Chapter 301: Yuan Magnet Battle Body

 Chapter 301: Yuan Magnet Battle Body

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"Yuan Magnet Battle Body!"

The protective half-step zhen yuan layer around Sikong Sheng had suddenly compressed and stuck onto the surface of his skin, working similar to the protective art that Tuo Baku had used. What was different was that the half-step zhen yuan outside Sikong Sheng's body shone with a magnetic light, with electricity sparking as well. Its powerful sucking force twisted together with the pushing force, creating an extremely chaotic power field.

"This is a magnetic field?" Ye Chen's pupil shrunk as he noticed a completely different power field from Murong Qingcheng.


Half step zhen yuan started to vibrate at an unnoticeable but extremely fast speed. Sikong Sheng could feel his power increase. It had increased by more than thirty percent, and he felt that he could even shatter a huge mountain with only one fist attack, or kill a warrior at the same cultivation with only one finger attack.

Martial skills that could increase battling power were very rarely seen in this whole true spirit continent. Even rank 6 martial institutions did not have such a powerful secret skill. The Floating Mountain Martial School did not have one either, but they had the Yuan Magnet Godly Metal, which contained a very powerful magnet. Inside the Floating Mountain, there was also a small piece of Yuan Magnet Godly Iron essence, which was extremely condensed and almost in a solid form.

In accordance with the special nature of the Yuan Magnet Godly Iron essence, all the past warriors of the Floating Mountain Martial School had put in all they had got to train, and eventually created an unfinished secret skill that could increase battling power. Training the secret skill alone could not increase the trainer's battling power. They would have to go inside the Floating Mountain to absorb the essence of the Yuan Magnet Godly Iron, and try to tie it down inside their bodies. They would eventually be able to activate it by combining with this secret skill, which would lead to the effect of increasing battling power.

Because it was still unfinished, there was a time limit with this secret skill. Once the Magnet Power burnt out inside the user's body, the effect of increased battling power would disappear as well.

This time, Sikong Sheng had prepared a lot of things before heading over to the Sky Cloud Marital School. He had trained his Yuan Magnet Battle Body and absorbed the Magnet power, which was also the source of his confidence.

"Fist Tyrant River!"

Without performing the ace attack of his Sky Tyrant Fist Art, Sikong Sheng had only performed one attack and its aggressive power was like air bursting out in the sky, causing the sky to shake. An unspeakable pressure shot out into the air, drawing a thirty meters long and four meters wide zhen Qi trail.


The area where Ye Chen was standing exploded dramatically. That powerful vibration had even brought out electricity, making an unbearable sound.

"What a crazy fist power!" Ye Chen turned into black smoke and disappeared into the air. When he reappeared, he was already hundreds of meters away. Seeing the mess that Sikong Sheng's fist attack had created, Ye Chen could not help but look serious.

"You cannot run away."

The Yuan Magnet Battle Body had increased Sikong Sheng's speed to its limit. He stepped one of his feet out slightly and appeared right in front of Ye Chen within a second. His humongous fist wore dark blue fist gloves, carrying a creepy cold light and electricity as he threw out a fist attack.

The air exploded again, and the edge of the black smoke that Ye Chen had turned into twisted a little bit.


The corner of his blue robe had been shattered into nothingness.


Ye Chen naturally would not want to lose his upper hand. While he was moving, he turned his body to stab out his sword. The thirty meters long sword Qi looked like a huge ax.

Sikong Sheng did not bother to escape and punched at that incoming sword Qi.

Crack! The sword Qi exploded, as the extremely high paced vibration quickly burnt out the immortal poetic perspective from the sword Qi.

"Bother Ye lost his upper hand! It does not look good!"

"What can he really do though? Sikong Sheng has got the secret skill to increase his battling power, but brother Ye doesn't."

"Rank 6 martial institutions are indeed super martial institutions. They even have secret martial skills to increase battling power. If Ye Chen lost, it would not be because he had weaker attacking power."

Hearing the discussion from their disciples, Luo Xinglie frowned. It had surprised him that Ye Chen was able to gain the upper hand in the first place, but the situation changed drastically. Sikong Sheng had performed a secret skill to increase his battling power. In that case, if Ye Chen wanted to win against him, he would have to perform that secret skill he used when he was fighting against the Astral Reaching Realm warriors.

With those thoughts in mind, Luo Xinglie looked at the core master from the Floating Mountain Marital School, who was standing on top of that beast. He could not help but start to get worried.

"Bring out everything you have got! I will break it all and beat you for good this time." Shattering the incoming sword Qi again, Sikong Sheng floated in the air as his eyes locked on Ye Chen, trying to find the best opportunity to attack.

Ye Chen's body flashed without a pattern as he thought to himself, 'The Kill Heart attack... No, he must have other even more powerful ace attacks waiting for me. If I perform the Kill Heart Attack now, then it would just be burning my energy for nothing. I cannot use the Minor Body Separating Art either, as it is not the time to expose it yet. Once I use it, it might cause a huge trouble.' Ye Chen could not help but worry about the elder who was standing on top of the beast.

Then, I will use my Mysterious zhen yuan!

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen focused on his dantian. He quickly touched one drop of his Mysterious zhen yuan within the zhen Qi tornado, trying to pull it out.

"No! Not good. The Mysterious zhen yuan is unable to be pulled out."

