Chapter 300: Sword Qi From the Finger

 Chapter 300: Sword Qi From the Finger

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"Brother Ye is out!"

A lot of the inner disciples and core disciples had been pressured by Sikong Sheng's aura and felt like they were standing in front of a giant, a battle God who was standing amongst the clouds. That kind of kingly stance had compressed and suffocated them. They had finally realized what kind of warrior Ye Chen had beaten. They could not help but feel even more respectful towards Ye Chen, who was almost a God-like figure for them now.

The cloud mist between the main mountain of the Sky Cloud Martial School and the Shocking Cloud Mountain had been torn apart. Ye Chen, who wore blue robes and had a long sword, flew over. Wherever he went, the air started to look like water, bringing up patterns.

Within a second, Ye Chen landed on the main mountain.

"Ye Chen, are you okay?" Lou Xinglie hurried to ask.

Ye Chen shook his head and looked at Sikong Sheng as he said, "If you were here one month earlier, it would not be that easy for me to win against you. However, you have missed the opportunity."

Half month ago, Ye Chen had already trained his Green Lotus Sword Spell from eighth realm to ninth realm. With the remaining time, he had reached the peak level of the ninth realm. The three Green Lotus zhen Qi had changed twice. And after another five months of training, the power of the Green Lotus sword Qi had increased drastically. It had become one of his ace attacks, and he would not have to be afraid of anyone from up close.

Sikong Sheng could sense that Ye Chen's sword aura had increased even more as compared to when he was in the Hidden Dragon Ancient Town. Then, he thought about his own progress and sneered, "I had lost to you in the Hidden Dragon Rank competition, which was my biggest shame. And now, I will take it back personally."

Ye Chen took a glance at the elder on that beast, "What a shame! I did not plan to give away the champion place of the Hidden Dragon Rank and the dragon fountain Qi."

"Well, we will wait and see about that!"

The two stopped talking. The sharp eyes met in the air, and the resultant clash created an aura that was so scary that even Luo Hanshan and Zhu Mei would not dare to come close within one hundred meters.

On the Relaxing Cloud Mountain, Thunder Freer said seriously, "This Sikong Sheng is not simple. With only nine months of training, he has already made huge progress. It seems like he is only a step away from the second zhen yuan conversion."

Cloud Dreamer nodded, "It is the first time that I have met this person in real life. Indeed a great martial genius carrying the king warrior bloodline. The pressure from his aura alone would make people feel incompetent. I am afraid only Ye Chen's sword aura would be able to compete with that."

"However, Ye Chen had just changed his marital art. It would be his limit to just to recover his battling power. In that case, they have just canceled out the gap between their cultivation. The situation is not looking good."

Thunder Freer had not counted in Ye Chen's Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art. Although it was a powerful martial skill and could increase battling power aggressively, however, it would be quite tricky to use it, since it came from a source that should not be declared. The Blood Demon himself had killed a lot of powerful warriors from the Floating Mountain Martial School. It would be reasonable that the elder standing on the beast would take it personally.

"Let's wait and see. I think Ye Chen would surely take that into consideration." Cloud Dreamer was calmer than the Thunder Freer. He knew that the reason that Ye Chen was able to make it where he was now would not be a coincidence.

"This place is not the best place for battling. Change the location." Once reaching this level, their battling power had already reached beyond imagination. They were only steps away from Astral Reaching Realm. After a huge battle, all of the buildings on the main mountain would be turned into ruins. It was not something Ye Chen would want to see.

Flashing his body, Ye Chen flew towards the back of the main mountain.

Sikong Sheng's battling intent had increased drastically as he followed Ye Chen.

"Hurry up! Brother Ye Chen is about to fight against Sikong Sheng again."

"This battle would be the most intense battle between the young generation of the whole South Rudra Region. If we miss this, then we would miss it for life."

Most of the core and inner disciples had caught up with them, and Luo Xinglie did not stop them. No matter if Ye Chen won or lost, it would only be profiting for the disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School, fueling their passion in trying to get stronger.


It was a short island amongst the mountain groups, no higher than eight hundred meters, covering eight miles of ground. It was covered with rocks and stones, and only rare bunches of plants.

On top of that short mountain, Ye Chen stood in front of Sikong Sheng with one hundred meters between them.

The short mountain was surrounded by the crowd. Some of them were standing on the thirty-meters tall ancient tree, while some were standing on the hills. The ones with good eyes were standing on the mountain in the distance. Right at this second, almost all of people from the Sky Cloud Martial School had gathered around here.


His storage ring flashed once as two black gloves appeared in Sikong Sheng's hands, shining with a sharp cold light.

Putting on the gloves, Sikong Sheng's half-step zhen yuan exploded completely, the powerful pressure spreading out in all directions. All of the remaining broken rocks had been pulled out of the ground and thrown up into the air. It was an extremely horrifying scene. Ye Chen, who was standing opposite of him, put his right hand on the handle of the sword. He and his sword combined together, with his aura just like a sword. The half-step zhen yuan Sikong Sheng had released had not even got close before it was cut open by that powerful sword aura, which created a safe area.

"Let's fight!" The bright light shone even brighter in Sikong Sheng's eyes. He took a step forward and appeared instantly in front of Ye Chen. He then threw out a punch.

Second Flash Move! Sky Tyrant Fist!

They were just starting and Sikong Sheng had already pushed the battle power to its limit. Once he decided to fight, he would not hold back.

"Green Lotus Escalation!"


Taking out his Star Scar Sword instantly, Ye Chen groaned as he blocked out Sikong Sheng's fist power.


