Chapter 299: The Arrival of Sikong Sheng

 Chapter 299: The Arrival of Sikong Sheng

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Although he had already prepared to use that pile of zhen yuan, now that it was about to happen, he was still having second thoughts. It would be impossible to say it would be easy to get rid of the pile of zhen yuan, since he had trained for so long for it and had not got a chance to use it yet. He had still not found out about its true power, which kind of created a reluctance.

But now, he would not have to worry about it ever again, since the zhen yuan had already been bonded with the Green Lotus zhen Qi. As the time passed, that pile of Mysterious zhen yuan would be converted into Green Lotus zhen yuan, which would have nothing to do with the Mysterious zhen Qi anymore. There would never be a time that zhen yuan would not be in demand.

"Maybe the Mysterious Great Art was the true reason that the zhen yuan had survived. Otherwise, once the Mysterious zhen Qi disappeared, the zhen yuan would have been shattered instantly. It would definitely not be just staying there, giving the Green Lotus zhen Qi time to absorb it." Ye Chen could vaguely sense the martial art that people got from the Heaven Dream Battle Palace would not be simple. A mid-rank Earth Realm marital art could somehow produce a pile of zhen yuan, it was extremely unbelievable. Its existence itself was amazing.

"Never mind, trying to understand things that human mind could not understand would not be that healthy." Ye Chen shook his head, stopping himself from spending more thoughts on this matter.

Focusing on his dantian again, Ye Chen noticed that the Mysterious zhen yuan was moving slowly amongst the Green Lotus zhen Qi. During the conversion period, the Mysterious zhen yuan was unavoidably impure. It not only contained a huge amount of Mysterious zhen yuan, but there was also still a small trace of Green Lotus zhen yuan.

Moving his focus away from the zhen yuan, ye Chen focused on the three Green Lotus sword Qi that were outside his zhen Qi tornado.

This three Green Lotus zhen Qi were only pinky sized, but were very pure. Although their shape was a bit surreal, they were extremely sharp Qi flows, twisting around the zhen Qi tornado. They were both spinning at their own pace, but not disturbing each other at all.

"I had reached the seventh realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell within two months, which is indeed a fast speed. It looks like once the rank of the martial art is increased, the training speed seems to increase as well in some aspects."

Ye Chen did not think that his training speed was ten times faster. Not only did normal warriors need to change their marital arts frequently, but even disciples from super martial institutions would also need to change their martial arts as well, because even if the warriors were handed a super powerful martial art, they would not be able to train it properly. Therefore, at the beginning of the training, most of the warriors would choose low ranked martial arts instead of Earth Realm martial arts.

Those great martial geniuses would start to train high rank or even top rank Earth Realm marital arts once they reached the Clasping Yuan Realm. It was a challenge for them, and if they were like Ye Chen and started to train such a ranked marital art at this stage, it would definitely be faster.

For example, Ye Chen was still not able to learn Astral Reaching Realm martial arts. It took him over a year to understand it in general, while it would probably take an Astral Reaching Realm warriors a couple of months to generally master the Astral Reaching Realm martial arts. In other words, warriors who reached peak level Seas of Souls Realm had ten times faster learning speed than Ye Chen.

It would be impossible to predict it actually.

Each realm came with a different level of training speed. The meaning of being a martial genius was that under the same condition, their training speed would be even higher. Therefore, it would be unfair to compare Ye Chen, who was at Late Clasping Yuan Realm, to an Early Clasping Yuan Realm martial genius.

Of course, Ye Chen would be confident that under the same condition, even the most powerful martial genius would not be able to compete with him, although the gap between them would not be that drastic.



A beam of bluish sword Qi was shot out, drawing a dozen meter long sword mark on the ground. Its power was not that impressive, and was only at the level of a normal Late Clasping Yuan Realm sword artist. It was weaker than the sword Qi that Ye Chen shot out with his sword. As the sword Qi was shot out, the Green Lotus Sword Qi inside Ye Chen's dantian decreased, and it would not be replaced in a short period of time. Now, only two Green Lotus Sword Qi were spinning around the tornado zhen Qi.