While his expression still looked relaxed, he could not help but start to worry on the inside. He thought that once he was able to produce Green Lotus zhen Qi, he would be able to use his Mysterious zhen yuan. He had definitely not expected that it would not work at this critical moment.


Although there was no change in expression on Ye Chen's face, Sikong Sheng had still somehow sensed something out of place. He seized the chance and threw out a fist attack.

The sky tightened up, and Ye Chen was trapped within. The incoming fist power landed right in the middle of that area, and was as powerful as thunder.


The air started to vibrate like water again. All of the trees in the forest started to fall down one after another. The Qi flow was sharp as a sword and tore the ground apart, bringing up waves after waves of dust.

On a small mountain in the distance, Ye Chen lowered his head to see his torn-apart sleeves, and couldn't help but look extra serious. He was afraid that he would have to use his Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art.

"Haha, Ye Chen, why don't you use that one sword attack? I will give you another chance. If you don't use it still, I will have to kill you within the next second." With still half more Magnet Field in his body to go, Sikong Sheng was not worried about his power burning out at all. In the last battle of the Hidden Dragon Rank, he had lost to Ye Chen's ace attack. Therefore, this time, he wanted to beat Ye Chen with his ace attacks.

Lifting up his head to look at Sikong Sheng, Ye Chen's face looked cold, "The secret skill to increase battling power, I have that too. Since you want me to give out all I have got, then just prepare for the worst."


The little mountain was suddenly broken open.

The bloody Qi flow shot out into the sky, dyeing Ye Chen's clothes, hair, eyebrows and even his pupils red. His whole body looked like he had just turned into a blood battle king, standing on top of that shattering small mountain.

"The Qi blood is burning... This is..." On the back of that flying beast, the core master of the Floating Mountain Martial School had a different look on his face, and it was definitely not a good one.

Luo Xinglie shook his head. He had still used it. Ah well, it would be better than losing to Sikong Sheng. And this would only be a fair battle.

On top of another mountain...

Thunder Freer forced a laugh. He was really hoping that the core disciple of the Floating Mountain Martial School would not question the source of the Minor Blood Body Separating Art. Otherwise, with only Sky Cloud Martial School's power, they would not be able to compete. The Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors coming out of a rank 6 marital institution would not be a normal late Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Without exaggeration, even tens of Ye Chen would not be able to compete.

Cloud Dreamer mumbled, "I think it should be fine. In this true spirit continent, everything is so complicated, so it would only be normal that some of the hidden secret martial arts were created. Even if this martial art belonged to the Blood Demon himself, they should not connect Ye Chen with him.

"I really hope so." But still, Thunder Freer had a bad feeling about this.

The Qi and blood were burning, and so was his Green Lotus zhen Qi, Ye Chen's battling power had increased drastically, soon surpassing his normal level by more than fifty percent. That kind of an extreme power had aggressively sparked up his killing intent. Two beams of blood red light shot out from each of his eyes, seeming as sharp as swords.


He took a heavy step on the ground, causing the small mountain to start breaking down at ten times faster speed. Its powerful counterforce blew Ye Chen away, leaving a sharp red Qi flow behind him.

His body was like a sword, and his intent was sharp as a sword as well.

Ye Chen lifted up his Star Scar Sword in the air, stabbing it out towards Sikong Sheng.

The bloody red lightning shot out towards all different directions. A twisted blood sword light tore the air apart, creating a pitch black vacuum path.

"Fist Break Sky!"

Sikong Sheng yelled, pushing his Yuan Magnet Battle Body to its extreme. The electricity covered all over his body as he also threw out an ace attack.


Suddenly, dark clouds gathered together as lighting shot down onto the ground at the exact spot where the two were fighting.

The balance had been broken down. Ye Chen backed out dozens of meters, both of his feet stepping out piles of blood red patterns.

Compared to Ye Chen, Sikong Sheng had backed out hundreds of meters. The power gap between the Yuan Magnet Battle Body and the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art was pronounced.

"What kind of a secret skill is this?

Sikong Sheng looked surprised. No one knew better about the power of his Yuan Magnet Battle Body than him. However, Ye Chen's secret skill seemed to be even more powerful than that, it was almost like burning zhen yuan.

Taking a deep breath, Sikong Sheng pushed to increase his half-step zhen yuan and combined it with his Magnet Field. It started to spin even more aggressively, as visible electricity appeared on his black hair, making a loud noise.

"Didn't you want to witness my ace attack? So, I will show it to you."

Ye Chen stopped his body from backing out. The bloody red qi on his body suddenly increased again, starting to burn like an actual flame. He raised up his hands high as he poured his mind into the sword intent, then threw out another sword attack.

The sword Qi was tall like a column, yet it appeared in front of Sikong Sheng instantly.

"Break! Break!"

Electrical sparks flashed once in his pupils before disappearing while Sikong Sheng stood straight in the air. The air between him stopped shattering, but countless cracks appeared out of nowhere. The sword intent had spread out in the whole area, and was then thrown out along with that extremely powerful fist power.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

After throwing out that punch, the mountain behind him could no longer handle that huge counter force anymore. It gently shook before shattering completely, turning into dust and flying away.

It was at almost the same second that the fist power touched the sword Qi, and it just froze there.

The sky was filled with dark clouds. Thunder and lightning kept striking in the sky, cutting open the mountains and the rocks. All of the disciples from the Sky Cloud Marital School could not be any more shocked. They had never seen any Clasping Yuan Realm warriors who were this powerful, and they did not think they would be able to ever see another battle like this in their lives.