Chapter 302: Madness

 Chapter 302: Madness

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A weird sound of cloth tearing was heard. The sword Qi containing the immortal poetic perspective and sword intent punctured through Sikong Sheng's incoming fist power, leaving a long, narrow, pitch-black sword mark in the sky. It landed on Sikong Sheng's chest with thousands of pounds of power, and instantly blew him away.

However, although the sword Qi had broken through the fist power, the exploded fist power had brought up an after wave, which had still torn apart the air and created vacuum spaces. Countless vacuum spaces had been combined together, which was like a blossoming flower flying towards Ye Chen.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

The vacuum crack had spread out in such a wide range that even after Ye Chen had performed his Separating Shadow Body Art, he was not able to avoid it completely. However, Ye Chen did not panic. He put together his left index and middle fingers together, and that last pile of Green Lotus sword Qi shot out through his finger, destroying that incoming vacuum crack.

As the incoming attack disappeared, Ye Chen looked towards the front. There was a hill that had been shattered completely, and a human-shaped crack could be vaguely seen.


The mountain exploded as Sikong Sheng shot out with blood dripping out of his mouth.

Taking a step on the ground, Sikong Sheng calmed his boiling Qi and blood and the half-step zhen yuan. The reason he was able to block out that Heart Kill sword Qi was mostly because of his fist power and that complex power field created by his Yuan Magnet Battle Body. It had canceled out the stability and attacking power of the Heart Kill sword Qi. Of course, that half-step zhen yuan on the surface of his skin was also a part of his defense system, and should be thirty percent stronger than normal half-step protecting zhen yuan.

"You ace attack could not hurt me. Plus, it looks like that you cannot use that sword attack as much as you wanted. I would like to see what else you have besides that this time."

The result was very important for Sikong Sheng. The luck that had been stolen from him was also very important. Sikong Sheng would not consider giving up until the very last minute.

The ground had been cracked open as Sikong Sheng shot out into the sky. That tightened fist of his was covered with electricity. Once that punch was shot out, the whole area shook.

"I will let you see my new ace attack - Green Lotus Sky!"

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen's eyes looked extremely peaceful. The Green Lotus zhen Qi in his body had been pushed to its limits. It rushed into his palms with an ancient and mysterious method and then into his Star Scarred Sword. An extremely sharp blue Qi flow appeared on his Star Scarred Sword, which then condensed into countless surreal green lotuses.


A sword shot out in a seemingly slow but extremely fast speed. The air suddenly quieted down, as if it had transformed from a stormy ocean to a peaceful lake. Green lotuses with different shapes appeared on the surface of the lake at a speed beyond human comprehension. It was just like what had happened in the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm.

Sikong Sheng's strong fist power had entered the lake, instantly facing the extreme blockage. Its speed became slower and slower, and its sharpness gradually faded away. Those green lotuses that were close to the fist power were like sharp swords, turning into blue sword Qi and shooting out towards different directions.

Then, something even more horrifying happened. The lake started to expand because of the fist power, which wrapped around Sikong Sheng. Countless green lotuses had turned into sword Qi and landed on his body, burning his magnetic power and half-step zhen yuan.

"What kind of sword attack is this?" Stuck in the deepest part of the "lake", Sikong Sheng was trying his best to block out the endless sword Qi. The magnetic power inside his body decreased drastically. At this rate, the effect of his Yuan Magnet Battle Body would disappear in no time.

"Green Lotus Accumulation! Cut!"

The Green Lotus Sky was an ace attack from the Green Lotus Sword Art. Combined with the Green Lotus Zhen Qi, it was extremely powerful. The immortality of the sword intent had also enhanced the effect of this ace attack, and had stabilized the air, making it more peaceful. Sensing the Green Lotus Zhen Qi decreasing rapidly inside his body, Ye Chen did not dare to challenge his luck. He flicked his sword tip, bringing it up to the edge of the "lake". The next second, countless green lotuses floated into the air and combined with each other, creating a huge green lotus. There were light purple lotus flowers on that green lotus, surrounded by green Qi flow which was sharp as blades.


That huge green lotus spun for a couple of times before attacking towards Sikong Sheng.


The usage of his magnetic power had decreased Sikong Sheng's defense layer. The huge green lotus that was made of sharp Qi flow was even more powerful than the Kill Heart Sword Qi. It went through his defensive layer instantly and shook up his half-step zhen yuan. As the magnetic power burnt out completely, Sikong Sheng could not hold on any longer. He puked out a huge chunk of blood before being blown into the sky. It all happened within a second.


The elder was worried sick. He rushed the flying beast to catch Sikong Sheng before he fell onto the ground. He then placed Sikong Sheng carefully on the back of the beast, turned his body and kept on staring at Ye Chen. As one of the core master of the Floating Mountain Martial School, the elder was called Jin Huang. He was famously referred to as the Jin Huang Master, which was a very famous name in the Gray Mystery Nation. All of the warriors there were scared of him. The top warrior of his martial school had been beaten, and even if he had a great control over his temper, he would not be able to stay calm. On the contrary, he was not a calm person at all.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen released his Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art.