"The Green Lotus Sword Qi inside my body has not been formed for a long time yet. It looks like it would take a long time for it to get to its peak."

Letting out a long breath, Ye Chen touched his storage ring lightly with his fingertip, as a huge amount of low-rank soul stones appeared on the ground; there were at least thousands of them.

At the beginning of changing martial arts, the warrior would not need soul stones to support yuan Qi, because the zhen Qi from before could be used still, which saved the warrior a lot of time for converting his zhen Qi. However, as the Mysterious zhen Qi decreased, the warrior would need soul stones to speed up the training speed.

Two low-rank soul stones landed in Ye Chen's hands. He closed his eyes, pushing his zhen Qi to run according to the zhen Qi map for the seventh realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell.

Soon, Ye Chen opened his eyes.

"No, the yuan qi from the low-rank soul stones is not pure enough. It cannot keep up with the conversion speed of the Green Lotus zhen Qi. Does that mean I would have to use mid-rank soul stones?"

Normally, only warriors with a cultivation of Astral Reaching Realm would have to use mid-rank soul stones to train, because zhen yuan was way too pure and it would take way too long to try to convert the yuan Qi from the low-rank soul stones. And right now, Ye Chen was also facing the same struggle. The zhen Qi from the Green Lotus Sword Spell was extremely pure, twice as pure as his Mysterious zhen Qi, and using low-rank soul stones took twice as the time as it should.

Picked up all the low-rank soul stones on the ground, Ye Chen took out hundreds of mid-rank soul stones.

After training for a while, Ye Chen nodded unnoticeably. This time, it worked well, as the yuan Qi from the mid-rank soul stones had been converted into Green Lotus zhen qi completely. It might have been a little bit of waste, but when considering the battle power, this level of waste would be nothing. Ye Chen had seven hundred thousand mid-rank soul stones, which would be more than enough for him to train.

The process to get from the seventh realm to the eighth would be a challenge. It took Ye Chen two months in total to accomplish it.


There was extremely sharp Qi flow in the air, and the walls of that secret room had been pierced through as they kept on chipping.

After resting for half a day and eating something, Ye Chen continued to train his Green Lotus Sword Spell.


It had been seven months after Ye Chen closed himself up to train.

During this period of time, there had been huge changes in the Sky Cloud Martial School. The outer disciples had been increased from three thousand to five thousand, and the inner disciples had also been increased from five hundred to almost seven hundred. The biggest changes would have to be for the outer masters. Countless Clasping Yuan Realm warriors wanted to join the Sky Cloud Marital School, yet only one out of ten would actually make it.

Because of this, the management of the Sky Cloud Martial School had increased the difficulty of the entrance. Besides the battling power reaching the qualification, the applicant would have to have a good characteristics. Applicants with a bad reputation would be rejected instantly without a second thought. Only Clasping Yuan Realm warriors with great reputation would be considered to join the Sky Cloud Martial School.

A lot of people were unhappy about that change. However, there was really nothing they could do about it, since they were the ones wanting to join the Sky Cloud Martial School.

One day, it was just another usual day for the Sky Cloud Martial School. However, the people wanting to join the school had decreased.

Among the clouds hundreds of miles away, there was a beam of electrical light that drew past the sky.

Within that beam of light, one could vaguely see one beast and two people. It was a demonic beast with five wings - two pairs of them were symmetrical while the one in the middle was relatively smaller. It was leaking electricity, and it was indeed that electricity that had increased its speed to a horrifying level. It was few times faster than even the Windy Eagles.

Two humans were standing on top of that beast.

On the right side, it was an elder with a goatee. He wore long white robes as he stood with both of his hands in his back while looking extremely powerful. To his left was a bright-looking teenager; it was indeed Sikong Sheng, who had lost to Ye Chen in the final battle of the Hidden Dragon Rank.

