack, which had combined his zhen yuan and his Qi and blood, which would be equivalent to burning zhen yuan, bringing his attacking power to the next level. Nonetheless, if it were just that, then it would still be an easy fight for him. But Ye Chen was a sword artist, with seventy percent sword intent. Combining all the factors together, even a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior would be killed if he were reckless. Earlier, he did not care about the Sky Cloud Martial School at all, so he had only used around sixty percent of his zhen yuan, not to even mention burning his zhen yuan.

Right now, his defense could not even compare to a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior's zhen yaun layer. If he were hit by that sword attack, it would be lucky that he was not killed.

The green lotus shot out too fast, and Jin Huang did not have time to increase his zhen yuan layer. So, he had to point out his finger and throw out an attack.

"Jin Huang Finger Attack!"

It was his exclusive martial art. Even with only sixty percent of power, its attacking power would incomparable to normal Astral Reaching Realm warriors.


The golden light shot out in the air and clashed with that twisting green lotus. Without any sound or light, the two stuck to each other like two pieces of magnets.

Everyone there watching was not used to what had happened. It was like they had known about the incoming thunder and had already seen the lighting, but when they had done every preparation, they could not hear it at all. The anti-climax was a bit frustrating.

But this was only for a split second, as a loud sound and bright light burst out and shot out into the sky. It tore apart the dark clouds in the air while that unstoppable firepower carried on attacking. To the spectators, it looked like a fan-like light wall.

As that loud sound was heard, Ye Chen and Jin Huang were blown away backward. What was different was that Ye Chen was puking out blood and his body seemed to shrink in size, while Jin Huang was only a little bit pale, but did not seem to be wounded at all.

The gap between the two's cultivation was just too big, and even if Ye Chen had pushed his limits and burst out with his most powerful attack, the difference was still there. Compared to Jin Huang, who only hurried to fight back, he was still not a rightful opponent at all. However, being able to beat Jin Huang back for hundreds of meters could already prove Ye Chen's true power.

"Cloud Break Cut!"

"Thunder Attack!"

Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer had bit on their tongues, forcing themselves to wake up from the confusion. They pushed their zhen yuan to their limits, performing their most powerful attack against Jin Huang, who had just stopped flying backward. Whether winning or losing, it had all come down to this one second.

"Huh! No matter how many ants there are, you are ants after all. Today, all of you will die. The Sky Cloud Martial School will fall. I will make you all pay."

Ye Chen's head-on attack had boiled up Jin Huang's blood and Qi while he tried his best to swallow down that pile of impure blood. Seeing Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer coming for him, he was furious. He ignored the potential damage it would cause from forcing zhen yuan and threw out two beams of Jin Huang finger power which were produced under the enhancement of his seventy percent zhen yuan.

Pooh! Pooh!

Even if their two attacks combined were not as powerful as that one attack Ye Chen had just thrown out, it still should not be underestimated. However, this time, Jin Huang had pushed his seventy percent zhen yuan, which was definitely incomparable with that former finger attack. It had shattered the two incoming attacks without a doubt.

Cloud Dreamer forced a laugh, "Brother thunder, I want to ask you a favor. Bring everyone that you can, especially Ye Chen! Leave a bloodline for our Sky Cloud Martial School. Don't let the school fall completely. Otherwise, I, Cloud Dreamer, will have no face in front of our past leaders/ I will not rest even if I die!"

That last part was almost being yelled out.

Thunder Freer's face changed, "Cloud, what are you doing?"

"Hurry! We are running out of time! I will use up the last drop of my blood to stall him." Cloud Dreamer was already not at peace. His zhen yuan was about to explode, and there was no way back for him. His whole body was like a ticking time bomb.

Thunder Freer shook his head and sighed. A dying wish was growing in his body as he yelled at Cloud Dreamer, "There's no chance of running now. Look!"

Following his sight, he saw Ye Chen flying back again. His robes were covered with blood, and even his hair were dripping blood.

"Senior Cloud Dreamer, Senior Thunder Freer, I know what you are thinking. But I will not run. Sacrificing the whole Sky Cloud Martial School for my life, what would be the use of me living after that? That horrifying trauma would haunt me forever, and I will never be able to reach the Life and Death Realm, which would only be against your wishes. I do not want to have that weight over my shoulder. I, Ye Chen, had decided to pick up the sword and I had never thought about running, and definitely never thought about asking someone else to die for me. This whole thing had happened because of me, and it will be dealt with by me. Don't bother to convince me. I have made up my mind."

As he talked, Ye Chen had taken out a huge amount of Blood Sun Flowers, extracted the medicine out from the plants and swallowed it all. He then immediately pushed his Blood Explosion art without holding back. With his bloody body standing in the air, his mind had never been this sharp, his intent had never been this clear. His sword intent shot out into the sky and then carried on shooting upwards. That horrifying sword intent had reached beyond his body's limit, as his skin started to crack open.

"The peak of the seventy percent sword intent...No! It is the eighty percent sword intent!" Jin Huang gasped, yelling with all of his power. 'This brat should not be left alive. Otherwise, he will become someone unstoppable someday.' Right now, he was already afraid about his future, and knew that if he did not kill Ye Chen now, he would have to be living in fear for the rest of his life.


A lot of the female disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School started crying. The male disciples started to look determined and stopped thinking about escaping.

"Wu Ming, I want to go up there. What do you think?" Zhang Haoran, who was only at the peak level of his Late Condensing Reality Realm, took a step forward, flying into the sky.

Wu Ming laughed, "Zhang Haoran, do not underestimate me. Do you really think I am someone who would run away?"

Soon, the rest of the people from the Sky Cloud Martial School had gathered around. The ones who could fly flew into the sky and stood right by Cloud Dreamer and the group. The ones who could not fly yet stood on the ground.

Right then, the Sky Cloud Martial School had never been this powerful and united. Everyone's Qi and mind had come together naturally, and eventually turned into a reckless aura.

"Zhu Mei, let's go!" Xu Jing, who was being held by Zhu Mei, said quietly.

Zhu Mei's eyes started to tear up as she nodded lightly. Luo Hanshan laughed lightly, but no one knew what it meant. They only knew that his smile was very bright and warm as he flew up into the sky with Zhu Mei.

Looking at the crowd from the Sky Cloud Martial School, Jin Huang was not in a good mood. He had never seen something like this before. In his imagination, the Sky Cloud Martial School should be full of useless, weak disciples.

"Then, you shall all die!" Jin Huang yelled. His zhen yuan started to burn drastically. That horrifying Qi spread out in the whole place, which eventually turned into a wave of extremely heavy wind. It had torn apart the earth, and shattered the mountains. A shiny golden flame released by him seemed like a golden sun.

"Jin Huang Sun Break!"

A highly-condensed light ball appeared on his fingertip. Jin Huang believed that once this pile of light ball exploded, all of those who had not got enough power would die instantly.


Right then, a light sigh was heard. It was like right next to everyone's ear, but also seemed extremely far away. The sound carried on spreading and vibrating. Soon, the gray sky brightened up. In everyone's sight, a mountain-sized huge palm was seen pressed down. It had covered the sun completely, covering the whole sky. The prints of that palm were extremely detailed and clear. No one had seen anything like this before.