As it had been released, Ye Chen looked pale and exhausted. However, a very unnoticeable Qi had been poured into his body, which had instantly made him feel better.

"This is the... Dragon Fountain Qi?"

Naturally, he knew why Sikong Sheng was here - he wanted to win back the dragon fountain Qi that he had lost. Although it was not the Hidden Dragon Rank competition anymore, if he lost, he would definitely lose some of his dragon fountain Qi. The good thing was that it would not be as bad as what happened in the Hidden Dragon Rank, since the luck would constantly work without a break. This time, if Sikong Sheng had won against him, he would have definitely lost a great deal of dragon fountain Qi, which was equivalent to luck. Of course, luck did not necessarily mean dragon fountain Qi.


The Cloud Dreamer, who was rarely around, appeared right next to Ye Chen and made a joke at Jin Huang, "This year's young warriors are indeed impressive... They have completely surprised me. I am the Great Master of the Sky Cloud Martial School, Cloud Dreamer. May I have your name?"

Jin Huang answered with a cold voice, "You do not need to know my name, but I do have a question for you. Are you using the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art?"

It was directed at Ye Chen.

Cloud Dreamer expression changed; the most unwanted thing had still happened. He hurried to explain, "Ye Chen used to be a disciple of our Sky Cloud Martial School, and now, he is indeed a master. He had experienced some mysterious things and received some random manuals..."

"Shut up!" Jin Huang interrupted the Cloud Dreamer and yelled at Ye Chen, "Let me ask you this, are you training the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art?"

"What if I say yes? And what if I say no?" Ye Chen knew that there was no way of getting out of this. He knew that the elder was just trying to mess with him. It did not really matter what kind of martial arts he was training.

Jin Huang sneered, "How dare you? Do you know how many people did the Blood Demon himself kill in the Floating Mountain Martial School? How many masters had died in his hands? Knowing that, you still dared to use the infamous Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art?! Are you challenging the Floating Mountain Martial School?"

What a huge accusation! Ye Chen said nonchalantly, "What kind of martial arts in this true spirit continent did not involve blood? Does that mean all those martial arts are not usable as well?"

"You even dare to talk back? Now you are just asking for death."

Leaving Ye Chen no chance to respond, Jing Huang flicked his index finger, bringing out a golden light.

"Do not push me."

The Cloud Dreamer yelled while his zhen yuan started to burn instantly as he stood in front of Ye Chen. He threw out a sword attack towards that incoming light. At the same time, Thunder Freer appeared as well, burning his zhen yuan already. He threw out a claw attack towards that incoming attack as well. As the intended target, Ye Chen would definitely not sit back and watch. He ignored the damage that it might bring and performed the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art again. His Qi and blood started to burn intensively. Soon, he coughed out a chunk of blood and flesh as he threw out a Kill Heart attack.


The three of them were all at their peak. However, the power of Jin Huang was not something that they could compete with. Even the slightest finger light would be able to shatter their defenses. They were blown away for hundreds of meters while puking blood.

Walking down from the flying beast, Jin Huang stood in midair, looking extremely cold, "Do you really think you can beat me? You are looking for death! Right now, I will give you guys one last chance, which would be the only chance for you to survive. Hand over the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art and cut off both of your hands and legs. Then I will forget what had happened. Otherwise, I will kill everyone in your martial school."

That last part had freaked out everyone present. They believed that Jin Huang was the kind of person who would keep his word. A Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior from a rank 6 martial school had unimaginable power, and even normal Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior would be killed if they were in his way.

Some of the people had already starting to run. Compared to their own lives, the pride of their martial school meant nothing to them.

"I, Cloud Dreamer, would rather die than let you have it easy!" Cutting off both legs and hands would be the end of their lives as warriors, which would be even more painful than actually dying. Cloud Dreamer, Thunder Freer, and Ye Chen were already prepared to die, especially Cloud Dreamer. His burning zhen yuan started to look extremely unstable, and looked like it was about to explode any second. The horrifying deadly vibe spread out in the whole space.


Ye Chen, who had blood pouring out all over his body, stood in front of Cloud Dreamer. It all happened because of him, and if someone had to risk his life for this, it should be him. Since he had already died once, it would not hurt much more to die again.

"Come out!" Coughing out a piece of an internal organ, Ye Chen pushed his Green Lotus zhen Qi madly, wanting to push out that Mysterious Zhen yuan within that zhen Qi tornado. It might be because of Ye Chen's extreme emotions that the peaceful Mysterious Zhen Yuan started to move. Its vibration got more and more powerful, as a strong vibe of zhen yuan spread out, including that furious unstable factor. It was because of his impure zhen yuan, which included ten percent of Green Lotus Zhen Yuan.

"Since you are looking for death, then don't blame me for doing so."

A killing vibe appeared in Jin Huang's eyes as he pointed out another finger attack.


It was not Ye Chen who puked out blood just now. It was Xu Jing. Her skinny body wrapped with white robe was full of blood. Both of her arms dropped, and it looked like the bones were missing.