After the competition, Sikong Sheng had got on the only rank 7 beasts from the Floating Mountain School - the Thunder Beast. He went back to the school within a week. And once he got back, he started his closed up training. It was also another reason that he dared to challenge Ye Chen in half a year, since the South Rudra Region was so big that without a fast traveling beast, it would take up at least one month to get back.

"With nine months of closed up training, do you think you can take on Ye Chen?" The elder in white asked.

Sikong Sheng said, "In the final battle with Ye Chen, I had not completed my first ace attack of my Mysterious Tyrant Fist Art. My martial arts were also stuck on the peak-level of the eleventh realm, and were barely close to the twelfth realm. This time, after the training, I have finally reached the twelfth realm successfully, and I have mastered the first killing attack of the Mysterious Tyrant Fist. I have even understood the second attack. It would be more than enough to win against him."

"That'll be for the best. The Sky Cloud Martial School had only the Windy Eagles as traveling beasts, so it would take him at least two months to get back to the Sky Cloud Martial School from the Hidden Dragon Ancient Town, which means that he would only have seven months of time to close up and train. That means two months less than you. After reaching the Late Clasping Yuan Realm, seven months would not allow him to increase much of his battling power. Therefore, this time, he would lose for sure."

"Huh! I will take back personally what belongs to me. That little bit of glory meant nothing." There was a cold light from the back of his eyes.

The beast shot out from the clouds, as the two could already see the main mountain of the Sky Cloud Martial School.

"Go down!" The elder yelled.


The light flashed once before disappearing into the air. When it reappeared, it was already above the Sky Cloud Martial School.

"Such a fast moving beast! Incoming!"

"Someone's on there? It must not be a friendly visit. Hurry to notify the leader and the masters!"

The beast was making a huge sound, causing people on the main mountain of Sky Cloud Martial School to gather around on the plaza.

Luo Xinglie walked out from the lobby. He saw Sikong Sheng, who was standing on the flying beast. His eyes squinted as he said politely, "I am the leader of the Sky Cloud Martial School, Luo Xinglie. May I have the pleasure to know what's your business here today is?"

The elder looked down at Luo Xinglie, "Tell Ye Chen to come out."

"Ye Chen? He is in a closed-up training right now. He shall not be disturbed." Luo Xinglie frowned. He had kind of figured out why he was here. It seemed like that he had made quite a huge progress during the past nine months. This time, he must have come to beat Ye Chen and take back his dragon fountain Qi.


Sikong Sheng jumped down from the beast. He looked around and noticed that all the inner disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial school were looking a bit weak. He sneered, "This battle is inevitable. I had made a promise to him. Let him battle with me first before closing up and training."

The headmaster said, "I am afraid this is not good..." To be honest, the headmaster could not help but start to get worried about Ye Chen. Sikong Sheng had come with a purpose. He would not come all the way to the Sky Cloud Martial School without being fully prepared. Since he made it here, he must have the confidence to beat Ye Chen.

"What is not good?" The elder was the core master of the Floating Mountain Martial School. He had already reached the Late Astral Reaching Realm. As for Luo Xinglie as the head master, he could not care less.

Hearing him, a bad look suddenly appeared on Luo Xinglie's face. The situation had put him in a place that he could no longer say no. He sighed and thought to himself, 'This dragon fountain Qi is indeed a bad business. It would be hard to keep it.' However, he was one of the only people who knew about Ye Chen changing his martial arts. With only seven months, he would definitely not be the right opponent for Sikong Sheng. Should he really hand over the dragon fountain Qi?

"Sikong Sheng, it seems like you are late."

Right then, a bright voice appeared from the Shocking Cloud Mountain which was right on the main mountain. It was as sharp as a beam of sword Qi, spreading out in the whole place rapidly.