Chapter 298: The Close-up Training

 Chapter 298: The Close-up Training

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The night had arrived!

All of the lights in the main yield of the Ye family were on.

Inside the dining room of the main hall, Ye Chen took out one manual after another from his storage ring and put them all on the table. "Father, mother, lets's make these our family-owned martial arts, shall we?"

Shen Yuqing casually picked up a manual. But once she saw what was written inside, she could not be more shocked, "Mid-rank Earth Realm martial art - Shock Wave Spell! It is indeed the mid-rank Earth Realm!"

"There are even fist arts!"

"Even leg arts!"


After reading dozens of manuals, Shen Yuqing and Ye Tianhao both looked towards Ye Chen with incredulity; they could not believe their own eyes. The twenty-something marital manuals that Ye Chen had taken out contained three mid rank Earth Realm manuals, five low-rank Earth Realm, and eighteen top rank Mortal Realm manuals, which were all top notch manuals. Not to mention the top eight families in the Windy Nation, even ranked marital institutions could not compete with this haul.

Ye Tianhao asked, "Chen'er, are these all yours?"

Ye Chen nodded, "I had traveled for more than a year, and there had been some great encounters. I had also killed a couple of great warriors, and these are the things I had gotten from them. Some of the others which I obtained had to be given to the Sky Cloud Martial School. Father, you are also training mid rank Earth Realm martial arts, so there is no need for you to change it. This Jade Break Sword Art might be worth a try though. Mother, you are training low rank Earth Realm martial arts, so you could change to something even more powerful. As for high rank Earth Realm manuals, I cannot get my hands on them yet, but there will be a way in the future."

"These are enough. Even if you give us high-rank Earth Realm martial arts, there is no way we can master them." Ye Tianhao had trained the mid rank Earth Realm martial art, which was the only mid rank Earth Realm manual they had in the Ye family. It was bought by the third leader with a huge cost, and it was kept as a martial art that only the family leader could train. However, up until now, Ye Tianhao had still not trained it to its highest realm yet. It would be a waste to give him a manual with higher ranking.

Shen Yuqing said, "Your father is right. Mid rank Earth Realm martial arts are our limitation, so there is no need to waste your time to find higher ranking martial art manuals."

They were not regarded as martial geniuses, but they were still no nobodies. They had all the time to practice, so even if there were a high-rank Earth Realm martial manual there, they would choose to give up logically and leave it as their family manual.

"The Jade Break Sword Art, nice! With it, my battling power could at least increase by thirty percent. I would even be able to compete with Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors." Ye Tianhao laughed, and he would not let go of the manual.

Ye Chen chuckled. He had gotten this manual from Cloud Dreamer. All those manuals he had gotten from those two Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors had been given to the Sky Cloud Martial School, just in case of danger, since the Ye family did not have the power to take on two Astral Reaching Realm warriors.

"Here are some great medicines... Some can increase your cultivation for a short period of time, while others can repair your mentality and Qi. You guys can use it yourself." Ye Chen took out bottles of medicines from his storage ring. These medicines were worth a lot of money, and some might even cost hundreds of thousands of low-rank soul stones.

Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing were full of smiles. If it was someone else who was offering them manuals and medicines, they might have rejected it humbly. But these were from their own son. They could not be happier about it. More importantly, they did not want to drag Ye Chen down. Only if they became more powerful would they be able to reduce the pressure on Ye Chen's shoulder.

The two little guys were extremely quiet in Ye Chen's arm. After they woke up, they did not make any noise and just stared at the three of them as they spoke. They seemed to look even better than before Ye Chen had come home. Even Shen Yuqing could not help but be impressed; she thought it was all thanks to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen thought about his dragon fountain Qi. It could not only increase the luck for the martial institutions, but it can also increase the luck of his family. What was different was that people from the Sky Cloud Martial School were not related to him. Therefore, it was necessary to manually inject his dragon fountain Qi to hold the luck. However, people from his family were bonded to him by the bloodline; the connection was undeniable. Therefore, right after he had come back, his dragon fountain Qi had already affected his family, especially his parents and siblings.

"In a few days, I will go back to the Sky Cloud Martial School to study closed up. I will leave this Windy Eagle to you, so you can come find me whenever in need." Ye Chen thought about it and said.

Ye Tianhao nodded, "Good. You don't have to worry about us, just take care of yourself."

"I will."

In the following couple of days, Ye Chen did not do anything else except talking with his family about what had happened during his travels, enjoying their rare time together.

On the fifth day, Ye Chen rushed back to the Sky Cloud Martial School.

Cloud Dreamer had chosen the second mountain that was right after the main mountain, right next to his mountain. It was a very steep peak, and there was no way to climb up. On the top of the mountain were dangerous waterfalls and plants that could be found everywhere. It was surrounded by oceans of clouds, which had perfectly hidden the mountain.

"What a great scenery!"

Sky Cloud, it also had a meaning of being out of the world. Maybe, it was the reason that the Sky Cloud Martial School was built here. Beside the main mountain, Ye Chen's mountain could be regarded as one of the most dangerous ones. Adding the mountain that belonged to Cloud Dreamer, the three mountains were referred as the Sky Cloud Three Mountains.

The mountain had still not been named yet. It was waiting for the new Great Master to give it a name.

Without much thought, Ye Chen named it the Shocking Cloud Peak.