A gigantic crack appeared between the two all of the sudden, spreading out rapidly. Soon, it turned into a mile-long, ten meters wide, dark cliff.

"The mountain is breaking!"

Most of the disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School had never seen a battle this horrifying. One exchange of attacks had already broken open the mountain and shaken the earth.

"Great. Take another of my punch!"

There was a very scary look in Sikong Sheng's face. His body shook as his half-step zhen yuan spread out in the area, covering half of the mountain. Something shocking happened, as the half-side of the mountain that had already been broken open started to fall towards Ye Chen. Added with Sikong Sheng's extremely powerful Qi, it was like a battle God was coming to life.

"Green Lotus Mountain Breaker!"

Ye Chen did not back out at all. He waved his Star Star Sword into the air, and an extremely sharp sword Qi shot out, cutting the half mountain over at Sikong Sheng's side into two pieces, bringing up countless rocks.

Sikong Sheng jumped into the air. While he was flying, he threw out a punch down at Ye Chen. It was indeed the ace attack of the Sky Tyrant Fist Art - Sky Breaking Fist!


The other half of the mountain had been completely shattered. Rocks with different sizes had been thrown out like snow in the sky, shooting out in different directions.

"Be careful!"

The smallest rocks among them were still hundred thousand pounds huge, while the big ones equaled a small hill. Most of the disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial Art would not dare to face the incoming rocks. Tens and dozens of them came together and broke the huge incoming rocks. They looked both shocked and excited.

Stepping on one of the huge rocks in the air, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'He has indeed made huge progress. Before, when he had still not completed his ace attack, it was easily stabbed through by my Kill Heart attack. Right now, it is already at completion, and he would only need to train his poetic perspectives.'

After reaching completion of the Earth Realm martial art, if the warriors wanted to be even more powerful, then they would have to study the poetic perspectives. For the powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors, besides the power of their cultivation, their poetic perspectives would be more powerful than Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. It was based on the same logic.

"Bring out your ace attack! Otherwise, the battle would soon reach an end." Sikong Sheng was also standing on a huge rock in the air. The distance between him and Ye Chen had gradually been increased.

"As you wish. Immortal Sky Shattering Cloud!"

Performing his Separating Shadow Flying Art, Ye Chen left the huge rock instantly, jumping into the area where Sikong Sheng was. While he was in the air, a thunder like sword Qi shot down.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Before, a lot of the rocks were still in the air. However, once Ye Chen threw out his sword attack, all of the rocks were shattered midair, turning into dusty ashes and disappearing into the wind, which was extremely impressive.

"He! Break!"

Sikong Sheng threw out another Sky Breaking Fist. The tyrant like fist power continued to shatter those incoming sword Qi. The human figure then flashed, seeming to completely ignore the distance, appearing in front of Ye Chen out of nowhere. That punch went through the air, attacking towards Ye Chen.


Someone in the crowd yelled out. Sikong Sheng's step art was extremely horrifying and completely unpredictable.

Ye Chen smiled lightly. He combined his index and middle fingers together and pointed in the sky.


That blue sword Qi shot right out, carrying a horrifying power.

"Producing sword Qi from his body?"

The fist power had been canceled out as Sikong Sheng hurried to back out. In the next second, another sword Qi had arrived, and even though he had backed out in time, the attack had still touched his thigh. Blood poured out from the sharp wound.

In the air, that elder who was still standing on top of the beast frowned. He was expecting an easy battle for Sikong Sheng. However, Ye Chen was way more powerful than he thought. He had somehow broken even with Sikong Sheng at the beginning of the battle, and now, he had even created sword Qi with his body and gained the upper hand.

"I have given up two Green Lotus Sword Qi, and I am still not winning yet. It looks like the gap between the ranking of the marital arts is not that easy to break even." Ye Chen had noticed that Sikong Sheng's martial art had increased its realm, and guessed it was at about the twelfth level. However, his Green Lotus Sword Spell was only at the peak level of the ninth realm. Because it was a martial art designed for sword artists, its power would be equivalent to the normal tenth realm. Adding his seventy percent sword intent, he would be able to just break Sikong Sheng's half-step zhen yuan. But it was definitely a bit time-consuming. Otherwise, with such a short distance in between them, the Green Lotus zhen Qi would not have missed.

"If my Green Lotus Sword Spell reached the tenth realm, the three Green Lotus zhen Qi would turn into six, and it would be much easier for me to beat him."

The Green Lotus Sword Spell had fifteen realms in total. Reaching the seventh realm would allow the warrior to produce three Green Lotus Sword Qi, six at tenth realm, and nine at the thirteenth realm. Once one reached the fourteenth realm, the Green Lotus sword Qi would turn into Lotus Heart sword Qi. Right now, Ye Chen was at the peak level of the ninth realm, and he had only produced three Green Lotus zhen Qi. Every time he used one, he would lose one, and it would take a while for him to replace it. Therefore, it could only be used when absolutely necessary.

Taking a glance at the wound on his thigh, Sikong Sheng looked extremely serious. Ye Chen's progress had surprised him. He did not expect his power to increase again, definitely not in such a short time. Although he still had one last uncompleted ace attack he had not used yet, but Ye Chen still probably had one ace attack as well. He would never forget the time in that last battle of the Hidden Dragon Rank when Ye Chen stabbed through his fist power with only one sword attack and beat him.

"Do not hold back anymore. Use your secret skill to boost up your battling power." The elder on the beast suddenly said.

Sikong Sheng nodded, "Ye Chen, if this is the only progress you've made, then you will lose without a doubt. This time, I came here not just because I made some progress in my attacking power!"