It was by the third day after Ye Chen had moved up here when the humongous mountain had been already explored completely. At this moment, Ye Chen was standing on the top of the mountain while looking down.

"It is time to close up and train. My Green Lotus Sword Spell had already reached the top rank Earth Realm, and the difficulty would be very high to get to the next one. I think, my battling power might even drop in a short time to the lowest point ever. But, once I reach beyond that period, my battling power would reach an unbelievable level."

"What a shame that I have never gotten the chance to use my zhen yuan yet, not even once. Once I change my martial art, then this pile of zhen yuan would be completely wasted... What a pity!"

The biggest struggle for Ye Chen right now was his pile of zhen yuan. It was not a half-step zhen yuan, it was indeed the purest zhen yuan. Without exaggerating, using this pile of zhen yuan, Ye Chen would be able to kill an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Even a mid rank Astral Reaching Realm warrior would be heavily wounded, even possibly killed.

A pile of zhen yuan would be more powerful than any ace attacks. It would be the most powerful hidden attack ever, and it was something that could change the whole game during a fight.

However, there was no point for him to be stuck where he was at now. His Green Lotus Sword Spell was two cultivations higher than his Mysterious Great Art, and it was also a great martial skill for sword artists. With the Green Lotus Sword Art, it gave him the power to kill an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior with only normal conditions. There was no need for him to perform the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art or using a pile of zhen yuan, which were equally powerful.

Furthermore, time was of the essence. Every day that Ye Chen was not practicing the Green Lotus Sword Spell, his progress was one day delayed, and it would more or less affect his future training.

"Never mind. Let's train the Green Lotus Sword Spell first. Once I have the power to take on an Astral Reaching Realm warrior, there would not be much use of that pile of zhen yuan."

Ye Chen bit on his teeth as he made up his mind.

There were a lot of training rooms under the buildings in the Shocking Cloud Mountain, the biggest secret room being in the middle of the mountain. There were two paths in total, a regular path leading to the center of the building, while another one that led to the cave that was in front of the main mountain.

On the stone platform in the center of the secret room, Ye Chen sat with his feet tugged under his body.

"There are fifteen levels in the Green Lotus Sword Spell. Normally, reaching the ninth realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell would be equivalent to reaching the eleventh realm of the Mysterious Great Art. However, I am a sword artist who has learned the sword intent. After reaching the eighth realm, I should be able to recover my original battling power."

Ye Chen took a deep breath as he slowly closed his eyes. He started to push his zhen Qi according to the first realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell.

The training method to the first realm of any martial art was quite simple, and even warrior with the most normal talent would be able to achieve. Ye Chen had an extraordinary comprehension power. Adding the fact that the Green Lotus Sword Spell was almost like it was designed for him, it only took him half an hour to reach the second realm.

The second realm was harder than the first one, but it was nothing for Ye Chen still. After another hour, he had reached the third realm.

It would be almost impossible to reach the fourth realm from the third realm in a short period of time. It was not about the learning ability, rather because the trainer would have to go through a necessary process since it took time to push zhen Qi.

Three days passed swiftly.


A large amount of sword Qi spread out in the area - Ye Chen had reached the fourth realm.

"It was faster than I expected. It should be because of my previous experience in training my Mysterious Great Art." Besides the fact that the warrior wanted to be stronger, another reason that warriors changed their martial arts was because that they had trained other related marital arts before. Changing martial arts could save a lot of time sometimes. Otherwise, it would be very likely that warriors would spend their whole life in switching to a new martial art.

After that, it took him one week to reach the fifth realm and half a month to reach the sixth realm. It took him another one month to reach the seventh realm.

"My Mysterious zhen Qi is about to be turned into Green Lotus zhen Qi. My pile of zhen yuan would no longer exist soon." Focusing on his dantian, Ye Chen could sense that there were two zhen Qi tornado inside; the fist-sized one was the Green Lotus zhen Qi while the egg-sized was the Mysterious zhen Qi. Within that pile of Mysterious zhen Qi, one drop of pure zhen yuan stood still.

Clearing out his negative emotions, Ye Chen pushed his Green Lotus zhen Qi to wrap around the Mysterious zhen Qi, aiming to convert it all into Green Lotus zhen Qi as preparation for reaching the eighth realm.


An inaudible sound was sensed inside Ye Chen's dantian. His Mysterious zhen Qi was slowly decreasing while his Green Lotus zhen Qi slowly increased, as that pile of zhen yuan gradually revealed itself. Ye Chen could imagine that without the protection of the Mysterious zhen Qi, the zhen yuan would turn into normal Mysterious zhen Qi instantly.

"Never mind, it would happen sooner or later anyways!"

The converting speed had increased rapidly as Ye Chen's Green Lotus zhen Qi was pushed to its limit.

Eventually, the Mysterious Great zhen Qi had been turned completely into Green Lotus zhen Qi, leaving only a tiny drop of zhen yuan floating quietly in the dantian. It was vibrating slowly but strongly. It was a sign that it was about to break down.

Right then, a drop of zhen Qi shot out from the center of the Green Lotus zhen Qi and wrapped around that drop of zhen yuan. It suddenly absorbed the zhen yuan, as a large amount of zhen Qi was bonded with the zhen yuan, like veins around a heart, seeming unbreakable.

After sensing that, Ye Chen looked extremely surprised. He had never expected that his zhen yuan would not disappear.